Saturday, March 6, 2021

Wedding industry workers urge the Government, " Try to understand our plight, Let there be Weddings "

Mumbai : Once upon a time in Mumbai, big-fat  Indian Weddings were a norm. Mumbaikars love to flaunt their family-love and Wealth through spectacular Wedding celebrations.  Large amount of money  spent on Weddings by wealthy people reaches the pockets of many Wedding Industry Workers employed in Catering, Decoration, Banquets, Fruits and Vegetable Suppliers, Kirana Shops, Dairy Farms, Florists, Beauticians, Event Managers, Jewelers, Bands & Music Party Organisers, Photographers, Invitation Card Manufacturers, Clothing, Sweet Shops, Fast Food Suppliers, Kirana Shops, Dairy Farms, transport, Car service providers, etc.

But alas, the Corona Pandemic raised havoc all over the world. Classes ( Wealthy people ) suffered the losses and Masses ( Daily laborers ) lost their wages. The masses died not due to Pandemic but because of Poverty ( unemployment ), resulted from strictures on Wedding celebrations and supporting industry.

 Recently these workers ( Catering, Decorations, Banquets, Fruits & Flowers suppliers, Kirana stores, Dairy farms, Beauticians, Event Management, Jewelers, Music Bands, D.J., Fast Food, Car rentals etc.) staged 5 minutes skits impressively at Symphony Hall, Andheri ( East ) about their plight, their problems and sought solution from the government .

The Wedding industry is represented by Bombay Catering association, which has already sent their delegations to Municipal Corporation as well as State government. According to the President - Mr. Yogesh Chandarana, Spokesperson - Mr. Lalit Jain, Secretary - Mr. Satish Kamat, Treasurer - Mr. Samir Parekh and Member - Mr. Sunil Vengurlekar of Bombay Catering Association, "Even though we have written to the all concerned authorities about our problems, we have not received any solutions so far."

There is a direct relationship between Money-spending and Economy-flourishing.  The purchases / expenses of Rich classes increase the Revenues of  masses ( Industry workers ). This way the cycle of Economy gathers momentum and GDP rises. No wonder then , that Mumbai has always been , the most expensive as well as prosperous city of the World. Right now, No Wedding Celebrations means No Jobs for Wedding industry workers. 

 Is the Corona selective ?  Does it infect only Wedding Celebrations ? The restrictions of only 50 people at weddings has caused huge losses to wedding industry and poverty to the workers. The Wedding industry has suffered losses to the tunes of Thousand crores. The Government should be sympathetic towards Wedding industry and increase the numbers of wedding presence.

 Mr. Sunil Vengurlekar from Catering Association has requested the government that , in normal circumstances , an individual occupies 8 to 10 sq. feet. This limit should be extended till 20 to 25 sq. feet and the guests quantity should be increased according to the area .

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