Friday, March 26, 2021

RJ Archana teams up with Gopal Chaturvedi, to present this year’s Holi anthem ‘Krishna Club Mix’

Swarfira presents 2021’s Song of the Season ‘Krishna Club Mix’ to commemorate the festival of Holi and spread Krishna consciousness across age groups

March 26, 2021: India’s most loved Radio Jockey Archana, who is known to don several hats has just added another feather to it by teaming up with musical maestro Gopal Chaturvedi to reign in the celebrations of Holi with the Krishna Club Mix (KC Mix) which was launched today on Swarfira’s official YouTube Channel.


Krishna Club Mix is a single, blended with fusion-rock and integrated with classical notations and shlokas that encapsulates the power of oneness, spirituality, hope and incorporates the world culture through a vivacious musical journey which transcends beyond boundaries.


Gopal Chaturvedi who has inherited the rich heritage of classical music from his ancestors having learned from his grandfather Pandit Hardev Ji Chaturvedi in Mathura is an avid devotee of Lord Krishna. He penned down the lyrics and composed breath-taking music suited for people of all age groups. Chaturvedi and Archana Pania also released the music video along with Palkan Nagori, former international badminton player and Maharashtra champion and who has co-produced this single under the ‘Swarfira’ label with an aim to reach out to people across generations and boundaries.


The video also featuring Archana and Gopal takes us through different time zones with the protagonist has been lured into the soulful melody of Krishna’s rhythm and introduced to a different world that goes beyond devotion and integrates the meeting of music of varied kinds. The team of 'Swarfira' has blended various facets of hard rock, techno, and shades of metals while traversing into the world of Lord Krishna by connecting with the youth by taking to the rhythm of Krishna's consciousness and amalgamating it with the club culture.


Speaking on the launch of the music of Krishna Club Mix, Mr. Gopal Chaturvedi, Singer & Music Composer said he has dedicated this song to the youth of the nation who will be celebrating Holi indoors due to the current Covid-19 situation. “This is a song for life and celebration of oneness. What we have created is beyond spirituality and with a culmination of fusion with a dash of trance in music, it can be traditional or modern at the same time. Archana has been a super performer and has not only lent her talent by singing but also performing as a dancer which was choreographed by Mudita Padhya Joshi. We hope to create an anthem of Krishna Club Mix.”


Archana Pania, Radio Jockey, Singer & Artist said, “This soulful melody is very culturally inclined with every generation. Gopal ji trained me within three weeks and ushered me into the world of music. His music is immaculate and this composition has given me the opportunity to let me loose and express my creativity fully. This song blends the magic of science and spirituality and is apt for the occasion of Holi which has always been celebrated with a lot of fervour. Unfortunately this year, due to the surmounting Covid-19 cases, we can’t go out but can definitely keep the spirit of the festival alive by grooving to the rhythm of Krishna Club Mix at home with our loved ones.”


Palkan Nagori, Marketing Manager and Branding Strategist, said, “This is a spectacular creation of art and spirituality. Both Gopal and Archana have brought a new dimension to the devotion of Shree Krishna and will resonate with the youth. The music has a blend of everything and can be enjoyed in clubs, music applications, and all social media platforms. I am sure this will trend at festivals, parties, and social gatherings. This will be the true tribute to Shree Krishna for today’s generation.” 


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