Sunday, October 23, 2016

Homegrown Hotties & Sweeties

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" It was the famous Konkan monsoon, Nature's Fury .... pouring heavily and making people sick. She had become reed thin as she was recovering from a chronic fever, She had hardly eaten anything since a week. My  mother asked her to join us children, having our Shravani lunch. She declined, majorly out of modesty and mostly cause she had lost appetite. My mother sensed her two pronged reluctance and served her freshly cooked, Varan-Bhaat ( plain Dal without any spice - Rice ) and Lemon pickle on a dewy fresh Banana leaf. The sight and aroma of wafting Varan-Bhaat accompanied by sweet-sour-spicy Lemon pickle was enticing in that splashing cold, rainy atmosphere. She took first morsel timidly, chewed it hesitantly and looked up blissfully at my mother. That first morsel of Varan Bhaat enhanced deliciously with Lemon pickle perked up her appetite. Almost for a week , my mother made her have the morning meal with us children. She recovered soon and resumed her job of household help at our home with full vigor."

Well ! Every time I read this episode of  a famous Marathi novel 'Shyamchi Aaee', I am enchanted by the glory of simple Maharashtrian lunch of Varan-Bhaat accentuated by Limbu-Lonche ( Lemon pickle). It's not just me, all of us Indians have one or other delish memory associated with our native pickles.

( * Shyamchi Aai - a movie based on Sane Guruji's famous novel Shyamchi Aaee , won the Golden Lotus Award for Best Film at the National Film Awards in 1954. It is First film to win the Golden Lotus Award (Swarna Kamal) for Best Film at the National Film Awards {President's Gold Medal for the All India Best Feature Film} source : Wikipedia  )

Freshly plucked , Red Hot #BhutJolokia , ready to be pickled ....  #AssamSpecial

 We Indians have our own state-specific, Homegrown pickles , which look tantalizing, taste heavenly and are abundantly Nutritious. Due to their local-farm produced freshness and seasoned availability the Homegrown pickles are flavorful as well as Healthy.


‘Binzzin’, was born out of a yearning for places we call home. Every Binzzin product holds within it the aromas and flavours that have crafted our lives and engulfs a warm embrace of time and places dear to us. It is the expression of love for people who have touched our lives and instilled in us a sense of belonging. Binzzin aims to work beyond the geographical boundaries in bringing every 'Homegrown' flavour around the world together. 


 Binzzin's journey began in North-east India with a small industrial facility in 
Assam; working with farmers across the region growing Bhut Jolokia (King 
Chilli), Khorisa (Bamboo Shoot), Bogori (Jujube Berry) and Jolphai (Indian Olive). Binzzin's goal is to make farming profitable enough to sustain an economically empowered life for the group of people involved in preserving the culture and natural heritage of the land.

Sweet and tangy Bogori (Jujube berries) is equally loved, savored by children and adults! #bogori #jujube berries #sweet #tangy #addictive#childhoodmemories #binzzin    #homegrown #assameseflavour #yummy#pickles

Binzzin's Mission: Pick fresh indigenous produce directly from the farms, which is home to the farmers who till their land and grow them with love. Process fruits, vegetables and spices to create products with great care and quality and let ‘Homegrown’ be Binzzin’s soul. Provide the creations to the ones away from home, to remind them of the land, colour, aroma and nature they have their roots deeply embedded in. Binzzin Pickles do not contain any artificial colouring agent or flavour. Its taste is authentic to the region it is grown in. Every product is a modest attempt to revive the stories that make us who we are. 'Binzzin', invites you home.

Food Lovers Feedback :

Abhishek Kansakar : "The taste is a whole new level of deliciousness, mouth watering, mouth exploding, tantalizing, exciting, teasing, exhilarating, and yummylicious melting pot of the BINZZIN experience bringing you a homely feeling. "
Akshaya Patil : "It’s beyond just a pickle. It’s my secret ingredient to make every dish a notch better than it is. I add it to everything from my meat/ fish preparations to staples like Maggi or just a plate of rajma chawal. For someone who loves eating spicy food and wants to add that extra zing to his / her each meal…THIS IS A MUST HAVE!!!"
Urmi Ghosh : My first Binzzin ,already half consumed, in less than 5 minutes after arrival:D Loved it and so did everyone else at work. Will try the king chilli next time. Thank you and good luck! Mwahhh!!!

 Indupallav Dutta is the founder of Binzzin Homegrown. He is an Educator by profession and passion, he ventured into starting a Food start-up due to his sincere love for food. He got inspired watching Food channels on TV. He has worked with many Education organisation like Gray Matter Capital, Pratham Education Foundation managing teams and supporting schools in Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi and Assam.

Online store link - (Shipped from NorthEast India using FEDEX/BlueDart)


Khushboo said...

I love pickles and it is so interesting to know about Binzzin Homegrown, an organic brand that brings farm fresh home made pickles to our tables! Great post Sujata :)


I am sure you would like the fresh / unique taste of Binzzin's Assam-special pickles as they are authentic, local products.

Anonymous said...

Really loved the excerpt from the Shyamchi Aaee. Indeed, the ethnic food is its own taste and charm.

Utpal Khot said...

Awesome post.. :)


Hey Bikash, Welcome to 'Spirit Of Mumbai'. I am sure you would love the novel 'Shyamchi Aaee'. You are right, The ethnic food derives it's unique taste and charm, from the native soil.


Thanks a lot UK. I am sure you would love the authentic Binzzin pickles.

RICHA said...

great post Sujata :)


Hi Richa, I am sure you will agree that , when the subject , Binzzin pickle is so spicy, drool-worthy then the blog-post turns out great too.

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Unknown said...

Some of foods I tested, they are unique. Thanks for the beautiful post with ethnic foods and pickles

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