Thursday, March 31, 2022

Mahanagar Gas limited , Consequent to the reduction in the VAT on natural gas from 13.5% to 3% w.e.f.


April 01, 2022 effected by the Government of Maharashtra, Mahanagar Gas 

Limited (MGL) is pleased to pass on the entire benefit to the end consumers. 

Accordingly, price of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is reduced by ₹ 6.00/Kg 

and Domestic Piped Natural Gas (PNG) is reduced by ₹ 3.50/ SCM in and around 

Mumbai effective from midnight of March 31, 2022 / early morning of April 01, 


The revised delivered prices inclusive of all taxes of CNG will be ₹ 60/Kg and 

Domestic PNG Price will be ₹ 36/SCM in and around Mumbai.

The revised price of CNG offers attractive savings of about 65% and 41% as 

compared to petrol and diesel respectively at current price levels in Mumbai. 

MGL’s Domestic PNG offers around 32% saving as compared to current price of 

Domestic LPG while delivering unmatched convenience, safety, reliability and 

environmental friendliness to consumers.

All our valued customers may please take note of these revisions.

Mahanagar Gas Limited

Department of Post has set up a new Speed Post processing centre namely National Sorting Hub, Thane which will function from 01.04.2022 near Thane Civil hospital, Thane-400601.

In order to ensure efficient and timely delivery of speed post articles booked at Post offices under Thane, Raigad and Nashik districts including Navi Mumbai area, 

Round the clock speed post booking counter will also be established at NSH Thane. Also, new parcel booking counter will be in operation from 01.04.2022 which will function round the clock at Ecommerce Parcel Processing centre, MTNL Complex, Parel, Mumbai-400 012. 

Members of public can utilise Speed post /Parcel services at NSH Thane, Vashi Post office and EPPC Parel for booking of their important documents and priority articles to have time bound delivery. 

प्रेस नोट

नवी मुंबई क्षेत्रासह ठाणे, रायगड आणि नाशिक जिल्ह्यांतर्गत पोस्ट ऑफिसमध्ये बुक केलेल्या स्पीड पोस्ट वस्तूंची कार्यक्षम आणि वेळेवर वितरण सुनिश्चित करण्यासाठी, पोस्ट खात्याने ‘नॅशनल सॉर्टिंग हब, ठाणे’ या नावाने नवीन स्पीड पोस्ट वर्गीकरण केंद्र स्थापन केले आहे, जे 01.04.2022 पासून ‘ठाणे सिव्हिल हॉस्पिटलजवळ, ठाणे-400601’ इथे कार्यान्वित होईल.

NSH ठाणे येथे चोवीस तास स्पीड पोस्ट बुकिंग काउंटर देखील स्थापित केले जाईल. तसेच, नवीन पार्सल बुकिंग काउंटर 01.04.2022 पासून कार्यान्वित होईल जे ईकॉमर्स पार्सल प्रोसेसिंग सेंटर, MTNL कॉम्प्लेक्स, परेल, मुंबई-400 012 येथे चोवीस तास कार्यरत असेल.

ग्राहक NSH ठाणे, वाशी पोस्ट ऑफिस आणि EPPC परेल इथुन स्पीड पोस्ट/पार्सल सेवा वापरू शकतात. तसेच समयबद्ध वितरणासाठी महत्त्वाची आणि प्राधान्य असलेल्या कागदपत्रांचे बुकिंग करून घेता येईल.

प्रेस नोट

               नवी मुंबई क्षेत्र सहित ठाणे, रायगढ़ और नासिक जिलों के डाकघरों में बुक की जाने वाली स्पीड पोस्ट वस्तुओं की कुशल और समय पर डिलीवरी सुनिश्चित करने के लिए डाक विभाग ने एक नया स्पीड पोस्ट संसाधन केंद्र स्थापित किया है, जिसका नाम राष्ट्रीय छंटाई केंद्र, ठाणे है और यह 01.04.2022 से ठाणे सिविल अस्पताल के पास, ठाणे-400601 से कार्य करेगा ।

राष्ट्रीय छंटाई केंद्र, ठाणे में चौबीसों घंटे काम करने वाला स्पीड पोस्ट बुकिंग काउंटर भी स्थापित किया जाएगा । साथ ही, नया पार्सल बुकिंग काउंटर 01.4.2022 से शुरू होगा जो ई-कॉमर्स पार्सल संसाधन केंद्र, एमटीएनएल कॉम्प्लेक्स, परेल, मुंबई-400 012 में चौबीसों घंटे काम करेगा ।

जनता अपने महत्वपूर्ण दस्तावेजों की बुकिंग और समयबद्ध डिलीवरी के लिए राष्ट्रीय छंटाई केंद्र ठाणे, वाशी डाकघर और ईकॉमर्स पार्सल संसाधन केंद्र, परेल में स्पीड पोस्ट / पार्सल सेवाओं का लाभ ले सकती है ।

This Summer beat the heat with the coolest offers from Symphony Air Coolers, exclusively available on Symphony e-Shop

Mumbai, 31 March 2022: Symphony Limited, world’s largest manufacturer of air-coolers has recently launched its Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) website. At a time when more consumers prefer ordering online, Symphony ltd wants to ensure that the brand is omnipresent and is easily accessible across all touchpoints by their consumers. With the launch of the D2C website, the company has gone one step further with multiple offerings.  The brand has offered a special discount of 250 INR for the first-time users who can avail it with coupon code WELCOME250 and get free delivery of the coolers across India. 

Staying true to its ethos, Symphony has become synonymous with technology, innovation, and great customer service since 1988. Consumers can now buy genuine Symphony air coolers with just a click from the comfort of their homes and enjoy fast delivery and easy replacement options. The brand has taken care of all needs and requirement of consumers while going digital. In case if there is any issue with the products, consumers can raise product replacement request within ten days of purchase.   

Commenting on the launch of D2C website, Mr. Achal Bakeri, Founder, Chairman & Managing Director, Symphony Limited said, “In today's fast-paced world, going digital is crucial to meet with the growing consumers’ demand. The need for quality products and increased disposable incomes are some of the key factors driving the direct to consumers (D2C) space in India. As per data by Technopak, the D2C channel has grown around 20% in the past two years, led by the pandemic-infused demand, and it is expected to grow 15-20% in the next five years.   We are thrilled to launch our D2C website that will help consumers place an order with just a click. We look forward to expand our horizons through this digital journey and offer seamless experience to our customers.”

Consumers can find a wide range of air coolers on the website starting from personal cooler with 22-liter tank to a large space cooler with 200-liter tank. Symphony offers a unique combination of eco-friendly air-coolers saving up to 90% electricity as compared to any other cooling device. Whether one is looking for a cooling solution for a small area or a commercial space, or a cooler with a remote or digital screen, the brand has made sure that there is a product for any and every kind of requirement. The brand has multiple blog posts on the website which can help consumer select the perfect air cooler as per their needs and requirements.

Click here to explore the website - 

About Symphony Limited: 

Symphony, an Indian Multi-National Company with a presence in over 60 countries is the world’s largest manufacturer of air-coolers. From inventions to innovations, energy responsibility to environment stewardship, Symphony is a market leader which has been cooling customers for generations. The massive supremacy of Symphony Air-Cooling Solutions in the residential, industrial, and commercial segments has made the brand synonymous with ‘cooling’. Founded in 1988, in Gujarat, India, Symphony Limited established a new category of evaporative air-cooling in India and has subsequently taken it across the globe. As a disruptor of a highly unorganized sector, the company has set high benchmarks comprising 201 trademarks, 64 registered designs, 15 copyrights and 48 patents, defining the gold standard of air cooling. Symphony Limited is a publicly traded company delivering value to its stakeholders in the most profitable and effective way. For more info, log on to

Procter & Gamble India becomes ‘plastic waste neutral’


P&G India is among the first few FMCG companies in India that have achieved 'plastic waste neutrality’ by recycling 100% of post-consumer plastic packaging waste

P&G also announced that it will set up in-house solar plants at its Goa and Mandideep manufacturing sites

National; March 31, 2022: Procter & Gamble India today announced that it has become ‘plastic waste neutral’ in the past year (April 2021 – March 2022). P&G has collected, processed, and recycled over 19,000 MT of post-consumer plastic packaging waste from across the country which is more than the amount of plastic packaging in its products sold in a year. With this announcement, the company is among the first few FMCG companies in India to achieve plastic waste neutrality. 

The company is working with recycling partners across 75 cities in India to collect plastic which is then sent to different recyclers, waste to energy plants, and cement kilns. In addition to recycling, the company has also made a deliberate effort to reduce the packaging material and in the last 5 years has reduced usage of packaging material by more than 5,000 MT. 

The company made this announcement during its ‘It’s Our Home Sustainability Summit’ held in Mumbai today. During the summit, P&G India also announced that it will set up two more in-house solar plants at its manufacturing sites in Goa and Mandideep in India. This is in addition to the existing in-house solar plant that the company set up at its Hyderabad manufacturing site in 2021. With this, P&G will be among the first few FMCG companies in India to have three in-house solar plants across its manufacturing sites.

Madhusudan Gopalan, CEO, Procter & Gamble – Indian Sub-Continent said, “We are proud of the significant progress we have made on environmental sustainability, and achieving ‘plastic waste neutrality’ is a key milestone in this journey. Plastic waste does not belong in the environment, and we will continue to partner with multiple stakeholders in our efforts to reduce and recycle packaging waste.” He further added, “We are also taking a deliberate approach to reducing the impact of our operations, and setting up in-house solar plants is a step in this direction. We have made strong progress across our brands, our supply chain, our operations with support from our partners and employees. We are fully committed to making a positive impact in the world and creating a sustainable future for generations to come.” 

In recent years, the company has made significant progress on environmental sustainability which can be seen across its operations and brands. These include: 

All P&G manufacturing sites in India are ‘zero manufacturing waste to landfill’ 

5 of P&G India sites have already achieved the 2030 P&G global target of 35% water efficiency

P&G India purchases 100% renewable electricity for all its manufacturing sites in India

P&G’s fabric care brands in India Ariel and Tide continue to be phosphate-free since 2015, thus helping preserve the quality of water resources

The liquid detergent bottles of fabric care brand Ariel are recyclable 

P&G is among the few companies in India to also use recycled material in the packaging of its baby care and feminine care products which will reduce the usage of 500 MT of virgin plastic annually 

P&G is committed to accelerating action on climate change toward net-zero GHG emissions. P&G has set a new ambition to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions across its operations and supply chain, from raw material to retailer by 2040.  

# # #

About Procter & Gamble: P&G serves consumers in India with one of the strongest portfolios of trusted, quality, leadership brands, including Vicks ®, Ariel®, Tide®, Whisper®, Olay®, Gillette®, Venus®, AmbiPur®, Pampers®, Pantene®, Oral-B®, Head & Shoulders®, Herbal Essences® and Old Spice®. Please visit for the latest news and in-depth information about P&G India and its brands.

Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Max Life Insurance ecommerce channels achieves 8x growth over 4 years

New Delhi, March 30, 2022: Max Life Insurance Co. Ltd (“Max Life”/ “Company”), announced that its ecommerce channels have achieved 8x growth over the last four years. Currently, the Company has over 18% of its new policies being purchased through the e-commerce channels. The contribution of aggregators and online-brokers is 65%. With the insurance industry projected to grow at 25-35% online in the next five years, Max Life is aiming to boost its e-commerce growth to 35-50%, touching the INR 1,500-crore mark by FY26. 

Max Life's market share in protection across e-commerce channels is amongst the highest with 1 in every 3 e-commerce protection sale from Max Life. The Company has invested in new partnerships to spur e-commerce growth, such as, Scriptbox, InsuranceDekho, IndWealth, Ditto, TurtleMint etc. It recently announced a strategic partnership with Phone Pe app to offer consumers protection solutions through the convenience of their smart phone. 

The Company has also launched several innovative products unique to the industry, based on deep consumer insights, targeting segments such as GenZ, millenials, homemakers etc. to make financial protection more accessible across. During the pandemic the Company offered protection solutions with Premium Break Option, Special Exit Value, and claimant choice of claims payout options, allowing customers to pay only for the benefits that suit their requirements. Recently, in partnership with PolicyBazaar, the Company launched a groundbreaking protection solution for homemakers offering a term insurance cover that does not require their earning spouse to have a cover.  

Prashant Tripathy, Managing Director & CEO, Max Life said, “We want to make life insurance simple and accessible. To this effect, we are being agile towards our customers’ choices and ensuring convenience in buying. We want our customers to have the final say in how and where they want to engage with us. Our promise is to deliver a seamless buying and onboarding experience that is digitally enabled for their benefit. We will continue to invest in our digital capabilities to enhance our ecommerce thrust to deliver savings as well as protection solutions to our customers.”

Over the last few years, Max Life has focused on addressing the trust deficit in the online ecosystem by making the claims process simpler, transparent, and by improving its digital underwriting processes. The Company is increasingly focusing on enhancing its DIY journeys, payments, and fulfilment processes, where consumers want to be in charge of their experience. In the next phase of its e-commerce growth strategy, Max Life is reaching out to consumers via their mobiles to make their work easier and more efficient. 

About Max Life Insurance (  

Max Life Insurance Company Limited is a Joint Venture between Max Financial Services Limited and Axis Bank Limited. Max Financial Services Ltd. is a part of the Max Group, an Indian multi-business corporation.

Max Life offers comprehensive protection and long-term savings life insurance solutions, through its multi-channel distribution including agency and third-party distribution partners. Max Life has built its operations over almost two decades through a need-based sales process, a customer-centric approach to engagement and service delivery, and trained human capital.  

As per public disclosures and annual audited financials for FY 20-21, Max Life has achieved a gross written premium of INR 19,018 crore. As of 31st March 2021, the Company had INR 90,407 crore of assets under management (AUM) and a Sum Assured in Force of INR 1,087,987 crore. 

For more information, please visit the Company's website at

Blum India: Expanded distribution network, redefining business relations in India

Global leaders of furniture fittings consider India to be a key market for global growth.

Blum, the Austrian manufacturer of furniture fittings, has been represented in India for more than 20 years, offering innovative fittings for the furniture industry. The Austrian company is now further developing its Indian subsidiary to include a newly constructed warehouse as well as a new and diverse distributor network. 

International company Blum offers top-quality, "made in Austria" furniture fittings to its customers in trade, the furniture industry, and interior design segment to bring creative furniture projects to life. Blum India is now expanding its distribution network with a promise to provide internationally acclaimed standard products. Explaining the strategy, Nadeem Patni, Managing Director of the subsidiary, says: "For many countries, India has been a centre of investment, and we see this potential materializing on a larger scale. From taking the first step of establishing headquarters in Mumbai in 2017 to building the warehouse and directly catering to our customers from 2022 onwards, we have strong expansion plans for India." In support of these plans, Blum has built a large, new warehouse in Bhiwandi (closer to Mumbai), to guarantee a reliable delivery experience for its customers.

Intensifying customer relationships

The furniture market is changing, and demands for quality of living are evolving. As one of the world's leading manufacturers of fittings, Blum wants to provide its customers with comprehensive support to navigate these new developments. "More end-consumers are now moving towards quality furniture fittings as they've started to understand the difference that these can make", explains Nadeem Patni, adding: "And we are seeing a huge shift in the industry towards modular kitchens" 

To maintain good customer relations and promote a personal exchange of ideas and experiences, Blum India has set up a customer service team in Mumbai along with a newly furbished Experience Center. This new development will help to serve Blum customers in a more organized and direct manner. For Blum, it’s very important to remain a trusted partner to their customers in the face of this substantial growth. Customers can now contact Blum directly or visit their experience centers to purchase premium Austrian-made products.

Customer service email id:

For more details-

Contact number - 022 4610 7000 / 022-69330000

About Blum

Julius Blum GmbH is a family-owned company that operates worldwide, specializing in the manufacture and distribution of furniture fittings. Its main product groups are lift, hinge and pull-out systems for furniture, predominantly in kitchens and wardrobes. The company has seven plants in Vorarlberg, Austria, production sites in Poland, Brazil and the USA and 33 subsidiaries and representative offices around the world. The company delivers to furniture manufacturers and authorized dealers in more than 120 countries.

Blum products are available at all premium hardware stores across India.

Live Experience Design Centre- Ground Floor, Times Square Building, 69 Western

Express Highway Next to Natraj building, Andheri East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400069

Bringing style, silence & saving together, Crompton unveils the new IoT-enabled SilentPro Blossom ceiling fans

In a grand event, Crompton revealed its exclusive and elegant ceiling fan collection to its trade partners and dealers 

March 30, 2022, Mumbai: With an aim to fulfill the décor of your dreams, India’s market leader in the ceiling fan category, Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Ltd has launched its premium aesthetic ceiling fan series - SilentPro Blossom Smart Ceiling Fans. The latest design was showcased at a grand event attended by Crompton’s Fans Head, Rangarajan Sriram and held exclusively for the company’s trade partners and dealers.

Featured in vibrant designs with impressive performance and 2X more silent at 52dB, the latest innovation by Crompton will help you experience unmatched comfort and energy savings. 

Homes have become the new spaces that have been transformed to suit our comfort and needs especially in the new norm. This has further led to an increasing demand of revamping our rooms. With a majority of consumers now meticulously considering every aspect of their décor, ceiling fans not only bring in the air comfort but have also become a conscious choice of aesthetics and design. Hence, today, there are a range of technological advancements in fans from IoT to silence that bring maximum comfort and convenience. Keeping this in mind, the frontrunner of fan innovation, Crompton, ensures its latest industry-leading fan is part of your home further enhancing the quality of life for every consumer.

Crompton has unveiled its latest SilentPro Blossom Smart that is inspired by the natural flora and designed to bring nature into the setting of your choice to make a statement! Promising superior air delivery, eye-catchy design combinations and energy efficiency that can cut your bills significantly, this ceiling fan is also equipped with the best-in-class IoT features making it a modern-day essential in Indian households. The smart operations can also be controlled via the MyCrompton app or Voice Assistants like Google Home or Amazon Alexa, further ensuring a more comfortable and convenient time.

The latest features unveiled by Crompton’s SilentPro Blossom include:

Striking Fluidic Design – Designed with a striking sense that not only delivers superior air comfort but offers a lasting first impression as a spotlight décor element in your spaces. 

Light Up The Room With Mood Lighting – Experience a fan that best resonates the mood of your room with incredible under-lighting to switch between Warm Light, Neutral Light and Cool Light via the MyCrompton app. You can also adjust the intensity of the light basis your convenience using the brightness scale

2X Silent – Operating at 10-12 decibels lower than conventional fans, SilentPro Blossom is 2X times more silent than any fan at a whispering noise level of 52dB ensuring a quiet and calming atmosphere.

Smart & Connected – The fan can be connected to voice-controlled devices like Amazon Alexa & Google assistant. You can enjoy as wide array of IoT features like Breeze Mode, Timer, Scheduler, Regulator and Sleep Mode that can be connected to Amazon Alexa and Google Voice Assistant.  

5 Star Rated Fan – With a 5 Star rating and ActivBLDC Technology, the SilentPro Blossom offers 50% energy savings along with wide range voltage (90V-300V) and 98% effective utilization of input power

Telescopic Mounting – These fans come with never-seen-before ceiling adjustable telescopic mounting that that fits in different ceiling designs and add elegance to our space

Warranty – 5-year warranty as compared to 2-year warranty in a conventional fan.

Speaking about the company’s latest range, Mr. Rangarajan Sriram, Vice President – Fans, Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Ltd said, added, “We at Crompton, have always aimed at finding the right balance between hassle-free yet meaningful innovations while curating the best-in-class yet advanced appliances. After almost 2 years, we are delighted to introduce a range of fans on a grand scale for our dealers and trade partners, thereby, helping us to reconnect with them. Our event not only highlighted our latest innovation but also enabled us to showcase our channel partners the latest upgrades & automations in our Goa factory.”

He further added, “As the summer season kicks in, ceiling fans have become our saving grace from the intense heat. Hence, understanding this predicament and providing solutions of style, silence and savings, we are thrilled to launch our most stylish range of IoT-enabled SilentPro Blossom fans. Delivering silence as well as enabling up to 50% energy savings, this innovation is the ideal purchase for modern-day consumers who are looking at aesthetic décor, meaningful purchases, and responsible choices"

Yas Island’s Brand Ambassador Bollywood Superstar Ranveer Singh receives UAE Golden Visa

Mumbai, 30th March 2022: Following the announcement of Ranveer Singh as the brand ambassador of Yas Island Abu Dhabi, one of the world’s leading leisure and entertainment destinations, the Bollywood icon and his family have been awarded UAE Golden Visas by the Abu Dhabi Department of Culture & Tourism. Mohamed Abdalla Al Zaabi, CEO of Miral, handed Ranveer the prestigious 10-year residence visa at the Island’s Yas Marina Circuit HQ in the presence of Abdulaziz Al Dosari, Chief Support Services, and Badreyya Al Mazrooei, Head of Government & Travel Services from TwoFour54.

With the aim of inviting travellers from India to experience a vacation like no other, Yas Island recently launched the viral marketing campaign, ‘Yas Hai Khaas’ with Bollywood’s most boundary-pushing star, Ranveer Singh in a mesmerizing video showcasing an electrifying journey of the destination’s plethora of attractions, diversity of offerings and the warm Yas Island welcome.     

Upon receiving the UAE Golden Visa, Ranveer Singh said, “My family and I are honoured to receive our UAE Golden Visas right here on Yas Island and I would like to thank the Abu Dhabi Department of Culture & Tourism for this privilege. As the Island’s brand ambassador, I hope to spread its message of fun and excitement while highlighting Abu Dhabi as a must-visit destination.” 


About Yas Island

Yas Island is one of the world’s fastest growing leisure and entertainment destinations, located on the golden shores of Abu Dhabi - just 20 minutes from downtown Abu Dhabi and 50 minutes from Dubai.  Yas Island offers holiday makers a diverse mix of award-winning leisure and entertainment experiences, from one-of-a-kind theme parks, world-class shopping and superb dining, to a links golf course, exciting water and motor sports, and spectacular musical, entertainment and family events… all within the 25 sq km Island. Today, Yas Island is home to the award-winning theme parks Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi, Warner Bros. World™ Abu Dhabi, the record-breaking CLYMB™ Abu Dhabi, Yas Marina Circuit (home to the FORMULA 1 ETIHAD AIRWAYS ABU DHABI GRAND PRIX™), Yas Marina, the award-winning Yas Links golf course, as well as Abu Dhabi’s largest mall, Yas Mall, Yas Bay Waterfront - Abu Dhabi’s vibrant day to night destination featuring Pier71, a three-kilometre Boardwalk, and a variety of world-class dining, leisure and entertainment brands.  With ten hotels, including W Abu Dhabi - Yas Island, Hilton Abu Dhabi Yas Island, The WB™ Abu Dhabi, the World's first Warner Bros. themed hotel, DoubleTree by Hilton Abu Dhabi Yas Island Residences, Crowne Plaza Yas Island Abu Dhabi, Yas Island Rotana, Centro Yas Island by Rotana, Radisson Blu Hotel Abu Dhabi Yas Island, Park Inn by Radisson Hotel Abu Dhabi Yas Island and Staybridge Suites Abu Dhabi Yas Island,  plus more than 165 dining experiences, the destination also features indoor and outdoor concert venues including MAD and Etihad Arena - all of which are complemented by a range of visitor services that connect all attractions to one another.

For more info, please visit:

Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Oberoi Mall becomes India’s first LEED V4.1 O+M Platinum USGBC certified Retail Destination

Mumbai, 29 March 2022 – Green Building Certification Inc. (GBCI), India’s foremost authority on sustainability in building design, construction, and operation, has announced that it has awarded Oberoi Mall, located in Goregaon, Mumbai with the prestigious LEED V4.1 O+M platinum certification. The Green Business Certification Inc. (GBCI) is part of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) that provides independent oversight of professional credentialing and project certification under the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) green building rating system. With this certification, Oberoi Mall has become the first mall in India to achieve LEED V4.1 O+M platinum, the next generation standard for green building design, construction, operations, and performance. It is the highest level of certification that can be attained, making Oberoi Mall the most sustainable retail destination in India. 

The Oberoi Mall was constructed in the year 2007 by Oberoi Realty, one of India's premium real estate developers. The Oberoi Mall is meticulously planned with excellent design aesthetics to create an elegant and high-quality shopping experience. Enroute to achieving its LEED Platinum certification, the mall has made conscious efforts to reduce its water consumption through consistent consumption monitoring and wastewater treatment. The mall has installed energy efficient LED lights with sensors to ensure energy conservation and reduce its carbon footprint. The mall also offers an EV charging facility that further contributes to reducing carbon footprint while enabling consumers to visit the mall in their electric vehicles. 

Mr. Sameep Pathak, Chief Executive Officer – Mall, Oberoi Realty, said, “We are committed to making continuous improvement in the management of our environmental impact through technological innovations and community interventions. The LEED v4.1 O+M Platinum rating awarded to us by USGBC is a testament to our dedication to reducing our carbon footprint. Our mall remains steadfast towards enabling a safe and sustainable environment through its retail shopping experience. By focusing on making our malls green and sustainable, we want to ensure all our patrons feel equally involved and enjoy a truly sustainable shopping experience.”

Mr. Gopalakrishnan Padmanabhan, Managing Director – Southeast Asia & Middle East, GBCI India, said, “The Oberoi Mall is a true example of how businesses and buildings can work towards achieving sustainability, and LEED works for all building types. Oberoi Mall’s contribution towards waste management, saving and recycling water as well as adopting energy efficient LED lighting is truly commendable. GBCI India is committed to working with organisations around the country to advance the greening of our existing buildings. We would like to congratulate The Oberoi Mall on achieving its LEED V4.1 O+M platinum certification and encourage other existing structures to consider going green.”

The Oberoi Mall is one of Mumbai’s most loved malls that has over 117 stores like Zara, Timezone, Sephora, Puma, Tommy Hilfiger, etc. It caters to customers from suburban Mumbai and is known as a one-stop destination for fun, food, fashion, and films - the mall also provides its patrons with immersive experiences. By securing the prestigious LEED V4.1 O+M platinum certification, The Oberoi Mall has transcended to giving its patrons a unique first-of-its-kind sustainable shopping experience.  

About Oberoi Mall:

The Oberoi Mall is located at Goregaon (East) on the Western Express Highway and offers almost 5.52 lakh square feet of Fun, Food, Fashion, and Films. It has occupied a significant position in the minds of customers and retailers. By reflecting and enabling customers' lifestyles and delivering affordable luxury with a 'customer first' philosophy, the Mall has distinguished itself as something truly special on the retail landscape. Pioneered by the real estate development company, Oberoi Realty Ltd. Oberoi Mall has found a unique niche amongst quality conscious and discerning customers and offers facilities that include two levels of the basement with a parking capacity for approximately 1,000 cars, a large central atrium with natural light, elevators and escalators for internal circulation, central air-conditioning, and an integrated building management system.

About LEED

The Leadership in Energy and Environment Design (LEED) green building certification system is the foremost program for the design, construction, maintenance, and operations of green buildings. Every day, more than 2.6 million square feet of space is certified using LEED. More than 107,000 projects are currently participating in the commercial LEED rating systems, comprising more than 24 billion square feet of construction space in 182 countries and territories. In addition, there are nearly 2 million registered and certified residential units. India is currently the fourth largest market in the world for LEED. Learn more at and review the Foundations of the LEED development process.

About the U.S. Green Building Council

The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) is committed to a prosperous and sustainable future through cost-efficient and energy-saving green buildings. USGBC works toward its mission of market transformation through its LEED green building program, robust educational offerings, an international network of local community leaders, the annual Greenbuild International Conference & Expo, the Center for Green Schools and advocacy in support of public policy that encourages and enables green buildings and communities. For more information, visit and connect on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

About Green Business Certification Inc.

GBCI is the premier organization independently recognizing excellence in green business industry performance and practice globally. Established in 2008, GBCI exclusively administers project certifications and professional credentials and certificates within the framework of the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) green building rating systems, as well as the PEER standard for power systems, the WELL Building Standard, the Sustainable SITES Initiative (SITES), EDGE (Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies), TRUE certification for zero waste, Investor Confidence Project (ICP) for energy efficiency retrofits. 

About GBCI India

GBCI India was incorporated in 2016 to facilitate the global growth of GBCI and its sustainability programs and to provide on-the-ground support to the project teams and professionals advancing LEED in the region. The more than 50 technical experts and professionals who make up GBCI India’s core team bring years of subject matter expertise and come from diverse backgrounds, but all share a passion and underlying commitment to being part of the sustainable transformation of real estate and construction sectors in India. For more information, please visit and follow @GBCI_India on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Monday, March 28, 2022


To celebrate the resumption of scheduled commercial international flight operations from India, Singapore Airlines (SIA) is pleased to announce fare deals starting from INR 17,900* for travel from India to key destinations across the globe. 

Customers planning travel from India to Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, the United States of America and other countries in the SIA network can avail of these special fares when they book tickets between now and 23 April 2022 for travel till 30 September 2022. More information about the fares can be found here.

To cater to the increased demand from India, the Airline has not only resumed its A380 operations from Mumbai this month but will also launch the new A380 product from Delhi in April 2022. Furthermore, Indian travellers transiting through Singapore Changi Airport will have the chance to rediscover the magic of the world’s favourite and most-awarded international airport, including the iconic Jewel at Changi. 

Mr. Sy Yen Chen, General Manager India for Singapore Airlines said, “The resumption of scheduled commercial international passenger services from India is a very big development for us as it opens up our entire global network to Indian travellers after a two-year hiatus. We continue to see strong demand from India and are optimistic that this move will inspire even more confidence for international travel to and from India.” 

He further added, “These special fares are our way of celebrating the occasion while simultaneously offering our customers the impetus to plan their long-awaited overseas holidays in the coming months. In fact, Changi Airport’s exciting attractions and seamless transit experience also make it a favoured hub for our connecting passengers from India.”

Singapore Airlines currently operates 65 flights weekly from 8 cities in India and will continue to progressively increase its frequency to pre-Covid levels in the coming months. 

SIA has implemented myriad digital solutions for the well-being of our customers, and to support a comfortable and seamless experience. Please click here for more details on our health and safety measures. Please click here for more details on the award-winning products and services that customers can enjoy on board our flights.


About Singapore Airlines 

The SIA Group’s history dates back to 1947 with the maiden flight of Malayan Airways Limited. The airline was later renamed Malaysian Airways Limited and then Malaysia-Singapore Airlines (MSA). In 1972, MSA split into Singapore Airlines (SIA) and Malaysian Airline System. Initially operating a modest fleet of 10 aircraft to 22 cities in 18 countries, SIA has since grown to be a world-class international airline group.

Singapore Airlines is committed to the constant enhancement of the three main pillars of its brand promise: Service Excellence, Product Leadership and Network Connectivity. For more information visit:

For Singapore Airlines-related media queries please contact:

Munmun Gentle

Perfect Relations Pvt Ltd


Singapore Airlines India Flight Schedule

Singapore – Ahmedabad 

27 March 2022 onwards

Flight No. Route Frequency Timing Aircraft


Singapore – Ahmedabad Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday 1835hrs – 2135hrs Airbus A350-900


Ahmedabad – Singapore Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday 2250hrs – 0710hrs (+1) Airbus A350-900

Singapore – Bengaluru 

27 March 2022 onwards

Flight No. Route Frequency Timing Aircraft


Singapore – Bengaluru Daily 2005hrs – 2150hrs Airbus A350-900


Bengaluru – Singapore Daily 2305hrs – 0610hrs (+1) Airbus A350-900

Singapore – Chennai 

27 March 2022 onwards

Flight No. Route Frequency Timing Aircraft


Singapore – Chennai Friday, Saturday, Sunday 0740hrs – 0920hrs Boeing 737-800 NG


  Chennai – Singapore Friday, Saturday, Sunday 1030hrs – 1720hrs Boeing 737-800 NG


Singapore – Chennai Daily 2015hrs – 2150hrs Boeing 787-10


Chennai – Singapore Daily 2315hrs – 0610hrs (+1) Boeing 787-10

Singapore – Delhi 

27 March 2022 onwards

Flight No. Route Frequency Timing Aircraft


Singapore – Delhi Thursday, Friday, Sunday 0235hrs – 0540hrs Boeing 787-10


Delhi – Singapore Thursday, Friday, Sunday 0900hrs –

1725hrs Boeing 787-10


Singapore – Delhi Daily 1650hrs – 2010hrs Boeing 787-10


Delhi – Singapore Daily 2155hrs – 0610hrs (+1) Boeing 787-10

Singapore – Hyderabad 

27 March 2022 onwards

Flight No. Route Frequency Timing Aircraft


Singapore – Hyderabad Daily 2000hrs – 2205hrs Boeing 737-8


Hyderabad – Singapore Daily 2300hrs – 0610hrs (+1) Boeing 737-8

Singapore – Kochi 

27 March 2022 onwards

Flight No. Route Frequency Timing Aircraft


Singapore – Kochi Daily 2000hrs – 2200hrs Boeing 737-8


Kochi – Singapore Daily 2300hrs – 0555hrs (+1) Boeing 737-8

Singapore – Kolkata 

27 March 2022 onwards

Flight No. Route Frequency Timing Aircraft


Singapore – Kolkata Daily 2100hrs – 2235hrs Boeing 737-8


Kolkata – Singapore Daily 2350hrs – 0640hrs (+1) Boeing 737-8

Singapore – Mumbai 

27 March 2022 onwards

Flight No. Route Frequency Timing Aircraft


Singapore – Mumbai Daily 0740hrs – 1030hrs Airbus A350-900


Mumbai– Singapore Daily 1145hrs – 1950hrs Airbus A350-900


Singapore – Mumbai Daily 1900hrs – 2210hrs Airbus A380


Mumbai– Singapore Daily 2340hrs – 0740hrs (+1) Airbus A380


SUGAR Cosmetics’ #WhenIAmReady Women’s Day Campaign witnessed participation from Shark Vineeta Singh along with 5100+ women, achieving a whooping 38Million+ reach!

The #WhenIAmReady campaign was launched around Women’s Day to create awareness about how women are breaking free from the expected pre-set timeline to achieve their life goals

28th March, 2022 (Mumbai): SUGAR Cosmetics, one of India's fastest-growing beauty brand launched their #WhenIAmReady Campaign ( around Women’s Day. This campaign launched on social media, primarily Instagram, reached 38+ Million users and is expected to reach an audience of 50+ Million by the end of the month. This campaign provided a platform to drive conversations about how women are now breaking free from societal expectations, regarding their personal life choices. 


This social media activity saw a total of 5142+ posts on Instagram, using the #WhenIAmReady  hashtag. Shark Vineeta Singh - Co-founder & CEO, SUGAR Cosmetics also participated in the campaign with her own story of breaking free from the societal notion of a pre-set timeline. (


Speaking on the success of the campaign, Vineeta Singh said, “SUGAR Cosmetics is a brand that celebrates strong, independent women and this year to commemorate the International Women’s Day, we wanted to encourage these wonderful women to be bold and not succumb to any societal pressure, especially those that concern their life choices. We are so thrilled to have started such positive conversations through our #WhenIAmReady Campaign, which beautifully celebrates the stand taken by women to come up and say ‘whenever they are ready’ to any kind of 'when' question society presents them with.”

This heart-warming social media campaign kick-started on 4th March onwards and till date has brought together 5000+ women sharing stories of how they respond positively to these societal expectations. Thus, encouraging fellow women to live life, on their desired timeline.

Resha Jain, Vice President, Content Marketing  SUGAR Cosmetics states, “Our aim was to go all out with the campaign, the stories shared as part of the #WhenIAmReady campaign by SUGAR Cosmetics are a reflection of the remarks and questions faced by the women about their personal life choices and goals, even in these modern times. We are so glad to see that this campaign has provided a platform for women across the country to share how they have taken charge of their life and achieving their life goals, whenever they are ready.”

Friday, March 25, 2022

2022 BRICS Women Innovation Contest Officially Launched

I. Background

Last year, the BRICS Women Innovation Contest initiated by the Chinese Chapter and jointly organized by the other four Chapters was a great success. More than 200 candidates from different industries participated in the Contest. Winners of the Innovation Contest have set inspiring examples for us. 

This year, the Innovation Contest has been put into BRICS WBA 2022 Action Plan and will be held from March to May, and conclude with an Award Ceremony. The BRICS WBA chapters are all hoped and encouraged to take part in the Contest and also recommend qualified candidates from each country. 

In 2021, with the strong support and efforts of FICCI,nearly 20 candidates from India will participate, and 3 of them have won awards. All of them have made positive contributions to the successful holding of this event.

This year, we hope that FICCI will continue to support and select Indian women who meet the assault to participate in this event,

At the BRICS Summit on November 17, 2020, the Chinese State Leader proposed the initiative of BRICS Women Innovation Contest (hereinafter referred to as the Contest) under the BRICS cooperation framework, which received wide support from all BRICS Leaders. 

Upholding the people-oriented concept, the Contest is open to all business women in BRICS countries, and will recognize outstanding business women devoted to promoting social welfare and economic development in different fields across BRICS nations, and promote the exchange of best practices and innovative initiatives led by women, and thus to advance to the cooperation among business women across BRICS nations.

II. Organizational Structure

Host:              China Chamber of International Commerce(CCOIC)

Sponsor:        China Chapter, BRICS WBA

Co-sponsors: Brazil, Russia, India, South Africa Chapters, BRICS WBA

Organizer:      Deloitte

III. Theme

This Contest is open to all outstanding business women in BRICS countries, aiming to activate and unleash their innovation and creativity in green development, technological innovation, cultural creativity, healthcare, education and training, finance, cross-border e-commerce, and other fields.

IV.  Eligibility Criteria

The candidates should have one of the following characteristics: 

1. Nationality and Personality: a citizen from one of the BRICS countries with excellent qualities such as diligence, enthusiasm, tenacity and creativity.

2. Social Responsibility: attaching importance to social responsibility, taking comprehensive social influence as a development goal, and stimulating the team’s commitment for a common vision.

3. Unique Technology and Business Model: having unique technology and business model.

4. Industry and Market Prospects: having a forward-looking strategic thinking and clear goals, making continuous investment in talent development, and having promising market prospects in the industry.

V. Process

The Contest will last three months from March to May, 2022 with three stages of Online registration, Assessment and the Award Ceremony. The Award Ceremony will take place in Beijing by the end of May. 

Stage 1-Online Registration (March 11 - May 1, 2022)

Stage 2- Assessment (May 1 - May 15, 2022)

Stage 3-Award Ceremony: (May 27, 2022, TBC)

VI. Awards and Rewards

(I) Awards

The Contest will offer Mulan Award to 15 winners (3 from each country). Besides, Special Contribution Award will go to 5 candidates (1 from each country), in recognition of their outstanding contributions in combatting COVID-19 pandemic, and their endeavour in building a global community of health for all.

(II) Rewards

The winners will be invited to visit China (ALL EXPENSES COVERED) for networking and training, when COVID-19 situation improves and restrictions eased.

VII Registration

(I) Registration period: from March 11 to May 1, 2022

(II) Registration link:

(III) Contacts:

Contacts from CCOIC:

Ms. Du Ziyu & Ms. Ding Xiaonan

Tel +86 10-86431090/+86-10-86431095 

Contacts from Deloitte China:

Bai Chuhan: +8675533538630 /

Glance to bring NFT-based Live gaming on lock screens globally; acquires gaming company Gambit

Gambit to help Glance launch creator-led NFTs for live gaming, and live experiences like e-sports streaming, multi-player tournaments and game shows for millions of gamers on the platform



Glance Games - Glance’s lock screen gaming platform - has over 45 million monthly active users across Asia

Gambit owns and operates Nostragamus – a popular skill gaming platform with over 100 million game plays to date

Acquisition combines Glance’s global reach and lock screen first innovation with Gambit’s DNA of building gaming experiences and technology that drives deep engagement and monetization


Singapore/Bangalore, March 25, 2022: Singapore based consumer internet company Glance InMobi Pte Ltd (“Glance”), announced that it has acquired Indian gaming company Gambit Sports Pvt Ltd. (“Gambit”). This is expected to accelerate Glance’s ambition of building the biggest platform for NFT-based live gaming experiences for Gen-Z, across markets.   


The acquisition brings together Glance’s scale and lock screen centric innovation with Gambit’s expertise and understanding of the gaming ecosystem. Glance Games - Glance’s lock screen gaming platform - has over 45 million monthly active users across Asia. Close to 70% of its users are in the age group of 18 to 34, while over 40% of its gamers are female.   


Gambit comes with a team that has deep experience in building platforms with high engagement and monetization. Co-founded in 2015 by Yashashvi Takallapalli, Gaurav Konar, Ranaveer Sankieneni and Deepak Venkatramani, Gambit owns and operates Nostragamus (Nostra Pro). This is a highly popular gaming platform with fantasy sports, poker, rummy, quiz and hyper-casual games. Over 100 million games have been played on the Nostragamus platform, and it has close to 10 million registered users.    

Glance will leverage Gambit’s expertise to launch highly engaging live gaming experiences including tournaments, game shows, game streaming and multi-player games on lock screen. Gambit will also enable Glance to launch multiple casual-to-midcore games that can be enjoyed by diverse sets of gamers. In the coming quarters, Glance also plans to launch NFTs in live gaming. This will potentially enable creators, streamers and developers to monetize through assets and NFT-based game creation, while giving gamers unique experiences that they love.  


“Gaming is the most exciting content category across the world today and Gen-Z spends more time on gaming than on any other activity online," said Piyush Shah, Co-founder of InMobi Group and President and COO, Glance. "Giving users live, connected, interactive gaming experiences on the lock screen is key to Glance’s vision of building the world’s largest live internet platform. We also aim to launch creator-led NFTs for live gaming which will generate unique 'play-to-earn' and 'play-to-own' possibilities for the entire gaming ecosystem,” he added. 


Yashashvi Takallapalli, Co-founder and CEO, Gambit said, “We have already started seeing great traction for live gaming on Glance. For instance, over 10 million users watch live game streams on Glance every week now. With Glance and Gambit’s combined strengths and our belief that there is a game for every person, we envision doubling the number of monthly active gamers on Glance Games in the next year.”  


In February 2022, Glance had signed an agreement to raise $200 million funding from Jio Platforms to accelerate its global expansion. The company also entered into a business partnership with Jio through which Glance’s lock screen platform will be integrated into JioPhone Next smartphones. This integration is expected to further boost the reach of Glance Games. 



About Glance     

Founded in 2019, Glance is a consumer internet company that has created two highly disruptive digital platforms - Glance and Roposo. Glance has redefined the way internet is consumed on the lock screen, removing the need for searching and downloading apps. Over 400 million smartphones now come enabled with Glance’s next generation internet experience. Roposo has revolutionized commerce by launching a destination for creator-led live entertainment commerce. Headquartered in Singapore, Glance is an unconsolidated subsidiary of InMobi Group and is funded by Google and Mithril Capital. 


Bentley Education Announces New Student Contest: The Digital Twin Design Challenge


EXTON, Pa. – March 25, 2022 – Bentley Systems, Incorporated, (Nasdaq: BSY) the infrastructure engineering software company, today announced Bentley Education’s Digital Twin Design Challenge—a student contest that provides an opportunity to reimagine a real-world location with a structure designed with the popular Minecraft video game. Digital twin technology is set to be the next powerful tool for future engineers, and this contest is a unique opportunity for students to explore it in a creative way. 

Through the Digital Twin Design Challenge, students have the chance to combine their imagination and creativity by exploring infrastructure digital twins. Students will use Minecraft to take a real-world location and design a new structure within it. In addition to gaining recognition from Bentley Education, the top 20 finalists will receive USD 500 each. The winner chosen by expert judges will receive a prize of USD 5,000, and the winner from the popular vote category will win a prize of USD 2,000. 

The challenge is open to students aged between 12 years and 25 years from secondary schools, high schools, community colleges/schools, polytechnics, technical institutes, and universities. Students can design structures that address issues like environmental sustainability, architectural aesthetics, and population growth, or solve a specific engineering challenge. These designs can be in the form of any superstructure, such as a building, bridge, monument, park, train station, or airport. 

With the world and its infrastructure facing many growing challenges, future engineers will turn to digital twin technology to manage them. Because digital twins are virtual representations of the real world, they can help combine and visualize data to optimize decision-making and enable effective planning and action.

Katriona Lord-Levins, chief success officer, Bentley Systems, said, “This challenge is continuing Bentley Education’s mission of nurturing future professionals for careers in engineering, design, and architecture. We want students to show their creativity using Minecraft and explore the potential of Bentley’s iTwin technology to tackle a challenge facing the world’s infrastructure. And, along the way, we want to inspire and encourage students to learn about infrastructure engineering as a possible career and expose them to the opportunities that lie ahead, with infrastructure going digital.” 

When their design is ready, students will export the structure as a 3D model and place it within the real-world location using the Bentley iTwin platform. Students will also need to submit a short essay describing the concept behind their design. To participate in the challenge, students must register and submit their projects before March 31, 2022. To register and to learn more about the submissions, judging criteria, and other information, click here.




Caption: Bentley Education announces the Digital Twin Design Challenge.

# #

About Bentley Education

Bentley Education program encourages the development of future infrastructure professionals for careers in engineering, design, and architecture by providing student and educator learning licenses of popular Bentley applications at no cost through the new Bentley Education portal. The program is designed to create world-class talent that can rise to the challenges of improving quality of life and positively changing the world using Bentley infrastructure engineering software applications and proven learnings. The Bentley Education program will also help students develop digital skills that are critical for a qualified talent pipeline to support infrastructure growth and resilience worldwide.

About Bentley Systems

Bentley Systems (Nasdaq: BSY) is the infrastructure engineering software company. We provide innovative software to advance the world’s infrastructure – sustaining both the global economy and environment. Our industry-leading software solutions are used by professionals, and organizations of every size, for the design, construction, and operations of roads and bridges, rail and transit, water and wastewater, public works and utilities, buildings and campuses, mining, and industrial facilities. Our offerings include MicroStation-based applications for modeling and simulation, ProjectWise for project delivery, AssetWise for asset and network performance, Seequent’s leading geoprofessional software portfolio, and the iTwin platform for infrastructure digital twins. Bentley Systems employs more than 4,500 colleagues and generates annual revenues of approximately $1 billion in 186 countries.

© 2022 Bentley Systems, Incorporated. Bentley, the Bentley logo, AssetWise, iTwin, MicroStation, ProjectWise, and Seequent are either registered or unregistered trademarks or service marks of Bentley Systems, Incorporated or one of its direct or indirect wholly owned subsidiaries. All other brands and product names are trademarks of their respective owners. 

Your key to New Zealand’s Quirky regions


Mumbai, XXX 2022: New Zealand has always been known for its picturesque landscapes and mesmerizing locations. From crystal lakes to snow-capped mountains, from white sandy beaches to vast vineyards, making it a traveller’s dream destination. But did you know that New Zealand also has some quirky regions which are sure to blow your mind? These regions boast of attractive mountains which are known to be world’s most symmetrical mountains in the world along with a few award-winning food and beverage locations as well as stunning castles and culture.

Buckle up and get ready to discover some of New Zealand’s quirkiest regions:

I. Invercargill

One of the southernmost cities in the world, Invercargill is enveloped by beautiful, untouched, remote landscapes and is known for doing things its own way. First up would be getting a cheese roll, a delicacy in this region and the perfect snack before hitting Dig This. A unique experience to get out of your comfort zone and get the blood pumping, pick from a wide range of diggers from mini to mega and try your hand at 360 spins, handstands, playing digger basketball or crushing an entire car. At Bill Richardson Transport World discover world class vintage trucks, the largest of its kind, or head to E Hayes Motorworks to learn about local legend Burt Munro and his incredible speed achievements. 

II. Hawke’s Bay

It’s the architecture that you’ll notice first, streets of beautifully restored Art Deco buildings that give it the atmosphere of a 1930s film set. Every year the Art Deco Festival celebrates this with vintage cars, fashion and music as the city comes alive with locals and visitors embracing the spirit. Take a vintage car tour and join your Art Deco attired driver for an insightful guided commentary on the city. High on the list of sunshine hours, it offers a temperate climate for cycling around the city, walking to scenic waterfalls like Shine falls or Maraetotara falls or hitting the water at Mohaka rafting. Home to sophisticated wineries, delicious restaurants, bars and cafes and the scenic boardwalk along coastal Marine Parade.

III. Dunedin

Dunedin is a region with it all – from nature, to award winning food and beverage, from wildlife to culture and castles. With a quirky city vibe including heritage buildings lending itself to a creative hotpot of people. Check out New New New for trendy burgers and great beer in a zany setting or for a locals feel head to Otago Farmers Market in the shadow of the architecturally indulgent Dunedin Railway Station. The heart of the city offers urban style options and creative art covers exposed buildings or head out of town for up, close and personal experiences with wildlife, the Royal Albatross Centre, Yellow Eyed Penguins at Penguin Place or Fur Seals on the picturesque, open coastlines. Pay a trip to Larnach Castle for high tea and enjoy the sweeping views typical of the region, blue sky horizon, and raw, scenic backdrops.

IV. Taranaki 

It attracts some attention due to its place as one of the world’s most symmetrical mountains in the world, but the region is also filled with undiscovered gems.  Perhaps best known is the Len Lye Museum, an iconic building in the centre of New Plymouth home to some of the country’s best contemporary art. Pukekura Park is a beautiful, lush park in the heart of the town and home to their Festival of Lights. Featuring music and activities, its main attraction is the dazzling light installations and with new ones each year, you never know what to expect. Don’t miss the award-winning Te Rewa Rewa Bridge which frames Mt Taranaki and continue along the promenade for an incredible coastline, dotted with surfers, cyclists, and artwork.  

Additional Information

Tourism New Zealand is responsible for marketing New Zealand as an international and domestic visitor destination. 

We believe that tourism needs to contribute more to New Zealand than it takes. Tourism must create jobs, restore nature, enhance our heritage, build our national reputation and make us proud. It must inspire and enable us to celebrate who we are, our unique people and place. Our purpose is to enrich New Zealand by maximising the contribution of visitors, we deliver this by maximising the impact domestic and international visitors have across the four wellbeings of nature, society, culture and the economy.

For more information, kindly check:



Social Handles:

Hashtags: #NZmustdo     

Thursday, March 24, 2022

Birla Fertility & IVF further expands its footprint in Delhi-NCR with its state of–the–art clinic in Lajpat Nagar


Birla Fertility plans to expand its presence nationally and internationally through 100+ clinics in the next 5 years, with an investment of over Rs 500 crores


24th March 2022, New Delhi: CK Birla Healthcare launched its flagship fertility clinic, Birla Fertility, and IVF in Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi. The clinic will offer clinically reliable treatment, a price promise and empathetic and trustworthy care to its patients. This launch adds to the existing presence of Birla Fertility and IVF (BFI) across Delhi-NCR, Kolkata and Lucknow.


With a legacy of over 50 years of delivering high quality healthcare, the CK Birla Group currently has hospitals across Kolkata, Jaipur, Gurugram and Delhi. Supported by state-of-the-art medical infrastructure and technology, these hospitals have pioneered several firsts and set many milestones in India’s healthcare landscape over the last five decades. With Birla Fertility and IVF, their newest brand and venture, the Group aims to be a global leader in fertility care with a vision to transform the future of fertility through outstanding clinical outcomes, research, and innovation.


Speaking on the occasion, Avanti Birla, Founder, said “We are committed to delivering quality and patient-centered healthcare. We will strengthen this commitment by supporting every couple in their journey, with clinical excellence and compassion. Fertility treatment is not just about IVF, it’s about a more holistic approach to promote good fertility health. Our brand tagline: “All Heart. All Science”, best summarizes who we are, and how we are different. 

To fulfil the vast unmet demand for fertility treatments we plan to scale up rapidly, establishing more than 100 clinics over the next five years. All backed by our trustworthy CK Birla Group. 

In order to do this, we have invested in the best clinical technologies and expertise, as well as people. Through our vast experience in healthcare, we already have the basic core bedrock of talent which we have further built on in terms of training on clinical processes and customer sensitivities. We understand what it takes to build a reliable healthcare brand.”


Commenting on the launch of the new facility, Akshat Seth, CEO CK Birla Healthcare said, ‘’While India is home to 27.5 million couples with fertility-related problems, less than 1% seek medical evaluation for their issues, primarily due to a lack of awareness. At Birla Fertility & IVF our endeavour is to build awareness and access to reliable fertility treatment. In Delhi-NCR, we are establishing a chain of 10 state-of-the-art centers to bring world-class fertility care at a convenient location near you. This flagship centre in Lajpat Nagar adds to our presence in Punjabi Bagh, Rohini, Dwarka and our two centers in Gurgaon (Sector 14 and Sector 51). In the coming weeks, we will be opening our centers in East Delhi, Noida, Greater Noida and Faridabad.


The Lajpat Nagar centre will also house our National Training Academy, allowing our recognized professionals to mentor and bestow their expertise and skillset to the next generation of fertility doctors and embryologists. To reiterate our commitment in spreading fertility awareness in communities across the country, we offer free OPD consultations and IVF packages that are competitively priced.”


Dr. (Col) Prof. Pankaj Talwar VSM, Head of Medical Services, Birla Fertility & IVF added, ‘’Contrary to popular belief, fertility is an issue which affects both men and women, and our brand focus will be on creating awareness around this. In addition to IVF treatment, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of fertility treatments. This includes male infertility treatments, and advanced facilities for 

genetic screening, diagnostics, laparoscopic gynecological procedures, and donor services. We are also very pleased to offer fertility preservation services, which include those for cancer patients. Next in our line of treatment options will be a pioneering program - Ovarian Tissue Freezing for younger cancer patients. Also, we are proud to include endometrial receptivity array and preimplantation genetic screening in the list of multidisciplinary services we offer at Birla Fertility and IVF.


Our clinical approach is unique in its focus on improving the overall fertility health of couples by providing multi-disciplinary care under one roof: our team of Nutritionists, Counsellors, Endocrinologists, Andrologists work seamlessly alongside our Fertility experts. 

Moreover, with the Assisted Reproductive Technology (Regulation) (ART) Bill coming into force, there will now be a defined set of regulations in the field of IVF and Fertility treatments in India. We believe this will benefit and empower couples by making better information available to them about treatment options and their rights and will also serve to improve patient safety.”


Yas Island Abu Dhabi launches electrifying Bollywood-themed campaign with superstar Ranveer Singh


Ranveer Singh becomes the destination’s brand ambassador

‘#YASHAIKHAAS’ video showcases how ‘Yas is Special’


Mumbai, 24th March 2022: Yas Island Abu Dhabi, one of the world’s leading leisure and entertainment destinations has launched yet another viral marketing campaign, ‘Yas Hai Khaas’ with Bollywood’s most boundary-pushing star, Ranveer Singh, targeting consumers from India. Translating as ‘Yas Is Special’, the mesmerizing video follows Ranveer on an electrifying journey throughout Yas Island, showcasing the destination’s plethora of attractions, diversity of offerings and the warm Yas Island welcome.   

An epic visual treat, the campaign draws the audience into Ranveer’s action-packed holiday to Yas Island as he visits the destination’s most iconic landmarks, from interacting with Batman at Warner Bros. World™️ Abu Dhabi, to chasing waves at Yas Waterworld, to riding the fastest rollercoster in the world at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi. Continuing the adventure, the film shows what an elevated holiday experience Yas Island can offer discerning travellers as Ranveer literally flies through the air at adventure hub CLYMB™️ Abu Dhabi. 

The colourful modern Bollywood campaign is styled in the format of music video, with Ranveer singing and dancing his way across the island. Away from the high-speed adventures of driving racing cars on the Formula 1 track, Ranveer also has time to enjoy a shopping splurge at Yas Mall, dine at trendy restaurant Iris, summersaulting at Yas Marina Circuit, before squeezing in a round of golf at Yas Links.  

Liam Findlay, CEO of Experience Hub, Yas Island said, “We are proud of our partnership with Ranveer Singh as a brand ambassador as he exudes the dynamic attitude of Yas Island which we believe comes across in the ‘Yas Hai Khaas’ video. Our collaboration with Bollywood superstar, Ranveer Singh, enables us to highlight Yas Island as one of the world’s leading leisure and entertainment destinations, full of vibrancy and non-stop energy. With its entertaining depiction of Yas Island’s award-wining theme-parks, record-breaking attractions and legendary hospitality across hotels, dining and retail, we hope this campaign inspires viewers to visit Yas Island with family and friends very soon, because Yas truly is Khaas, just like Ranveer Singh.”

Commenting on the collaboration, Ranveer Singh said, “Yas Island is such a spectacular destination and I had a great time shooting the video! I am delighted to be the destination’s brand ambassador and I hope vacationers get to enjoy Yas Island as I have. Whether you travel as a family, with your friends or a significant other, get ready for one of the most exhilarating trips, only at Yas Island.”

The music video can be watched on Yas Island’s social media pages: Facebook, Instagram and YouTube

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About Yas Island

Yas Island is one of the world’s fastest growing leisure and entertainment destinations, located on the golden shores of Abu Dhabi - just 20 minutes from downtown Abu Dhabi and 50 minutes from Dubai.  Yas Island offers holiday makers a diverse mix of award-winning leisure and entertainment experiences, from one-of-a-kind theme parks, world-class shopping and superb dining, to a links golf course, exciting water and motor sports, and spectacular musical, entertainment and family events… all within the 25 sq km Island. Today, Yas Island is home to the award-winning theme parks Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi, Warner Bros. World™ Abu Dhabi, the record-breaking CLYMB™ Abu Dhabi, Yas Marina Circuit (home to the FORMULA 1 ETIHAD AIRWAYS ABU DHABI GRAND PRIX™), Yas Marina, the award-winning Yas Links golf course, as well as Abu Dhabi’s largest mall, Yas Mall, Yas Bay Waterfront - Abu Dhabi’s vibrant day to night destination featuring Pier71, a three-kilometre Boardwalk, and a variety of world-class dining, leisure and entertainment brands.  With ten hotels, including W Abu Dhabi - Yas Island, Hilton Abu Dhabi Yas Island, The WB™ Abu Dhabi, the World's first Warner Bros. themed hotel, DoubleTree by Hilton Abu Dhabi Yas Island Residences, Crowne Plaza Yas Island Abu Dhabi, Yas Island Rotana, Centro Yas Island by Rotana, Radisson Blu Hotel Abu Dhabi Yas Island, Park Inn by Radisson Hotel Abu Dhabi Yas Island and Staybridge Suites Abu Dhabi Yas Island,  plus more than 165 dining experiences, the destination also features indoor and outdoor concert venues including MAD and Etihad Arena - all of which are complemented by a range of visitor services that connect all attractions to one another.

For more info, please visit: www.yasisland.a

AU Small Finance Bank ties up with Tata Motors for its passenger vehicles finance solutions

~Offers attractive finance schemes across the portfolio~

Key Highlights:

- Best suited products as per customer profiles

- Application of car loans via AU 0101 App to avail pre-approved offers

- Applicable to a spectrum of customers like salaried, self-employed, Agri & Dairy farmers etc. including New to Credit customers. 

- Available in rural, urban and metros

- Repayment tenor of up to 7 years

Mumbai/ Jaipur, 24 March 2022: AU Small Finance Bank, India’s largest Small Finance Bank, today signed an agreement with Tata Motors - India’s leading automotive brand; offering exciting finance options to customers on the company’s New Forever range of passenger cars and UVs.

This scheme will offer maximum financing on the vehicle as per each individual’s requirements. Customers can also enjoy the benefit of unique EMI options with a repayment tenor of up to seven years. The Bank has designed certain exclusive features for Tata Motors car buyers availing the car finance option. This offer is applicable to a spectrum of customers like salaried, self-employed professionals, self-employed non-professionals, Agri and Dairy farmers etc. including new to credit customers. Furthermore, customers can also apply for a car loan via AU 0101 App to avail pre-approved offers. 

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Bhaskar Karkera, Head of Wheels Business, AU Small Finance Bank, “We are pleased to partner with Tata Motors as the desired financier for passenger vehicle loans. With this association, we are hopeful to leverage the extensive reach of both the brands in rural, semi-urban and urban markets and empower many Indians to fulfil their dreams of owning their vehicles. The Bank’s tie-up with Tata Motors will be a win-win for customers as they can access best-in-class personal mobility solutions with the finest finance option from AU Bank. Customers will get attractive pre-approved offers at competitive pricing using AU 0101 App. With Electric Vehicles demand on the upswing, we are also excited to help contribute to a greener, brighter future by providing finance for such emission-friendly mobility. We strongly feel that our car loan facilities will appeal to the target markets in India. This tie-up is evidence of the Bank’s ongoing endeavour to fulfil the needs of emerging India.”

Commenting on the association, Mr. Ramesh Dorairajan, Senior General Manager – Network Management & EV Sales, Tata Motors Passenger Vehicles Ltd, said, “We are delighted to partner with AU Small Finance Bank, India’s largest Small Finance Bank, to make our extensive range of vehicles available to a larger set of customers, with easy financing and flexible repayment options. This tie up is in line with Tata Motors’ aim to make mobility solutions more affordable and accessible for individuals and families at beneficial rates. We look forward to a successful and a mutually beneficial partnership.”

This offer is available across AU Small Finance Bank branches and Tata Motors dealers across the states like Jammu, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab, Delhi NCR, Rajasthan, Gujrat, Maharashtra, Goa, Madhya Pradesh, Chandigarh, Chhattisgarh, etc. To avail the above schemes, customers can reach out to their nearest AU Small Finance Bank branch or register their interest in buying a Tata car through Tata Motors dealer. 

To know more about offers, customer can visit or download the AU 0101 App for details. Customers can also enquire, request a test drive, make bookings, and select their preferred financing option via ‘Click to Drive’, Tata Motors’ end-to-end online platform, from the comfort and safety of their homes.

About AU Small Finance Bank: 

AU Small Finance Bank Limited (AU Bank) is a scheduled commercial bank, a Fortune India 500 Company and the largest Small Finance Bank in the country. Starting its journey from the hinterlands of Rajasthan, today AU Bank is the largest Small Finance Bank with a deep understanding of the rural and semi-urban markets that has enabled it build robust business model facilitating inclusive growth. With 25+ years legacy of being a retail focused and customer-centric institution, AU started its banking operations in April 2017 and as on 31st December 2021, it has established operations across 880 banking touchpoints while serving 23.7 Lakh customers in 15 States & 2 Union Territories with an employee base of 25,502 employees. The Bank has a net worth of ₹ 7,127 Cr, deposit base of ₹ 44,278 Cr and Assets Under Management (AUM) of ₹ 42,023 Cr. AU Bank enjoys the trust of marquee investors and is listed at both the leading stock exchanges viz. NSE and BSE. It has consistently maintained a high external credit rating from all major rating agencies like CRISIL, CARE Ratings and India Ratings


Fully vaccinated travellers on all Singapore Airlines (SIA) and Scoot flights will enjoy quarantine-free entry into Singapore, without any on-arrival test or quarantine requirements, from 1 April 2022. This comes after the Singapore government simplified the travel protocols for entry into the country.

This opens up the entire SIA and Scoot network to all eligible customers. Today, SIA and Scoot operate from 97 destinations in 34 countries to Singapore. Please see Annexe A for details on the SIA Group network. Please refer here for SIA’s flight schedules, and here for Scoot’s flight schedules.

All fully vaccinated travellers are still required to take a pre-departure test and meet prevailing visa requirements.

As a result, SIA and Scoot will no longer designate specific Vaccinated Travel Lane (VTL) flights from 1 April 2022. Existing customers who are currently booked on a VTL flight on or after 1 April 2022 may travel as planned. They need not make any changes to their booking.  

Travellers, regardless of vaccination status, will be allowed to transit through Singapore on almost all SIA and Scoot flights from 1 April 2022 as long as they meet the entry requirements of their final destination . 

Please find below a quote that can be attributed to a SIA spokesperson.

“The SIA Group welcomes the latest measures to simplify travel protocols for entry into Singapore. This supports the goal of restoring Singapore’s position as a leading tourist destination and premier air hub. It will allow our customers to plan for their holidays, and reconnect families and loved ones, while also supporting the growing demand for business travel. We look forward to welcoming our customers on board our flights, where they will enjoy our warm hospitality and world class products and services. The SIA Group will continue to closely monitor travel demand, and increase our capacity and services accordingly.” 

Customers with Existing Bookings

Customers who wish to make changes to their bookings are advised to do so via our website, where a variety of self-service options are available. Those who booked directly with SIA may also submit their requests through the Manage Booking option.

For changes that are unavailable via the self-service options, customers may submit their requests via our Assistance Request Form. We will contact and assist them as soon as possible.

Customers who have made bookings through a travel agency or partner airline are advised to contact them directly for assistance.

We thank our customers for their patience and understanding as we manage the extremely high volume of enquiries during this time.

SIA’s Safe and Seamless Travel with #SIAcares

Singapore Airlines is committed to the well-being of our customers and has initiatives designed to protect your well-being, bring greater peace of mind, and give you confidence to travel without worries. More details can be found here. 

SIA looks forward to welcoming our customers on board our flights, where they will enjoy our world-class products and services. Customers can also travel in confidence with SIA, with the industry-leading health and safety measures that have been implemented and enhanced to ensure their well-being. Please click here for more details.

* * *

Issued by Public Affairs Department

Singapore Airlines Ltd


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