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Celebrating time at #NextGenTimezone Inorbit

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Time is Money ?. No, never for me. Time is the most important aspect and fantastic feature of life. How we spend, rather invest Time speaks volumes about the quality of our life. Our one & only life is so precious that every moment should be celebrated in the company of loved ones. But ..but .. but, the reality is not so glorious. We have our jobs, duties to perform to earn money, to live life, to maintain our lifestyles as per our wishes. Our assignments, projects, responsibilities, to-do lists occupy major portion of our life-time.  

You must be wondering, why am I being so philosophical ?. Well, we deserve some quality time, rather an entertaining #Timezone to enjoy with family. 25th July was my niece, Adi's birthday and we had planned a super-duper Birthday party for her at #NextGenTimezone ( Inorbit Mall, Malad )It’s a super-cool entertainment zone for all - family, parents, kids, couples, youth gang. 

An evening before, I received a Whatsapp message stating ' Tomorrow will be Mumbai Bandh - Strike '.  All of us Mumbaikars have immense faith in Democracy. We believe in 'Spirit Of Mumbai' which always inspires us to soar high and never let's us down. 

Guess what? We had a rollicking time starting from the word Go, as the streets were almost empty, no traffic jams to hamper our mood. We (my sister, nephew & niece) reached before time and had light brunch at the Inorbit's food-court. Thanks to our foresight of light snacks, we enjoyed all energizing games like volley ball, Table-Tennis, Bowling etc. The best of all #krazeewhirlscars 

WE have enjoyed other Dodgem, bumper cars, etc. but these #krazeewhirlscars  have dual joystick with attractive LED illumination in the base of the chassis , this further brightens the experience with enclosed glass room setup. The fun-combo for both youth and kids to have Krazee joy-ride.

The first look of #NextGenTimezone is Five star-spacious with Open party area to celebrate birthday and corporate parties. You may check out the picture bellow, where a little girl is playing the bowling without any family-member. That's the super-secure and friendly vibe, we all can experience at Timezone. 

This ever-refreshing Timezone is 14 years old, I mean NEW cause it has revamped its look and that’s why we call it #NextGenTimezone. All kinds of Refreshing & Rejuvenating, cool & funky games as well as activities welcome you in this sprawling Timezone arena.

My nephew was on-toes at stimulating games like #ultimateVR ( Virtual Rabbids ) #familybowling, Superman Hammer etc. Really #FunUnimited
Many games are at pocket friendly prices. We can win loads of merchandise and gifts to take home as lovely souvenirs. 

My niece Adi was magnetised towards the games such as Jersey Wheel, Derby Champions, Paw Patrol, Gum Drop which are presented in the arcade avatar where players also win tickets. ‘Sweetland 5’ where one can win gems and crystals which is worth luring, has been the huge draw for customers.Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory which were bursting with paper-tickets 

 Paper Ticket experience : Many kiosk-Games spout out paper tickets which gives the player a tangible factor in terms of gratification. There is one lucky winner who gets ‘Golden Ticket’. Value of 1 Golden Ticket is worth 500 power tickets. Customers redeem their tickets won at games against the merchandise at the prize shop. My niece Adi kept on chanting Timezone's mantra: #PlayMoreWinMore

​"I've shared my experience at the revamped Timezone Inorbit Malad​   in association with BlogAdda"  
'What does Timezone mean to you?' 
Check out the giveaways here . Timezone will give three cards worth Rs. 500 each for three winners to go and experience Timezone  ​Inorbit ​Malad. ​

More details about Timezone can be found at  Website , Facebook  , Instagram 

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Indian Army’s ‘Shwet Ashw’ team successfully concludes the expedition to Dras to commemorate Kargil War Heroes

The 5 member team covered 8 states in 20 days astride the TVS Apache RTR 200 FI 4V Race Edition 2.0

Dras, July 27, 2018: ‘Ride to Kargil’ a motorcycle expedition, organised by the Indian Army and supported by TVS Motor Company, successfully concluded in Dras, with five-member team of ‘Shwet Ashw’ reaching their final destination – Kargil War Memorial. ‘Shwet Ashw’ is the elite Motorcycle Display Team of the Corps of Military Police.

Lt. Gen Ranbir Singh, AVSM, YSM, SM, Goc-in-c, Northern Command flagged in the expedition on 25th July 2018 at Dras. The team then celebrated Kargil Vijay Diwas at the Kargil War Memorial with the families of martyrs and Kargil war heroes on 26th July 2018. The 20-day expedition from Bengaluru to Dras saw the riders cover a distance of 4250 kilometres across 8 states astride the TVS Apache RTR 200 FI 4V Race Edition 2.0.

Speaking on the expedition, Mr. Arun Siddharth, Vice President (Marketing), Premium Two-Wheelers, International Business & TVS Racing, said, “We are honoured that TVS Apache RTR 200 FI 4V Race Edition 2.0 was an integral part of this noble initiative by the Indian Army.  We want to thank them for giving us this opportunity to pay a tribute to the brave hearts on the special occasion of Kargil Vijay Diwas. The iconic ‘Shwet Ashw’ team has undergone tremendous challenges to reach Dras, battling torrid monsoons and difficult mountainous terrain.  It makes us proud that the TVS Apache RTR 200 FI 4V Race Edition 2.0 supported them across this and helped them reach the destination as planned.”

The ‘Shwet Ashw’ squad includes team leader Lt. Col Vikram Rajebhosale, Havaldar Jangar Ananda, Naik Shiva Krishna CH, Lance Naik Santosh MK and Lance Naik D Sashikant B. The team covered 11 cities on the way including Belgaum, Pune, Mumbai, Vadodara, Udaipur, Nasirabad, New Delhi, Chandigarh, Manali, Sarchu & Leh. The aim of the expedition was to strengthen the brotherhood, pay homage to the supreme sacrifices made by our martyrs during the Kargil War and enhance the image of the Indian Army to motivate the youth to join this elite organization.


Global fashion brand Kenneth Cole has signed a ten-year licensing agreement with Brandzstorm India Marketing for men’s & women’s footwear, apparel, handbags, small leather goods, and travel gear. Brandzstorm India Marketing will design, manufacture, distribute and retail Kenneth Cole products in India and other select countries across the SAARC region such as Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka.

“This deal marks the continuation of Kenneth Cole’s global expansion plans and our goal to firmly establish footprints in key Asian markets, stated Marc Schneider, Kenneth Cole Productions Inc.’s Chief Executive Officer.  We are excited about this partnership and the growth opportunities it affords us in all categories of our business.”

Brandzstorm India Marketing will launch Kenneth Cole through leading multi-brand boutiques, shop-in-shops, major department stores and e-commerce portals. The company also plans to open two flagship boutiques in the first year of operations. The design, production and distribution for Kenneth Cole in India will begin in Holiday 2018.

“We are excited to partner with a world class brand like Kenneth Cole which has wide appeal for its modern classic designs and distinctive New York feel.  In recent years, the Indian market has witnessed a surge in demand for International fashion labels and we see substantial potential with the Kenneth Cole brand,” said Ujjval Saraf, Managing Director, Brandzstorm India Marketing Pvt. Ltd.  Having the Kenneth Cole join Brandzstorm, allows us to offer best-in-class products that bring fresh perspective in design, production and distribution to our growing brand portfolio. We intend to capitalize on the global brand identity of Kenneth Cole to cater to the young millennials in the Indian subcontinent.”

Brandzstorm is also a leading licensee and partner for premium fashion brands in India including Giordano, Swiss Eagle, Pierre Cardin, Steve Madden, Superdry, Cross, Lamborghini, Fjord, Nuband, ELLE and Furla. Currently the company operates and markets in segments of watches, apparel, bags, fashion accessories, travel gear and eyewear.

About Kenneth Cole Productions, Inc.:

Kenneth Cole is an American designer, social activist, and visionary who believes business and philanthropy are interdependent. His global company, Kenneth Cole Productions, creates modern, functional, clothing, shoes, and accessories for inspirational urban lifestyles under the brand names Kenneth Cole New York, Kenneth Cole Reaction and Unlisted, as well as footwear under the name Gentle Souls. The company has also granted a wide variety of third party licenses for the production of men’s and women's apparel, fragrances, watches, jewelry, eyewear, and several other accessory categories, including children’s footwear. The company's products are distributed through department stores, better specialty stores, company-owned retail stores and its e-commerce website.   Over 30 years ago, Kenneth Cole leveraged his passion and unique brand platform to make a meaningful impact on people’s wardrobes, as well as communities in need. He did what others didn’t and said what others wouldn’t.  Today, The Kenneth Cole Foundation remains committed to helping communities in need by supporting Collective Health, Civil Liberties, and Artistic Activism.

About Brandzstorm India Marketing Pvt. Ltd.:

Brandzstorm India Marketing Pvt. Ltd. is a leading licensee and partner of premium fashion brands in India with a sole philosophy of ‘drive brands ahead’. Currently the company operates and markets in segments of watches, bags, fashion accessories and eyewear for brands Giordano, Swiss Eagle,  Pierre Cardin, Steve Madden, Superdry, Cross, Lamborghini, Fjord, Nuband, ELLE and Furla. Brandzstorm has presently ventured into newer product categories such as apparels, footwear and travel gear and plans to open flagship and multi brand boutiques at high street zones nationally.

The company acquired ‘Swiss Eagle’ brand from Swiss Military, Hanowa Gmbh in 2009. Swiss Eagle timepieces have thus been created out of a winning blend of luxury, style and performance. ‘Brandzstorm’ boasts of state-of-the-art infrastructure, a complete professional setup with offices in USA and Hong Kong employing over 700 people. The company has forged a strong partnership with all leading multinationals to strengthen its reach in the Indian market.

Dr. Aditya Khemka introduces Osseointegration surgery for amputees in India at Hinduja Healthcare Surgical

Renowned Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Aditya Khemka, plans to set up a centre of excellence for osseointegration in India at Hinduja Healthcare Surgical, Khar. Through this surgery Dr. Aditya Khemka and The Osseointegration Group of Australia provide above and below knee amputees with a leg replacement using the OGAP-OPL implant which is designed to be as close to the human anatomy as possible. The surgery involves an implant being inserted into an amputee’s femur which, when integrated with the bone allows for a simple, quick, safe connection between the stump and the lower prosthesis. Osseointegration surgery provides amputees with greater mobility, comfort and quality of life.

The moment an individual loses a part of the leg, their mobility is severely affected. Artificial legs or prosthesis, such as the Jaipur foot have been a revelation in improving the ability of these individuals to mobilise. The last three decades have seen the development of newer prosthetic components enabling amputees to mobilise better. But contrasting to this progress is the lack of novelty in the socket/sleeve used to attach these components to the body. It is precisely this that is crucial for the functioning of the prosthesis. The result of high-tech components lost by an unstable and uncomfortable confirmation. As a majority of these patients using a socket suffer from multiple problems of rashes, ulcers, excessive perspiration, pistoning, diurnal variations and excessive amount of time taken to don and doff.

The typical story revolves round a young amputee, having lost their leg after a tragic motorcycle accident. After multiple operations over years together, one is finally fitted with a suction prosthetic leg, but still suffering. "There's so many thinks you struggle with that you don't think of. I couldn't sit at bar stools because they slide out from under you. You'd break toilet seats. I suffered a lot from the heat, rashes and ulcers. My stump would shrink or swell up and the suction prosthetic would fall off ”.

Dr. Aditya Khemka is one of only a handful of orthopaedic surgeons in the world and only Indian performing osseointegration surgery for amputees. His ambition to become a leader in osseointegration surgery started when he was a young child watching “The Terminator” movie. How to combine robotics and humans? This passion inspired him to develop and expand this technology for amputees along with a leading surgeon from Australia, to enable mobility, to enhance comfort, reduce pain and to facilitate a better quality of life. The radical procedure sees a titanium rod implanted directly into an amputee's bone, creating an interface that connects directly onto a prosthetic limb. The resulting bionic leg – in which bone and muscle grow around the upper part of the rod and a system of hydraulics, and sensors drive the lower limb – allowing patients almost the same range of motion and movement as an able-bodied person.

Osseointegration can be achieved in amputees as a single or a two-stage procedure over 6 weeks. Because the leg is connected to the skeleton, patients often remark they can “feel the ground” under their artificial foot for the first time and are able to walk in unknown places in the dark. It bears little resemblance to traditional prosthetics, which can be painful, impractical and cumbersome and it improves the quality of life. "They go from being a disabled person to someone who is special - with something extra" Dr Khemka says.

Para-Olympians, American and British military personnel are among those who have benefited from the revolutionary technique. Patients have taken this leg parachuting, deep sea diving, working on a farm and even strenuous activity such as mountain climbing. “Osseointegration or bionic surgery as it is popularly referred to is the need of the hour, and moreover to ever increasing amputee population in India,” says Dr. Khemka.

About Dr. Aditya Khemka:
Dr. Aditya Khemka is an Orthopaedic Surgeon currently practising at Hinduja Healthcare Surgical, Khar, Mumbai in addition to being a visiting surgeon at Bombay Hospital & Research Centre as well as Raheja Fortis, Mahim. He specializes in hip, knee, trauma and osseointegration surgery. He has a keen interest in Revision Hip and Knee Arthroplasty (Joint Replacements), especial Total/Partial Femur Replacements. He is also a research scholar of the University of Notre Dame, Australia and prominent member of the Osseointegration Group of Australia.

His immediate goal is to introduce Computerized Navigated Surgery and Robotic Osseointegration to India. Being only a handful of surgeons across the world who can perform osseointegration surgery, and the only Indian, the aim is to bring this world class technique to India where amputees suffer from immense problems.
Dr. Khemka aims to maximize the number of patients, whose lives can be benefitted through his areas of specialization in Orthopaedic Surgery. Till date he has conducted and assisted over 1000 such patients ranging from 6-month-old child to a British war veteran who was a victim of the land mine in Afghanistan.

He values a standard of care that is dynamic and reflects current evidence based medicine to optimize outcomes and provide the best of care for patients centered on compassion and respect. He promotes and participates in academic and clinical excellence through continued medical education, research and scientific publications.

Dr. Khemka graduated from Greenlawns High School, Mumbai, India in 2001 and completed his initially years of junior college at Jai Hind College, Mumbai India. He studied medicine at K.J Somaiya Medical College & Research Centre, Mumbai, India from 2003 to 2009. He then pursued his interest in surgical specialities by pursuing clerkships in Cardiothoracic Surgery, Bariatric Surgery and Minimally Invasive Surgery in the United States at prestigious institutions including the Yale New Haven Medical College & Hospital as well as the Brookdale University Hospital.

Dr. Khemka then joined Indian Orthopaedic Training in 2009 at the Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College, KLE University, Belgaum, Karnataka, India and obtained his degree in orthopaedics, MS (Orth), in 2012. He then took up Senior/Chief Registrar jobs at various municipal hospitals in Mumbai including The K.B. Bandra Babha Hospital and the J.J. Group of hospitals before joining Global Hospitals as a Senior Fellow in 2013.

Dr. Khemka went on to complete four post specialisation fellowships. First he attended a 3-year Royal Australasian College of Surgeons accredited fellowship overseas in Sydney, Australia with A/Prof Munjed Al Muderisin Lower Limb Arthroplasty, Arthroscopy and Osseointegration at the Norwest Private Hospital, Macquarie University Hospital, & the Sydney Adventist Hospitals. At the same time he completed a Doctorate (PhD) in Osseointegration & Novel techniques in Orthopedic Surgery at the University of Notre Dame, Sydney, Australia.

He then moved to Nijmegen, The Netherlands where he completed a three month fellowship in Cemented Hip Arthroplasty with Prof. Jan Paul Frohlke, Dr. Wim Scheurs, at the Radboud University Hospital & Research Centre which is an Exeter, UK approved centre.

His third post was a 2 year MTI Senior Arthroplasty Fellowship in Revision Hip & Knee Arthroplasty and Sports Injury of the Knee at the Hull & East Yorkshire Hospitals with Mr. Raghuraman Narayanasamy, Mr. Verne Jhonson, & Mr. Jose Bunola. 

For more information visit:  

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World Architectural Travel (WAT) announces guided architectural tour from ‘Bauhaus to Biennale’

Dates: September 3rd to September 18th, 2018

Cost of Tour: Rs. 2, 22,000 (Inclusive of Travel, Stay in premium hotels, Food & Beverages and Expert Guidance)

World Architecture Travel (WAT), an international network for architectural tours now brings to you a unique travel experience to ‘Bauhaus to Biennale’ from September 3rd to September 18th, 2018. Organized by a team of experienced architects, historians and academicians, Bauhaus to Biennale is a comprehensively planned experience of modern architecture in Europe through guided city walks, culture trails and academic discussions. Our passionate team of co-ordinators blends local architecture, building culture, current architectural developments and urban design while planning itineraries to further enhance the travel experience.

Experience Berlin, Stuttgart, Ronchamp, Basel, Chur, Zurich and Venice accompanied by renowned artists, architects, historians and professionals aiding in providing new perspectives about themes and issues that shape global architecture today - from the design of homes, to infrastructure and even further to urban landscapes. Through strategic corporate alliances and association with various institutions, WAT offers a host of benefits to architectural travellers.

‘Bauhaus to Biennale’ is a comprehensively planned experience of the modern and contemporary architecture in Europe, a journey that retraces the timeline of the Modernist movement while being a tribute to the master architects of modernism - from Walter Gropius to Frank Gehry and culminating at the Venice Architecture Biennale.

World Architecture Travel (WAT) is an exclusive travel enterprise that creates a global network for guided architectural tours.WAT creates intellectually stimulating tours designed for people with enquiring minds and a desire to learn, understand and appreciate new cultures, places and people.
WAT travelers explore Berlin's vibrant culture, cutting-edge architecture, fabulous food, intense parties and tangible history at their first stops during Bauhaus to Biennale. Of all the cities that the 20th century had an impact on, Berlin is probably the most affected. The architecture of two competing ideologies was brought into one city by the destruction that happened during WW2. Each of the governments based in Berlin added a distinct flavour to the city's architecture. However, Berlin's contemporary architecture speaks to a past that seldom accompanies such recent additions. The city flaunts beautiful architecture that might not have found a home in other European cities.

Berlin is followed by Stuttgart - a place that made architectural history with its world-famous Weissenhof estate on the Killesberg - the houses of Le Corbusier are even UNESCO world heritage sites.

In Ronchamp, WAT travellers will head to Chapelle Notre Dame du Haut - a small chapel in Ronchamp, France, one of Le Corbusier's most iconic designs - and considered one of the most important buildings of the 20th century, and represents a key shift away from the sparse, functionalist form of Modernism displayed in his earlier projects.

Basel, a city set on river Rhine, is paradise for art and architecture lovers and that's where WAT travellers headed to after Ronchamp. Many thousands of art and architecture lovers visit each year for the city's wealth of galleries, museums and iconic buildings.

WAT travellers head to Chur next - The biggest and oldest city in Switzerland, inhabited since 3000 BC. Chur is like an art gallery itself, with arsty boutiques, and a beautiful Old Town to explore.


Set at the meeting of river and lake, Zurich is one of the world’s most livable cities – emerging as the 21st century’s hippest destinations in Europe with its artsy post-industrial edge.

Lugano is a vivacious city, with posh designer boutiques, bars and pavement cafes huddling in the spaghetti maze of steep cobblestone streets that untangle at the edge of the lake and along the flowery promenade.

WAT travelers will culminate Bauhaus to Biennale with 3 days at the Mostra di Architettura di Venezia, the architecture section of the Venice Biennale. As well as addressing the academic side of architecture, the Biennale provides an opportunity for architects and designers to showcase new projects, arranged in different pavilions, each with different themes.

About World Architecture Travel (WAT):
World Architecture Travel (WAT) a unique travel portal that explores architecture & culture is supported by The World Architecture Festival (WAF) the annual festival and awards ceremony for the architecture industry dedicated to celebrating and sharing architectural excellence from across the globe. WAT supported by WAF has inked a strategic brand alliance to offer a host of benefits to architectural travelers. WAT reaches out to individuals with a passion for architecture, urban design and culture, travels to places of modern architecture, unexplored places, a well planned places experience of contemporary architecture. Through city walks, culture trails and academic discussion are organized with a team of experienced architects, historians and academicians.  Our passionate teams of planners bind in local architecture, building culture, current architecture developments, and urban design as part of your travel experience.

For registrations contact: +91 9388411360. Visit:

SKF India registers Sales of INR 7550 million in Q1, 2018-19

 The Board of Directors of SKF India Limited, India’s leading technology and solutions provider of bearings, seals, lubrication systems, mechatronics and services, today approved the unaudited financial results for the first quarter ended June 30, 2018.
The financial highlights are as given below:
·         SKF india registered a strong performance in Q1 2018-19. Net sales for the first quarter ended June 30, 2018 amounted to INR 7549.5 million as compared to Rs. 7208.8 million for the first quarter of the previous year. Revenue from operation for the quarter ended 3oth June 2017 is inclusive of excise duty. To that extent the revenue from operations for quarter ended June 30, 2018 is not comparable with quarter ended June 2017, as revenue from operations for the quarter ended June 2018 is net of Goods &   Service Tax (GST). On a comparable basis, the sales for the quarter ended June 30, 2018 is 13.3% higher than the corresponding quarter of the previous year.

·         The profit after tax for the first quarter ended June 30, 2018 amounted to INR 808.6 million (642.7 million) registering a growth of 25.8% over the corresponding quarter of the previous year

Commenting on the occasion, Mr. Carl Orstadius, Managing Director, SKF India said, “We have got off to a strong start to the year with good demand seen in both, our automotive and industrial business. With a prediction of a good monsoon and improved economic growth in 2018-19 and our continued thrust on providing our customers with solutions that help them improve their Rotating Equipment Performance, we remain optimistic of a continued steady growth in the year ahead.”

Monday, July 23, 2018


VITS Hotels, one of the fastest growing hotel chains, has launched 'VITS Sharanam Hotel, Thane', a luxury corporate hotel located at just a 10-minute drive from the Thane Railway Station. Conveniently situated from major shopping hubs and close to Eastern Expressway the hotel is an ideal choice for globetrotting travelers and corporate sojourners.

Announcing the launch, Chandrakant Shetty, CEO, VITS Hotels says, “We are delighted to announce the launch of VITS Sharanam Thane. This is our sixth property in Maharashtra and we are extremely upbeat on the exponential growth prospect in this region. We are pleased to welcome guests with refined elegance, finest services and contemporary amenities thereby setting new benchmark in hospitality services. VITS positioned as moderately priced full service luxury business hotels enjoys high occupancy rate at all our properties nationally. We believe VITS Sharanam Thane will provide a wonderful amalgam of exquisite facilities for the guests to experience the perfect stay in the city.

VITS Sharanam Hotel, Thane offers a stunning array of facilities that include resplendently crafted deluxe rooms & suites, multi-cuisine restaurant, travel desk, 24 hours room service, business center, conference room and banquet hall. Guests can indulge in a gastronomical adventure at ‘The Café’, offering an array of authentic delicious multi-cuisine flavors from India and the around the globe. The hotel houses a pure vegetarian restaurant, ‘Kamats’, India’s largest pure vegetarian restaurant chain that serves mouth watering delicacies in South Indian, Punjabi and Mughalai. It is ideal place to take a quick bite and choose from wide of variety of quality food, fresh ingredients and distinctive flavours.

VITS Sharanam Hotel Thane offers well-furnished Deluxe and Super Deluxe Rooms. The rooms are embellished with soft tones and soothing color palettes. The well air-conditioned accommodation blends contemporary design and modern amenities replete with LED TV, electronic safe locker, Tea & Coffee Maker, in room dining round the clock, Wi-Fi internet, travel desk, doctor on call and laundry service. Celebrate your event in a grand and special way at the commodious banquet hall & Conference Room – Emerald and Sapphire. The banquet facility is apt for hosting marriage parties, kitty parties, conferences, birthday parties and other memorable occasions.

VITS Luxury Hotels presently operates properties in Mumbai, Thane, Pune, Aurangabad, Bhubaneshwar, Ankleshwar, Agra, Dwarka, Gurugram, Latur, Nanded and Silvassa. VITS Luxury Hotels recently rolled out three boutique properties in the picturesque island of Phuket, Thailand’s most popular tour destination. As part of global expansion VITS group plan to take over 15 hotels primarily in Thailand and Malaysia within the next two years. The hotel chain presently has inventory of 1,000 Plus rooms with host of banqueting, conferencing, restaurant and lifestyle facilities. As part of its domestic expansion plans VITS Hotels will unveil the VITS hospitality experience in Mumbai (Colaba), Dahej, Ahmedabad and Mangalore shortly.

VITS Sharanam Hotel Thane, Eastern Express Highway, Service Road, Teen Hath Naka, Near New R.T.O, Thane, Maharashtra 400604.

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Change in GST rates needed to help smokers quit smoking

The increased GST on the NRT products may deter smokers from trying to quit the habit

Mumbai, Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT), is an effective approach to tackle tobacco addiction. Despite aiding positive outcomes, NRT formulations continue to have a higher GST slab, which would certainly prevent tobacco addicts from trying the therapy and adopt healthier lives. Under the current GST regime, Nicotine Polacrilex gum comes under the 18% slab, as against 11.3% average total indirect tax under the pre-GST regime, which is extremely high and not in consonance with the exercise of fitting a product in the nearest GST slab applicable. Surprisingly all other pharmaceutical products have been categorized under the ‘NIL’ or 5% or 12% slabs. This alarming discrepancy in the rates will not help India tackle the menace of tobacco smoking and would risk higher morbidity due to lifestyle and non-communicable diseases. This would act contrary to the National Health Policy.

In a country like India, with more than 100 million smokers and over one-fifth of the world’s tobacco-related deaths, tobacco de-addiction (both smoking & smokeless) is key area for the government under the ambit of the country’s Health Policy. Government has announced its aim to reduce tobacco use by 15% by 2020 and eventually 30% by 2030. For us as a country how do we provide tobacco addicts with easy access to rehabilitation related products and services, which become increasingly unaffordable due to the GST related issue.

According to Dr. Jagannath P, Former State Consultant for Karnataka, and also worked for a WHO-funded project on National Tobacco Control Program “NRT has been instrumental in aiding innumerable smokers quit the habit. Global health bodies such as WHO and United States Federal and Drug Administration (US FDA) have also identified NRT as an aid to smoking cessation and recommends it as first line of treatment. Making NRT expensive would defeat the aim of the government in striving for a healthier nation and enhanced productivity.”
“NRT isan effective and easy aid to help quit smoking. By making NRT accessible to millions in India, we could decrease smoking-related disease burden by successfully mitigating the risks of lung cancer, emphysema, stroke, heart attack and complications in pregnancy. With the usage of Nicotine Replacement Therapy, the mortality rate due to smoking-related diseaseswould drop drastically within just a few years of quitting smoking, even for long-time smokers.” added Dr. RajamIyer, Pulmonologist associated with Bhatia and Hinduja Hospital, Mumbai. 

NRT provides small quantities of nicotine to the brain, without exposing the body to other harmful products of tobacco combustion. This small quantity of nicotine helps a smoker overcome the urge to smoke, which in turn helps a him quit the habit. Let GST not be a hindrance to India’s Health mission. India’s present & future is primarily dependent on good health.GST should enhance health seeking behavior of millions and not deter.

Friday, July 20, 2018

PepsiCo India Transforms Snacks Portfolio; Re-sizes packaging and Reduces Sodium

  • PepsiCo India reduces its carbon footprint by resizing packaging for its flagship brands Lay’s and Kurkure
  • PepsiCo India to reduce salt in 75% of its Snacks portfolio by 2025
  • Launched Lay’s Magic Masala and Spanish Tomato Tango with reduced sodium

 PepsiCo India continues to transform its Snacks portfolio, in line with its global sustainability agenda of ‘Performance with Purpose’. Committed to contributing to a greener India, the company has resized its packaging for its flagship snacks brands Lay’s and Kurkure to reduce its carbon footprint significantly.

Further to providing value to its consumers, the company has launched upgraded variants with reduced sodium in its bestselling Lay’s flavors i.e Indian Magic Masala and Spanish Tomato Tango. Adapting to changing consumers taste profiles, the new Lay’s ‘Indian Magic Masala’ and ‘Spanish Tomato Tango’ are now available with a better enhanced mix of spices containing 13% to 15% lesser sodium respectively.  This is in addition to its recently launched Kurkure Multigrain with Power grain Ragi and 21% reduced sodium.

Talking about PepsiCo India’s portfolio transformation, Mr. Jagrut Kotecha, Vice President – Snacks Category, PepsiCo India Ltd. said, “As a responsible Snacking company, PepsiCo India has made significant progress in transforming its snacks portfolio. We have reduced 5% to 25% sodium across popular variants of our snacks flagship brands, Lay’s and Kurkure and we further aim at reducing sodium in 75% of our food’s portfolio by 2025”

In line with our Performance with Purpose goals 2025, we are working to reduce the impact of our packaging on the environment and increase recycling of plastic waste. The first step towards the actualization of this journey is the resizing of packaging of our brands Lay’s and Kurkure. This will significantly help us in reducing our carbon footprint, thereby contributing towards a greener India. He added.
PepsiCo India entered India in 1989 and has grown to become one of the largest MNC food and beverage businesses in India. PepsiCo India has been consistently investing in the country and has built an expansive beverage and snack food business supported by 62 plants across the country. PepsiCo India’s diverse portfolio includes iconic brands like Pepsi, Lay’s, Kurkure, Tropicana 100%, Gatorade and Quaker.
PepsiCo’s growth in India has been guided by “Performance with Purpose”, its goal to deliver top-tier financial performance while creating sustainable growth and shareholder value. In practice, Performance with Purpose means providing a wide range of foods and beverages from treats to healthy eats; finding innovative ways to minimize our impact on the environment and reduce our operating costs; providing a safe and inclusive workplace for our employees globally; and respecting, supporting and investing in the local communities where we operate. In 2009, PepsiCo India achieved a significant milestone, by becoming the first business to achieve ‘Positive Water Balance’ in the beverage world, a fact verified by Deloitte Touché Tohmatsu India Pvt. Ltd. The company has been Water Positive since then. For more information, please visit

HGH India 2018 closes with overwhelming business results

 HGH India 2018, 7th annual edition of the trade show for Home Textiles, Home Décor, Houseware, and Gifts received an overwhelming response from the trade visitors and the industry. 34,960 trade visitors, primarily retailers, distributors and institutional buyers from 480 cities and towns across India attended this trade show to find innovations, source home products for their business and discover upcoming home fashion trends for 2018-19. This latest edition of HGH India witnessed 14% rise in the number of visitors over last year. Over 600 brands and manufacturers from 30 countries unveiled their innovations and new collections at HGH India 201 8, either directly or through their Indian partners.
HGH India 2018 reflected the rising interest in integrated approach to Home Textile, Home Decor and Houseware as they continued to move towards a single lifestyle category called ‘Home’. Buyers and visitors showed interest in new and trendy products along with offerings from international players. The organizers’ effort to launch the new concept of ‘Indian Heritage’ products with an appeal for Handicrafts, Jute, Coir and Khadi to modern consumers attracted keen attention. Indian Heritage was supported by various Government organizations, emphasizing on the importance of reconnecting with the roots. The quality of presentations and products evolved testifying the upgrade of consumer needs and expectations.
Dr. Kavita Gupta, I.A.S, Textile Commissioner, Government of India, inaugurated the event and commented saying, “HGH India has grown almost 40% over last year which reflects the importance of this trade show as well as the Indian market. We as a country are in the position to buy and promote items in the home textiles and related industry especially now as our tastes are evolving and becoming more trendy and fashionable. The Trend Pavilion at HGH India is particularly important as it sets the theme for the home textile and décor trends for the Indian market."
Mr. Keval Mehta, General Secretary- Atco (All India Wallpaper Coverings Association) said, “We are very happy with the outcome of HGH India, especially this year.  I feel that both our organizations’ relationship will only continue to evolve further in the years ahead.  We have over thirty brands exhibiting this year which is a big step forward for us, and I foresee this only growing further next year as well. I must also mention that I am very impressed with the Trends Pavilion this year. In fact, we have incorporated some of these trends into our products that are on display. I look forward to HGH India 2019.”

Mr. Rajesh Mahajan, Chairman- Maspar said, “We have been with HGH India since its first year, and are thus overjoyed to be part of the show again. The response to our offerings has been great on all three days. Each year, we look forward to meet retailers and consumers from different regions, cities and towns of India every year and in my opinion, this is the perfect platform to achieve the same. I believe that this industry is still evolving and therefore, I am thankful to HGH India for consistently providing us the opportunity to showcase our new concepts and merchandise to strengthen our rapport with visitors on all three days of the trade show.” 

HGH India 2018 forecasted the latest trends in home fashion and lifestyle. Conceptualized and implemented by the internationally renowned design studio Sahm + Permantier, the trends, under the title ‘#Transition’, were showcased at the Trend Pavilion to bring fashion and style directions to the Indian home products community. It also focuses on the acceptance of Indian culture from the ethnic past to the modern present by contemporary Indian consumers, which was reflected in the range of new products on offer.

The predicted trends are derived from intense research on colours, materials and patterns as well as on changing consumer values, lifestyle, evolving technology and attitudes. The #Transition trend book helps manufacturers, brands, retailers and professionals in home business to connect their products and innovations to the aspirational Indian consumers who see their home as an expression of their lifestyle and evolving culture. Given the success of last year, this year the Trends Pavilion was set up in a larger format to cater to the rising interest of the exhibitors, product developers, designers, buyers and other trade visitors.

Arun Roongta, Managing Director, HGH India, said, “HGH India continues to develop as a trade show for the Indian Home Products Market but with International standards. It is a great business platform for Indian buyers, retailers, manufacturers and brands to connect and mutually grow their respective business and also the industry in its entirety. With the increasing buying power and refined sensibilities of the Indian market, we hope that the home products industry witnesses’ manifold growth and HGH India continue to be an important partner in this journey. I am happy that we could attract not only urban visitors but also visitors from interior cities and towns of India. Home products are a desire and a necessity all over the country."
HGH India 2018 saw some of the biggest brands like Welspun, Bombay Dyeing and Marshal launch their new products which peaked the buyer's interests. HGH India 2018 also saw international participation showcasing products from Turkey, German, Italy, UK, France, Greece, USA, Taiwan, Thailand, Korea, China, Russia, Poland, Japan, Belgium, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and many others.
The next edition of HGH India is scheduled from 2th to 4th July 2019 at Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai.
About HGH India
HGH India, the annual trade show for Home Textiles, Home Décor, Gifts& Houseware is organised by Texzone Information Services Pvt. Ltd. The trade show is specially designed to connect Indian market for home products and gifts. High quality trade visitors at HGH India comprise of all categories of retailers.  They include department stores, hyper markets, specialty stores, high-end luxury stores and boutiques, traditional store owners, and online and electronic medium retailers. Institutional buyers, corporate gift buyers, interior designers, prospective agents and franchisees too come in large numbers.
Besides these, leading Indian importers, distributors, buying agents and brand representatives attend HGH India to explore new business opportunities and partnerships.
HGH India has firmly established itself as a world-class, professional, trend-setting trade show for home textiles, home décor, houseware and gifts. The show connects its exhibitors with their high potential trade buyers in India and helps them find their long-term business partners here. It provides a quick and effective access to the rapidly emerging Indian home products market

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Edelweiss announces Rs.20,000 million Public Issue of Secured Redeemable Non-Convertible Debentures (NCDs)

ISSUE OPENS ON 24 July & CLOSES ON 16 Aug, 2018
 ECL Finance Ltd (ECLF), the NBFC arm of Edelweiss Financial Services Limited, today announced the public issue of Secured Redeemable Non-Convertible Debentures (NCDs) of the face value of Rs. 1,000 each, aggregating to Rs. 5,000 million, with an option to retain over-subscription up to Rs. 15,000 million aggregating to a total of Rs. 20,000 million (Rs. 2000 crores).
The NCDs offer an interest rate of 9.45% p.a. for 36 months tenure, 9.65% p.a. for 60 months tenure and 9.85% for 10 years tenure. Further, there is also a floating rate option which is linked to the overnight Mumbai Inter-Bank Offer Rate (MIBOR). Under this option, investors can earn the average annualized overnight MIBOR + 2.5% p.a. for 3 years. (Please refer to the Offer Documents for more details).
CRISIL  has rated the offering “CRISIL AA/Stable” and ICRA has given it a  “ICRA AA (Stable)” indicating that the instruments are considered to have a high degree of safety for timely servicing of financial obligations and carry very low credit risk.
Total income and profit after tax (PAT) of ECL Finance Ltd. for the financial year ended March 31, 2018 was Rs. 30,600.27 million and Rs. 4,620.47 million, respectively. Over four years the Company’s income from operations witnessed a CAGR of39.32 % to Rs. 30,600.27 million in FY2018, PAT witnessed a CAGR of 30.35 % to Rs. 4,620.47 million in FY 2018 and the loan book of the Company has witnessed a CAGR of 37.84% to Rs. 220,081.23 million in FY2018.

The funds raised through this Issue will be used for onward lending purposes, for refinancing the existing borrowing and general corporate purposes.
Axis Bank Ltd and Edelweiss Financial Services Limited are the lead managers for this NCD Issue. The issue opens on July 24, 2018 and closes on August 16, 2018 with an option of early closure**. The NCDs will be listed on BSE Limited and National Stock Exchange of India Limited to provide liquidity to the investors.
**The subscription list for the Issue shall remain open for subscription upto 5 p.m. on all working days, with an option for early closure or extension by such period, as may be decided at the discretion of the duly authorized committee of Directors of our company subject to necessary approvals, if any. In the event of such early closure of the Issue or extension of the Issue, our Company shall ensure that notice of such early closure or extension of the Issue is given as the case may be on such date of closure through advertisement/s in a leading national daily newspaper with wide circulation on or before such earlier or initial date of Issue closure.
About ECL Finance Limited:
ECL Finance Limited (ECLF) was set up on July 18, 2005 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Edelweiss Financial Services Limited (EFSL). It is a Systemically Important Non-Deposit taking Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC-NDSI) registered with the Reserve Bank of India.
ECLF is primarily engaged in the business of corporate lending, providing finance to industrial enterprises, SMEs and individuals, and investment in other securities. Its products include loans to SME, loans against property, , loans against securities, ESOP and IPO financing, , structured collateralized loans to corporates and real estate finance etc.
The company is headquartered in Mumbai and the network of branches across India enables it to service clients across locations.
ECLF’s Company Identification number is U65990MH2005PLC154854

About Edelweiss Group
Edelweiss Group is one of India's prominent diversified financial services conglomerate catering to the diverse investment and strategic requirements of corporate, institutions, high net worth individuals and retail clients. Its businesses are broadly divided intoCredit BusinessFranchise & Advisory Business and Insurance.
The Edelweiss Group serves around 1.2 mn clients from the retail and wholesale segments across its various businesses out of its 448 offices.

DISCLAIMER OF ECL FINANCE Ltd: ECL Finance Limited, subject to market conditions and other considerations is proposing a public issue of secured, redeemable non-convertible debentures (“NCDs”) and has filed the Shelf Prospectus dated 13 July 2018 and Tranche I Prospectus dated 13 July 2018 with the Registrar of Companies, Maharashtra at Mumbai, National Stock Exchange of India Limited, BSE Limited and SEBI. The Shelf Prospectus dated 13 July 2018 and Tranche I Prospectus dated 13 July 2018 are available on our website, on the website of the stock exchanges and the respective websites of the lead managers at and Investors proposing to participate in the issue, should invest only on the basis of the information contained in the Shelf Prospectus dated 13 July 2018 and Tranche I Prospectus dated 13 July 2018. Investors should note that investment in NCDs involves a high degree of risks and for details relating to the same, please refer to Shelf Prospectus dated 13 July 2018, including the section on “Risk Factors” beginning on Page 14 of the Shelf Prospectus dated 13 July 2018.
DISCLAIMER CLAUSE OF BSE: It is to be distinctly understood that the permission given by BSE should not in anyway be deemed or construed that the Prospectus has been cleared or approved by BSE nor does it certify the correctness or completeness of any of the contents of the Prospectus. The investors are advised to refer to the Prospectus for the full text of the Disclaimer Clause of the BSE.
DISCLAIMER CLAUSE OF USE OF BSE ELECTRONIC PLATFORM: It is to be distinctly understood that the permission given by the BSE to use their network and software of the Online system should not in any way be deemed or construed as compliance with various statutory requirements approved by the Exchange; not does it in any manner warrant, certify or endorse the correctness or completeness of any of the compliance with the statutory and other requirements; nor does it take any responsibility for the financial or other soundness of this Company, its promoters, its management or any scheme or project of this Company.
DISCLAIMER CLAUSE OF NSE: It is to be distinctly understood that the permission given by NSE should not in anyway be deemed or construed that the Offer Document has been cleared or approved by NSE nor does it certify the correctness or completeness of any of the contents of the Offer Document. The investors are advised to refer to the Offer Document for the full text of the Disclaimer Clause of the NSE.
DISCLAIMER CLAUSE OF USE OF NSE ELECTRONIC PLATFORM: It is to be distinctly understood that the permission given by the NSE to use their network and Online Platform for facilitating applications for public issue of NCDs shall not in any way be deemed or construed as compliance with various statutory and other requirements by the Company; LMs are cleared or approved by NSE; nor does it warrant, certify or endorse the correctness or completeness of any of the compliance with the statutory and other requirements; nor does it take any responsibility for the financial or other soundness of the Issuer, its promoters, its management or any scheme or projects of the Issuer.
DISCLAIMER CLAUSE OF CRISIL: CRISIL ratings reflects CRISIL’s current opinion on the likelihood of timely payment of the obligations under the rated instrument and CRISIL does not guarantee the accuracy, adequacy or completeness of the information reviewed. CRISIL ratings are not a recommendation to invest / disinvest in any and should not be construed as an expert advice or investment advice or any form of investment banking within the meaning of any law or regulation. CRISIL is not responsible for any errors and especially states that it has no financial liability whatsoever to the subscribers/users/transmitters/distributors of this product
DISCLAIMER CLAUSE OF ICRA: An ICRA rating is a symbolic indicator of ICRA’s current opinion on the relative capability of the issuer concerned to timely service debts and obligations, with respect to the instrument rated. ICRA ratings should not be treated as recommendation to buy, sell or hold the rated debt instruments. ICRA ratings are subject to a process of surveillance, which may lead to revision in ratings. ICRA in particular makes no representation or warranty, express or implied as to the accuracy, timelines or completeness of any such information. All information contained herein must be construed solely as statement of opinion, and ICRA shall not be liable for any losses incurred by users from any use of this publication or its contents.