Thursday, July 26, 2018

World Architectural Travel (WAT) announces guided architectural tour from ‘Bauhaus to Biennale’

Dates: September 3rd to September 18th, 2018

Cost of Tour: Rs. 2, 22,000 (Inclusive of Travel, Stay in premium hotels, Food & Beverages and Expert Guidance)

World Architecture Travel (WAT), an international network for architectural tours now brings to you a unique travel experience to ‘Bauhaus to Biennale’ from September 3rd to September 18th, 2018. Organized by a team of experienced architects, historians and academicians, Bauhaus to Biennale is a comprehensively planned experience of modern architecture in Europe through guided city walks, culture trails and academic discussions. Our passionate team of co-ordinators blends local architecture, building culture, current architectural developments and urban design while planning itineraries to further enhance the travel experience.

Experience Berlin, Stuttgart, Ronchamp, Basel, Chur, Zurich and Venice accompanied by renowned artists, architects, historians and professionals aiding in providing new perspectives about themes and issues that shape global architecture today - from the design of homes, to infrastructure and even further to urban landscapes. Through strategic corporate alliances and association with various institutions, WAT offers a host of benefits to architectural travellers.

‘Bauhaus to Biennale’ is a comprehensively planned experience of the modern and contemporary architecture in Europe, a journey that retraces the timeline of the Modernist movement while being a tribute to the master architects of modernism - from Walter Gropius to Frank Gehry and culminating at the Venice Architecture Biennale.

World Architecture Travel (WAT) is an exclusive travel enterprise that creates a global network for guided architectural tours.WAT creates intellectually stimulating tours designed for people with enquiring minds and a desire to learn, understand and appreciate new cultures, places and people.
WAT travelers explore Berlin's vibrant culture, cutting-edge architecture, fabulous food, intense parties and tangible history at their first stops during Bauhaus to Biennale. Of all the cities that the 20th century had an impact on, Berlin is probably the most affected. The architecture of two competing ideologies was brought into one city by the destruction that happened during WW2. Each of the governments based in Berlin added a distinct flavour to the city's architecture. However, Berlin's contemporary architecture speaks to a past that seldom accompanies such recent additions. The city flaunts beautiful architecture that might not have found a home in other European cities.

Berlin is followed by Stuttgart - a place that made architectural history with its world-famous Weissenhof estate on the Killesberg - the houses of Le Corbusier are even UNESCO world heritage sites.

In Ronchamp, WAT travellers will head to Chapelle Notre Dame du Haut - a small chapel in Ronchamp, France, one of Le Corbusier's most iconic designs - and considered one of the most important buildings of the 20th century, and represents a key shift away from the sparse, functionalist form of Modernism displayed in his earlier projects.

Basel, a city set on river Rhine, is paradise for art and architecture lovers and that's where WAT travellers headed to after Ronchamp. Many thousands of art and architecture lovers visit each year for the city's wealth of galleries, museums and iconic buildings.

WAT travellers head to Chur next - The biggest and oldest city in Switzerland, inhabited since 3000 BC. Chur is like an art gallery itself, with arsty boutiques, and a beautiful Old Town to explore.


Set at the meeting of river and lake, Zurich is one of the world’s most livable cities – emerging as the 21st century’s hippest destinations in Europe with its artsy post-industrial edge.

Lugano is a vivacious city, with posh designer boutiques, bars and pavement cafes huddling in the spaghetti maze of steep cobblestone streets that untangle at the edge of the lake and along the flowery promenade.

WAT travelers will culminate Bauhaus to Biennale with 3 days at the Mostra di Architettura di Venezia, the architecture section of the Venice Biennale. As well as addressing the academic side of architecture, the Biennale provides an opportunity for architects and designers to showcase new projects, arranged in different pavilions, each with different themes.

About World Architecture Travel (WAT):
World Architecture Travel (WAT) a unique travel portal that explores architecture & culture is supported by The World Architecture Festival (WAF) the annual festival and awards ceremony for the architecture industry dedicated to celebrating and sharing architectural excellence from across the globe. WAT supported by WAF has inked a strategic brand alliance to offer a host of benefits to architectural travelers. WAT reaches out to individuals with a passion for architecture, urban design and culture, travels to places of modern architecture, unexplored places, a well planned places experience of contemporary architecture. Through city walks, culture trails and academic discussion are organized with a team of experienced architects, historians and academicians.  Our passionate teams of planners bind in local architecture, building culture, current architecture developments, and urban design as part of your travel experience.

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