Tuesday, May 30, 2023

MCGM Showcases the highly anticipated Coastal Road Project to the CREDAI MCHI Youth Wing providing an insight into the city’s development.

Mumbai, 29 May 2023 -  CREDAI-MCHI Youth Wing and Committee Members visited the highly anticipated Coastal Road Project to witness first-hand how a project of this size and magnitude can be effectively traversed with immaculate planning, professional intervention, teamwork, and great mental fortitude on 17th May 2023.

The youth real estate fraternity faces similar challenges whilst completing a project and this site visit was an eye-opener of sorts that even MCGM can get into the developer's shoes for once and show them how it's done. 

MCGM has taken a record number of approvals, permissions, and NOCs for this project. The single project encompasses the construction of tunnels under the sea, under Priya darshani park and land mass, over water bridges, reclamation of huge parcels of land, crisscrossing multi-directional roads for providing a multitude or entry and exit points and provision of promenades, jogging & cycling tracks, landscaping and multiple underground parking lots.

The project boasts of India's largest tunnel-boring machine being used in its implementation. This is the first time that innovative Saccardo fans or ejectors are used in India. This technology helps in tunnel ventilation and airflow. Being installed only at the edges of the tunnel makes maintenance easy and cost-effective.

Various aspects like water inflow/outflow, maintenance, waterproofing, the need for injection grouting in case of minor damp spots, etc were discussed in depth. The construction of the multilayer high tide wall and the elevated cantilevered promenade were also discussed.

Officials from MCGM explained the various challenges like controlled blasting in a residential neighborhood, ensuring the vibrations and noise levels are controlled throughout the project execution. Further, the legal challenges faced by the project were brought up, and how the officials managed to circumvent the legal obstacles whilst ensuring that cost overruns were kept in check and idle charges kept to a minimum. The detailed thought process involved in the project was evident for all to see right from the dedicated bus lanes to keeping emergency lanes vacant within the tunnels, the central monitoring outpost to monitor all activities in the tunnel including during emergencies, contingency planning by connecting the 2 tunnels to ensure the flow of traffic through 1 tunnel by using the emergency lane.

The technical presentation which was meant to be a 30-minute session got extended to more than an hour as the youth wing members kept asking pertinent questions and the MCGM team patiently explained in-depth about the project, the thought process, and the answer to various queries. The free-wheeling technical session was followed by a visit first on foot to the underground tunnel and then by cars and buses on the under-construction coastal road itself. The ride was mesmerising as we are always used to watching the sea from the city but never the other way around and catching a glimpse of the iconic city skyline and the historic monuments literally from the sea was an exhilarating experience. The Study tour ended with a group photo and a vote of thanks wherein senior committee members, Nayan Shah, Jayesh Shah, and Mukesh Shah thanked the MCGM profusely for planning, conceptualising, and implementing a project of such magnitude that would change the lives of millions of its citizens and help change the face of south Mumbai and Providing a sneak peak of the project to the MCHI CREDAI Youth wing which was a great learning experience in how to deal with complexity and adversity through meticulous planning and implementation.

On a lighter note, the officers of MCGM pointed out that CREDAI MCHI was a partner in such a great project as the majority of the funding had come through the premiums, fungible, etc paid by the Developers, the cess in stamp duty, etc. All in all, it was a morning well spent and each and every member left the tour with a sense of pride for its city and a fair bit of anticipation that come 2024, they would be using these world-class facilities.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Domnic Romell, President, CREDAI-MCHI expressed their profound admiration for the Coastal Road Project, acknowledging its role as a catalyst for regional development. They emphasized the project's potential to create new opportunities, attract investments, and enhance the overall quality of life for residents and visitors.

Moreover, the visit received accolades from Mr. Naman Shah, Convener, Youth Wing, who joined on this enlightening study tour. The Convener praised the Coastal Road Project's innovative approach and its ability to inspire young professionals to actively participate in shaping the future of infrastructure development.


CREDAI-MCHI is an apex body comprising members from the Real Estate Industry in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR). With an impressive membership of over 1800+ leading developers in MMR, CREDAI-MCHI has extended its reach throughout the region, establishing units in various locations such as Thane, Kalyan-Dombivli, Mira-Virar, Raigad, Navi Mumbai, Palghar-Boisar, Bhiwandi, Uran-Dronagiri, Shahapur-Murbad, and most recently in Alibag, Karjat-Khalapur-Khopoli, and Pen. Being the only Government-recognised body for private sector developers in MMR, CREDAI-MCHI is dedicated to promoting the industry’s organisation and progress. 

*About Youth Wing*

CREDAI-MCHI's Youth Wing which comprises the strength of next generation leaders of the Real Estate Industry. Embark upon growth with different facets of the business with the young and dynamic members of the Youth Wing.

Apollo Navi Mumbai eighth successful Heart Transplant

An inspiring journey of survival and resilience as a 40-year-old heart transplant patient triumphs over a rare heart condition; receives new heart after 2-year wait

Navi Mumbai, 30 May 2023: Apollo Hospitals Navi Mumbai, one of the most advanced multi-speciality quaternary care hospitals in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region, proudly announces its successful eighth heart transplant surgery. The heart transplant is a testament to the inspiring journey of survival and resilience of a 40-year-old male, grappling with the rare and life-threatening condition of ‘Amyloidosis’, which has culminated in an inspiring victory against the odds. It also exemplifies Apollo’s dedication to world-class healthcare with a skilled and empathetic team. Apollo also supports their economically compromised patients through trust & crowd funding helping the outreach of its advanced medical facilities to deserving & needy patients.

The patient came from Buldhana, Maharashtra to Apollo suffering from severe chest pain, frequent breathlessness, and fatigue. An extensive investigation revealed that the patient was in irreversible heart failure due to Amyloidosis. Amyloidosis is characterized by the accumulation of proteins in the form of abnormal, insoluble fibres that are deposited in tissues and organs throughout the body, impairing their normal function. In the patient’s case, the amyloidosis had affected his heart, causing amyloid cardiomyopathy and heart failure. The heart’s functioning was severely disrupted with a heart transplant the only option for survival.

On April 4th, 2023, AHNM was informed of a brain-dead individual at a South Mumbai hospital. Apollo’s expert heart transplant team swiftly retrieved the heart and, with the commendable assistance of the traffic control police, Mumbai & Navi Mumbai, the donor heart was transported to Apollo through a green corridor, covering 40 km in just 46 minutes. The heart transplant surgery was conducted successfully with no complications. The patient was financially supported for the surgery and treatment through trust funding.

"Recognizing the severity of his condition, we immediately began symptomatic management and after counselling, put the patient on the transplant waiting list," said Dr. Sanjeev Jadhav, Consultant, CVTS, Heart & Lung Transplant Surgery at Apollo Hospitals Navi Mumbai. "The patient's resilience and the unwavering support from his family helped him manage the disease for two years while waiting for a heart donor. This case is an example of the power of medical science, and the importance of organ donation."

"From the retrieval of the donor's heart to its successful implantation in the recipient, the Apollo transplant team worked in perfect synchrony, ensuring the heart was safely transported, carefully preserved, and expertly transplanted, all within a critical time frame. The intricate heart transplant surgery, spanning over 4 hours, is a testament to our team's precision and expertise. The heart transplant was a success and an example of the proficiency that are hallmarks of the organ transplant program at Apollo Hospitals Navi Mumbai," explained Dr. Jadhav. "The patient is now in the recovery phase in the heart transplant ICU, demonstrating remarkable progress every day."

The patient, overwhelmed by his life-changing experience, expressed his gratitude. "I am forever indebted to the entire team at Apollo Hospitals for giving me a second chance at life. From being placed on the transplant waiting list in 2021 to receiving a new heart in April 2023, it was Apollo’s continuous medical & financial support and unwavering commitment to my health that gave me strength for two years. I feel like I can finally start living again and this new lease on life is a gift I cherish every day."

This milestone achievement also highlights the dedication of the Heart Transplant team at AHNM, which included Dr. Sanjeev Jadhav, Dr. Shantesh Kaushik – Consultant CVTS, Dr. Saurabh Tiwari - Consultant Anaesthesiology, Dr. Haridas - Consultant Anaesthesiology, Dr. Leena - Consultant Anaesthesiology, and Dr. Gunadhar Padhi- Consultant Critical Care.

Mr. Santosh Marathe, Regional CEO – Western Region, Apollo Hospitals praised the team's efforts, stating, "This successful surgery stands as a testament to our commitment to providing advanced health services at par with the best in the world. We are extremely proud of our heart transplant team for their unparalleled dedication and expertise. This success story strengthens our resolve to continue making a difference in the lives of our patients as we strive to stay at the forefront of advanced medical care, helping our patients battle the most complex health conditions. AHNM runs a very active transplant program comprising liver, kidney, heart & corneal transplants. We have a multidisciplinary team facilitated by post-operative care, competent nursing staff, rehab program and a heart failure clinic.”

100+ Police officials gather to pledge against tobacco addiction in a unique initiative by Sir HN Reliance Foundation Hospital

To mark the occasion of World No Tobacco Day, the hospital hosted an awareness workshop on the perils of tobacco use

Mumbai, May 30, 2023: Sir HN Reliance Foundation Hospital (HN RFH) hosted a workshop for over 100 policemen on how to curb tobacco addiction. They also pledged against its use to mark the occasion of World No Tobacco Day tomorrow. Through this initiative, HN RFH aims to spread awareness about the dangers of tobacco addiction and to pledge against tobacco consumption, and move a step further towards better health and cancer-free lives. 

In India, around 28.6% of adults use tobacco. These alarming statistics translate into a substantial burden of tobacco-related cancer in the country. In India, tobacco use is responsible for nearly 50% of all cancer cases, including lung and head and neck cancers, making it the leading cause of cancer-related deaths. Implementing prevention over cure, HN RFH aims to spread awareness and save lives through this initiative. 

Dr. Tarang Gianchandani, CEO, of Sir HN Reliance Foundation Hospital, said, “We at Sir HN Reliance Foundation Hospital are committed to providing best-in-class care across specialties including Oncology. With this initiative, we hope to take an effective step towards encouraging cancer prevention by spreading more awareness and accountability to curb tobacco use. We are grateful to the policemen of our city for the work they do and are honored to have them here today. We will continue our initiatives to educate and empower maximum people on the perils of tobacco use; as prevention is the key to a better and healthier society.”

The workshop was conducted by senior doctors like Dr. Suresh Advani, Mentor, Dr. Vijay Haribhakti, Director Onco Sciences, Dr Sewanti Limaye, Director, of Medical Oncology and Precision Oncology, and Dr. Prasad Dandekar, Head of Radiation Oncology. The discussion focused on ailments caused by tobacco consumption and dwelled on educating and highlighting the ill effects of tobacco use, ways of quitting, and preventing future generations from this habit. 

Dr. Vijay Haribhakti, Director, Onco-science, Sir HN Reliance Foundation Hospital, expressed, “Tobacco alone is responsible for 50% of cancer incidence in the country. Policemen are a crucial pillar on which the city stands tall. Their good health, therefore, becomes even more critical. We are proud to host them here and encourage them to pledge against the use of tobacco. The major focus of the activity remains on the awareness, prevention, and treatment of oral cancer. Similarly, there are other measures that can help prevent oral cancer. Healthcare continues to evolve as it is working hand-in-hand with technology, modern science, and advanced medicine in order to treat cancer and provide quality of life to patients.”

Dr Sewanti Limaye, Director, Medical Oncology and Precision Oncology, Sir HN Reliance Foundation Hospital pointed out, “With cancer being amongst the most researched diseases in the world, there is no single cause and no single cure. However, tobacco is one of the many proven carcinogens that are DNA-damaging, and cause carcinogenesis. No organ is spared when it comes to carcinogenic impact of tobacco in its different forms. With cancer, it is always for the best to not take major risks and choose prevention over cure. Curbing proven carcinogens is the first step in walking towards a cancer-free world. We come together to welcome our policemen who stand together to protect us from harm and just like them, we must come together to protect them from ill effects of tobacco use by raising awareness regarding tobacco cessation and empowering them to remain cancer free by introducing cancer screening programs”

Dr. Mohit Garg (IPS) Deputy Commissioner of Police Zone 2 Mumbai, said, “Lawfully protecting the citizens from crime and monitoring the nation is what we as law enforcement professionals strive for. Maintaining good health would allow us to grow our vision of a lawful nation. To be able to quit something which hampers our being is tough yet much needed. I am most grateful to partner with Sir HN Reliance in order to encourage good health and longer lives for my officers.”

To formalize the pledge, the policemen placed handprints dipped in paint on a pledge wall created at the hospital. 

About HN Reliance Foundation Hospital:

Located in Girgaon, Mumbai, Sir H. N. Reliance Foundation Hospital is a 345-bed, multi-Speciality tertiary care hospital with top level expertise in areas of Cardiac Sciences, Oncology, Gastroenterology & Hepatobiliary Sciences, Liver Transplant, Nephro-Urology, Neuro Sciences, Orthopaedics & Spine, and Woman & Child Health. The Hospital has a medical Mall with progressive diagnostic services, including Laboratories, Radiology & Imaging, and Nuclear Medicine. This is a technologically-advanced institution designed to international standards and the most stringent criteria in infrastructure, medical care, fire-safety norms, and environmental guidelines.

Monday, May 29, 2023

Aspiration of Developed economy can’t be built on archaic tax regulation” says FIRST India

 Genuine online sellers caught in crossfire of GSTIN fraud crackdown, FIRST India urges fair treatment


Mumbai, May 30, 2023: The ongoing nationwide initiative led by Central and State Tax administrations to detect and eliminate fraudulent Goods and Services Tax Identification Numbers (GSTINs) is creating challenges for genuine online sellers and small businesses. Unlike the previous drives, jurisdictional officers now possess the authority not only to verify but also to suspend licenses during the campaign. This approach has raised concerns for genuine sellers who have registered their businesses using Virtual Places of Business (VPOBs), such as accountant premises or co-working spaces, as officers are demanding physical records and the presence of employees/directors.


Addressing these pressing issues, the Forum for Internet Retailers, Sellers, and Traders (FIRST) India organized a roundtable discussion, where Mr. Vinod Kumar, President, India SME Forum, and Trustee and President, FIRST India, said, "India, under PM Modi's leadership, has been at the forefront of enabling crores of job creators and not job seekers through path breaking initiatives like MUDRA, STAND UP INDIA, PMEGP. While the Government is enabling entrepreneurs to go fully compliant in order to fulfil the dream of a digital India, we cannot afford to have roadblocks and end up making life tougher for micro and small sellers by threats of cancellations of registrations and inspector. Most micro and small enterprises use shared warehouse spaces or co-working spaces as their registered addresses in various cities as GST registrations are required in each state. Insisting for records to be kept at all such locations and absence of proprietors on site, is being interpreted as non-compliance, leading to cancellation of their licenses and most such entrepreneurs are not savvy enough in legal terminology or communication to convince the officers of their genuineness. Due to this, many MSMEs who are providing crores of jobs may decide to wind up their businesses in the face of tough compliance and paperwork. This would dent the Indian business ecosystem for Micro Enterprises, massively. He also stated, “Earlier access to finance was seen as the biggest hurdle for MSMEs, but now it is becoming GST related complications.”

Mr. Prahlad Kakar, Chairman, India SME Forum (ISF), said, "In the past, some MSMEs maintained multiple enterprise accounts to stay under the taxation limits, and at ISF, we tirelessly emphasized the importance of consolidating their accounts after GST to unlock better access to finance and credit support. However, the current threat of suspension/cancellation of GST is compelling small businesses to revert to a cash-based/multiple enterprises to stay under the GST limits. The challenges surrounding GST compliance, checks and audits, are making it difficult for many micro and small enterprises which contribute only around 13% of taxation revenues, to formalize their operations. The Government will be better off in looking at enterprises with turnovers higher than 5 crores to check evasion or fraudulent ITC claims."

The event aimed to assess the impact of GST officials' raids on genuine small businesses and propose recommendations to mitigate the challenges. FIRST India presented five key recommendations to alleviate the situation:

Establish a robust procedure that enables genuine entities to present their case and provide the necessary documentation, reducing the compliance burden they face.

Offer comprehensive knowledge to tax officers at the grassroots level regarding existing provisions and judicial precedents, safeguarding the interests of genuine businesses.

Ensure transparent investigations for taxpayers and MSMEs identified during the drive.

Establish a prompt redressal mechanism to resolve cases concerning genuine businesses, as delays can lead to significant financial implications.

Accelerate the process of remediation to proactively mitigate operational disruptions and support uninterrupted growth.

Samir Lakhani, Tax Head, InCorp Advisory Services, said. “When GST officials visit a place of business to check if the business is genuine or not, they look for the GST certificate, name board, book of account, etc. at the location. However, it is not always possible to have it on the premises and the proprietor, who is the one point of contact, might also be traveling. When an official visits and the proprietor isn't there, the license often gets suspended. The GST officials need to account for all these things.”

An entrepreneur from Maharashtra said, “I need to travel for business purposes and for me to stay at the registered premise can result in heavy losses. I am trying to convince the officials that just because I was not there does not mean my license is fake. I am paying taxes and so there is no question of anything fake. But now I don’t know when I will get the license back.”


While combating fraudulent registrations is crucial, it is equally important to acknowledge the unique challenges faced by MSMEs. The business model of MSMEs and the complexities associated with the registration process require careful consideration. These businesses heavily rely on e-commerce operators (ECOs) and various services such as warehousing, workspaces, etc., and their circumstances should be taken into account during the drive. Attention should be given to ensure compliance with safety measures and legal provisions, including bank account validation, Aadhaar authentication, and providing necessary clarifications and rulings.


The collaborative efforts of the government, tax authorities, and industry stakeholders will be instrumental in striking a balance between combating fraud and supporting the growth of genuine MSMEs in India.

Stability and ability has added respectability to India: Union Minister of Coal and Mines

Sustainable and optimum mining technology is the need of the hour; Start-Ups are essential for the same: Union Minister for Coal and Mines

Union Minister of Coal and Mines, Shri Pralhad Joshi inaugurates 1st Mining Start Up Summit at IIT Bombay

Union Minister of State for Mines, Raosaheb Patil Danve chairs the concluding session of the 1st Mining Start Up Summit

Posted On: 29 MAY 2023 3:07PM by PIB Mumbai

Mumbai, 29 May 2023


“Today we are completing nine years of government. A lot has changed in these nine years. Stability and ability has added respectability to India” said Union Minister of Coal and Mines and Parliamentary Affairs, Shri Pralhad Joshi. He was speaking at the inauguration of the 1st Mining Start-Up Summit at IIT, Bombay in Mumbai. Also present on the occasion were Shri. Dadaji Bhuse, Minister of Mines, Government of Maharashtra, Shri. Vivek Bharadwaj, Secretary, Ministry of Mines, Government of India, Shri Sanjay Lohia, Additional Secretary, Ministry of Mines, Government of India and Shri Subhasis Chaudhuri, Director, IIT Bombay.

Speaking about the First Mining Start Up Summit, Shri. Joshi said, “Today, through the first Mining Start Up Summit we are moving a step forward towards changing aspirations of Atmanirbhar Bharat in this sector to a reality This first Mining Start Up Summit has 82 Start Ups and 140 participants. Dependence on imports leads to rise in costs and increase in foreign expenditure. To discourage imports we must have new ideas and thoughts.”

Elaborating on the development in the last nine years, the Union Minister further added, “From 500 million tonnes of coal production in 2014, today we are the largest producer and importer of coal. We have the fourth largest coal reserves. This year the production of coal has reached 850 million tonnes. We hope to stop import of thermal coal completely by 2025-2026. Further, a transparent system has been put into place for exploration and auction and all discretionary power has ended. From 300 Start-Ups in 2014, in the last nine years we have touched one lakh Start Ups and a hundred unicorns. They have created nine lakh jobs and added a cumulative value of 333 billion dollars. We however need to take this further. Sustainable and optimum mining technology is the need of the hour. For the same, Start-Up technology is essential.”

Explaining the stance of the government on supporting Start Ups, Shri. Joshi said, “The government is very clear on supporting the industry and businesses to do well. Through the revenue received from supporting industry and businesses, the government wants to help the economically weaker sections of the society. When people and government work with confidence and faith things change for the better.”

On the occasion he also appealed to PSUs to earmark some funds for buying products made by Start Ups.

The concluding session of the 1st Mining Start Up Summit was chaired by Shri Rao Saheb Patil Danve, Union Minister of State for Coal, Mines and Railways. 

Addressing the gathering, Shri. Danve said that the participants of the 1st Mining Start-Up Summit 2023 had brainstormed on solutions and ways to increase innovation in mining sector. The knowledge that emerges out of day-long sessions like this one, lead to many solutions. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has resolved to raise the innovation and development quotient in mining sector for realizing the dream of Aatmanirbhar Bharat. Our country is rich in mineral resources, yet we need to import some minerals. If modern technology can be employed to explore new mines, auction them and increase mineral production, then we may not need to import minerals anymore. 

Also present on the occasion were Shri. Vivek Bharadwaj, Secretary, Ministry of Mines, Shri. Sanjay Lohia, Additional Secretary, Ministry of Mines,  Ms. Farida Naik, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Mines and Dr. Sharad Kr. Saraf, Chairman, BOG, IIT, Bombay.

Addressing the audience, Secretary, Ministry of Mines Shri. Vivek Bharadwaj said, “This is a time of unlimited opportunity. Hence that is also the tagline of the Summit. The same is exemplified by the Prime Minister’s vision of Amrit Kaal.”

Earlier the Union Minister of Coal and Mines and Parliamentary Affairs, Shri Pralhad Joshi also inaugurated the state of art exhibition, showcasing the advancement of technology in mining sector.



About the 1st Mining Start Up Summit

The 1st Mining Start-up Summit has been organised in collaboration with Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay.  

The technical sessions that will follow the inauguration will witness the Ministry of Mines interact with the start-ups in the field of Mining and Metallurgy. This will help deliberate on how these start-ups equipped with different technology can contribute in the activities of mining sector and boost the capabilities of exploration and mining and enhance the efficiency of mining sector.

The summit will also be focusing on interaction with leading industries in the mineral exploration sector, financial institutions and banks. Students and young professionals working in the fields of exploration, virtual reality, automation, drone technology, consultancy, etc. will also be benefited from the event.


* * *

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    Amitabh Bachchan partners with GSK for shingles awareness and prevention

    Link to the video - Mr. Bachchan talks about Shingles - a very painful disease | MyVaccinationHub | Hindi | 45s - YouTube

    GSK’s latest campaign film highlights the painful disease and its risk in adults above the age of 50 and the possibility of prevention.

    National, 29th May 2023: GSK today announced a partnership with veteran actor Amitabh Bachchan to raise awareness about shingles, a painful condition that affects 1 out of 3 adults above the age of 50 years .  

    The campaign film evocatively captures the agonising pain caused by shingles and its debilitating impact on the people living with it. It gives an important message that it is possible to protect ageing adults against this pain through vaccination.

    Commthus,ng on the partnership, Mr. Amitabh Bachchan said, “Shingles is known to be painful and thus certainly a setback to senior citizens. For prevention against Shingles, I recommend the Senior Citizens to talk to their doctors.”


    Shingles is caused by the same virus that causes chickenpox. The virus remains inactive in the body after a person recovers from it. When the immunity of the body weakens, it re-activates to cause shingles. More than 90% of Indians by the age of 50 years have this virus in their body and are vulnerable to shingles .


    Dr Rashmi Hegde, Medical Director, GSK, said, “Amitabh Bachchan has been the face of several disease and vaccination awareness campaigns before, and his support has motivated people to take the required action to prevent these diseases. Today, India's ageing population is rising, and we need to make them aware of diseases such as shingles which can impact their quality of life. We believe this will persuade more people to talk to their doctors about protecting themselves or their loved ones from shingles.”


    The film has been conceptualised and executed by Lowe Lintas. The creative focus is on capturing the intensity of the shingles pain through powerful metaphors and images. The representation of pain is based on scientifically documented patient testimonies.

    Commenting on the creative insight for the film, Sagar Kapoor, Chief Creative Officer (Global Brands), Lowe Lintas said, “Our challenge was to find a way to 'show' the unbearable pain of shingles, a sensation that can only be 'felt'. That is why we have made use of imagery such as sharp nails piercing the body or a person getting electric shocks. We do not want to scare people, but we want to make them aware that Shingles can be extremely painful, and it can be prevented.”

    The video will be released on multiple platforms such as YouTube, Television, Print and other social media.

    About GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals Limited 

    GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals Limited is a subsidiary of GSK plc, a science-led global healthcare company with a purpose to unite science, technology, and talent to get ahead of disease together. Visit GSK-India.com for more information.

    Saturday, May 27, 2023

    TISS SVE Invites Registration for Vocational Aptitude System (VAS )

    VAS Empowers Students in Making Informed Career Choices in Vocational Education

    Mumbai 27 May, 2023: TISS-SVE excitedly welcomes Higher Secondary Education students to engage in Vocational Aptitude System (VAS). Launched in July last year, this standardized psychometric test, developed under the guidance of Defence Institute of Psychological Research (DIPR), DRDO, offers a comprehensive platform to guide students in selecting the most suitable path within the realm of vocational education.

    The Skill Education and Counselling Unit administers VAS. As the portal has launched recently, last year, only 91 students were able to participate in the test. However, this year, the unit expects a significant increase in registrations. TISS SVE's unique programs diverge from conventional offerings, necessitating guidance for students in sector and program selection. Students have the option to take multiple tests to assess their aptitude across 15 diverse sectors. The test can be undertaken prior to enrolling in TISS SVE programs or any other vocational program.

    Shivranjani Kulkarni, Senior Manager of the Skill Education and Counselling Unit, emphasized the tendency of students to make career choices influenced by peer pressure, resulting in subsequent regrets. In light of this, she strongly recommends the utilization of VAS for those contemplating vocational education. Additionally, Ms. Kulkarni highlighted the lack of awareness surrounding the equivalence of a Bachelor of Vocational Education to other degree courses like B.A., B.Com, and B.Sc. Graduates of these vocational programs possess opportunities to pursue overseas studies or secure positions in renowned industries.

    The test is designed to be user-friendly, offering high reliability and validity. It is administered through a software-enabled system, allowing for both individual and group administration. In VAS, students have the flexibility to select up to three sectors of their interest and take tests specifically related to those sectors. They can re-register to take up tests for additional sectors. Upon completion of the test, students will receive self-explanatory auto-generated reports. Furthermore, they can benefit from personal counseling services based on the results of their tests.

    To register for VAS test, click - http://www.tissvocationease.com/Login/Registration.aspx

    In case of any issues, please call on 022-25525606/5623.

    About TISS - School of Vocational Education (SVE):

    School of Vocational Education (SVE) –December 2011.

    The School of Vocational Education (SVE) was set up to impart skill education to millions of Indian youth through appropriately designed vocational education programs. The focus is on developing job-specific skills rather than providing only a broad knowledge-based education. The approach adopted is called the Internship Embedded Skill Training Programme during which many students may also earn a modest stipend in select skill knowledge sectors.  The aim of this ‘Earn while you learn’ model is to enable the students to learn the skill by engaging in an internship on the real shop floor of the industry/company along with theory training in the classroom. 

    Friday, May 26, 2023

    Virat Kohli announces the launch of WROGN ZERO on Flipkart


    -        Virat Kohli’s one-of-a-kind weightless clothing collection featuring 100+ styles will be available on Flipkart beginning 27th May

    - Focuses on bridging the gap between India and Bharat with easy accessibility and affordability

    Bengaluru - May 26, 2023: Ahead of Flipkart’s ‘End of season shopping festival’, which is an anticipated fashion shopping event for millions of customers from across India, Virat Kohli  has announced the launch of WROGN ZERO by Virat Kohli on Flipkart. Created in collaboration with the iconic former captain of the Indian National Cricket Team, WROGN ZERO focuses on comfort and affordability to pioneer ultra-light weight clothing embodying Virat’s edgy style and persona. The new collection will encourage youth across India to own their unconventional athleisure style and defy the status-quo. WROGN ZERO will feature 100+ fashion-forward styles in apparel and footwear, starting from Rs. 349 across product categories such as t-shirts, shirts, jeans and shoes. The collection will be live on Flipkart starting 27th May 2023.

    According to a recent report by NASSCOM, in India, Gen Z and Millennials constitute over 52% of the overall population. As the largest generational cohort, their consumption patterns are reshaping the fashion industry. Their fashion choices can be encapsulated in one word - that is - comfort, giving way to the trend of ‘casualisation’. Flipkart has witnessed tremendous growth in the casual wear segment over the past year and the launch of WROGN ZERO is expected to fast-track this even further. 

    Virat Kohli, the legendary cricketer and a style icon, expressed his excitement about the launch of WROGN ZERO on Flipkart, saying, “WROGN ZERO is more my kind of style by being ultra light and easy yet stylish. Who likes to carry that extra weight? Definitely not me! Be it my fashion or my game, it's always about keeping it light and comfortable. I am beyond thrilled to make this collection available in the remotest regions in the country with Flipkart.”

    Announcing the launch, Abhishek Maloo, Senior Director, Flipkart Fashion, said, “At Flipkart, we strive to make the best of fashion available to every single customer across India, at the best value. Today’s fashion-conscious shopper has an increased interest in celebrity-led fashion, and Virat being a style icon makes it a winning combination for WROGN ZERO to be launched on our platform just in time for our End of Season Shopping Festival. With a collection that allows youth to elevate their style game within a budget, this launch is aligned with Flipkart’s mission to democratise fashion and address the need for trendy yet affordable clothing, without compromising on quality.”

    Speaking about the launch, Vikramaditya Reddy, COO & Co-Founder, WROGN, said, “WROGN ZERO is a capsule collection that offers stylish yet functional fashion supporting every customer to be a trendsetter in their own right. The collection offers a wide range of products inspired by Virat Kohli’s edgy persona while motivating customers to upgrade their wardrobe, with the light-weight clothing and footwear from the WROGN ZERO collection. Launching on India’s leading e-commerce platform, Flipkart will not only allow us to reach our target group but also help in motivating the youth of today to make affordable and comfortable style choices.”

    Around 40% of new customers explore Flipkart through fashion today and customers aged between 25-35 contribute to the highest demand observed in fashion segments on Flipkart, with top choices including t-shirts, shirts, jeans and shoes.

    About the Flipkart Group

    The Flipkart Group is one of India’s leading digital commerce entities and includes group companies Flipkart, Myntra, Flipkart Wholesale, Flipkart Health+, and Cleartrip.

    Started in 2007, Flipkart has enabled millions of consumers, sellers, merchants, and small businesses to be a part of India's digital commerce revolution, with a registered customer base of more than 400 million, offering over 150 million products across 80+ categories. Our efforts to democratise commerce in India, drive access and affordability, delight customers, create lakhs of jobs in the ecosystem, and empower generations of entrepreneurs and MSMEs have inspired us to innovate on many industry firsts. Flipkart is known for pioneering services such as Cash on Delivery, No Cost EMI and easy returns – customer-centric innovations have made online shopping more accessible and affordable for millions of Indians. Together with its group companies, Flipkart is committed to transforming commerce in India through technology.

    For more information, please write to media@flipkart.com 

    About WROGN

    Wrogn, currently available at over 350 points of sale across 144 cities nationwide, has established a strong retail presence. The brand is retailed through reputable channels such as Shoppers Stop, Pantaloons, and Multi Brand Outlet (MBO) channels, as well as online platforms including Myntra and Flipkart. In addition, Wrogn operates its own Exclusive Brand stores in over 45+ cities and maintains a dedicated brand website at wrong.in. 

    Looking ahead, Wrogn aims to expand its retail footprint further by focusing on Large Format Retail, popular MBOs, and exclusive brand stores. With this expansion strategy in place, the brand envisions reaching over 1000 points of sale within the next 2-3 years. This strategic initiative will enable Wrogn to extend its reach and make its fashion offerings more accessible to a wider audience, reinforcing its position as a leading brand in the market.

    Federal Bank Announces Winners of Federal Bank Hormis Memorial Foundation Scholarships for 2022-23

    310 students to receive scholarships from Federal Bank Hormis Memorial Foundation to pursue professional courses 

    Students across Gujarat, Kerala, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Punjab and Tamil Nadu pursuing first year of MBBS, BE/Btech, BSc Nursing, MBA, Agriculture (B.Sc) including BSc (Hons) Cooperation & Banking with Agricultural Sciences conducted by Agriculture Universities have been selected including students with impaired speech/hearing/vision. 

    25th May 2023, Mumbai: Federal Bank announced the names of 310 applicants from across the country who will receive Federal Bank Hormis Memorial Foundation scholarship for pursuing higher studies. Initiated in memory of the founder of Federal Bank, Shri K P Hormis, the scholarship aims to financially support meritorious students from weaker social economic backgrounds, enabling them to pursue professional educational courses. 

    As part of its flagship CSR programme, applicants chosen are for the academic year 2022-23. The programme seeks to provide an opportunity for the emerging talent. Students belonging to the states of Gujarat, Kerala, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Punjab and Tamil Nadu pursuing first year of MBBS, BE/Btech, B Sc. Nursing, MBA & Agriculture (BSc) including BSc (Hons) Cooperation & Banking with Agricultural Sciences conducted by Agriculture Universities had applied for this scholarship.

    Launched in 1996, the Trust is striving hard to support the community in which it operates through various training programs, seminars, infrastructure development and so on. Each year, Federal Bank Hormis Memorial Foundation aims to inspire children to explore their passion among many other CSR initiatives. The names of the winners is announced on https://www.federalbank.co.in/corporate-social-responsibility 

    Federal Bank (NSE: FEDERALBNK) is a leading Indian private sector bank with a network of around 1,372 banking outlets and 1,914 ATMs/Recyclers spread across the country. The Bank’s total business mix (deposits + advances) stood at ₹ 3.87 Lakh Crore as on 31st March, 2023. Capital Adequacy Ratio (CRAR) of the Bank, computed as per Basel III guidelines, stood at 14.81% as on 31st March 2023. Federal Bank has Representative Offices in Dubai and Abu Dhabi that serve as a nerve centre for Non-Resident Indian customers in the UAE. The Bank also has an IFSC Banking Unit (IBU) in Gujarat International Finance Tec-City (GIFT City). Federal Bank is transforming itself, keeping its principles intact, into an organization that offers services beyond par. It has a well-defined vision for the future as a guidepost to its progress.

    Producer Shankar Naidu's film 'Bharateeyans' to be a courageous tribute to the Indian martyrs

    The pride and the feeling of patriotism cannot be measured. Especially, the people in India invoke nationalism like no other. And there's nothing better than cinema that fills the hearts of the audience with utmost love. Bringing impactful and jaw-dropping cinema to the audience, producer Shankar Naidu Adusumilli is excited about his upcoming film 'Bharateeyans'. Calling himself a proud Bharateeyan (Indian), Dr. Shankar feels honoured to be the son of Bharat Mata.

    On various occasions, he has expressed his love for India, and this movie is said to be a tribute to Hindustan. The forthcoming Hindi film is written and directed by Deena Raj and has an ensemble star cast including Nirroze Putcha, Subha Ranjan, Sonam Thendup Barphungpa, Samaira Sandhu, Peden O Namgyal and Rajeswari Chakraborty in lead roles.

    The first look of the film was unveiled earlier in 2022, and it promises to evoke patriotism. The film's storyline has all the emotional chords which will make the audience feel proud of their country India . As per the sources , 'Bharateeyans' has a perfect dose of love, action, drama and patriotism in abundance.

    When asked Dr. Shankar to shed light on the film, he said, "The primary reason behind producing the film was to tell the audience a power-packed story. The film will show how an ordinary person can turn into a warrior to safeguard the country." In addition, Dr. Shankar Naidu Adusumilli went on to say that the neighbouring country China is the biggest threat wanting to encroach on the land and change the map of India.

    Furthermore, the producer expressed his rage over the recent coronavirus pandemic. Holding China responsible for the virus leak in the Wuhan lab, Dr. Shankar stated that the deadly virus has killed millions of people across the globe. Another reason is that the producer is miffed after China killed 20 soldiers in Galvan Valley in June 2020.  

    With the right emotions and patriotism, 'Bharateeyans' will be the first film to confront China's aggression and wrongdoings against India. Produced under Dr. Shankar Naidu Adusumilli's banner Bharat American Creations, the film is slated to release soon.

    Adani Wilmar Enters Whole Wheat Category

    Fortune’s Pure Whole Wheat variants of Sharbati, Poorna 1544, Lokwan and MP Grade 1 will be available in Delhi, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Rajasthan

    Mumbai, 26 May 2023: Adani Wilmar, one of India's largest food FMCG companies, has today announced its entry into the whole wheat category with its brand Fortune. Adani Wilmar will be the only national player in this highly fragmented and commoditized category with its guarantee to provide unparalleled access to the purest wheat seed of the most premium wheat varieties in the country viz., Sharbati, Poorna 1544, Lokwan, and MP Grade 1.

    Fortune will set the gold standard for whole wheat in India and stand out for its exceptional sourcing from the best growing regions such as Sehore in Madhya Pradesh, renowned for the unmatched Sharbati variant. It is the unique agro-climatic conditions and farming know-how that produces high-quality wheats which are golden amber in colour, hard on bite and heavy on the palm to give unbeatable qualities of softness, sweetness and taste in the roti. These varieties meet stringent AWL specifications to ensure purity of variety.

    Talking about the product launch, Mr.Vineeth Viswambharan, Associate Vice President, Marketing & Sales, Adani Wilmar said, “Traditional wheat connoisseur households in the West & North of the country are very selective about their preferred wheat varieties which they get ground under their supervision in neighbourhood chakki stores. The range of Fortune Whole Wheat varieties will give them just what they are looking for and will stand out for their clearly superior quality and variety assurance. There is a pressing need for genuine and unadulterated whole wheat options in the market. Our products will deliver a wholesome and unadulterated whole wheat experience to consumers across the country.” 

    The brand ‘Fortune’ is built on the pillars of trust, purity and premium-ness, aiming to widen its product portfolio and catering to the brand’s patrons with niche preferences. The company aims to consistently increase its market share and expand its presence into high-value metro markets such as New Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Surat and Ahmedabad.

    About Adani Wilmar Limited:

    Adani Wilmar Limited (AWL) is one of the largest food FMCG companies in India offering most of the primary kitchen essentials for Indian consumers, including edible oil, wheat flour, rice, pulses and sugar. The company’s products are offered under a diverse range of brands across a broad price spectrum catering to different customer groups. Its flagship brand ‘Fortune’ is one of the largest selling edible oil and food brands in India. It has a wide array of packaged foods including packaged wheat flour, rice, pulses, besan, sugar, soya chunks and cereals-based products such as ready-to-cook khichdi. It also offers a diverse range of industry essentials, including oleochemicals, castor oil and its derivatives and de-oiled cakes and HPC category under brand Alife which includes soap, hand wash and hand sanitisers.

    Thursday, May 25, 2023

    MAXHUB launched its AI-enabled V6 Series of interactive flat panels


    The new range integrates seamless screen sharing, advanced whiteboard technology, and brilliant audio-visual functionality for seamless communication and customer experience

    New Delhi, 25 May 2023, MAXHUB, the world’s leading interactive and collaborative solution brand, today launched its two new AI-enabled interactive flat panel series, namely - V6 Transcend and Classic interactive, at the Palm Expo, Mumbai. MAXHUB launched these highly engaging and futuristic audio-visual (AV) products and solutions that hold advanced capabilities which are set to give a new dimension to the corporate and Education sector. 

    The adoption of technologies for remote collaboration, corporate engagements with large audiences, distant learning, and hybrid working has lately increased in the audio-visual (AV) industry. With the launch of the V6 series, which is available in 55,65,75, and 86 sizes, MAXHUB’s new goal is to integrate seamless screen sharing, advanced whiteboard technology, and brilliant audio-visual functionality for seamless communication and customer experience. This series can fulfill every meeting requirement with an in-built camera, mic, and touch panel that includes vibrant deep colors and anti-glare tempered glass that ensures a scratch-free screen.

    Demand for advanced Interactive solutions is significantly rising and consumers are imperatively looking for solutions that provide them with a convenient, intelligent, cost-effective, and profitable communication experience. With these flexible products and hi-tech solutions, MAXHUB has evidently gained a position as a global leader in the production of AI-enabled LCD and LED systems—offering effortless access and rich communication experience even with MAXHUB OS 6.0 with wireless projection and video conferencing bars.

    Commenting on the same, Rohit AK, Head of Corporate Business, said, "We are highly delighted to introduce our interactive flat panel displays, which are intended to meet the expanding demands of the modern business environment. These AI-powered devices will be the epitome of new technology that will aid in ever-changing work settings and improve the quality of conferences and meetings. By combining VC-ready characteristics with productive discussion facilitators, the hybrid-working mode may be greatly accelerated through efficient and effective interactions."

    These products fulfill your diverse range of collaboration and learning contexts. In addition to V6 Panels, MAXHUB has introduced a line of video conferencing products, which are all unified communication gadgets that make it easier to communicate clearly and effectively.  MAXHUB V6 stands ready to further empower your meetings, develop your business, and link your resources.

    Check out the complete range at www.maxhub.com/in.


    About MAXHUB:

    MAXHUB is the world’s leading interactive and collaboration solutions brand. The company focuses on developing cutting-edge interaction and collaboration solutions in an endeavor to improve the efficiency and productivity of millions of conference rooms and classrooms across the world. MAXHUB, which started operations in 2018 in India, is a commercial solution brand wholly owned by CVTE, Asia’s largest LCD/LED solution designer and manufacturer. It is designed to create easier, more intelligent, and more productive communication experiences for users and boost the creativity of teamwork. The company offers the most innovative and technology-forward products, including interactive displays, active LEDs, digital signage, interactive lecterns, webcams, unified communication bars, and audio and video conferencing solutions, making it a hub for interactive solutions for the corporate and education sectors, respectively. Backed by a strong team of passionate technologists spread across the globe, the company serves more than 10,000 clients. MAXHUB is one of the fastest-growing brands in the audio-visual industry, aiming to achieve 100% growth in the next fiscal year. MAXHUB provides seamless customer service and has established itself as a trustworthy brand. Its aim is to be the No. 1 brand in India for training and conferencing solutions, especially interactive display units and unified communication solutions.

    Attached is the image of the spokesperson and products for your kind reference and consideration.

    LIC FY23 net profit surges multi-fold to Rs. 36,397 crore

    PERFORMANCE for the Year ended March 31st, 2023 (FY 2023)

    • Market leadership with 62.58% market share with 16.67% FYPI growth

    • Profit After Tax at Rs. 36,397 crore

    • Board recommends dividend of Rs. 3/- Per Share (Previous Year Rs 1.50/- per share)

    • Value of New Business (Gross) grows by 16.46% to Rs.11,553 crore

    • VNB margin (Net) increased by 110 bps to 16.2%, highest since listing

    • Indian Embedded Value (IEV) increases by 7.53% to Rs.5.82 lakh crore

    • AUM increased by 7.65% to Rs. 43.97 lakh crore

    • 2.04 crore polices sold in the individual segment during FY 23

    • 13th mth Persistency on premium basis improves by 150 bps to 77.09%

    Mumbai, May 24th 2023: The Board of Directors of Life Insurance Corporation of India (“LIC”) approved and adopted the standalone and consolidated financial results for the year ending March 31st, 2023. Below are the key highlights of our standalone results. 

    For the year ended March 31st,2023, LIC registered an increase of 10.90 % in the Total Premium Income at Rs.4,74,005 crore as compared to Rs. 4,27,419 crore for the previous year ended March 31st, 2022. 

    In terms of market share measured by First Year Premium Income (FYPI) (as per IRDAI) LIC has maintained its leadership in Indian life insurance business with a market share of 62.58% for FY 2022-23. Further (as per IRDAI) the total FYPI for LIC grew by 16.67% from Rs. 1.98 lakh crore in FY 2022 to 2.32 lakh crore in FY 2023. 

    The Profit after Tax (PAT) for the year ended March 31st 2023 was Rs. 36,397.40 crore as compared to Rs. 4,043.12 crore for the previous year ended March 31st, 2022. The profit for FY 2022-23 comprises of an amount of Rs. 27,240.75 crore (net of tax), which is pertaining to the accretion on the Available Solvency Margin, transferred from Non Par fund to shareholders account. 

    The Board of Directors have recommended a dividend of Rs 3/- per share translating to a dividend payout of Rs. 1,897 crore. 

    On an Annualised Premium Equivalent (APE) basis the total premium was Rs. 56,682 crore for the year ended March 31st ,2023 as compared to Rs. 50,390 crore for year ended March 31st, 2022 representing a growth of 12.49% year on year. For FY 2023, 68.22% (Rs. 38,667 crore) was accounted for by the Individual Business and 31.78% (Rs. 18,015 crore) by the Group Business. The Individual business APE grew by 8.70% year on year during FY 2023. Also within the Individual business, on an APE basis the share of Par products and Non par product was 91.11% and 8.89% respectively. For FY 2023 the Group APE (Rs. 18,015 crore) grew by 21.57% over the previous year ending March 31st, 2022 (Rs. 14,818 crore). 

    For the year ended March 31st,2023, the persistency ratios, on premium basis for the 13th month and 61st month were 77.09%, and 61.80%, respectively. The comparable persistency ratios for the corresponding year ended March 31st 2022 were 75.59% and 61%, respectively. 

    For the year ended March 31st,2023, the persistency ratios, on number of policies basis for the 13th month and 61st month were 64.28%, and 49.86%, respectively. The comparable persistency ratios for the previous year ended March 31st,2022 were 63.45% and 49.86%, respectively. Therefore the 13th month persistency has improved both on premium basis and on policy basis while the 61st month persistency has improved on premium basis. 

    The Assets Under Management (AUM) increased to Rs. 43.97 lakh crore as on March 31st,2023 as compared to Rs. 40.85 lakh crore on March 31st,2022 registering an increase of 7.65% year on year. 

    The Yield on Investments on policyholders funds excluding unrealized gains was 8.29% for year ended March 31st ,2023 as against 8.55% for year ended March 31st 2022. 

    The Solvency Ratio for the year ended March 31st 2023 is 1.87 (before considering the proposed final dividend of Rs 3/- per share for FY23) and will be 1.86 (after consideration of the proposed final dividend for FY23) as against 1.85 for the year ended March 31st 2022. 

    The Value of New Business (VNB) (Gross) for the year ended March 31st,2023 was Rs.11,553 crore as against Rs.9,920 crore for the previous year ending March 31st , 2022 representing an increase of 16.46%. The VNB margins for the year ended March 31st,2023 are 16.2% (Net) as compared to 15.1% (Net) for year ended March 31st 2022. The Gross VNB of the Individual business was Rs. 7,571 crore and for Group business was Rs. 3,982 crore for year ended March 31 st,2023. The Gross VNB margins for the Individual and Group business were 19.6% and 22.1%, respectively. Within the Individual business, the Par business, Non Par business (including Linked business) had Gross VNB margins of 14.6% and 70.4%, respectively. 

    The Indian Embedded Value (IEV) of the corporation has been determined as Rs.5,82,243 crore as at March 31st ,2023 as compared to Rs. 5,41,492 crore as at March 31st,2022 and Rs. 5,44,291 crore as at September 30th,2022. Therefore the IEV has grown by 7.53% on a year on year basis. 

    We are continuously making efforts to adopt technology and enhance our digital presence and facilities for the benefit of our customers. 

    Shri Siddhartha Mohanty, Chairperson, LIC said:- “Our results demonstrate the resilience of our business, built in every nook and corner of the country, over a period of more than six decades. Our efforts towards enhancing the share of non par products in the overall product mix are bearing fruits. With the increase in profit, net VNB margin and IEV we are well positioned to continue our growth journey, in the service of the nation and its citizens. The regulatory initiatives towards Insurance for All by 2047 will present opportunities to grow for the sector and we intend to participate in that growth. As we move forward to grow our business further, we will endeavour to create superior value for all our stakeholders. Finally we thank all our policyholders, agents, employees and shareholders for maintaining their faith in us”


    Lord's Mark Industries and IIT Bombay Partner to Transform Sickle Cell Testing in India with POS (Point of Screening) Technology

    To be the exclusive production and distribution partner of the patented IITB, IP “Shape DX”-equipped sickle cell testing equipment

    To collaborate with the Central Government and Social Organizations to make the Sickle Cell Testing POS (point of screening) equipment available at Government healthcare centers, labs, and hospitals.

    To launch 1000 pathology labs across India for sickle cell testing and other healthcare services, with an initial investment of Rs. 50 crores. Lord’s Mark Industries is into development of various kind of patient friendly IVD, Hematology and serology products which will give highly accurate results to the tune of 100% 

    Lord’s Mark Industries, through its subsidiary Lord’s Mark Biotech will take this screening to Gynecologists and obstetricians across the country for early detection pre and post pregnancy. Lord’s Mark Biotech is already present in the Women’s wellness therapy area through a dedicated team of 200 sales professionals to accelerate this testing and screening at the point of care. 

    Lord’s Mark Biotech is embarking into alliances with Global Research companies to bring patented products in difficult to treat conditions of Joint care, Kidney care, chronic skincare diseases and many more in times to come. Lord’s Mark Biotech is launching a plethora of Products in women’s health and lifestyle segment for healthy living in aging population which will positively impact a large segment of Indian population.

    MUMBAI, 25th May 2023: Lord's Mark Industries, a prominent diversified business group, has partnered with the renowned Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IIT-B) to revolutionize sickle cell testing in India. The first-ever AI-enabled POS equipment in the country, patented by IIT Bombay, will address challenges associated with sickle cell testing, making it more accessible and convenient with 100% accuracy. The announcement was made at a conference in Intercontinental Hotel, Mumbai. Lord's Mark Industries will invest Rs 25 crores to develop and distribute the technology-enabled POS equipment, targeting revenue of Rs 100 crores by year 2026-27.

    Lord's Mark Industries will use its in-house R&D team to manufacture the sickle cell POS instrument at its IVD manufacturing facility in Vasai. The equipment will be available in government healthcare centers, pathology labs, and Lord's Mark Industries' pathology labs throughout the country. 

    Commenting on the collaboration, Mr. Sachidanand Upadhyay, Founder, Lord’s Mark Industries said, "Through this collaboration with IIT-B, Lord's Mark Industries is committed to providing innovative and effective solutions to sickle cell testing across India, especially in rural regions. We are also investing in the establishment of 1000 pathology labs across the country, with an initial investment of Rs. 50 crores, to provide easy access to sickle cell testing and other healthcare services. With the support of the Central Government, we aim to make equipment and testing available across government healthcare centers and hospitals.”

    The microscopy-based test developed by renowned Prof. Debjani Paul and her team from the Dept. of Biosciences & Bioengineering at IIT-B can distinguish between healthy, sickle trait, and sickle anemia blood samples at the point of care. The collaboration between IIT-B and Lord's Mark Industries aims to revolutionize sickle cell testing in India, providing improved disease diagnosis and management for patients across the country at the point of primary care itself thereby reducing costs and enabling a convenience for affected population. This is the only microscopy test that can actually distinguish carriers from individual who have sickle anemia within 30 minutes. Typically it would take 24 – 48 hours to identify the carriers.

    "We are excited to collaborate with Lord's Mark Industries to introduce our Licensed AI-enabled sickle cell testing technology in India. Our technology is a game changer in tackling sickle cell screening challenges in the affected regions. We believe that our technology combined with Lord's Mark Industries capabilities will make a significant impact on improving the lives of millions of patients suffering from sickle cell anemia in the country," said Dr. Oshin Sharma, Researcher, IIT Bombay.

    The Indian government has taken measures to improve sickle cell anemia detection and treatment in central and southern regions such as Gujarat, Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh, Orissa, Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, and Telangana. Measures include newborn screening, a national eradication campaign, clinical trials, and premarital counseling protocols. The Ministry of Tribal Affairs has circulated advisories, and Rs. 60 crores has been released to the States seeking grants to tackle the disease, including screening.

    In line with these efforts, the partnership between Lord's Mark Industries and IIT Bombay is a significant step towards combating sickle cell disease in India. The collaboration aims to improve the screening and diagnosis process, making it more accessible and convenient for patients. This will promote early intervention and improve disease management, contributing to the efforts of the Indian government to eradicate the disease.

    About Lord’s Mark Industries:

    Lord’s Mark Industries with its business verticals in diagnostics, hygiene care and biotech/pharmaceuticals has a deep knowledge of testing and screening. The company is desirous of manufacturing and commercializing the point of care for Sickle cell test for healthcare and diagnostics application using Licensed IP from IIT Mumbai.

    Lord's Mark Industries has been delivering value to all stakeholders and partners by creating sustainable business to become a globally recognized brand in diversified industries. Incorporated in 1998, Lord’s Mark Industries Private Ltd. (Lord’s) started manufacturing computer continuous stationery and copier paper and slowly diversified to other segments viz; LED products, Solar Power Solutions & Solar Appliances, Lithium Batteries, Electric Scooters, Charging Stations apart from the diagnostics and Biotech/Pharmaceuticals

    About Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IIT-B):

    The Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IIT Bombay) is a public research university and technical institute in Mumbai, Maharashtra. It is ranked among the most prestigious academic institutions in India, and as the most competitive institute in the country to get into and has been the first-preferred destination of top rank holders in the science and engineering disciplines.

    Wednesday, May 24, 2023

    HP brings affordable Laser Printers for home office and small businesses in India

    The new compact HP Laser printers offer smarter, faster, affordable, and connected printing

    News Highlights

    Enabled with Wi-Fi Direct , for easy and seamless connectivity and allows convenient mobile printing without the need for any internet connection

    Offers print speeds of up to 20 pages per minute , ensuring efficient and fast printing 

    Compact printer design for space-saving convenience

    New Delhi, May 24, 2023 – HP India today introduced a new range of Laser printers, to empower businesses with smart printing solutions that are both efficient and high quality. Priced attractively, these affordable printers cater to the diverse printing needs of home, small & medium businesses (SMBs) that are looking to optimize their resources. 

    The new range of HP Laser 1008 single-function and 1188 multi-functional printers have been upgraded to deliver high print speeds that are compatible with easy mobile printing features such as Wi-Fi Direct.  It offers compact designs that prioritize productivity and clutter-free environments, making it an ideal choice for small and medium-sized businesses.

    “SMBs play a vital role in driving India’s economy, and technology has become a key factor in their success. Affordable printers are important for SMBs because they offer cost-effective, reliable, and efficient printing solutions that can help them improve productivity and streamline workflows”, said Sunish Raghavan, Senior Director, Printing Systems, HP India Market. 

     “We believe the latest HP Laser printers will enable them to achieve their printing goals with access to high-quality printing, while also keeping their expenses in check", added Sunish. 

    The new range of Laser printers are built upon the success of the HP’s largest selling Laser printer 108/136 series. The new range of HP Laser SFP includes 1008A and 1008W, coupled with HP Laser MFP which includes 1188A, 1188W, 1188NW, 1188FNW. It offers an enhanced and improved user interface and easy to use plug-n-play set up.  

    Key benefits and features of the new HP Laser Printer range are:   

    Affordable Cost and High-Quality Output 

    Engineered for high-volume printing needs, the Laser range delivers cost-effective mono printing

    Relying on high-performance laser, the printer produces sharp text, bold blacks, and crisp graphics

    Tailored to suit your workspace

    Compact, versatile and convenient printing solution for small spaces such as home offices or business setups

    Print speed of up to 20 pages per minute with a processor speed of 600mhz for MFP and 400mhz for SFP  

    40-page automatic document feeder  (ADF) on the 1188fnw to enjoy hands-free printing, scanning, copying, and faxing 

    Smart Experience

    Powered with WiFi Direct, controlled using the best-in-class HP Smart app .

    Offers an easy and hassle-free setup, with an ability to print and scan directly from a mobile device 

    Easily share resources and print with wireless and ethernet networking 

    Print with ease, even without network access, allowing for quick and simple printing from a range of devices, whether you're at home or in the office 

    Pricing and availability

    HP Laser 1008 range starts from INR 14,205/-

    HP Laser MFP 1188 range starts from INR 20,344/-

    HP Laser MFP 1188FNW range starts from INR 26,581/-

    For more information about HP Laser Portfolio of printers, visit https://www.hp.com/in-en/shop/hp-laserjet-series

    About HP 

    HP Inc. is a technology company that believes one thoughtful idea has the power to change the world. Its product and service portfolio of personal systems, printers, and 3D printing solutions helps bring these ideas to life. Visit http://www.hp.com

    Bank of Baroda announces the Long-list of 12 Nominees of the 'Bank of Baroda Rashtrabhasha Samman' Award

    Shri Sanjiv Chadha, Managing Director and CEO, Bank of Baroda with Shri Manoj Borgaokar (R), the original author and Shri Gorakh Thorat (L), the translator, of the book ‘Nadeesht’, a Marathi-language novel which is a part of the 12 nominations announced for the 'Bank of Baroda Rashtrabhasha Samman' Awards held in Mumbai today

    The Award recognizes literary works in Indian languages & the translation of these into Hindi, and will be presented to both the original author and the translator 

    Renowned Author and Booker Prize winner Ms. Geetanjali Shree is the Chairperson of the 5-member jury

    ‘Nadeesht’, a Marathi-language novel is among the 12 nominations

    Mumbai, May 24, 2023: Bank of Baroda (Bank), one of India’s leading public sector banks, today announced the long-list of 12 Novels, nominated for the first edition of the 'Bank of Baroda Rashtrabhasha Samman' Award 2023. The unique award has been instituted to recognize and promote literary works in various Indian languages (included under the 8th Schedule of the Constitution) as well as to make the best Indian literature available to Hindi readers through translations, thereby broadening the interest and making the novels accessible to a larger set of readers. 

    The 'Bank of Baroda Rashtrabhasha Samman' Award will be presented to both the author of the original work and the translator of the book in to Hindi. The author of the original work and the respective Hindi translator of the award-winning book will receive Rs. 21.00 lakh and Rs. 15.00 lakh respectively. Moreover, the authors and the Hindi translators of the next five shortlisted books will receive Rs. 3.00 lakh and Rs. 2.00 lakh each respectively.  

    Unveiling the long-list of nominations, Mr. Sanjiv Chadha, Managing Director & CEO, Bank of Baroda said “India is a diverse country – a melting pot of cultures, religions and languages. And in its diversity lies its strength and distinctiveness. We believe that the promotion of literature across Indian languages helps strengthen our multiculturalism. We established 'Bank of Baroda Rashtrabhasha Samman' to recognize and celebrate original Indian language literature           and the translations of these works in Hindi. The ‘Bank of Baroda Rashtrabhasha Samman’ award will offer a national platform to talented Indian writers from different parts of the country and will give a boost to Indian language literature as well as encourage literary translations.”

    The five-member awards jury is chaired by renowned author and Booker Prize winner Ms. Geetanjali Shree. The other four jury members are Mr. Arun Kamal, an Indian poet; Mr. Pushpesh Pant, an academic and historian; Ms. Anamika, a contemporary Indian poet and novelist; and Mr. Prabhat Ranjan, a Hindi fiction writer and translator. 

    The Bank had initiated the process of inviting nominations during the period March-April 2023 and received several entries written in different Indian languages, from which the jury has prepared a long-list of 12 books. Details of the books are enumerated below in alphabetical order:

    Original Novel Name Original Language Original Author Name Translated Novel Name Translator name

    1. Abhipreta Kala Odia Paramita Satpathy Abhipret Kaal Ajoy Kumar Patnaik

    2. Allah Miyan ka Karkhna Urdu Mohsin Khan Allah Miyan Ka Karkhna Saeed Ahmad

    3. Baki Safa 5 te Punjabi Roop Singh Baki Safa 5 par Subhash Neerav

    4. Cheeni Kothi Urdu Siddique Alam Cheeni Kothi Arjumand Ara

    5. Ek Khanjar Paani Men Urdu Khalid Jawed Ek Khanjar Paani Men Rizvanul Haque

    6. Fatsung Nepali Chuden Kavimo Fatsung : Kahani Mitti Ki Namrata Chaturvedi

    7. Ghar Palano Chhele Bengali Manoranjan Byapari Bhaga hua ladka Amrita Bera 

    8. Mahanadi Bengali Anita Agnihotri Mahanadi Lipika Saha

    9. Nadeesht Marathi Manoj Borgaokar Nadeesht Gorakh Thorat

    10. Nemat Khana Urdu Khalid Jawed Nemat Khana Zaman Tariq

    11. Poimugam Tamil Vaasanthi Mukhauta S Bhagyam Sharma

    12. Thirakkaatha Jannalkal Tamil Vassanthi Band Khidkiyan S Bhagyam Sharma 

    At the long-list announcement event organised in Mumbai today, Shri Manoj Borgaokar, the original author and Shri Gorakh Thorat, the translator, of the book ‘Nadeesht’ - a Marathi-language novel which features amongst the 12 nominations, participated in a free-wheeling panel discussion. The two writers conversed on the Indian literature landscape and the significance of the Rashtrabhasha Samman award for the literary fraternity across India.

    ' Nadeesht ' describes an environment enacted through the daily life of the people living on the banks of the Godavari river. The novel is included in the syllabus of various universities and is also staged in drama form in Pune. This is the eight edition of Nadeesht being published in three years and the novel has been translated in Kannada and Hindi. 

    The winner of the 'Bank of Baroda Rashtrabhasha Samman' Award will be announced on 10th June, 2023 in Delhi.