Thursday, May 25, 2023

MAXHUB launched its AI-enabled V6 Series of interactive flat panels


The new range integrates seamless screen sharing, advanced whiteboard technology, and brilliant audio-visual functionality for seamless communication and customer experience

New Delhi, 25 May 2023, MAXHUB, the world’s leading interactive and collaborative solution brand, today launched its two new AI-enabled interactive flat panel series, namely - V6 Transcend and Classic interactive, at the Palm Expo, Mumbai. MAXHUB launched these highly engaging and futuristic audio-visual (AV) products and solutions that hold advanced capabilities which are set to give a new dimension to the corporate and Education sector. 

The adoption of technologies for remote collaboration, corporate engagements with large audiences, distant learning, and hybrid working has lately increased in the audio-visual (AV) industry. With the launch of the V6 series, which is available in 55,65,75, and 86 sizes, MAXHUB’s new goal is to integrate seamless screen sharing, advanced whiteboard technology, and brilliant audio-visual functionality for seamless communication and customer experience. This series can fulfill every meeting requirement with an in-built camera, mic, and touch panel that includes vibrant deep colors and anti-glare tempered glass that ensures a scratch-free screen.

Demand for advanced Interactive solutions is significantly rising and consumers are imperatively looking for solutions that provide them with a convenient, intelligent, cost-effective, and profitable communication experience. With these flexible products and hi-tech solutions, MAXHUB has evidently gained a position as a global leader in the production of AI-enabled LCD and LED systems—offering effortless access and rich communication experience even with MAXHUB OS 6.0 with wireless projection and video conferencing bars.

Commenting on the same, Rohit AK, Head of Corporate Business, said, "We are highly delighted to introduce our interactive flat panel displays, which are intended to meet the expanding demands of the modern business environment. These AI-powered devices will be the epitome of new technology that will aid in ever-changing work settings and improve the quality of conferences and meetings. By combining VC-ready characteristics with productive discussion facilitators, the hybrid-working mode may be greatly accelerated through efficient and effective interactions."

These products fulfill your diverse range of collaboration and learning contexts. In addition to V6 Panels, MAXHUB has introduced a line of video conferencing products, which are all unified communication gadgets that make it easier to communicate clearly and effectively.  MAXHUB V6 stands ready to further empower your meetings, develop your business, and link your resources.

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MAXHUB is the world’s leading interactive and collaboration solutions brand. The company focuses on developing cutting-edge interaction and collaboration solutions in an endeavor to improve the efficiency and productivity of millions of conference rooms and classrooms across the world. MAXHUB, which started operations in 2018 in India, is a commercial solution brand wholly owned by CVTE, Asia’s largest LCD/LED solution designer and manufacturer. It is designed to create easier, more intelligent, and more productive communication experiences for users and boost the creativity of teamwork. The company offers the most innovative and technology-forward products, including interactive displays, active LEDs, digital signage, interactive lecterns, webcams, unified communication bars, and audio and video conferencing solutions, making it a hub for interactive solutions for the corporate and education sectors, respectively. Backed by a strong team of passionate technologists spread across the globe, the company serves more than 10,000 clients. MAXHUB is one of the fastest-growing brands in the audio-visual industry, aiming to achieve 100% growth in the next fiscal year. MAXHUB provides seamless customer service and has established itself as a trustworthy brand. Its aim is to be the No. 1 brand in India for training and conferencing solutions, especially interactive display units and unified communication solutions.

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