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Powerful, Soulful & Artistic #SMWMumbai

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PC : SMWMumbai                           

Once upon a time Media meant the One & Only ' Block-Buster ' ( the pun is intended for Block-Printing ) Print Media. With the rise of Radio and Television, Electronic Media surpassed the Monopoly of Newspapers, Magazines etc. Today's Android generation would not even believe the fact that, just a few years ago, in the beginning, Aakashwani and Doordarshan were the only channels for Radio and Television respectively. Now the number of channels in Electronic media outnumber the Baskin Robbins flavors.


Social Media is the latest trendsetter in succession according to the theory of  Evolution. Social Media is Omniscient , Omnipotent and Omnipresent. It basically includes Websites and Applications that enable users to create and share ( mostly Free of charge ) Content or to participate in Social Networking e.g. Orkut ( now extinct ) , Facebook , Twitter , Reddit, Blogging, Whatsapp, Tumblr, Instagram , Pintrest, Linkedin , YouTube , Viber , Snapchat , Google+ etc.

12 to 16 September 2016, September's edition of #SMW16 is happening in four globally prominent cities, Mumbai ( #smwmumbai ) , London ( #smwldn ) , Miami ( #smwmiami ), and Sao Paulo ( #smwsp ).
The whole week, the communication will revolve around the 2016 global theme The Invisible Hand

The 4th Edition Of  Social Media Week in Mumbai #SMWMumbai , a leading news platform and worldwide conference that curates and shares ideas, innovations and insights into how social media and technology are changing business, society and culture around the world started on 12th September 2016 at Hyatt Regency - Mumbai.

 #SMWMumbai is Conceptualized as well as produced by R SQUARE Consulting  a marketing services agency specializing in managing Brand Properties and providing Services - Brand Identity Consultancy & Design, Brand Activation & Events, Retail Marketing and Digital Marketing.

#SMWMumbai has an absolutely rocking team of Social Media Luminaries like Rohit Varma ( @rohitvaarma ) : Co-Founder & Managing Partner - R SQUARE Consulting, Bindu Gopinath : Managing partner - R SQUARE Consulting, Prabhakaran : President - R SQUARE Consulting, Robin Xavier : Sr Brand Associate- Digital - R SQUARE Consulting, and Page 3 Celebrity Social Star : Manish Pandey ( @join2manish ) , Blogging Partner : BlogAddaassisted by Twitteraties Arunima Singh ( @arunimasingh13 ), Pratik Telang ( @socialtelang ), Shreyas Deshmukh ( @shreyshtyle  )  , Sameer Jawle ( @sameerjawle ) , Amit Panchal  ( @AmitHPanchal  ) , Nikhil Makwana ( @nikhilhmakwana ),  Roshan Gupta  ), Ankita Wadekar ( @SmallSurprise ) , Zankrut Oza ( ) etc.

Social cause partner of #SMWMumbai 2016 is @IChangeMyCity , which cultivates and nurtures the spirit of active citizenship. 


Vivek Nayer ( CMO - Auto Division - Mahindra & Mahindra. In his key note session, " Power of Storytelling in the Landscape of New Media " , Mr, Nayer emphasized, how Stories can be brought to life when we have examples to share. A placard near blind beggar reads 'I am blind. Please Help.' A pedestrian replaces that placard with 'It's a Beautiful day and I Can't see it'. You can imagine how that changes the FORTUNE of the beggar. Yes, that's the power of effective Storytelling. Social Media is fantastic for consumer complaints. Innovation and Virality are the new ways of story telling using new media. "Even a Single Sentence Story can alter your fortune forever if right words are used "

PC : SMWMumbai

                      Lifestyle Blogger Rutavi Mehta  of PhotoKatha      
Quick Take away from Vivek Nayer's session: For Brands to tell good stories : Brand Values, Relevance , Context , Co-creation , Innovation , Topicality , Interactivity , Pictures and Videos tell the story better.
Rohit Varma ( Director- #SMWMumbai & Founder - R Square Consulting ) : Power of Community
"Communities drive brand, they drive engagement. Communities exist and we should support them. Empower the community and community will empower you. Building a community is not a tactical decision, you must stay invested. In social, being personal is very important. A well thought out social community strategy can do wonders for a brand. 


Sameer Pitalwala ( CEO & Co Founder Culture Machine ) : Data with Soul 
Stories are nothing but 'Data with Soul'. The six flavors of video content / format are as much exciting as ice cream flavors.

The Panel discussion was conceptualized by Avid Learning, "Is Social Media The New Art Gallery? with Farah Siddiqui as anchor and panelist Tushar Sethi, Jatin Kampani. Tushar Sethi of Astad Guru ,"Social media goes hand in hand from a business perspective. The supportive role of Social media, online galleries and creative collectives play in today's art eco-system. Kiran Nadar ( wife of Shiv Nadar ) is one of the largest collectors of art in the country. Social media helps me reach my target audiences in multiple ways. Jatin Kampani, "Penetration of Social media is difficult in today's time due to attention span. Everybody is an artist is what I believe. When  the volume of work is so high, online viewing enables accessibility. Instagram is your personal Art gallery. We are living in a tsunami of expressions. Social helps in re targeting and re marketing. Social media is breaking the barriers by connecting artists to audiences worldwide.

 Nirmalya Sen ( CEO Havas Worldwide Ind. ) "Making online and mainline work together?"
" An online and offline balance is very important for a successful campaign. Unless  you have got the consumer's journey right, an integrated approach won't work. Integration of Social media and mainline marketing is all about creating a journey. 

Here's the schedule of #SMWMumbai 5 Days, 60 power-packed sessions
13 September : Sessions 
#OwnThePlay - A look at how sport connects and dominates on Twitter Aneesh Madani 
"Marketing" to the (dis)connected consumer Shubhankar Nath | Pooja Jain | Abhijeet Chandan 
Everybody is a Frikking Expert. D Ramki | Prem Panicker | Ayaz Memon | Gautam Bhimani 
How not to Make a Viral Video Aditya Bhat 
Social Selling Tips Subhobroto Chakraborty 
Discovering Music, Making money out of managing or marketing music, Curation, Influencing change, artist image etc. Nikhil Udupa | Arjun Sankalia | Sahil Makhija | Roycin D'souza

14 September : Sessions
Innovations in Digital Marketing Radhesh Kanumury
Digital Marketing for Startups and Steps to Implement Samit Arora 
Personal Branding simplified in 60 minutes Kavi Arasu
Connecting humans: The visible hand of Mobile Tech Anand Virani
Social ENtreprenuership Mahendra Sharma 
Chase Ideas - Not Platforms Prabhakaran

15 Septeber : Sessions
The Science of Virality Angad Singh Manchanda 
Influencer Marketing is a Lie Lavin Mirchandani | Shubhankar Nath | Nikhil Tiwari
Social ready content! or Is your content social enough? Priyadarshi Banerjee 
The Tragedy of Inbound Marketing: A True Story Kavita Jhunjhunwala 
“Social-Path brands will not make the quantum leap” Charulata Ravi Kumar 
Crisis Cooperation Vikas Bagri
The Importance of Leverage in the Digital Age Carlton D'Silva

16 Septembert : Sessions
Marginalisation of Creativity Prahlad Kakar 
Monetisation of Digital Content Satya Raghavan 
Faces behind the Mask - Social Journey of Humans of Bombay Karishma Mehta 
Celebrity Monetisation, Engagement and Content ownership on Social media #CelebSocial Anand Desai | Atul Kasbekar | Lavin Mirchandani 
True Wanderer: Fueling 5 Years of Social Journeys Krishna Dorai 
Talent Sourcing through Social Aadil Bandukwala 
Can social intelligence soon replace conventional marketing research techniques Varun Joshua | Karthik Nagarajan | Nikhil Tiwari 
“It’s Good to be good “ KV Sridhar
User-Generated Content: New Data, Best Practices, and Concerns Prabhakaran | Namrita Mahindro | Rajat Mehta | Dr Kushal Sanghvi 
Social Media For Artists Hema Sardesai | Faridoon Shahryar | Soumini Sridhara Paul | Amit Yadav 
 6:15 PM - 6:45 PM Okay, Social Media is the greatest. But what comes next? Mahesh Murthy


Rakhi Jayashankar said...

You managed to include everything about SMW with interesting narration.


Hey Rakhi, Welcome to ' Spirit of Mumbai'. Thank you very much for appreciation.

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Hi Raj , Welcome to 'Spirit of Mumbai'. Thanks and Would like to read your version of #SMWMumbai.

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Hi Anuradha, Hope you are doing great. See you soon. Thanks.

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Good one Sujata, :) Loved it... My surname's spelling is 'Pandey'


Hey Manish , Welcome to 'Spirit Of Mumbai'. Thank you very much. And yes, the spelling mistake is rectified.

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It's a highly informative post with lively pictures telling a lot about the event. Hearty thanks for sharing.

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Shrinidhi Hande said...

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Welcome to 'Spirit Of Mumbai'. Thanks , the #SMWMumbai event was choc-a-block with latest trends/ Info about Social Media.


Hey Fitness News. Welcome to 'Spirit Of Mumbai'. You are absolutely right about Social Media and that's what we witnessed at #SMWMumbai


Yes, Shrinidhi you should attend either #SMWMumbai or the next one will be #SMWBengaluru .

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Hey Pooja, Thanks. Your peppy company and photo frenzy added extra dimension to #SMWMumbai.

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