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3rd International Film Festival & Awards‧Macao unveiled in splendour Best Actor Oscar and Golden Globe winner Nicolas Cage dazzles the red carpet

The 3rd International Film Festival & AwardsMacao was unveiled with a grand opening ceremony at the Macao Cultural Centre at 7 p.m. on 8th December. Held from 8th to 14th December, the Film Festival presents over 50 spectacular films for the audiences under the theme “A New Avenue to the World of Films” once again. Held for film industry professionals at home and abroad, the IFFAM Industry Hub will also unfold tomorrow (9th December) for the next three days.
About 800 personages marked their presence on the red carpet and gathered at the opening ceremony including Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture of the Macao Special Administrative Region Government, Alexis Tam; Executive Chairman of the China International Culture Communication Center and Honorary Advisor of the 3rd IFFAM, Long Yuxiang; Director of Macao Government Tourism Office (MGTO) and President of the 3rd IFFAM Organizing Committee, Maria Helena de Senna Fernandes; the two Executive Vice Presidents of the 3rd IFFAM Organizing Committee, namely, President of Macau Films & Television Productions and Culture Association (MFTPA), Alvin Chau and President of Cultural Affairs Bureau, Mok Ian Ian, as well as internationally-acclaimed film directors, film stars and film industry professionals from around the world. Hong Kong TV show hosts Jerry Lam and Scarlett Wong are the hosts of the opening ceremony tonight.

Star-studded opening ceremony
The opening ceremony was graced by prominent figures from the circle of films including Director of Copenhagen Pix Film Festival, Jacob Neiiendam, Director of Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival, Tiina Lokk, Director of Sydney Film Festival, Nashen Moodley, Artistic Director of Chicago International Film Festival, Mimi Plauché, Director of Busan International Film Festival, Jay Jeon, Creative Director of Mumbai International Film Festival, Smriti Kiran, and director of the film series “Along with the Gods” and IFFAM Ambassador of the year, Kim Yong-Hwa. Film stars including Talent Ambassador of the year – winner of the Oscar for Best Actor and the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor, Nicolas Cage, as well as celebrities including Hu Bing, Niu Liyan, Lin Po-Jui, Chen Hung-Chien, Wang Xuebing, Irene Wan, Kathy Yuen, Wilfred Lau, Jeana Ho, Jing Ci, Hanna Chan and others marked their glamorous appearance on the star-studded red carpet swarmed by over 100 journalists for coverage, filling the occasion with hustle and bustle.
In her address at the opening ceremony, Director of Macao Government Tourism Office (MGTO) and President of the 3rd IFFAM Organizing Committee, Maria Helena de Senna Fernandes, remarked that being a member of the city cluster in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, Macao is resolute on the path to become a world centre of tourism and leisure. IFFAM will fully capitalize on the city’s competitive strengths and deliver the best in its role, to make an impact for Macao’s film, cultural and creative and tourism industries with an incessant momentum to move towards a sustainable future. She added that the Organizing Committee aspires to forge IFFAM into an East and West cultural exchange platform across borders and generations.

Opening performance features locally-composed songs
The opening performance of the 3rd IFFAM is a musical created by a team of local talent. Macao singers Kane Ao Ieong and Josie Ho gave their best performances in the musical. The story revolves around a boy named Wa Jai, who was born and raised in Macao. Deeply in love with films since as a child, he dreamed to become a film director and tell the story of Macao in films to show to audiences around the world. One day, a mysterious girl suddenly came to him, giving him every encouragement he needed for his pursuit of the dream. The scene of the musical was then transported to the opening ceremony, where the characters presented the posters of all the films screened in this year’s IFFAM and the short films of Local View Power.

Following the musical, the opening ceremony was officiated by Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture of the Macao SAR Government, Alexis Tam; Spouse of Chief Executive of the Macao SAR, Winnie Fok; Executive Chairman of the China International Culture Communication Center and Honorary Advisor of the 3rd IFFAM, Long Yuxiang; Director of the Propaganda and Culture Department of the Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in the Macao SAR, Wan Sucheng; Director of the Department of Public Diplomacy and Information of the Office of the Commissioner of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China in the Macao SAR, Zheng Xinyou; Jury members of IFFAM, Mabel Cheung, Paul Currie, Tillotama Shome, and Danis Tanović; Talent Ambassador Nicolas Cage; MGTO Director and President of the 3rd IFFAM Organizing Committee, Maria Helena de Senna Fernandes; MFTPA President and Executive Vice President of the 3rd IFFAM Organizing Committee, Alvin Chau, and Artistic Director of IFFAM, Mike Goodridge, among others.

IFFAM Ambassador Kim Yong-Hwa, Talent Ambassadors Nicolas Cage and Lim Yoon A were presented tokens of appreciation by the Organizing Committee during the opening ceremony.
Opening film “Green Book” radiant with splendour
Adapted from a true story, the Opening Film “Green Book” starring Viggo Mortensen and Mahershala Ali was directed by Peter Farrelly. The film revolves around a story between an Italian-American bouncer and a black pianist on a concert tour from Manhattan to the Southern United States in the 1960s. The film highlights their friendship amid the looming threats of racism, a social issue confronted by people back in the old days. Aside from winning the People’s Choice Award in the 2018 Toronto International Film Festival, the two actors are considered as highly potential candidates for the Oscars for Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor in 2019. In addition, the film garnered 5 nominations for the 76th Golden Globe Awards, to be held next year, proving its extraordinary talents.

Confluence of entertainment, interchange and trade talks
54 remarkable Chinese and Western films are screened through IFFAM’s various sections including Competition, New Chinese Cinema, Gala, Flying Daggers, Best of Fest, Director’s Choice, Special Presentations and others besides during the opening and closing evenings. 14 film entries of Local View Power are also presented to the audiences.

Starting tomorrow (9th December) until 11th December, the IFFAM Industry Hub will be attended by over 240 film industry professionals from 31 countries and regions. As part of the IFFAM Industry Hub, the Macao Forum will offer a lively platform for multilateral exchange among worldwide film industry professionals, facilitating active sharing of viewpoints among participants on designated topics. On the other hand, the IFFAM Project Market will bring together 14 new film projects in search of investors, distributors or partnerships. A judging panel will select winners of the Best Project Award (top award), Creative Excellence Award, Best Co-production Award and Macao Spirit Award among the film projects, to be presented in the Project Market Awards Ceremony on 11th December. The IFFAM Industry Hub has also launched a programme of Work-in-progress Presentations this year, inviting filmmakers to present their film projects which are completed or close to completion, helping them to seek partnership opportunities for their film projects with regard to post-production and so forth.

This year, IFFAM offers full support once again to Local View Power, a programme organized by the Macao Cultural Centre. 14 outstanding film entries of Local View Power are divided for three public screening sessions at the Theatre of the Macau Tower Convention and Entertainment Centre.

For more information about the 3rd International Film Festival & AwardsMacao, please visit:

Website of the 3rd International Film Festival & AwardsMacao: http://www.iffamacao.com/

The launch of new treatment for Parkinson’s in India

-        Nanavati Super Speciality Hospital in collaboration with Parkinson’s Center of Excellence,Kings College, London launch the revolutionary new modality for the treatment of Parkinson’s for the first time in India -   Apomorphine PEN & PUMP launches in India


Parkinson’s disease is one of the common neurodegenerative disease affecting the people over the age of 55 years.Parkinson’s is characterized by slowness, stiffness and tremors is a special neurodegenerative disorder with very few therapeutic options available. In India, the prevalence of this disease advances between the age of 70-79. It is caused by dopamine deficiency which is a chemical neuro transmitter in the brain mainly in the centers controlling the mobility. Nanavati Super Speciality Hospital in association with Kings College, London have launched the revolutionary treatment that will change the way Parkinson’s has been treated in IndiaApomorphine Pen & Pump, the treatment that will radically change the life of a Parkinson’s patient will now be available in India. The treatment was launched by our Chief Guest – Honorable Health Minister of Maharashtra -Dr. Deepak Sawant and Guest of Honour – Padmashri. PareshRawal, Actor and M.P

Apomorphine is a highly selective Dopamine receptor stimulator, which promotes the release of dopamine in the brain from the nerve cells, that is otherwise absent. Dr. Rajendra Patankar, COO, Nanavati Super Speciality Hospitalspeaking on the launch of the radical treatment ofParkison’s says, “Apomorphine is a revolutionary breakthrough to treat the Parkinson’s patients. Associating with the prestigious King’s College, London has been an honor for us. As a healthcare provider, we would like to commit ourselves to improve the healthcare in India and bring in such great advancements in the field on medicine to India.” 

The pen and pump treatment is an effective alternative for those who do not want to undergo DBS. According to Dr. Neeta Shah, Consultant Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorders Specialist, Nanavati Super Specialty Hospital, Mumbai,“Parkinson’s disease in advance stage is a challenge to treat. Patient suffer from progression in symptoms and side effects of increasing dosages of standard medications. We need some novel way to treat this. This treatment will be a boon for such patients.” Speaking about the launch, Dr. Vinod Metta, Movement Disorders Specialist from London, UK, who is leading one of biggest set of patients on Apomorphine in United Kingdom, told that Apomorphine pens work dramatically with giving benefits to patients within couple of minutes and are very similar to usage that of Insulin Pens.

Put your fellow women ahead of party- fight for the women's reservation bill- Sharad Pawar

High-time legislations passed for women's reservation- Sharad Pawar

Transgender leaders, ex-mayor, NGO's and political parties fight for women's reservation

In a cross-party workshop, leading up to the Silver Jublilee celebration of the passage of the women's policy in Maharashtra in 1994, the architect of the women's policy, Sharad Pawar appealed to the women of all parties to come together and make a difference.

The function was attended by women across party lines and across discplines- symbolising the unified oneness of women: Neelam Gorhe, Nirmala Samant Prabhawalkar, Firoza Banu, Vandana Chavan, Shubha Raul, Vaidehi Wadhav and Vikram Ramesh Shinde among others.

"I appeal to all women in all political parties to come together to get the women's reservation bill passed in the Parliament. Women from all walks of life must raise their voices in support of the Bill,"said Sharad Pawar.

The dignitaries kept their speech brief, with Nirmala Samant Prabhavalkar making a strong point, "Why should women be the recipient of welfare, when it is her fundamental right."
Dr Neelam Gorhe said, "There is an actual impact because of the women's policy, on the ground. Change has happened and all of us sitting in this room are proof of that."

"Maharashtra was the first state to get 30% reservation for women in government jobs. Right to Education must be extended to 16 or 18 years, child marriages are happening in Pune as well. Working Women's hostels are needed and the  Vishakha judgement has been put in the act," said MP Vandana Chavan, adding that the UN SDGs, refer to this category of goals to include women and girls, not just women.

Dr. Fauzia Khan invites women to create a blueprint for a women's policy for the next 45 years that would be taken to the state and the centre.

Supriya Sule summed up the event, saying that these 'Mahila Dhoran' must be held in every Zilla. 
The organisers have created a separate email id mahiladhoran@gmail.com where anybody can send written suggestions to be incorporated in the blueprint which is under creation.

United Sisters Foundation organised the 5 kms Reebok Fearless! Run in association with Mumbai Police

To support and promote the seventh edition of Bajaj Electricals Mumbai Pinkathon 2018 presented by COLORS

In 1966, James Brown sang “It’s a man’s man’s world”, and while the man was a lyrical genius, United Sisters Foundation 
organised the 5 kms Reebok Fearless! Run in association with Mumbai Police at the Asiatic Library, Horniman Circle, Mumbai to remind the world that it is no longer 1966, and we are here to inspire change. The REEBOK FEARLESS! RUN is a midnight run of 5 kms and organised to make all public spaces equally accessible for everyone. The run is a symbol of reclamation, empowerment, and the start of a new movement. The purpose of the Fearless Run is twofold- to inspire a change of thought in every individual and the second to begin a cultural revolution. It was also organised to support and promote the seventh edition of Bajaj Electricals Mumbai Pinkathon 2018 presented by COLORS being held on Sunday, 16th December 2018 at MMRDA Ground, Next to One BKC Building, BKC. Online registrations are open on www.pinkathon.in

One of the most common concerns women across the globe have while stepping out to run or exercise is safety. Over 500 women participated in the Second Edition of Reebok Fearless! Run to prove their solidarity and showcase their ‘fearless’ nature by running together at midnight. This was their way of reclaiming their space and owning the roads. The run demonstrated passion for a healthy lifestyle, love for freedom and respect towards one’s body. S.K. Jaiswal, Commissioner of Mumbai Police and Milind Soman flagged off the Reebok Fearless Midnight run at the stroke of midnight.

At the flag-off, Pinkathon Mentor Milind Soman highlighted the importance of being careful while being fearless and reaching out to support groups like the police, where required. He further said “We have organised the Reebok Fearless! Run for the second time in Mumbai. I am delighted with the overwhelming response from women and the support from Mumbai Police. Over 150 police were deployed to provide security and to ensure that the girls could run fearlessly. Ever since we have introduced this novel run for women, it has become the main highlight of Pinkathon. For too long women everywhere have been asked to conform to society’s narrow views of dos and don’ts, behaviour, dress and timing. Any woman seen out after a particular time is immediately judged and stereotyped. Sometimes they are punished. This happens in every village, every town, and every city. Women have an equal right to be where ever they want, at whatever time they choose to and however, they may choose to dress. FEARLESS is an endeavour to get women to make a strong statement about their right to reclaim spaces. Every woman who believes in herself, should celebrate that belief. FEARLESS is not a protest, it is a statement of fact, a call to solidarity. Women run, walk and celebrate themselves and reclaim the night in a strong statement of affirmation of who they are, and what they must do, to feel safe and secure. FEARLESS is the platform we have created for them to exercise this choice. It is important to be fearless but not careless. It doesn't matter whether you are running or walking during the day or night, what you are wearing, whether you are in India or abroad. Stay alert, be smart and don't let fear be a deterrent.”

Mr S. K. Jaiswal, IPS, Commissioner of Police, Mumbai said “Women are strong personalities and nothing should stop them from being where they want to be, wearing what they wish to wear and saying what needs to be said. It’s time for them to reclaim what is rightfully theirs; home, office and roads. We, police as well as citizens, need to change the pre-conceived notions and mindset. Mumbai Police will stand by every initiative that respects the prowess of women & reiterates the safety parameters of Mumbai.”

Every woman who becomes a part of the Reebok Fearless! Run, learns that all spaces are theirs to be claimed and it is time to forego the stereotype of a woman being confined to the indoors after dark. The Police are always there to protect us, but it is our duty as citizens to do everything we can to help them. As long as guidelines are followed and appropriate precautions are taken on a personal level, there are no spaces that cannot be explored, no avenue that cannot be touched, and no one that can be stopped from exercising their free will.

With this step of the Reebok Fearless! Run, we hope that this picture of women standing their ground permeates through society and this restriction of not being allowed to move freely after midnight is quashed.

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Costa Cruises – Celebrates 3rd Season of Homeporting in the Indian Waters : Cost Neo Riviera

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Tell me your Dreams , I will tell you how to realize your dream , right here , right now ! Would you love to vacation on a floating palace ? Do you like to take along your kids free of charge ? Do you wish to experience Italy in India ? Do you want to taste traditional Italian cuisine ? Would you crave for  Casino, Theatre, Disco dancing , night parties , Spa , Jacuzzi ... all these and much more on board Neo-Riviera - Costa Cruises

• 4 nights Mumbai – Kochi to start from December 2018
• 3 nights Kochi – Maldives to start from December 2018
• 7 nights Maldives - Mumbai to start from December 2018

Europe’s No 1 cruising company, Costa Cruises, is commencing its India season for the 3rd time with the arrival of its ship, Costa neoRiviera at the Mumbai International cruise terminal today. 

The Mumbai home port starting today, was celebrated in the presence of Shri. Vinod Tawde, Minister School Education, Sports and Youth Welfare, Hon'ble Minister of State, Water Resources, Ms Stefania Costanza, Consul General of Italy, Shri. Sanjay Bhatia, Chairman of Mumbai Port Trust, Mr.Ashish Kumar Singh, Principal Secretary Transport and Ports, other senior Government officials, Marco Salvatico, Director, MICE & India Business Development, Costa Cruises and Smt. Nalini Gupta, Managing Director, Lotus Destinations, Representative of Costa Cruises in India.

The event kicked off with an announcement of the sailing of Costa neoRiviera from Mumbai to Maldives via Cochin for the 3rd season. The sailings are from 08th December 2018 to 16th March 2019. This is the 3rd season that Costa Cruises will be homeporting in Indian waters and is the only international cruise liner in India to offer regular cruises directly from Mumbai to Maldives, confirming its strong interest in proactively developing the Indian cruise market.

This year Costa Cruises, has deployed its ship, Costa neoRiviera which will begin its first sailing from Mumbai with a Indian Wedding. The built-in infrastructure on the ship makes it particularly easy for groups to hold large events in one location. This classic cruise ship has a total of 654 cabins, including sea view cabins and suites with private balconies. With around 670 crew attending to approx. 1,700 passengers, the ship maintains its exclusivity and provides dedicated services to guests. Fully-equipped with a Casino, Theatre, Disco, Ballroom, Grand Bar, it aims to provide plenty in entertainment from Magic shows, operas and dancers that will captivate even the most well-travelled folks with spectacular performances.

The ship prides itself in serving up a culinary feast, catering to different dietary needs. Italian food is a speciality, with provision made to ensure customisation towards the Indian market by providing Indian & Jain meals. The wellness centre is spread across 1,300 sq. m with a gym, treatment rooms, sauna and steam room. It also has an outdoor jogging track, 4 Jacuzzis and 2 swimming pools. For those who would like to go shopping, the cruise ship has a duty-free shopping centre, and also offers a wide selection of books in the library for book lovers.

Massimo Brancaleoni, SVP Worldwide Sales, Costa Crociere, said keeping in mind the demand for cruises which is set to grow from India, Costa Cruises in 2019, will be bringing in an even larger ship, Costa Victoria with guest capacity of 2300 passenger. This has been in line with Costa Cruises being leaders in recognizing opportunities in new markets and paving the roads in fulfilling the same.
Sanjay Bhatia Chairman Mumbai Port added “Cruise Tourism is a niche travel segment and its demand is expanding amongst Indians. Observing this trend, we have planned to encourage Cruise Tourism by inviting cruise liners to explore Indian waters. I am thankful to our Minister who acknowledged and supported our efforts to boost Cruise Tourism”.

Nalini Gupta, Managing Director, Lotus Destinations, GSA Costa cruise India, says “this is exciting times to be in the cruising industry in India. I am quite confident, every Indian who experiences cruising with neoRiviera, will take away nostalgic memories with them”



TIBLS 2018 ends on a high note, witness an array of industry stalwarts

The grand corporate event ‘The India Brand Licensing summit’ 2018 ended on a high note with more than 100 attendees attending the conference at Mumbai’s Grand Hyatt on December 5.
The event featured who’s who from the brand and retail space exploring the driving factors and changing dynamics of the India brand licensing sector such as Celebrity Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi, Renowned designer Krsna Mehta, Ms. Smita Maroo (Sr.VP- Shemaroo Entertainment )Samir Jain (Executive Director and COO – Green Gold Animation), Sanjay Dhar (ACK Media President), Prasad Kapre (CEO and Director of Style Quotient Jewellery which manages ‘Being Human Jewellery’, Permendra Singh (Head - Consumer Products at Mattel India), Manish Mandhana (CEO of Mandhana Industries which handles Being Human) among others.
On TIBLS, unveiling the logo of his new initiative, chef Harpal Singh Sokhi launched his licensing programme comprising of home décor and kitchenware appliances.
During the entertainment segment, favourite animated character mascots such as Chhota Bheem and friends – Mighty Raju and Chutki, Garfield, and Sinchan enthralled their moves.
Founder and CEO of Licensing Corner Rutika Malaviya and Vishal Sinha (thought leader from the brand licensing sector) launched the ‘BAIL’ logo to foster the growth of licensing in India.
BAIL is an association created by the industry stalwarts and thought leaders, who has relevant experience and understanding about the brand licensing industry in the Indian market.
Commenting on the newly formed association, Rutika said, “We are trying to educate the people about licensing. The association will help with the IP solutions. The industry grows together when everybody worked together, it’s a teamwork. Licensing is still growing in India.”
Shemaroo had recently launched its Bollywood merchandise initiative — Yedaz. Sharing more details on the sidelines of the event, Smita Maroo (Senior VP – Animation, Kids Digital, Licensing, and Merchandising -- Shemaroo Entertainment) said, "Shemaroo has been in the entertainment industry from plus 50 years and recently we have launched Bollywood based merchandise called Yedaz. It is essential anything about Bollywood to hold a piece of it in favorite characters or dialogues our daily life either it's your favorite movie or favorite characters, you can buy a merchandise of it and can use in your daily life.”
Commenting on how Chhota Bheem becomes India’s favourite animated character, Samir Jain (Executive Director and COO of Green Gold Animation -- Chhota Bheem) said, “Chhota Bheem is India’s favourite toon character. It’s been on the air for the last 10 years. I would attribute Chhota Bheem’s popularity to the connection, storytelling, and kids’ entertainment content.”
National Basketball Association (NBA’s) Siddharth Chury said exclusively to Licensing Corner that NBA cafes are coming soon in India. Siddharth is the Senior Director, Global Merchandising and Licensing - NBA India. He said to Licensing Corner, “Sports licensing scenario in India is extremely phenomenal. There are lots of sports properties which are coming up at the foray and are trying licensing and merchandising.”
Tinkle had recently collaborated with Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma’s Nush to leverage its character – Suppandi. Commenting of more associations, Sanjay Dhar (ACK Media President) said to LC, “We are relatively new to licensing and merchandising business. We realize that there is a very strong nostalgia and feeling of love and affection from older generations as well. Keeping in mind both the generations, we are launching new initiatives.”
Being Human – The Salman Khan Foundation had recently partnered with Mumbai-based Style Quotient Jewellery Private Ltd. to introduce Being Human Jewellery’s first exclusive franchise store in Chandigarh.
Salman Khan’s original signature bracelet to be out soon in India, said, Prasad Kapre (CEO and Director of Style Quotient Jewellery) exclusively to Licensing Corner. Kapre said, “We are planning to release the product on Salman Khan’s birthday, which is on December 27.”
The event was powered by Shemaroo Entertainment in association with Green Gold Animation.
The event was conceptualized by Licensing Corner and executed by Rooh entertainment, CEO Editor-in-chief, Rutika Malaviya, who was also a former LIMA (The International Licensing Industry Merchandiser’s Association) Official Representative in India.
The India Brand Licensing Summit was founded in September 2017 with a vision to bring together thought leaders and executives from all segments of brand licensing and retail to discuss the trends that will shape the future of our industry.

Wockhardt Hospital organizes ‘Doing it the Right way’- the right approach in healthcare

6th Annual Conference of Wockhardt Group Hospitals

Ø  2 day program with participants from across major hospitals across the country in association with Indian Medical Association (IMA), Association of Medical Consultants (AMC)
Ø  Covered wide range of challenging issues in medication management, infection prevention & control, data use & misuse, IT and much more

Doing it the right way in healthcare comes with no options, it has to be perfectly right- the perfect way.Wockhardt hospitala reputed chain of tertiary care super specialty hospitals in its 6th Annual Conference focussed on the right approach in healthcare- ‘Doing it the right way’.
The conference was conducted in association with Indian Medical Association (IMA)-Mira-Bhayender and Association of Medical Consultants (AMC)-Mumbai.
It was inaugurated by Ms. Zahabiya Khorakiwala, Managing Director, Wockhardt Hospitals in the presence of senior leadership of Wockhardt Hospitals - Mr. Anupam Verma, President and Dr. Clive Fernandes Group Clinical Director.
The two day conference witnessed industry experts from across the country delivering lectures on wide range of challenging issues in medication management, infection prevention & control, data use & misuse, IT and much more. These were discussed through numerous didactics, panel discussion, workshops and engagement activities like poster competition.
Commenting on the initiative, Zahabiya Khorakiwala, Managing Director, Wockhardt Hospitals, said, “Healthcare is expanding; digitally, technologically and with innovations. In all the development it becomes very important to follow a right practise by all ways and means in all the departments and is consistent throughout the healthcare sector. The conference ‘Doing it the right way’ is to bring a consistency and similarity in the practices with the right approach and attitude. Life Wins - is our ultimate goal providing quality care and safety to the patients”
Mr. Anupam Verma, President, Wockhardt Hospitals, commented, “While many may be aware about the daily and hygiene practices in healthcare, it is a mandate to know and practice the right way and not just follow the routine. Doing it in a perfectly right way is the only option.”
Dr. Clive Fernandes, Group Clinical Director, Wockhardt Group Hospitals, said, “With advancements in healthcare it is important to keep ourselves updated and share our knowledge with fellow healthcare providers. With this conference we intend to share with participants how to always do it right because we believe that doing it the right way is not a skill, it is an attitude and our endeavour through this conference is to help participants develop that attitude.”
Guidance on various healthcare topics were given by Ms Kornelia Fiausch, Joint Commission International, Dr. B K Rana, CEO-QAI, Mr John Yoon, MD-Joint Commission International (Singapore), Mr Anil Jauhari, CEO-NABCB, Dr. Girdhar Gyani, Director General AHPI, Dr Harish Nadkarni, CEO, NABH, Dr Alexander Thomas, President, AHPI and key opinion leaders including CEOs and COO from across the healthcare industry
Multiple sessions and panel discussions were held covering the entire range of topics and included speakers from Nanavati Hospital, Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital, HCG Hospital, Narayana Hrudayalaya, Global Hospital, Aster Hospital, Alexis Hospital, Peerless Hospital, Columbia Asia Hospital, PD Hinduja Hospital, Orange City Hospital and many more.

New Year’s Eve in Rio is an explosion of joy

Copacabana beach, one of the most famous and beautiful benchmarks in Brazil, has historically received Olympic competitions, a free Rolling Stones concert and even a mass celebrated by Pope Francis, but it is on December 31st that, every year, it lives its most glamorous moment: the New Year’s fireworks. The party gathers about 2 million cariocas and tourists on the sands and boats that fill the sea.
The fun and the excitation, not to mention the excellent temperature, make the New Year’s night in Rio de Janeiro a global phenomenon. There are popular parties on virtually the entire seafront of the town, with fireworks and musical attractions, but Copacabana holds the highlight of the party. The countdown is the cue to an explosion of happiness, followed by a 15-minute bliss, when cariocas and tourists are glazed over by the non-stop explosion of fireworks.
The party in Copacabana is well organized with stages and big screens set up on the sands, security and a great infrastructure, where several artists perform special New Year’s concerts. At the same time, several parties shake up the night in the city. Most of them offer all inclusive services with drinks and food included, as well as concerts and DJs. The most crowded ones are in the outskirts of Copacabana and offer the chance to see the fireworks.
Check out some of the options and set up your schedule
Réveillon White Rooftop 2019 - It will be an over-12-hour-long festival in the Lagoon, in Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas, with an all-inclusive service and several simultaneous dance floors, and all that overlooking the Copacabana beach fireworks, the statue of Christ, the Redeemer, the Pedra da Gávea and the Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas. For more information, visit: www.whiterooftop.com.br

Réveillon do Morro 2019 - Morro da Urca, which is part of the Sugarloaf complex, holds one of the most crowded parties, with one of the most dazzling scenarios. On the 31st, the open bar and food party will host over seven DJs and the drum section of Mangueira Samba School, as well as surprise attractions. 
For more information, visit: www.reveillondomorro.com.br
Rio Réveillon - Held in Jockey Club Brasileiro for 12 years, this party usually gathers 3,000 people. Overlooking Copacabana’s and Lagoa’s fireworks, it is an all-you-can-eat-and-drink kind of party, and it also has a kids’ area. Some of the attractions are: baile do Sapucapeta, the drum section of Mangueira Samba School, Groove Box and DJs. For more information, visit: www.rioreveillon.com.br

Réveillon Cheers 2019 - The party takes up Mansão Botafogo, in Botafogo, in the South Side of Rio. With two scenes, being one electronic and the other focused on popular music, it offers an all-you-can-eat-and-drink buffet. You can also leave the party along with a group of Carnaval dancers to watch the fireworks on the beach and return to party all night until the sun comes up. For more information, visit: www.reveilloncheersrio.com.br

Bailinho da Virada - The famous party is back, and now celebrating its first New Year’s Eve edition. The venue will the Museum of Modern Art (MAM), in the South Zone, with a view to the fireworks display from neighboring beach, Flamengo Beach, and from Icaraí Beach, in Niterói, on the other side of the Guanabara Bay. In addition to the New Year’s Eve dinner and breakfast, guests will get to enjoy 12 hours of a lot of music played by Djs in two dance floors. Open bar, of course. The first floor of MAM will have a beach look, with beach chairs and mats, a shower to cool off and towels available. For more information, visit: https://www.ingressocerto.com/bailinho-da-virada

‘Tour to Feast’ powered by Cox & Kings set to redefine Culinary Tourism

~ Introduces unique culinary tours in India crafted by hand-picked food experts ~

 Indian cuisine is as diverse as the country itself. Each state has a distinctive culinary journey that reflects the rich cultural identity and fascinating history of India.  Tour to Feast, powered by Cox & Kings was launched to introduce travelers to unique handcrafted delicious journeys across India’s most popular culinary destinations, with a slice of history. Each of these journeys is designed and accompanied by hand-picked experts who will take travelers through the evolution of the indigenous cuisines of each region.

Speaking at the launch, Debolin Sen, Head, Tour to Feast said, “Our distinctly crafted tours take travellers beyond just restaurant tastings, give a taste of a region’s culture through its cuisine. Whether you want to taste food through bazaars, food walks or home dining experiences, cook like a local or just curious to know about the origins of the most celebrated cuisines, we have all that covered under Tour to Feast which promises to offer authentic culinary experiences like no one else.”

Karan Anand, Head, Relationships, Cox & Kings said, “India is a haven for food lovers and each regions culture can be best introduced through its food. We see a substantial increase in the number of tourists integrating culinary tours as part of their travel experiences. In India, each state has unique flavors, delectable cuisines and such amazing stories of bygone eras and their influence on food - the richness of these experiences needs to be presented in a very unique way and through a niche offering like Tour to Feast.”

To begin with, Tour to Feast will offer journeys across the most popular culinary destinations in India like Mumbai, Delhi, Lucknow, Varanasi, Jaipur, Agra and Goa. Travellers can choose from an array of customized culinary holidays.

Tour to Feast – Custom-made Itineraries

-          Feast On lets you experience each destination to its fullest — from its historical monuments and bustling markets to cooking classes and sit-down meals with local chefs. This tour is for the traveller who doesn’t want to miss out on any of a destination’s diverse offerings, culinary or otherwise.

-          Cook like a Local is for those who enjoy or want to learn how to cook a region’s cuisine and get a deeper understanding of the produce on offer. Expect a mix of cooking classes and demonstrations by local chefs and home cooks, market and farm tours, and fun cocktail workshops.

-          Forgotten Worlds plunges travellers into a bygone era via heritage trails, cooking classes, home-dining experiences featuring forgotten recipes, and dying regional art forms. Hop on board to discover the heart of a destination, and understand what it was like before commercialisation took over.

-          Foodscapes takes one through the various culinary pockets that make up a destination, giving a deeper understanding of the communities that call it home. Meet locals and learn quintessential home-style recipes, set out on heritage trails, and enjoy street food walks served with a slice of history.

-          Eat Retreat is for those who want to get away from the rush hours and the pollution of a city and enjoy the gifts that nature has to offer. Indulge in organic farming activities, spice plantation tours, rustic meals, cooking workshops, and even yoga and meditation sessions.

For more details.log on to www.tourtofeast.com

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