Friday, November 28, 2014


          Hum bolega, toh bologe ki bolta hain ! Phir bhi  #AbMontuBolega  

          Now, enough is enough , it's time to gather the courage, stand up and SPEAK UP ! 

          Why not ? It's up to us , all Indians , irrespective of caste, creed, gender, religion, language, race. If and only if we bury our differences and join our hands together in national spirit, we can be the prosperous, leading and most developed nation. We have the talent, resources and will-power to be the most powerful nation... "Saare Jahan se Achcha Hindostaa hamara"

          Cleanliness is next to Godliness. Majority of Indians are religious by nature. Each and every religion preaches cleanliness. So why not? In the name of God, If we really believe, have faith in the god , for God's sake let's keep our India clean. Let's voice our concern. Let's speak Up! #AbMontuBolega. 

          'Ab Montu Bolega' is a program run by RECKITT BENCKISER (INDIA) LTD. It consists 1. People's voice on Twitter and Facebook, where we can connect with Montu. 2. #MakeInIndia 3. #SwachhBharatAbhiyan 4. #ISL  5. #ShameGame . Through these hashtags we can express our self fully. Strepsils gives us healthy voice to Speak Up. 

          We as a family, keep our homes sparkling clean. Let's increase the radius of our family to our society / complex / apartment buildings. Slowly and steadily, we should include the streets and neighboring localities in our extended family. The government authorities starting from Gram Panchayat, Zilla Parishad, Municipal Corporations , State Government leading up to Central Governments will sure to cooperate with manual as well as mechanical resources. 

          I know, it sounds preachy and hard to practice. Still it's possible, with an excellent Guide and marvelous Motivation . We the elders can set great examples to the children by our disciplined behavior in private as well as public places. We must prohibit ourselves from littering, so that the children would follow in our footsteps. 

         We always praise foreign countries such as U.S.A., U. K., Germany , Switzerland, France, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong for their awe-inspiring cleanliness. Why can not we emulate them? When we reside there, we follow all the rules and regulations. But as soon as we return to India, we become Ugly Indians, littering in public places. Let's change our mentality , 'Bhala uski kameez mere kameez se jyada safed kaisi? '. Instead of whining and complaining, Let's Discuss ! Keep Calm and Speak Up. 

          We Indians can make our great nation , one of the most powerful, modern and cleanest nation on the earth by actively as well as passively campaigning for "Swach Bharat". We similar minded Indians can convert India of our dreams into reality. what if some anti-social elements keep on littering and wasting our efforts ? It's high time to mobilize our campaign , strength and will-power to overpower the trouble-makers. Let's speak up, raise our voices against the gundagiri. 

             Kyuki Bin Bole Ab Nahi Chalega #AbMontuBolega


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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Celebrate the Diva In You

                   Cent-Percent marks to you all for guessing this right. I received this Beautilicious Gift-Hamper from MarksAndSpencer  as a winner of Facebook contest by MarksandSpencer  at Infinity Mall - Malad .
                   I had participated in "Celebrate the Diva In You" contest . My winning entry was as follows : 

Sujata Tawde Marks and Spencer India The fragrance " Bohemia " evaluates my dashing persona of being a true blue journalist . My sense of power-dressing for the prestigious conferences / interviews gives me immense confidence makes me feel like a Diva forever and ever 

                   Next , I received the invitation :

Hi Sujata,

Congratulations on winning an exclusive invitation to celebrate the Diva In You.
The event will be a special Live Talk Show hosted by the gorgeous Tisca Chopra, dedicated to expert advice on lingerie, beauty and most importantly, the Diva in You.
Date: 15 November 2014
Time : 1 p.m.12 noon
Venue: Marks & Spencer Lingerie & Beauty store, Infinity, Malad West
Feel free to bring along a friend or a family member with you. This invite is valid for 2 female guests only.

See you there!

Warm regards
Team MarksandSpencers.

As soon as I entered MarksAndSpencer Beauty store, I was greeted by these lovely girls. They draped a 'Celebrate-Diva-In-You' satin-sashay around my shoulder, instantly transforming me into a beauty-pageant.

The whole store was decorated as if Diwali's Dhanteras day. Even the mannequins, the assorted cosmetics, lingerie were accompanied by Lilies of the valley. I was ushered towards a flower-decked dais.

 The fashionistas  in the audience were exchanging pleasantries with each other. Some were sipping the sparkling vine, while others were guzzling Orange / Pineapple juices. The waiters were serving horse-devours on a loop. Overall the whole atmosphere was that of a friendly-get-to-gather in a stylish bistro. The Bar-setup was sky-rocketing  the chic-quotient.

The MC started the event with a rapid-fire-Q-contest. Ms. Preeti won the gift-hamper. Next rapid-fire round was won by Ms. Smita. The audience applauded for both Diva's.

 Now the star hostess Ms. Tisca Chopra took the center-stage. She interacted with Dr. Vinu Kriplani about various beauty treatments. Dr. Vinu gave solutions for the numerous skin-related problems of audience.

Beauty-Expert Ms Jharna Shah's whole persona was so enchanting that gorgeous Ms. Tisca gushed 'Hi Jharna , you look like a super-model. And then she proceeded in revealing quite an interesting beauty-secrets-tips for the eager audience.

                   All of us received a free make-over from the beauticians of Jharna Shah beauty academy. We feasted on tiny cup-cakes, cheese-balls, beetroot-sweets, toast-sandwiches, real-fruit juices and last but not the least ... sparkling vines. 

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Forever Kid

                It's the lunchtime and my office-colleagues are thumping the conference table to the beats of 'Char bottle vodka' , while I am busy rhyming ' Five Little Monkeys' to the same tune . It matches oh... so effortlessly. I am sure Honey Sing... sorry YoYo has got the inspiration from my old-mate-monkeys. 

                 We , the resident-imps of Mithanagar Colony always danced our way to glory on the beds. But alas , our mothers misinterpreted our delicate dance steps as 'Break-d-Bed-in-advance'. No wonder then, our favorite Karaoke-lyric was " Five Little Monkeys "

.... We started off with five little Pinkies ( girls ) dancing to the tune of the title song of the then famous TV serial 'Hum Paanch' . We deliberately tickled each other , to lose balance and fell off the bed. As soon as one of us fell down , we used to shout 'Four little Pinkies jumping on the bed'.

                 This game lasted till the last Pinky fell off the bed and then we used to holler 'Let those Pinkies break the bed'. All the while we made sure , none of us got injured or else...   

                 .... Now my office colleagues have changed the track and they are joking about the famous dialogues in Bollywood movies. And the crown goes to ' Aaj mere paas gadi hain , bungla hai ... Tere paas kya hain?' . One smart alec answers 'Mere paas tera CR hain'. 

                 This again takes me down memory lane ... We had this big, green-grassed Municipal Playground, which we treated as our first home. As soon as we returned from school, we used to stuff the lunch hastily so that we can rush to the garden. 

                 We had divided the ground in parts as if we were the landlords. The real game would start, once we had decided on which part, belonged to whom with which trees and animals. Just to showoff our living-stock wealth , we would mimic different animal-sounds eg. quack-quack , moo-moo, bow-wow etc. Here the nursery rhyme "Old MacDonald Had a Farm " came in handy to show of more and more animals on our farmlands. 


           Many a times we would impersonate different animals and fight among ourselves to show off our strengths. Thanks god, I mean mothers for feeding us healthy home-made food. We enjoyed out-door games and loved natural surroundings.

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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

A Healthy child makes a Happy Home

                Happy Home is not just the posh bungalow  made up of marbles, located at the beach but the Family that lives happily forever in it.

    Happiness is the result of holistic Health. Health of the whole family , especially the children is most sought after by all of us.

                We Indians respect our elders and love our children to the fullest. We care for our children's health with utmost sincerity. 

    This Big bundle of JOY arrived at home on 23rd November, 2001 and since then our home has become Heaven on Earth. Our happiness is a God's blessing, so we named him Aamen, and nick-named Moonnu.

                Our children are so precious to us that we call them Sonu , Sona , Raja , Rani etc. Naturally their well-being , their health is our first and foremost priority. As soon as the pregnancy is announced , the mother is showered with love and care in double dose. Taking care of child's health starts with the onset of pregnancy. The expectant mother is given all sorts of nutritious food , vitamins , calcium , iron supplements etc. That's when Dabur Chyawanprash comes in picture , to guarantee the overall health of mother and child. 

                 The mother-to-be is given enough rest as well as exercises .The maintenance and promotion of health is achieved through physical, mental  and social well-being. We improve their health via exercise , sleep and a healthy body weight . Clean water and air, adequate space contribute to good health, especially to the health of infants and children. Scientifically, genetics play a role in determining the health status of individuals. That's why the health of Mother and Father is an important factor contributing to the child's health .

   One more health issue is malnutrition. It mostly affects young children. We feed Milk, Fruit-juices, porridge, soups etc. to children to keep them well-nourished. Healthy food guarantees healthy body and mind to our dear children. We massage them with olive-oil and bath them with ayurvedic-ubtan made of Sandal, Turmeric powder and Besan. We Indians adorn the cheek of our lil-one's with Kajal-tikka to ward off any evil-spirit. 

          Our whole life-style changes according to the child's. We get up early in the morning, so that we can devote more time to child's daily-routine. The KadiNimb pattas are soaked into the child's bath-water for increasing his immunity. The Nilgiri / Eucalyptus oil guards the children as well as adults from common cold. Pure coconut oil is applied on the head for black , silky hair. Shikakai , Amla , Ritha mixture is boiled for washing the hair. Everything natural and pure for our precious child. The Dhoop , Camphor are burnt to make the home-atmosphere fragrant and germ-free. Our home is transformed into a Mandir ( temple ) as befitting a newly arrived celebrity-baby. The whole family dances to the tunes of baby's whims and fancies. 

   The toothless smile of baby brings infinite joy to our lives. A single tear in baby's eye throws us into despair. The one and only solution for our family's happiness lies with our baby and so we take all precautions to keep our baby healthy. 

                This post is written as a part of " A Healthy child makes a Happy Home " activity with IndiBlogger and Dabur  

                               ( Pictures of my nephew Aamen clicked by myself )