Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Why Arfeen Rocks ...

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I had a FREE e-ticket for "The Secret Millionaire Seminar" of Arfeen Khan on 7th and 8th February 2015.



(On a first come first serve basis only!)

Date: 7th - 8th February, 2015
Seminar Time: 9:00am to 7:00pm     (Registration Time: 7:00am to 8:30am )
VENUE: Hall No.2A, Bombay Exhibition and Convention Center,
             NESCO, Western Express Highway,
             Goregaon East, Mumbai,
             Maharashtra 400063
- This seminar is absolutely FREE!
- To attend the seminar, you must bring printout of this    E-ticket.
- This ticket admits only one person.
- Management has right to refuse admission.
- Admission is on a first come first serve basis.
- No food will be provided at the event, we suggest you    bring your own.
- No admission after 8:30 AM.


I reached the venue ( NESCO. Goregaon-East )at 8 a.m. Saturday and was super-shocked to see Hall - 2A choc-a-block with eager participants waiting to be ushered in... 2 hours before time. I mean how many Indians turn up before time  for any event , on Saturday morning?. 

So the Arfeen Khan's "The Secret Millionaire Blueprint seminar" was a myth-buster , Path-breaker even before it started ...

I was instantly magnetized to convert my FREE ticket to General Category when I saw those solitaire worthy, life-transforming books and CDs for Rs. 2790/- only.

The Secret Millionaire Blueprint Hardcover Book (Creating Wealth Using the Law of Attraction) Worth Rs.800

You Can, You Will, It’s Your Choice Hardcover Book (A no Nonsense Approach to Transforming Your Life) Worth Rs.800

Rules For Parents Hardcover Book (A Practical Guide for Parents of Adolescent) Worth Rs.800

How to achieve Health & Vitality in Life (Create the Health and Vitality You Deserve in Your Life) Worth Rs.1500

How to achieve abundance of Wealth & Financial Freedom (Creating Wealth and Expanding Your Impact) Worth Rs.1500

How to Empower Your Relationships (Creating Lasting Love and AffectionWorth Rs.1500

WHEW! That's a lot of goodies ... for Rs. 2790/-

As I entered, actually rushed in the hall for a seminar “The Secret Millionaire Blueprint” an exclusive event to share an “underground” self-improvement technology that has never been heard by ANYONE or discussed before, I was in for a shock for second time. Why ? Have a look at the visually excited audience ...

 The audience was sort of famous Mumbai Bhel... the crunchy , spicy , delicious mix of families, couples, friends, youngsters, kids, as well as senior citizens and actors etc. All of us were on our marks... set to go for and meet Arfeen the Great . What Arfeen shared in those 2 DAYS absolutely blew us away... it’s unlike “anything” we had ever experienced before. 

You might wonder … who this Arfeen Khan is and why am I praising him so much …

Arfeen Khan… is internationally recognized as a “Bollywood's #1 Life Coach” with over 25 years of successful track record of helping 500,000 people in just about every category of business and turn their ideas into fortunes across 37 countries. His approach is refreshing amidst a world of small business owners and enriches those who act on his advice.

He has started experimenting with a little-known realm of psychology that has convinced him to have the single most powerful way to break through mental limitations, and transform people's behavioral patterns... effortlessly and automatically.

He has put together path breaking technologies combining NLP, hypnosis, subliminal programming, and the Law of Attraction in a 2 DAY program called as “The Secret Millionaire Blueprint”.

We all have a natural thinking process, however most people use this incredible thinking process to create a destructive outcome. Everything that happens in our life is a result of incorrect thinking. EVERYTHING! In the seminar , we learned how to re-program our minds in such a way that we will become a magnet that attracts wealth beyond our imagination. It is done quite effortlessly. Arfeen showed us how to do that. Nature proves that everything is in abundance and everything happens with ease.

Look around you, everything is in abundance. Everything is plentiful. If you go to the beach you will see millions of grains of sand, trees have produced fruits for millions of years in abundance, stars are in profusion, in fact God has produced everything in abundance. Naturally it is safe to assume that as humans we can also have everything in abundance. There is no scarcity. But people believe that there is scarcity and as a result they always try hard to fill the gap of their needs. If you ask them, most people will say “Money is hard to make” or “I don't have enough money” or “I don't have enough time” This is all a state of mind.


      -       If the whole world's wealth were divided equally among all people, each person would have approximately US $7,000,000.00 in cash.

      -       If the trees of the world were all cut down, there would be enough wood to provide every person in this world with a 3000 sq. ft. home.

      -       The Universe continues to expand outward, and new galaxies are continuously being created.

"Think with abundance and you will have abundance!"

Yes, some people are born to win. They may not have read the books on the strategies of success, they may never have attended a seminar on the subject of personal achievement and growth, they may never have given winning a thought, but somehow success comes to such people very naturally.

Champions do not play to lose or defend. They play only to win. No one in history had become a champion by playing defensive. Winners almost certainly always play aggressive.

This is also the material that helps build the minds of millionaires, the king-size people. Never do they try to defend their positions. They play aggressively - with just one goal in front of them - winning.

WE learnt , from Arfeen ... what is it exactly that the successful people do or think to be at the place they are today

Arfeen changed our money blueprint.  He did an exciting, interactive question and answer session with us . What have you heard since you were a child? What have you seen since you were in school? What are some specific incidents that may have shaped your money blueprint? 

1. What did you hear and how did it affect the way you feel about money? 
2. What did you see and how did it affect the way you feel about money?
3. Were there any specific incidents that occurred that affected the way you feel about money?

Arfeen transformed us into different person; He gave us an oath that we can overcome all of the negative thinking and can emerge as a person with our own original thoughts. 
we can become a millionaire with a king-sized mind. He asked us to print our announcements and display them where we can constantly see them. It will always remind us of our oath.

I am sure all of my readers would love to know more and much more about Arfeen Khan and " The Secret Millionaire Blueprint " Seminar in details.

Be prepared ... on your marks ... to read the next part of this Arfeen Khan ... series

One Two Three .... Arfeen  you ROCK....


mehul said...

Yes u r right i was also a part of it arfeen truly rocks


Oh that's wonderful. We learned so much from the Master ( Arfeen sir )

Unknown said...

Arfeen Khan - You Rock !! What a Energy - you made the 2 days memorable !! Life changing event !!


Hi Sanjeev, I agree with you absolutely . Arfeen Sir is the RockStar.

sinjini sengupta said...

Hi, is it really worth attending the seminar? Please be honest! You can reply anonymously but please reply honestly.

lucky9 said...

Did you get the reply?


This seems like an advertisement rather than honest experience

Dr.Swapnil said...

I felt the same

Unknown said...

Yes very much but at the same time we can't jump into fire without attending the free seminar

Unknown said...

Yes very much but at the same time we can't jump into fire without attending the free seminar

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