Sunday, June 22, 2014

Pahela Nashaa, Pahela Khoomar #JodeyDilonKo

'Pahela Nashaa ... Pahela Khoomar ... Nayaa  Blogger hain ... Nayaa Intezaar '

my feelings were verbatim, when I reached 'The Leela' for my 1st IndiBlogger meet. The very 1st IndiBlogger I met was Sabeeha, whose nanee stays in Karachi-Pakistan. What a marvellous coincidence! We bonded at the loo without glue , while chatting about our blogs.

Registration followed by lunch, which comprised various Indian and Continental delicacies. The salads were decorated in such a magnificient style that I did not dare to touch it , for the fear of spoiling it's delightful beauty.

The sumptious lunch engergized us for the Indi-Mayhem...  The debate between  Mumbai  and Delhi Bloggers zoomed in top gear , within a few minutes. The topics were HOT , literally as in 'Which city has HOT men ' ,  ' Which city has best public transport ' , 'Which city has best weather ' and ' Which city has best street-food' . You may want to know , who ( Mumbaikars or Delhites ) won the debates on which points ?.

The Million Dollar answer to this question is We the #IndiBloggers are all Winners . We may stay in different cities, but at the end of the day, we are all Indians.

'Zindagi haseen hain , chahe sarhadd ke iss paar ho yaa oos paar ' , we realised soon when Pakistani TV-star Imran Abbas made the entry and how .... WOW !

#JodeyDilonKo silsila started with Q. and A. between Imran and Mumbai-Delhi-IndiBloggers. All the IndiBloggers confessed their die-hard love for Pakistani TV-serials , TV-stars. 

We vouched for our loyal support and  gratitude to @ZeeZindagiTV for launching the channel with this unique #JodeyDilnoKo theme. We all had so many emotions to share with Sultana aapa ( 1st woman broadcaster from Pakistan) and Imran Abbas, that time flew like Hawaa ka zonka. Imran sang 2 lovely songs in his melodious voice at the earnest request of IndiBloggers. 

The High-tea was served after the #JodeyDilonKo session. We interacted with fellow bloggers over steaming Tea / Coffee , samosas , pakodas and coconut cookies. Lots of bloggers won Wildcraft bags , Flipkart vouchers ( including yours truly for a Tweeter-contest) , cookies , sugar packet and water-bottle. We all left Leela with a song in our hearts , 

'Khooshbu Maheke ... Pyaar Bahaake ... IndiBloggers Chaheke ... Zindagi #JodeyDilonKo'

All the photos are clicked by me with Kodak EasyShare


Saturday, June 14, 2014

Being Mumbaikar

Being Mumbaikar . . .

Sundays were working days when I was working as a sub editor/ reporter for SAAMANA. It was sunday, around 7pm., I was going towards Elphinston station with my 96k colleague. What's this 96 k ? You might wonder. "Shahannav Kulhi = 96 K' is the acronym for the subsect in Maharashtrian Kshatriya ( Warrior ) community . What's unique about 96K is that it's almost always been the ruling community in Maharastra. Vasantdada Patil, Babasaheb Bhosale, Shankarrao Chavan , Sharad Pawar , Narayan Rane and the present Vilasrao Deshmukh almost all the chief ministers and many of the cabinet ministers of Maharashtra are 96K.


Now back to Bhatankar Road, which goes from Nagu Sayaji wadi to Elphinston Station. My 96K colleague pinched my arm and screamed "Hey look". As we were crossing the road , I was busy looking right and left for the speeding vehicles. My colleague pointed in front of the footware stall. My eyes followed her direction. A teenager girl was kissing her boy friend , who was sitting on the bike.

That was the long shot. The next scene was 70 mm, with the footware stall owner staring hard at the couple.

We continued walking and were getting the close ups of the PDA frame, with the bike in background.The girl in the frame was pretty attractive. The boy was wearing 'I look like John Abraham' teeshirt , which could be taken as pj, such was the contrast.

'So?' my 96K co. demanded reaction. I countered her question with 'so what? it's their life. None of our business.'You mean ,you don't mind? kissing in public?'. She seemed more shocked by my reaction than the actual action ( PDA ). I tried to pacify her as we were almost at the entrance of Prarthana, our regular snacks joint

We settled in with filter coffee for me and dahi wada for her . After the first spoonfull of spicy dahi my 96K co. became more energetic., Will you do that?' She poked her index finger in right cheek to drive home the point. I was furious .'How dare you ask such a humiliating question to a 96K?' I demanded.

My co.'s face lit up with 1000 splendid suns, while saying ' last month, when I asked ,whether you are 96K?. you had snubbed me with ' I don't believe in casteism. Try as much you wish to conceal your caste. it reflects in your personality'.

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Friday, June 6, 2014

MUMBAI celebrates "HT NO TV DAY" with Hindustan Times

MUMBAI celebrates 'HT NO TV DAY' with Hindustan Times

                         Why This NoTv  NoTv  NoTv  HT ?

                                     HT has made a Plan ,

                                  Super Plan , Duper Plan

                                         Time Perfect.

                                            Just Do It.

                           Why This NoTv NoTv NoTv  HT ?

                                   Distance la Home Home

                                      Home Member Hate
                              Black Homeground day-to-day

                                       Due to 24-Hours TV

                                      Bright Screen TV , TV

                                            TV effect Bad

                                       Eyes , eyes get Specs.

                                          Our future worse

                         Turn Off TV , Celebrate with Family