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Elevate your Image by Dazzling Hair from Godrej Professional

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Our Hair are our glorious Ambassadors. Our Hair : the Color , the Texture , the Cut , the Length of our hair can elevate or deprecate our image instantly. The first impression counts and how!. The first and foremost feature that we notice about others is HAIR. We, human beings are judged by our looks, where the Hair plays very crucial role. Don't believe me ?. Let's check out ourselves. 

Try to recollect a scene from your childhood ... think about your KG friends and teacher. Just visualize your KG class ... yes ? I am sure the first thing you remember about them are their hair ( color , cut , style , length of hair ) and then everything else.  

Ok , fine. Now that we are tuned with each other about HAIR. Let's plan about making our hair our crowning glory. We ardently wish our hair to look natural, healthy , shiny , stunning , brilliant , silky , voluminous ... straight  out of those glossy fashion magazines. Why not ? Have a dazzling hair with Godrej Professional Hair range.


 Godrej has 21 stunning hair colour shades to choose from , along with an extensive care range including Shampoos, masks and styling serums made especially for Indian hair.

India’s first Godrej Professional online academy is launched which will be made available to Salonists 24x7 through an app

Godrej Consumer Products Ltd. (GCPL) in it’s on- going endeavour to innovate and provide the best of hair solutions to Indian consumers, has now entered the professional segment with the launch of a new brand: Godrej Professional. The launch of the brand was kicked off with great splendour in Mumhai where Sunil Kataria, Business Head - India and SAARC, Godrej Consumer Products
Limited (GCPL) unveiled the much awaited professional hair offering.

Godrej professional is the first Indian hair professional range developed in partnership with the Indian hairdressing industry, tested and certified by the Salonists and Scientists alike. Some of the best minds in the hair industry like celebrity hairstylist Ryan D'Rozario, Sylvia Chen and Asha Hariharan among others have worked closely with the brand development team of Godrej Consumer Products Limited to create this exceptional range of products.

Talking about the launch, Sunil Kataria, Business Head - India and SAARC, Godrej Consumer Products Limited (GCPL) said, “Given our hair category presence and know-how of Indian hair, entering the professional hair space was the next most obvious move. We are proud to launch of Godrej Professional, a full range of scientific colour, care, finish, backwash and technical products, all specifically created for Indian hair. With this launch we have a larger objective in mind, which is to elevate the ‘Salonists’. With industry stalwarts, we have put together a refined skill education academy, which will be made available to Salonists 24x7 through an app. Adding to this, is the first ever social platform for the Salonists to share work and establish themselves in the industry – inbuilt in the app. The Godrej Professional offering of world-class products, skills and sharing opportunities, will take the entire salon business to the next level. “

With years of research & development and global exposure, the Godrej Professional range, brings the best of the natural ingredients and science of Indian hair together. The colour range consists of 21 stunning hair colour shades, all specifically created for Indian hair. The ‘No Ammonia' crème hair colour range has been designed for longer colour retention and 100% grey coverage, with the power of Argan oil for healthy hair. The ‘Colour Play' range of hi-lift colour formulations bring about brilliant colours with intense, visible results on dark Indian hair.

To ensure great hair health, Godrej Professional also offers a complete care range comprising of shampoos, masks and styling serums. Developed with high performance formulas and infused with natural ingredients like Avocado, Honey, Argan oil, Quinoa and Keratin, the range helps strengthen weak hair, smoothen treated hair, fight dry frizzy hair along with restoring health for thin hair.

To empower the Salon industry as a whole, a unique Godrej Professional online academy has been developed. The objective is to help ‘Salonists’ and hair experts transform the quality of Professional hair care in India by bringing hair expertise at a click of a button. The mobile application will help the Salonist learn new cuts, styles, ways to apply colour, develop new technical capabilities etc. complete with extensive modules and loyalty programmes. It aims to be the one stop destination for Salonists to up their game!

Celebrated hairstylist & Godrej Professional consultant Asha Hariharan added, “The professional hair product category in India borrows heavily from the west, discounting the difference in our hair, weather and lifestyle. Each Godrej Professional product is created for Indian hair, keeping in mind the melanin and oil content present in Indian hair, which ensures a noticeable difference in the product performance. Having been part of the thousands of product trials prior to the launch, I am certain that the Godrej Professional range will set a new benchmark for Professional products in India.”

OPPO Times Fresh face 2017 launch of 10th Edition

Scouting for fresh factor at the Oppo Times Fresh Face 10th Edition Launch

It's Time to Freshen up your face as well as Talent and to show off your multi skills to the global audience.

The OPPO Times Fresh Face launched the 10th edition of the most coveted personality and talent hunt across colleges in India.

Fresh Factor – the new concept to celebrate a decade of allowing collegians to showcase their unique talents, the desirous candidates will not only have to make heads turn with their charming and spunky personalities but will also be required to present their talents in innovative ways.

After an initial briefing by Sanjeev Bhargava, Brand Director, The Times of India and Will Yang, Brand Director, OPPO India, on how the year’s competition will be held in phases over 11 cities, commencing from Nagpur with several rounds of auditions across colleges and other venues across the country culminating in the grand finale to be hosted in Mumbai, the event kicked off with some scintillating and mesmerizing performances by the previous years’ winners. Another wow factor of the launch event was the presence of the extremely talented actor and singer, Ayushmann Khurrana.

Oppo  is surely a youth-centric brand and their association with the 

Times Fresh Face reiterates their commitment to share the same desire to help the youth be innovative, chase for their young dreams and create great memories.

The culture of Oppo lies in its commitment to working with its fans to develop and deliver the best products possible, continually striving to impress and capture young hearts with elegant trendsetting design, excellent user experience, customer-centered product development, quality service, and most importantly an attitude of the relentless pursuit for perfection.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Peps launches Great Sleep Store Juhu

Mr. Angad Singh, Business Head, Mr. Kanik Singh, Business Head, Mr. Raju Madan, Director at Fairgrowth Sales Pvt Ltd and Mr.Sanjay Agine, Zonal Manager, Peps Industries Pvt Ltd at the launch of its 6th exclusive showroom – Great Sleep Store at Juhu in Mumbai.
Peps Industries launched 125th Great Sleep Store in India
Marks its 6th store in the Mumbai and 15th in the Maharashtra

" Dane Dane pe likha hain khanewale ka naam 
Peps mattress pe likha hain chainse sonewalonka naam "

Peps Industries, India’s top selling spring mattress manufacturing company marked the launch of its 6thexclusive showroom -- Great Sleep Store (GSS) -- in Mumbai. The event was inaugurated by Mr. Shankar Ram, Joint MD, Peps Industries. With this store, Peps now has its presence across the country with 125 GSS across the country.

Known popularly as the Great Sleep Store, each of Peps’ exclusive showrooms exhibits the wide range of its product line that includes Peps (Spring Koil, Restonic, Spine Guard, Grand Palais Crystal, Double Decker, Brio and Vivah) mattress. The outlets are designed to givea clear preview of how Peps can elevate the consumer’s bedroom. This has been done with the idea of allowing customers to indulge in experiencing the products thoroughly before making any purchasing decisions. The outlets also exemplify the personality of the brand by highlighting the importance of comfortable sleeping.

Speaking at the launch, G Shankar Ram, Joint MD, Peps Industries, said, It gives me immense pleasure to announce the launch of our 125thGreat Sleep Store in India and the 6th store in Mumbai. By offering products of global standards with a strong value proposition to our customers, we have been able to register an exponential growth since the inception of Peps. Peps’ Great Sleep Stores embody the perfect picture of comfort while giving customers a clear preview of how we can enhance their bedrooms and improve their sleep experience.”

Peps Industries was established in 2006 by K. Madhavan, MD, and his two partners, G Shankar Ram, Joint MD, and P Manjunath, Director. The company controls a majority of India’s spring mattress market and has played a crucial role in bringing world-class affordable spring mattresses to Indian consumers. The company has also partnered with Restonic Corporation of USA, which is one of the largest mattress companies in the world. Being the only Indian company with a licensing agreement with Restonic, Peps has exclusive access to the unique technology of Restonic.

Since its establishment, Peps has seen tremendous growth and now produces over two lakh (200,000) mattresses annually. Peps aims to become a complete bedroom solution for all, by penetrating the different segments of bedroom accessories, and intends to expand its geographic footprint in the South East Asian market as well.


Peps has a pan-India representation with their manufacturing units in Northern, Eastern& Western India also. The products are delivered with care to exceed the customer expectations. The manufacturing facility is built in an 11-acre industrial campus in Coimbatore. It is managed by industry experts with over four decades of manufacturing expertise. The Peps sleep solutions also meet the benchmark defined by Restonic Corporation, USA for its Restonic range of products. The technology is patented and unique. Some of the features of the products includes: Marvelous Middle – the unique construction to support one-third of the body’s weight helps reduce the back strain significantly. Spine guard India’s first Inner spring mattress with Visco Elastic foam positioned as End –of – Backache.

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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

TISS Koshish for Rehabilitation of Mentally ill persons

 We as a developed society are so insensitive to mental illness that , just a streak of mental imbalance and we generally stamp that person as MAD ( Paagal in Hindi ).  Instead of being understanding , sympathetic to the problems faced by the mentally challenged persons and their families we tend to be indifferent. Few of us even stoop to the extent of being cruel to the vulnerable victims of mental illness.

In this Millennial era , in the age of Digital & Information revolution , we have evolved, scientifically , technologically ,  financially and physically . But sadly , there are miles to go for us to develop Socially . Mentally and as Humanitarian. Just preaching and publishing about this sensitive issue of rehabilitation of mentally ill persons is not enough, unless and until proper system , infrastructure , resources and generous funding are provided as solid solutions. 

Tata is the most legendary global conglomerate, which has always been at the forefront with Corporate social responsibility. TISS (Tata Institute of social sciences ) is one of the premier institutes in India in social sciences as well as Human development , public policy and economics. TISS is a part of an elite group of research and higher learning institute with support from Tata Trusts. TISS is ranked in top Indian universities in Social , Demography and Economic Research.  

On this present scenario, The Tata Institute of Social Sciences ( TISS ) and Mumbai Press Club had organised am interactive session on ' Implication of Supreme Court directions regarding rehabilitation of mentally ill persons ', under the knowledge series on 19th July at the Mumbai Press Club. The session was addressed by experts Prof, Parasuraman, Director-TISS and his colleagues Mr. MD. Tarique, Koshish program and Lakshmi Narasimhan-BALM-TISS program on mental health. 

People forced to live in the hospitals for years altogether, even after having recovered and cured is indicator of the larger system that has failed to respond effectively to the issue of mental health care needs in the country. It not just indicates our lapses on developing any effective rehabilitation strategy, it also clearly brings out the absence of preventive mechanism apart from bringing out families limitations, social stigma, unaffordable cost of care giving and lack of strong political drive and intent.

On July 10, SC ordered all States and Union territories to implement the guidelines formulated by the Centre. Challenge, however, is manifold, ranging right from the understanding of the issue to the preparedness of the states for any effective rehabilitation program to the ability of the personnel and the infrastructure available.

There are some very successful intervention models that have been developed by civil society organizations working in the field of mental health like Banyan, Ishwar Sankolp, Koshish, Asha Deep, Anjali etc and those must be studied by the state governments to understand the wide possibility that exists.

TISS Intervention towards rehabilitation of Homeless/ Destitute Persons with Mental Illness Project Background and Approach: In India, Homelessness and Mental Illness are being put under serious probability of getting criminalized in the name of preventing beggary. Law provides for round ups and raids where range of vulnerable groups on the streets, including those with mental illness and abandoned, are arrested and tried for the offence of beggary. Often, such
persons continue to live in government run custodial institutions for years. Unfortunately, the way beggary Law has been defined; it leaves people with mental health issues in a very vulnerable position. Anybody wandering around aimlessly can be picked up by the police on suspicion of Beggary and this one section is repeatedly used to round up people with Mental Health issues.

Koshish was initiated by The Tata Institute of Social Sciences as a response to this criminalization of poverty, especially mental illness and destitution that happens in the form of Beggary Prevention Legislation. Started in Mumbai in 2006, program expanded to Delhi in 2009 and in 2012, it was extended to Bihar. At present, Koshish has direct field intervention in these 3 states and each of these interventions is run in collaboration with the respective state

With the firm belief in 'Systems Approach', project has worked in collaboration with the state through the custodial institutions, with efforts to facilitate rehabilitation of persons processed under the Beggary Law, while bringing over all change in custodial conditions.

Koshish works extensively with these people; towards the treatment and subsequent release from the institution as well as for their reintegration into the family. Rehabilitation Design and Program Components: Some of the key programs and stages that are followed leading to eventual rehabilitation of the person are: 
a.“My Space: Finding Oneself 
b. Calling Home
c. Capacity building through relevant training and life skills
d. Training of institutional staff
e. Emergency Support to families
f. Reintegration with families
g. Institutional placement

National Alliance for Solidarity: TISS has brought together organizations and individuals from different states and built national alliance for facilitating rehabilitation of persons across the states. At present, this Alliance has partners from 14 states. These organizations help each other in tracing the families of the abandoned/ lost clients and facilitate the reintegration into the family. The network organization also plays a key role in developing family’s capacity and
acceptance for the client. 

Reorienting the paradigm of mental health care in India: Promoting social
inclusion The Banyan, The HANS Foundation and Tata Institute of Social Sciences Collaboration Background :
The Banyan, Tata Institute of Social Sciences and HANS Foundation’s unified vision is to reach out to the most marginalized in mental hospitals and attempt to promote inclusive living options through a multi-modal and multi pronged approach. The collaboration aims to systematically strengthen mental health services across Kerala, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu through Reintegration , Aftercare and Home Again .

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Double Bonanza : Bajaj Allianz Life Future Wealth Gain

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'Live and Let Live' is so old school. In the times of Instagram and Snapchat, the millennials' motto is 'Live Life ... Luxuriously'.  Sure, why not #JiyoBefikar? We work smart, we earn a lot and we end up spending lot more than we earn to enjoy life to the fullest. Just saving the money and depositing it in the bank is no more viable. We know we must #InvestBefikar fruitfully for the future but, How much? Where? When? These are the million dollar questions. All of us wish that we could get one simple solution to achieve our various life goals.

We plan to have new, improved models of so many modern luxuries that our income / savings / funds are insufficient. Our ever growing demands exhaust all our savings and investments. There comes a time, when we seem to have everything but still not satisfied as we strive for better. The good news is, our dreams can be realized with Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance's #FutureWealthGain, a non-participating, individual , unit-linked, regular / limited premium payment endowment insurance plan. 

Bajaj Allianz Life FutureWealthGain offers a choice of two variants, ‘Wealth Plus’ and ‘Wealth Plus Care’, It maximizes our wealth by investing in capital markets to help us achieve our future financial goals. It also provides protection to us and our family. We can #InvestBefikar and fulfill our dreams by investing in Bajaj Allianz Life Future Wealth Gain which is a non-participating ULIP plan with a regular and limited premium payment option.  #FutureWealthGain by #BajajAllianzLifeInsurance enhances Fund Value at maturity, by the addition of Fund Boosters. Bajaj Allianz Life Future Wealth Gain offers Fund Boosters which will be added to the regular premiums on maturity when all premiums have been paid up to date and the policy is in-force. Fund Booster returns are as high as 90% of one year’s premium, if the policy term and premium payment term is more than 15 years.


The Death Benefit under the ‘Wealth Plus’ variant includes:
  • The higher of the Sum Assured, plus top-up Sum Assured, if any, or
  • Fund value, as on the date of receipt of intimation of death,
The Death Benefit, under this variant assures benefit of 105% of premiums paid including top-up premiums paid, if any, till the date of death.
Under the "Wealth Plus Care Variant", in addition to the Death Benefit, the customer is entitled to an Income Benefit, payable on death or first diagnosis of Cancer of the Life Assured during the premium payment term. The Income Benefit is the remaining regular premiums due, under the policy after the date of death or diagnosis of cancer. 

My first dream was to be an author and the next dream is to write the most popular  bestselling book. I am fully aware that the next dream is much more tough and expensive. My only talent of writing a literary gem is not enough. I will need loads of money for advertising and , publicity to convert that literary gem into a dazzling Kohinoor. All the while pursuing my 'Kohinoor', I must safeguard myself and my family members so that we will be able to bask in the glory of bestseller Kohinoor.

My head brimming with all glorious dreams about Kohinoor (My literary gem in the making). How to add the four C's (Carat weight, Cut, Color, Clarity) to my Kohinoor and still remain the backbone of my family. To find out how to #InvestBefikar & #JiyoBefikar, I attended the launch of #BajajAllianzLifeFutureWealthGain, a new product was launched to the market from #Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance (one of India's leading private life insurers ) on 22nd June 2017.

Here's what I learned from the esteemed panel:
We can protect ourselves and our family with Bajaj Allianz Life Future Wealth Gain. As Maturity Benefit, we will receive the Fund Value plus top up premium fund value, if any as on maturity date, including Guaranteed Loyalty Additions. The Guaranteed Loyalty Additions helps us get higher returns, as it provides 30% of one year’s premium for a policy term of 25 years, payable at the end of every five years, starting from the 10th  policy year.

The minimum premium for Bajaj Allianz Life FutureWealthGain is capped at Rs.50,000 annually. The maximum policy term is 25 years and the minimum premium payment term is 5 years. With this productthe Company has also introduced a New Fund - Pure Stock Fund II, apart from seven other fund choices previously available with the Investor Selectable Portfolio strategy. The Wheel of Life Portfolio strategy is also available to the investors, the regular premium fund value and top up premium fund value, if any, will be reallocated among various funds in a pre-defined ratio based on years to maturity. The plan comes with the option to take maturity benefit in installments (Settlement Option) over a maximum period of 5 years. This will enable one to protect his or her fund value from any unforeseen slowdown.

The key advantages of Bajaj Allianz Life Future Wealth Gain:
  • High Life Insurance Cover
  • Benefit of Accelerated Cancer Cover combined with Income Benefit (applicable only under "Wealth Plus Care" variant)
  • Choice of 2 investment portfolio strategies
  • Loyalty Additions at each interval of 5 years from 10th policy year onward
  • Fund Booster to enhance Fund Value at maturity
  • Option to take maturity benefit in installments (Settlement Option)
  • Option to choose from multiple policy terms

                                     #InvestBefikar with #FutureWealthGain 
                                #JiyoBefikar with #BajajAllianzLifeInsurance