Monday, April 6, 2020

G4S introduces G4S Intensive Infection Control Solution

G4S Facility Services India Pvt. Ltd., a part of G4S India, introduced G4S Intensive Infection Control Solution, a specialized disinfecting and sanitising service for office facilities, private, public and other commercial spaces. 

Safety and efficacy being of paramount concern, the solution uses an ultra-low volume method to ensure minimum use of chemicals for maximum impact. The solution is highly effective in eliminating viruses and over 400 strains of bacteria. 
Mr Jasdeep Singh, Head of G4S Facility Services India Pvt. Ltd., said, “This treatment will ensure hygiene at offices, manufacturing facilities, educational institutions, residential complexes, independent dwelling units and other commercial as well as public places. Considering the prevailing situation due to the outbreak of novel coronavirus, this service is in great demand. We are already providing these services to various customers and are looking at increasing our bandwidth as we expect the demand to grow manifold once normalcy returns after the 21-day nationwide lockdown.” 

This solution is going to be highly effective and necessary in the post lockdown phase when the country would get back to work. As COVID-19 is a highly transmittable disease, the control and prevention of the disease needs to be dealt with through frequent cleaning, sanitizing and fumigation 

G4S will bring in its industry-leading experience and expertise to analyse each customer site, identify individual hygiene requirements including the lead time to  structure an appropriate plan and execute through proven processes. A professional team of highly trained staff using best-in-class products and equipped with personal protective gear, would be designated to perform the job. The team will conduct the Microbial Aerial Disinfection by using ULV machine, using sanitizers with more than 60% alcohol content.
Mr Rajeev Sharma, MD- G4S India said, “The health emergency in wake of recent COVID-19 break out across the world has necessitated an extraordinary approach to safeguarding individual health and ensuring a protective work environment. We care for our customers and want to utilise our strength and expertise in combating COVID-19. We assure our customers of the best-in-class services alongside the safety and hygiene of the staff who would be executing this specialized service. We, at G4S India, are committed to helping everyone stay healthy and safe.” 

The G4S Facility Management Services operates through its 54 network offices across the country with a team 13,000+ well-trained and professional workforce. The teams have subject matter experts for each vertical, experienced managers at the branch, regional and country-level who ensure round-the-clock support to its customers.

About G4S:

G4S in India: Founded in 1989, G4S India is the leading security solutions group in the country. The company today has more than 1,35,000 employees with 7 Hubs and a strong network of over 131 offices spread throughout India. Besides its core business of Secure Solutions, Integrated Facilities Management Services and Electronic Security Systems, G4S also offers a range of services including; Training (32 Training Schools across India), Event Security, Executive Protection, Security Consultancy & Risk Management, Central Monitoring Services, Fire Alarm and Emergency Evacuation System, People Transport Solutions, CCTV Surveillance Solutions etc. G4S has an impressive clientele in various sectors including business process outsourcing, retail, healthcare, infrastructure, IT, banking, diplomatic missions & embassies, residential facilities, hospitality establishments, communications etc. We have a diverse range of services to meet our customers’ requirements and have a broad geographic footprint to meet the demand for security globally.

G4S Worldwide: G4S is the leading global, integrated security company, specialising in the provision of security services and solutions to customers. Our mission is to create material, sustainable value for our customers and shareholders by being the supply partner of choice in all our markets. G4S is listed on the London Stock Exchange and has a secondary stock exchange listing in Copenhagen. G4S is active in around 100 countries and has over 585,000 employees


#SHEINcares #SHEINForACause
Leading fast online fashion brand, SHEIN India salutes the spirit and courage of Mumbai Hospitals and it's healthcare workers who are selflessly braving the COVID-19 outbreak and keeping the nation going. Recognizing the efforts of these real heroesSHEIN India, in association with Lokmanya Tilak Municipal Medical College and General Hospital has pledged to donate 1,00,000 3 Ply Surgical Masks for the safety and health of the medical staff on the frontline of the pandemic.
The surgical masks were handed over to the Lokmanya Tilak Municipal Medical College and General Hospital yesterday i.e. 04th April 2020 and will be further distributed to healthcare officials and workers as per their medical requirements.
Keeping in mind the current situation, SHEIN India is taking several proactive measures for the safety and health of their customers and employees such as complying with Hospital health standards in disinfecting packages and warehouses several times each day, daily health check-ups for its employees by medical professionals, once they recommence their operations post the lockdown.
SHEIN, A Leading Fast Online Fashion Brand, started as a small group of passionate fashion loving individuals in 2008, to a multinational team, SHEIN has grown immensely to what it is today. SHEIN prides itself on offering on-trend styles catering to both young women and teens, that won’t break the bank.
SHEIN is able to stay on top of the latest fashion trends from around the globe while rapidly bringing these styles to market. So whether you’re searching for boho dresses and graphic tees or patterned blouses and chic swimwear, SHEIN is the ultimate one-stop-shop for the modern yet economical fashionista.
Keep up to date with all news and details on SHEIN India by checking out the social media handles:

CODE19 online hackathon against Coronavirus in India to begin on April 10

The Silicon-Valley-based Motwani Jadeja Foundation is bringing together the best minds in a 72-hour online hackathon called CODE19 to find solutions to India’s challenges against the Coronavirus outbreak.

The contest, which begins on April 10, 2020 (Good Friday), is expected to see over 3,000 participants across nationalities, ethnicities and gender. Working online from the comfort of their homes while India is on a 21-day lockdown, they will collaborate with mentors, subject-matter specialists, data sources and a network of collaborators in the quest for solutions against COVID-19. The online hackathon is open to everyone as individuals and teams, without any criteria or age limit. Those wishing to participate can sign up on till 6 pm IST on April 10.

Said Ms Asha Jadeja Motwani, the well-known entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist who is the Founder of Motwani Jadeja Foundation: “Coronavirus is a huge health challenge facing India. Any new crisis requires a new set of ideas and mitigation strategies. Hence, it is our collective responsibility to put our heads together to come up with new ideas and solutions to fight the virus. CODE19 is a platform to bring such bright minds together. By harnessing the power of collaborative computer programming, it aims to create qualitative, open-source projects that would help solve the most pressing problems of the Coronavirus crisis in the country.”

She further added: “The focus of CODE19 is on developing solutions quickly and applying them in everyday life. The participants would be tasked with decoding the Coronavirus outbreak and its impact on India, encoding smart solutions to mitigate the impending Corona-inflicted challenges, and winning prizes worth US$10,000 to realize their solutions. The ideas and innovations they create would readily be available for scaling and implementation across the country.”

Projects are divided into eight specific themes: Medical treatment and testing; Travel and Tourism; Mitigation - Isolation, protection/masks, and social distancing in India; Social life, welfare, and awareness; Research and development; Open innovation for COVID-19; Education and awareness; and Industry.

The participants would work on solutions through ideations, wireframes, designs, developments and testing the prototype they are creating. Mentors and guides will help them sharpen their product ideas and convert them to sure-shot successful products that will aid India’s fight against Coronavirus. Under the Open Innovation category, participants would be free to propose their own ideas, technologies and innovative solutions, bioinformatics, datasets, apps for diagnosis, and the likes, which can be leveraged for strengthening the fight against Coronavirus.

CODE19 will also have a few online sessions including talks with business leaders as well as Yoga and Meditation, to keep the participants inspired. Prize money worth US$ 10,000 is on offer for the winners. There will be public voting at the end of the event to assess the most exciting projects. The winners would be announced at 9 pm on April 14.

Code19India is being held in collaboration with Bengaluru-based HackerEarth.

Paytm encourages more Indians to contribute to PM CARES fund, offers Rs. 50 cashback on UPI Money Transfer

In the fight against COVID-19, India’s leading digital payments & financial services platform Paytm is aiming to contribute Rs. 500 Crores to PM CARES Fund. The company has been putting various efforts to encourage fellow Indians to join the cause and make a contribution to the PM CARES Fund. On the first payment through UPI linked bank account, Paytm will give a flat cashback of Rs. 50 to the user. The company has launched this initiative as a gesture to thank fellow Indians who have selflessly come forward to help the country during this crisis.

Users can simply go to UPI Money Transfer and link their bank accounts. Once linked, they can transfer money directly to any bank account free of charge on the Paytm App. They can also send any amount to PM CARES Fund by entering the UPI ID (pmcares@sbi) or the bank account details (A/C: 2121PM20202 & IFSC: SBIN0000691). If this is their first-ever Money Transfer on Paytm app, they will instantly get Rs 50 cashback in their bank accounts.

Amit Veer, Sr. Vice President - Paytm said, "Our fellow citizens have again proved that in the time of crisis, they do not think twice before lending a helping hand. We are overwhelmed by the response to our contribution drive. We are honored to do our duty to aid the government in all the relief measures being taken to fight the Corona pandemic."

The PM CARES Fund is exempt under the Income Tax Act, 1961 under Section 10 and 139 for return purposes. Contributions towards PM-CARES are notified for 100 percent deduction from taxable income under section 80(G) of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

Violinist Kala Ramnath takes on to the online space to cultivate positivity through music

 “Together at Home”: E-learning session
 14 sessions| April 1 to 14 | 5.00 pm 

Due to the novel Corona Virus, Covid-19, our life has completely changed. While we wait for this pandemic to get over, lets continue to be as curious and passionate as earlier. Taking this thought ahead, The Singing Violin of India Kala Ramnath has created a two week module for e-learning module. Titled ‘Together at Home’, Kala Ramnath will cover various aspects of violin like how to tune a violin, technique for the violin hand, correct use of the bow in the bowing hand, the beginning of 'gamak', etc. The learning sessions will be followed by Q & A where audience/viewers can ask Kala their questions.

These sessions will be conducted on Facebook Live :

Time : 5.00 pm
Date : April 1 to 14, 2020

Details of the sessions:

Session 2 : April 2, 2020 : Correct technique to hold the violin and bow
Session 3: April 3, 2020:  Learn to use the right fingers to play a phrase or scale
Session 4: April 4, 2020:  Correct use of the bow
Session 5: April 5, 2020: Exercises to develop technique for the violin hand
Session 6: April 6, 2020:  Exercises to develop technique for the bowing hand
Session 7 : April 7,2020: Beginning of Gamak
Session 8: April 8, 2020: Exercises for bow speed
Session 9: April 9, 2020: Exercises for speed of violin hand
Session 10 to 14: April 10 to 14, 2020 : Advanced exercises..

Kala Ramnath shares, “When we’re all lockdown at home, events, sessions like these can be a welcome change to everyone. This not helps to divert your mind but also stay positive in these difficult times. The virus has set out a wave of worry across individuals, even artists like us but it is important to keep the spirits high and maintaining a healthy state of mind and what better than music to do the same.”

About Kala Ramnath
Kala Ramnath is an Indian classical violinist. She belongs to the Mewati gharana.[1] She was awarded the Sangeet Natak Academy Puraskaar in 2016, Rashtriya Kumar Gandharva Sanman in 2008 and the Pandit Jasraj Gaurav Puraskar in 1999. Composition of Kala Ramnath featured in the Grammy Award-winning album "In 27 Pieces" She is a featured artist in the Grammy nominated album ‘Miles from India’ . Kala is Recognized as one of the fifty best instrumentalists of the world by the prestigious ‘Songlines’ Magazine. Kala is the first Indian violinist to be featured in the violin Bible, ‘The Strad’.

Friday, April 3, 2020

Retail Industry’s Letter to the Government of India

At the outset, we want to express our gratitude to the steps taken by the Government of India to reduce the spread of Covid-19.  While the industry is committed to ensure the safety of billions of people, some challenges are faced in the recent time. Due to mandatory closure of Retail Stores across India, retailers face imminent financial crisis/insolvency in view of the COVID-19. Millions of Jobs in Retail are at risk. Against this backdrop the retail industry seeks support from Government of India to save one of the most important & critical service industry in the country.

1.      Indian Retail is one of the largest employers in the country:
a.      Indian Retail Industry has more than 15 million retailers, both small and big, traditional and modern trade. Retail employs 40-50 million Indians directly of which Modern trade employs more than 6 million Indians equaling to almost 12% of the total Retail consumption of the country.
b.      Retail contributes to approx. 40% of India’s Consumption.

2.      COVID-N19 is deeply affected retail trade:
a.      Most stores, except stores selling Essential Food & Grocery, have been asked to mandatorily shut down across the country. Garments, Saris, Electronics, Mobile Phones, Furniture, Hardware etc almost all stores are closed.
b.      Non-Grocery/Food Retailers are reporting 80% to 100% reduction in sales
c.       Economist predict that the impact on consumption post lifting of lock-down will be lower by upto 25-30% for 6-9 months after lifting of Lock-Down.

3.      Retail Industry will find it difficult to survive current crisis due to:
a.      High fixed cost
 i.    Nearly 60%-70% of costs are fixed costs. This, along with low margins, leaves businesses with limited flexibility. Rents and salaries to employees make a large part of this cost.
ii.      Current situation will lead to downscaling or shutting down operations widely
b.      Large working capital nee
i.      Large capital is invested in working capital as it is a long lead time industry
ii.      As most of this is borrowed capital, retailers are already finding themselves in deep liquidity crisis.

4.      Closure of retail businesses will affect large sections of society:
a.      Retail is a people intensive industry. 90% of Retail employees work at the stores, earning minimum wages and living a hand to mouth existence.
b.      With extended closures, these employees are at risk of being retrenched.

5.      It will also impact jobs and income for an even larger unorganized ecosystem:
a.      With close down and projected slow down of retail consumption, the entire supply chain will be under stress.
b.      Distributors, C&F, Manufacturers, Raw Material suppliers, the entire value chain will have order cancellation and loss of income.

In light of the above, we seek relief to save the retail industry and commerce of India:

1.      Special support required from RBI/Banking industry
a.      Due to high inventory positions and low demand that will continue beyond the lock-down period the industry will need longer support to survive. Banks must be mandated to extend the moratorium to 270 days for payment of installments & interest of term loans, short-term loans, corporate loans, securitized loans, Bonds, mortgages, Debentures, general purpose loans effective from 15th March 2020 to 31st December 2020.
b.      Moratorium of 270 days for all Interest payments of Cash Credit Lines up to 31st December 2020.
c.       Non-fund sources such as bill discounting, letters of credit must be included in the moratorium
d.      Banks must MANDATORILY provide 25% additional Working Capital credit lines, to tide over the shortfall due to no-revenues. This is critical for companies to pay their salaries and wages on time.
e.      Additional Working Capital Credit lines to be made available till 31st December 2020. Additional working capital credit lines to be paid back in 3 installments between 1st Jan 2021 and 31st March 2021.
f.        RBI should recommend SEBI to relax share pricing norms for QIP and preferential allotment to help companies raise capital. Significant relaxation is also required for rights issue.

2.      Interest Subsidy & Default Relief
a.      Interest Rates on all loans to Retail Industry to be subsidized/reduced by 400 basis point from 15th March 2020 to 31st December 2020.
b.      Reserve Bank of India is requested to relax NPA reporting guidelines till 31st March 2021.

3.      Relaxation in Statutory Payments / Accounts
a.      Increase the period by 90 days for depositing all statutory dues, like Income Tax, Advance Tax, GST, ESIC, PF etc. for payments due up to 31st July 2020.
b.      Extend the mandatory reporting/statutory filing days by 60 days to 31st July 2020 for financial accounts for the year 2019-20.

4.      Employment Support:
a.      Industry needs fiscal Support to ensure no job losses in the Retail Trade. Towards this, we request a 4 month (March 20 to June 20) job support subsidy at 50% of the Minimum Wages as cash support to encourage retailers to continue the employment of staff during the extended lockdown and recovery period after the lockdown is lifted.

We do hope that the Government of India will give adequate consideration to the concerns as highlighted in this representation in order to overcome probable adversities due to corona outbreak which may cause unprecedented hardship to the retail industry.

Mpower partners with Govt. of Maharashtra & BMC to launch a 24x7 helpline to address mental health concerns during Covid-19 pandemic

Available to the citizens of Maharashtra, ‘BMC-Mpower 1on1’ the toll-free helpline 1800-120-820050 has experienced mental health counsellors who will provide service in Marathi, Hindi and English
The Covid-19 pandemic has had a large impact on the mental health of Indians, with many feeling unsafe, at-risk leading to rise in anxiety and stress. To alleviate these mental health concerns, Mpower, a pioneer in Indian mental healthcare has partnered with Government of Maharashtra and the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) to launch a toll-free helpline number – 1800-120-820050 called ‘BMC-Mpower 1on1’ that will be available to citizens 24x7.

Available free of cost for people across cities of Maharashtra, the helpline comprises experienced and trained mental health counsellors, who are clinical psychologists and psychiatrists from Mpower – The Centre, Mpower – The Foundation and Mpower – The Cell to provide much needed mental healthcare counsel and support. The service is available in Marathi, Hindi and English to address any mental health concerns faced by citizens of Maharashtra during these trying times. Govt. of Maharashtra and BMC will mobilise support by using its available infrastructure, communication channels and social media platforms to propagate the ‘BMC-Mpower 1on1’ helpline and appeal to people of Maharashtra to avail this free service.

“These are times when the world is seeing an unprecedented crisis that the human race has never imagined or faced before. As a result, everyone has been forced to stay home to stay safe. Although this has given many a rare opportunity to bond and spend time with families, there will also be a sense of anxiety, disappointment and anger with the future of the global economy, our jobs and how the human race reached here. For that, the Maharashtra Government is launching a helpline for better mental health, fully supported and equipped by Mrs. Neerja Birla. I’m thankful to her and Mpower for their addition to our efforts, which will turn out to be most crucial for all in the coming times.” said Mr. Aditya Thackeray, Cabinet Minister of Environment, Tourism and Protocol, Government of Maharashtra

“With the Covid-19 pandemic and the subsequent government mandated national lockdown, we have observed an increase in mental health concerns. Amidst the social isolation, people tend to feel lost and don’t know how to reach out and express themselves. To make mental healthcare more accessible and provide a trusted platform, we have partnered with Mpower, a leading mental health service provider to launch this toll-free helpline. We encourage citizens of Maharashtra to make maximum use of this service, to come out stronger as we battle this outbreak together”, said Mr. Praveen Pardeshi, Municipal Commissioner of Mumbai.

“As the world battles one of its biggest health crisis, where physical health is of utmost importance, mental wellbeing can often be neglected as an outcome of prolonged isolation and ongoing uncertainty. In these trying times, it is natural for us to feel anxious and stressed and now more than ever we need to be more mindful and take care of our mental health. With BMC-Mpower 1on1 helpline, we aim to increase awareness about mental health and make it more accessible to the citizens of Maharashtra. We thank GoM dignitaries Mr. Aditya Thackeray (Minister of Environment, Tourism and Protocol), Mr. Rajesh Tope, (Minister of Public Health & Family Welfare), Dr. Sanjay Mukherjee (Secretary Medical Education & Drugs Dept.), Dr. Pradeep Kumar Vyas (Principal Secretory Public Health Dept.), & Mr. Praveen Pardeshi, Municipal Commissioner of Mumbai for their active support and co-operation to this initiative. We together urge citizens of Maharashtra to speak up and seek help during these challenging times.”, said Mrs. Neerja Birla, Founder and Chairperson, Mpower.

Mpower has been at the forefront of tackling mental health issues across the country. Over the last month, Mpower seen a rise in new cases of mental health concerns like anxiety, stress, depression, paranoia during the Covid-19 pandemic. To address these concerns, Mpower has been providing counselling and therapies virtually though telephonic conversations, online chats, video calling to be able to help them through this phase. Additionally, Mpower has also been sharing health advisories and tips to parents, young professionals and families to better handle everyday situations.

About Government of Maharashtra:

About Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC):

About Mpower:

Want to make an essential payment or donate to the PM CARE fund? Here’s how you can do it on Paytm

Seamless process for all essential payments
As we approach the first week of the month, the clock for monthly bill payments, re-fill for groceries and all other home essential begin to ring.  In a bid to make consumers’ life simpler during the lockdown, Paytm has revamped the Paytm app UI with a ‘Stay at home Essential payments’. The new design has streamlined payments such as:
  • Mobile & DTH recharges
  • Electricity bills
  • Water tax
  • LPG Gas booking & piped gas bill
  • Credit card
  • LIC & insurance premium
  • Apartments – maintenance & electricity charges
  • School & college fees
These are few among several other important services, for which millions of Indians are now conveniently paying from the safe confines of their home.
How to make essential payments?
  1. Open Paytm app on your phone and you can easily spot the icons of all essential payments
  2. Click on the icon, enter required details and make the payment to get instant confirmation
Get verified information on COVID-19
While the nation unites to fight against the global pandemic there is infinite information available for do’s and don’ts to swift through this tide. Paytm has introduced an ‘Information and Help Centre’ under #IndiaFightsCorona section to offer verified information directly from the government bodies and health authorities. It features their twitter feed along with important helpline numbers. This section has a COVID-19 self-assessment scanning powered by Apollo 24/7 developed on the basis of guidelines from the World Health Organization (WHO) and Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India.
Steps to identify Corona Risk
  1. Under the #IndiaFightsCorona section, click on ‘Coronavirus risk scan’
  2. Choose your preferred language from the list of 5 languages
  3. Answer simple questions like your age, gender, body temperature, travel history, etc.
  4. Once you submit all details, you get your risk level as low, medium or high
  5. You will also get list of precautionary & prevention methods
While this scan cannot be taken as expert medical advice, it helps people to understand if someone is potentially at risk of suffering from the virus.
Contribute to the PM CARES Fund
Paytm also seeks contributions for PM CARES (Prime Minister’s Citizen Assistance and Relief in Emergency Situations) Fund. For every contribution or any other payment made on Paytm using the wallet, UPI and Paytm Bank debit card, Paytm will contribute an additonal up to Rs 10.
Steps for making a donation
  1. Under the #IndiaFightsCorona section, click on the PM Cares Fund section
  2. Enter the amount you want to contribute and click on ‘Contribute’
  3. Enter your name and PAN card number (optional)
  4. Click on ‘Proceed to Pay’ to select you preferred payment mode to make the payment
  5. You will receive a confirmation message on successful payment

Statement from Mr. Lakshmi N. Mittal

COVID-19 is having significant repercussions for people in every continent of the planet.  No country will be immune and for those like India, with a vast population and at a critical point in its development, the impact could be very serious.

Collaboration in times like these is critical.  Governments, companies and citizens must therefore work together to pool their resources, to ensure every action is taken to combat the pandemic as swiftly as possible.

AM/NS India, a joint venture between ArcelorMittal and Nippon Steel, and HMEL, a partnership between Hindustan Petroleum and Mittal Energy Investments, today announce a package of support to strengthen India’s capacity to protect families and communities impacted by the virus.

Both our operations in India commit equally to a total of INR 100 Crores to Prime Minister’s Citizen Assistance and Relief in Emergency Situation Fund (PM-CARES] for the ongoing relief efforts countrywide. Additionally our operations are contributing through:

Supporting daily meals of over 5,000 as well as providing food kits to more than 30,000 people

Augmenting ambulance services and preparing care centres in location close to our production facilities

Sharing knowledge on preventive measures and providing sanitation kits and PPE in the communities we operate.

All employees will continue to receive a salary for their work during this period

All over the world individuals, organisations and companies are offering their services. I am pleased that our companies can play a small role in assisting with this.  The ingenuity of mankind is considerable and I am convinced, if we all work together with urgency we will succeed. Citizens across India have shown extraordinary dedication, bravery and compassion in this moment of singular crisis and they deserve our support and the gratitude of the nation.

Airtel Digital TV launches Exclusive CuriosityStream Channel


In an industry first, over 16 million DTH customers of Airtel can now enjoy award-winning factual entertainment from CuriosityStream over the Free to Air TV channel

Bharti Airtel (“Airtel”) and CuriosityStream today announced that they have deepened their groundbreaking content partnership to bring premium content from CuriosityStream to TV homes in India.

Airtel Digital TV, the DTH unit of Airtel, has launched an exclusive Free to Airtel channel with the full catalogue of CuriosityStream’s award-winning factual entertainment films and series.

The CuriosityStream TV channel (419) will be available to all the 16.5 million plus customers of Airtel Digital TV and offer massive distribution reach to CuriosityStream.

This is the first time that TV homes (DTH) in India will have direct access to globally-renowned content from CuriosityStream, which was launched by John Hendricks, the visionary founder of Discovery Channel. CuriosityStream lets viewers explore their passions and discover new ones with thousands of films and series covering space, art, volcanoes, history, travel, cars, architecture, dinosaurs and so much more.

With unrivaled storytelling and stunning visuals, the CuriosityStream TV channel on Airtel Digital TV showcases exclusive originals, series and features with an exciting schedule of popular titles including:

·         CuriosityStream’s ongoing program, Breakthrough, featuring the special coronavirus series
·         The Emmy Award-winning Stephen Hawking’s Favorite Places
·         Butterfly Effect: Gandhi-The Force of Willpower
·         The Emmy and BAFTA-nominated David Attenborough’s Light on Earth
·         Asia’s Monarchies: Nepal
·         Age of Big Cats

Sunil Taldar, CEO – DTH, Bharti Airtel said, “We brought CuriosityStream content to India about six months back on our mobile platform offering our customers the exciting array of exclusive content. Today, we are further strengthening this partnership to become the first and only DTH provider in India to offer the content to customers on their television via the set-top-box enabling an easy access to all the exclusive content to the entire family. As a brand, we are always innovating to expand our offerings with a discerning array of specially curated content to fulfil the preferences of each of our customers and we promise to continue to delight our customers.”

Clint Stinchcomb, President and CEO of CuriosityStream, said, “Building on the success of our launch on the Xstream app, CuriosityStream is thrilled to have a home on Airtel’s next-gen Digital TV. Airtel is a global leader in finding innovative ways to deliver programming to its viewers whenever and wherever they want it. Now more than ever, viewers are searching for engaging and entertaining factual shows and CuriosityStream is proud to offer our channel to consumers in India who are looking for high-quality programming that ignites their curiosity and can’t be found anywhere else.”

Content from CuriosityStream is also available to Airtel customers on the Airtel Xstream app.

About Airtel Digital TV
Airtel is one of the largest digital TV service providers in India. We bring to our subscribers digital quality television viewing with over 648 channels & services, including 86 HD channels, 7 international channels and 4 interactive services. We have continuously innovated in order to drive the convergence of multiple products across home, including content via linear as well as internet-based platforms. Airtel Digital TV had over 16 million subscribers as on December 31, 2019. To know more please visit,

About CuriosityStream
Launched by media visionary John Hendricks, CuriosityStream is a leading global independent factual media company. Our landmark documentary series and features cover the full spectrum of the non-fiction television genre, empowering viewers of all ages to fuel their passions and explore new ones. With thousands of titles, many in Ultra HD 4K, including exclusive originals, CuriosityStream features stunning visuals and unrivaled storytelling to demystify science, nature, history, technology, society, lifestyle, and more. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram @CuriosityStream.