Wednesday, December 23, 2020

A care guide for expectant mothers and newborns

                                     Winter is coming!

“Newborn care is not a cakewalk but staying abreast with information can make it way easier both for babies and mothers too’’ -  says Dr.N.N.Sirisha, DCH,Fellowship in Neonatology, Medical superintendent , Ankura Hospital for women & children



Dr.N.N.Sirisha, Medical superintendent ,Ankura Hospital for women & children


Breezy airs, sleepy mornings, hot sips of tea and coffees, make winters the most pleasant times of the year. But it’s not the same for everyone. Winters can be hard to expectant mothers and

newborns. In this challenging times of COVID-19, extreme care is need of the hour.




Here are the top 5 do’s and don’ts from experts for Expectant mothers and babies in winters!

For Expectant Mothers

The do’s


·       Stay physically active and do recommended exercises indoors which will help to beat winter sluggishness.

·       Boost immunity with healthy food and regular exercising as immunity is the prime focus in this time of pandemic.

·       Take Vitamins as prescribed by your gynecologist as they help in boosting up various metabolic activities.

·       Focus on personal hygiene and handwashing regularly, which prevents many germ attacks.

·       Stay Hydrated and moisturized throughout the day

The Donts

·       Avoid processed and salty foods as they result in raising up of blood pressure levels and also lead to various other complications.

·       Avoid overeating especially in winters as it may lead to unhealthy weight gain

·       Tight clothing and high heel foot wear should be avoided as they cause discomfort and tight clothing may even lead to scaly, dry skin and rash too. High heels increase the chance the slipping and injury.

·       Avoid outdoor activities which might result in various infections, as immunity is slightly

compromised in pregnant women.

Avoid extreme hot water baths. They may provide you with a sigh of relief for a while but, will wash out natural oils on the skin says Dr.N.N.Sirisha, DCH,Fellowship in Neonatology, Medical superintendent , Ankura Hospital for women & children




For New-borns


The do’s

·       Cover up the baby in layers to ensure proper warmth. Select soft and warm clothes for winters

·       Moisturize regularly to maintain soft and supple skin of the baby.

·       Use a humidifier and maintain a comfortable temperature during sleep.

·       Keep a track of expert advice to avoid panicking and misconceptions.

·       Feed the baby regularly to keep them active and boost immunity as well.

The Donts

·       Do not overcover the babies which may result in rash and increase in body temperature of baby.

·       Maintain a warm temperature but not a hot temperature which may lead to physical discomfort and sleep disturbance in babies.

·       Do not rub the cold affected areas like arms and legs to make them warm as it may result in further damage. Cover it with a clean warm cloth and maintain a comfortable temperature, which will reduce the effect of cold on specific areas.

·       Avoid taking baby to open spaces and public gatherings as it might cause many infections. If you need to do so, make sure you are equipped with every essential.

·       Do not take too long to change the diapers as they might result in cold sometimes. Try to change diapers as frequently as possible especially in winters


With these tips and tricks, every expectant mother and baby can have a safe winter as all of us! says Dr.N.N.Sirisha, DCH,Fellowship in Neonatology, Medical superintendent , Ankura Hospital for women & children

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