Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Three lucky winners of Dear Lotteries awarded a whopping cash prize of 5 crores each

A life changing moment occurred in the lives of three fortunate individuals belonging to the middle class when they won the Dear Lotteries Lucky Draw of 5 crores.

 There were quite a few who weren’t as privileged as the rest to enjoy comfortable shelter, food to eat and recreation throughout the lockdown. Many lost their jobs, many small stores dealt with the harsh blow of markets shutting down, all resulting in huge losses for these individuals. Coming from humble backgrounds, they cultivate faith when they invest in a lottery ticket. This faith has led three lucky winners to become crorepatis overnight.
Mr. Manirul Sekh of Mumbai who works as a craftsman could not believe it when he became a crorepati by winning the prize money of 1 crore, through his Dear Lottery’s ticket.With the prize money Mr. Sheikh now plans to fulfill his dream of having his own house in Mumbai, buy some agricultural land  and settle down by getting married. He said, “Dear Lottery has changed my life in just a day, I had been working since 15 years but could never make my dreams come true. Dear Lottery’s ticket changed my life overnight and made my dreams come true.”
Mr. Rajeev Kumar, the winner of Dear 2000 Weekly Lottery or 5 crore, is a small provision store owner. “All my dreams now have wings” he exclaimed happily as he spoke about expanding his store and investing in his business with a goal to make it flourish. SK Sabed Hosain, a farmer from the Purba Medinipur district of West Bengal, was extremely ecstatic about winning Dear Diwali Bumper Lottery, a whopping cash prize of 5 crore. He expressed his desires to utilise the same to strengthen his stronghold as a farmer and also support other farmers from his neighborhood who are currently struggling to sustain a livelihood. Debendra Agarwala from Bankura, West Bengal who is a grocery store owner won the Dear 2000 Weekly Lottery. “I am very thankful to Dear Lotteries for giving me and others like myself some hope to live by. I will use my 5 crores wisely and make the best out of it.” said Debendra.
Dear Lottery by Future Gaming solely aims to entertain individuals while also giving them a sense of hope. These trying times have been hard especially on the less privileged. These lucky draws transform lives and give individuals the ability to pursue their dreams. “We know how hard the past few months have been on people. Our heart fills up with joy to know that we as an organisation have contributed to uplifting someone and impacting their lives so positively by giving India one crorepati daily” Said Mr. Jose Charles Martin, Managing Director 

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