Sunday, November 27, 2011


city has a concrete jungle,
Mumbai suburbs have green jungle.

Mumbai city has Fort & CST ,
Mumbai suburbs have FilmCity.

Mumbai city is jaded with Ministers,
Mumbai suburbs are studded with Moviestars.

Mumbai city has Hanging Garden,
Mumbai suburbs have Hiranandani Garden.

Mumbai city has SoBo Complex ,
Mumbai suburbs have Lokhandwala Complex.

Mumbai city is cool and comforting,
Mumbai suburbs are hot and happening.

The secret of their Energy

The secret of their ….
My uncle told me this amazing story when I was a little girl.
Long, long ago there was a jungle, full of birds and animals.
Once a hungry fox started chasing a snow-white rabbit.
The rabbit ran fast as his life was at stakes while the fox chased with equal ardour as he was mad with hunger.
Wide eyes, flared nose and out of breath, I screamed, “No…… the cruel fox caught the furry rabbit?”
Uncle comforted me, “The fox has not yet caught the rabbit. The rabbit is heading and the fox is tailing.”
I blurted “Then…?”
Uncle replied with a sigh “Then what? The rabbit is still running. He drinks MILK , you know? Even the fox is still chasing as he also drinks milk. So the chase continues….”

Moral of the story: I never said “NO” to milk since that day.