Monday, December 26, 2016

Reliance Chillx All-in-one Entertainment

" Tu Chill maar " , my 15 year old nephew orders me, whenever I flare up due to his pranks. How can I 'Chill maar' as we have donated both our TV sets 15 years to an orphanage in Vikramgarh, 15 years ago. Since then , the only source of infotainment ( Information + Entertainment ) is my laptop.
Believe me , it's NO Fun. All work , I mean only NEWS and no Movies , Music , TV serials made me Dull. Imagine , all the neighborhood is lit up like Diwali and I am locked up in a cold, black hole.

CHILL was the Only Solution and Reliance is an Angel with CHILLXReliance Entertainment announced entry into New Digital Media Content and Distribution business and launched its first offering - Chillx, the first all-in-one entertainment platform.

Reliance Entertainment has invested in a new digital media  company - FUNONGO LLP and launched its first multilingual all-in-one entertainment App 'CHILLX

Anil D. Ambani led Reliance Entertainment announced a new venture in a Digital Media Content and Distribution company, called ‘FunOnGo Media & Entertainment LLP’.  FunOnGo is founded by Vijay Singh and Ujjwal Narayan. The company launched, its first offering in the entertainment space, an Android APP, called ‘CHILLX.

CHILLX is a complete entertainment based platform aimed at placing the power of choice in the hands of consumers. The App will give consumers choice in languages, entertainment formats, genres as well as payment mechanisms.

The app is a digital entertainment departmental store that curates a mix of games, music, viral videos & clips, entertainment news, short films & full length movies. 
Vijay Singh CEO, FunOnGo Media & Entertainment LLP- said “This endeavor allows us to widen the scope of consumer engagement on a scale that is possible only when you are a part of  India’s leading entertainment conglomerate like Reliance Entertainment.”

Content on CHILLX is available across major Indian regional languages like Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Punjabi, Marathi, Gujarati etc.
Shibasish Sarkar, Chief Operating Officer, Reliance Entertainment said: “Digital platforms are encouraging a wider audience with diverse consumption patterns, we recognize that this calls for innovative approach in the manner we produce and present our content. The launch of Chillx is in line with our business vision.”

Chillx contains an exhaustive games section, with several premium games available on a try and buy basis. The portal also lists and recommends apps for Indian users depending upon their usage habits.

The approach that makes Chillx relevant to partners and consumers alike are:
(a) Accessibility : Chillx is distributed to consumers via 3 routes; On Device with select Indian OEMs, side loaded at telecom retail stores & on GOOGLE Play Store.
(b) Connectivity : Chillx offers both online streaming and download options 
(c)Usability : Convenience to customize the User Interface in multiple Indian languages
(d) Simplicity :  Free and Premium content is available on Chillx. For paid content Chillx has integrated telecom billing option ease of operation. 

For more information log onto & follow the App on twitter @chillxapp & like on Facebook @chillxappofficial. 

Reliance Group, led by Anil D. Ambani, is among India’s major business houses, with a leadership position in telecommunications, power, infrastructure, financial services, and media and entertainment. The Group has over 250 million customers, serving 1 in every 5 Indians and has over 8 million shareholders, amongst the largest in the world. 

Reliance Entertainment is the media and entertainment arm of Reliance Group and is engaged in the creation and distribution of content across film, television, digital and gaming platforms. Internationally, Reliance Entertainment has partnered since 2009 with iconic film producer and director, Steven Spielberg, in the formation of DreamWorks Studios.  

This relationship has produced several highly successful films such as The Help, War Horse, Lincoln, The Hundred Foot Journey and Bridge of Spies. In December 2015, Reliance Entertainment, Steven Spielberg, DreamWorks Studios, Participant Media and Entertainment One formed Amblin Partners, a new film, television and digital content creation company. The studio recently produced and distributed ‘The Girl on the Train’ based on a bestseller and will continue to produce various films going forward.

In India, Reliance Entertainment has produced, distributed and released more than 170 films in multiple Indian languages, including Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Bengali, etc. The studio has formed Plan C a partnership venture with director Neeraj Pandey that recently produced the very successful Akshay Kumar starrer film, Rustom. Besides Reliance Entertainment has an on-going partnership with Phantom films, a company created by highly talented directors and producers. 

FunOnGo as a Telecom Value Added Services company that counts Indian mobile phone brands like Intex, Micromax, Karbonn, Panasonic, Spice, Videocon and others as its clients.  Across all its clients FunOnGo has the potential to reach 40% of the smartphone users in India. The co-founders have a proven track record in delivery of entertainment VAS services and will manage the day-to-day operations of the company.

Monday, December 19, 2016

#SunbeanArtOfCoffee at ITC

Indian Bloggers

Coffee and I share a poetic bond, ... literally. How ?. 
We were in exhilarating mood as it was that glorious Pre-Christmas season. It was my very first out of Mumbai picnic. Nature's green treasure enchanted us throughout our southern tour.  Bangalore , Ooty and Mysore were on our itinerary. The weather, was at it's pleasantest best. My first poem just popped out after a sip of an excellently brewed, aromatic coffee at Hotel Harsha's coffee lounge. I was in 7th standard and did not realize the value of that heavenly moment. I did not have a note-book to jot it down, so can not share it verbatim. It was about the paradise enriched with fragrant Coffee, Sandal, eucalyptus, roses and  numerous spicy plants that I had lavishly inhaled while traveling throughout South.

Since then Coffee is always on my mind whenever I wish to have my creative juices flowing. Presently when , I received an exclusive invite from ITC for #SunbeanArtOfCoffee , I reminisced about Hotel Harsha's Coffeelicious moment.
ITC Foods unveiled Sunbean Gourmet Coffee  in Mumbai on 17th December 2016 at ITC Grand Central Hotel  in the presence of Lifestyle Bloggers and Digital Influencers

CJ'S ballroom at ITC Grand Central Hotel  was decked up flowerfully, signature ITC style, right from the entrance to our tables for #SunbeanArtOfCoffee  meet.

 Our very own Indigenous, most popular & famous Indian brand, ITC forayed into the branded coffee arena with the launch of delightful Sunbean Gourmet CoffeeITC has more than 25 years of experience in sourcing the finest coffee beans complemented by many decades of blending and culinary expertise. It has united India's best and world's finest coffees with two exquisitely crafted blends of Sunbean Gourmet Coffee - #Nicamalai ( Nicaragua + Anamalai ) and #Panagiri ( Panama + Budangiri ) 


Sunbean Gourmet Coffee presented exquisite blends of the choicest Indian & international bean varietals. It is the culmination of an extensive search across the world to select some of the finest beans which were then expertly blended by ITC’s master-blenders with beans from some of India’s best coffee growing regions to deliver an unparalleled coffee experience. Sunbean Gourmet Coffee is available in two delightful choices, #Nicamalai – a fruity-sweet aromatic coffee with a creamy expression through a blend of carefully selected beans from Nicaragua & Anamalai hills and #Panagiri – a fragrant coffee with strong aroma, pleasant roasted nutty taste and a hint of chocolate  blended with mildly sweet Panamanian beans & intensely sweet flavored Arabicas from Baba Budangiri hills. Baba Budangiri is popularly considered to be the birthplace of coffee in India where Baba Budan, a legendary holy saint planted the first coffee seeds that he had brought from Yemen.

Both these gourmet coffees are currently available exclusively at ITC Grand Central - Mumbai, ITC Sonar - Kolkata, ITC Gardenia and ITC Windsor in Bengaluru and ITC Grand Chola - Chennai, Sunbean Gourmet Coffee will soon be available across all ITC Luxury Hotels and promises to be every coffee connoisseur's delight.


We learned a lot about #Sunbean gourmet coffee, techniques, it's logo / symbols ( Happy Eagle & Furiously shy Spotted dear ) from Mr. Karthik and Mr Christopher. Barista Ashwath demonstrated various exquisite coffees like Cappuccino , Latte , Americano , Espresso , Cinnamon Honey coffee, Cafe Mocha etc. The heady highlight of this #SunbeanArtOfCoffee event was our very own DIY Coffee art, which we will cherish forever. The Sunbean coffee tasted better than best when we brewed and designed it ourselves. 

Lots of Love, Lunch, Coffee infused Desserts, Soup  and Bloggers-bonding happened at ITC #SunbeanArtOfCoffee event. The super Sweet surprise about #Sunbean coffee is that, even the cappuccino tastes naturally sweet without a spoonful of sugar.






Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Kaori at Taj Mahal

Indian Bloggers

Japan the nation of rising Sun. Japan with it's myriad, unique features, such as royal culture, regal traditions, legendary patriotism, utter cleanliness, slick electronic gadgets, Chanoyu, Sado or Ocha ( Tea ceremony ) , Onsen ( hot spring baths ), Samurai, Sumo, Sushi, Kawaii, Karaoke, Pachinko ( casino ), Bullet train, Kimono / Yukata , Ikebana, Origami, Sakura ( cherry Blossom ),  Sensu ( foldable fan ), have always fascinated me. Japan has been on my bucket list since long. My dream realized recently. So what's your guess, friends ?. Did I get the opportunity to visit Japan?. Yessss... I did visit Japan, in a sense, through it's very essence. Special Thanks to Nisha Shah and her Kaori #SensoryMeet.

Ms. Nisha Shah, the Fragrance Curator of Kaori Fragrances hosted one of it's kind Sensory meet-up at Brooke Bond Taj Mahal Tea House on December 2, 2016.  Kaori  fragrances is an exclusive, concept range of #bespoke fragrance ( first of its kind in India ). All the aesthetics, designer aspects of Kaori Fragrances - brand designing , right from the packaging, calligraphy, bottles , cards, tags to the elaborate table decor is perfectly conceptualized and managed by Ms. Dhwani Doshi ( Creative Chase )


Kaori  is a lyrical Japanese word for perfume , fragrance , scent , aroma etc. Just like Sakura ( Cherry Blossom ) , Ikebana ( Flower arrangement ) ,  Origami ( Paper art ) , the Japanese aesthetics can be appreciated rather inhaled with Kaori Fragrances. The exclusive experience of gifting Kaori  perfumes is extremely personal as in #FeelSpecial, due to it's #Bespoke concept, customized packaging details such as elegantly designed, handcrafted, enameled, gold, sparkling tags, container bottles, package-boxes, specially sealed, personal  handwritten notes etc. 

Kaori  hosted an exclusive #SensoryMeet with friends from various backgrounds, such as artists, cartoonist, travelers, lifestyle bloggers, social media professionals, event managers etc. at the wonderful Taj mahal tea lounge. Great many details of the aromatic world of perfumery were discussed. The importance of Natural ingredients, essential oils , alcohol percentage,  Moss Notes and Animalic notes (e.g.: Civet) were shared while enjoying dainty snacks and tea. KAORI as a #Bespoke concept was showcased with many products and elaborated to the attentive audience. We all learned a lot about, creation of  Kaori customized perfumes. It was a merry meetup, exciting evening, interacting with numerous interesting and inspiring people from different walks of life. #Bespokefragrances #KaoriMoments

Fresh and delicate Rosemary leaves ( strong camphor scent ) , alluring Frangipani flowers , bright Sunflowers , Chrysanthemum , Mogra flowers , Red berries, sweet smelling Vanilla pods ,  Brassica /  Ornamental Cabbage , Cymbidium orchids, Tangerine peels , nutmegs , cinnamon as well as tiny bottles of Rosemary oil - For Green/ Herb note, Vetiver - Woody notes , Jasmine flowers and Pure Rose Oil - Floral Notes, Blackcurrant bud absolute - Fruity Notes, Bergamot Oil - For Citrus notes, Vanilla Oleoresin - For Gourmet notes  .... etc. adorned the Patio-tables and enriched ( Refreshed & Rejuvenated ) the ambiance as we entered the Taj Mahal Tea lounge for Kaori #Sensory meetup.


Kaori perfumes offer an exclusive couture / customized i.e. #Bespoke option to the customers. Kaori perfume can be made to order, as per your personal fancy. The sort of scent / perfume you wish, strong or subtle , or if you have some special moment to immortalize with the particular scent. What's more you can even choose the bottle, packaging, design , personal, sealed note etc. to present it as an excellent gift to your loved ones.

Ms. Nisha is so passionate about her Perfumery profession that it was our immense pleasure to learn authentic nuances about Kaori fragrances from her. Now... I am sure , all of you want to experience the luxurious whiff of your very own #Bespoke #KaoriPerfumes.