Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Kaori at Taj Mahal

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Japan the nation of rising Sun. Japan with it's myriad, unique features, such as royal culture, regal traditions, legendary patriotism, utter cleanliness, slick electronic gadgets, Chanoyu, Sado or Ocha ( Tea ceremony ) , Onsen ( hot spring baths ), Samurai, Sumo, Sushi, Kawaii, Karaoke, Pachinko ( casino ), Bullet train, Kimono / Yukata , Ikebana, Origami, Sakura ( cherry Blossom ),  Sensu ( foldable fan ), have always fascinated me. Japan has been on my bucket list since long. My dream realized recently. So what's your guess, friends ?. Did I get the opportunity to visit Japan?. Yessss... I did visit Japan, in a sense, through it's very essence. Special Thanks to Nisha Shah and her Kaori #SensoryMeet.

Ms. Nisha Shah, the Fragrance Curator of Kaori Fragrances hosted one of it's kind Sensory meet-up at Brooke Bond Taj Mahal Tea House on December 2, 2016.  Kaori  fragrances is an exclusive, concept range of #bespoke fragrance ( first of its kind in India ). All the aesthetics, designer aspects of Kaori Fragrances - brand designing , right from the packaging, calligraphy, bottles , cards, tags to the elaborate table decor is perfectly conceptualized and managed by Ms. Dhwani Doshi ( Creative Chase )


Kaori  is a lyrical Japanese word for perfume , fragrance , scent , aroma etc. Just like Sakura ( Cherry Blossom ) , Ikebana ( Flower arrangement ) ,  Origami ( Paper art ) , the Japanese aesthetics can be appreciated rather inhaled with Kaori Fragrances. The exclusive experience of gifting Kaori  perfumes is extremely personal as in #FeelSpecial, due to it's #Bespoke concept, customized packaging details such as elegantly designed, handcrafted, enameled, gold, sparkling tags, container bottles, package-boxes, specially sealed, personal  handwritten notes etc. 

Kaori  hosted an exclusive #SensoryMeet with friends from various backgrounds, such as artists, cartoonist, travelers, lifestyle bloggers, social media professionals, event managers etc. at the wonderful Taj mahal tea lounge. Great many details of the aromatic world of perfumery were discussed. The importance of Natural ingredients, essential oils , alcohol percentage,  Moss Notes and Animalic notes (e.g.: Civet) were shared while enjoying dainty snacks and tea. KAORI as a #Bespoke concept was showcased with many products and elaborated to the attentive audience. We all learned a lot about, creation of  Kaori customized perfumes. It was a merry meetup, exciting evening, interacting with numerous interesting and inspiring people from different walks of life. #Bespokefragrances #KaoriMoments

Fresh and delicate Rosemary leaves ( strong camphor scent ) , alluring Frangipani flowers , bright Sunflowers , Chrysanthemum , Mogra flowers , Red berries, sweet smelling Vanilla pods ,  Brassica /  Ornamental Cabbage , Cymbidium orchids, Tangerine peels , nutmegs , cinnamon as well as tiny bottles of Rosemary oil - For Green/ Herb note, Vetiver - Woody notes , Jasmine flowers and Pure Rose Oil - Floral Notes, Blackcurrant bud absolute - Fruity Notes, Bergamot Oil - For Citrus notes, Vanilla Oleoresin - For Gourmet notes  .... etc. adorned the Patio-tables and enriched ( Refreshed & Rejuvenated ) the ambiance as we entered the Taj Mahal Tea lounge for Kaori #Sensory meetup.


Kaori perfumes offer an exclusive couture / customized i.e. #Bespoke option to the customers. Kaori perfume can be made to order, as per your personal fancy. The sort of scent / perfume you wish, strong or subtle , or if you have some special moment to immortalize with the particular scent. What's more you can even choose the bottle, packaging, design , personal, sealed note etc. to present it as an excellent gift to your loved ones.

Ms. Nisha is so passionate about her Perfumery profession that it was our immense pleasure to learn authentic nuances about Kaori fragrances from her. Now... I am sure , all of you want to experience the luxurious whiff of your very own #Bespoke #KaoriPerfumes. 


Jyotirmoy Sarkar said...

Never heard about Kaori, good to know about it and about the event.


Kaori Fragrances, are #Bespoke i.e. customized according to our personal choices, that's what make them #FeelSpecial. Even The tags , the packaging, the bottle, the design and most essentially the perfumes are Fantastically fabulous. Credit of this unique concept goes to Nisha Shah-the perfume curator & Dhwani Doshi-the Designer.

amsang said...

A nice write-up about fragrances. You must have had a good time.


Oooh Yes! I still fantasize about those heavenly perfumes. The #SensoryMeet was absolutely cherishing event with Nisha, Dhwani and Blogger buddies at the Taj Mahal Tea lounge. Delish food heightened the glam quotient.

Traveler In Me said...

This is wonderful! Somewhat like the customized ittar. Do they operate outside Mumbai as well?


Hi , Happy Christmas and Welcome to 'Spirit Of Mumbai'. Yes #KaoriPerfumes operate all over India. You can contact them through Email : Or through their Facebook / Twitter / Instagram account listed at the end of this blogpost.Thanks.

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