Sunday, September 27, 2015

Yes Pampers

'Baby, Baby ? ... Yes Papa' 
'Feeling Wet ? ... No Papa'
'Telling lie ? ... No papa'
'Show your Pampers ....  wah ...wah...wah' 

 Yesssss.... Thanks to Pampers , no more wet, uneasy, crying babies for Papa and Mamma. 

Last Sunday, September 2oth, 2015, Actress and Celebrity mother Tara Sharma Saluja , Actress and TV anchor Mandira Bedia unveiled the 'New Pampers  Premium Care Pants' , the softest as mom's touch, having an all-around soft waistband and hygienic dryness. You may read more about it here ... 

Jo apni baby se sachmooch karte pyaar wo Pampers se kaise kare inkaar ? '

Pampers Premium Care Pants offers Five Star Skin protection which is the most excellent in diaper-category 

1. Softest material / fabric : Specially used with consideration of delicate baby-bottoms .

2. All-around waistband and soft cuffs : The luxurious , cozy fit ensures least leakage.

3. Up to 12 hours of dryness : The modern technique for Pampers core to quickly absorb the pee, which keeps wetness away from skin and protects baby's health.

4. Baby lotion : A drop of lotion to protect baby precious skin.

5. Wetness indicator : It turns from yellow to blue when in contact with fluid to let parents know that it's time to change. 

My baby ... my reflection, my love, my life, my priority and my responsibility. Only the best, the perfect, the safest, the healthiest for my dearest baby ...
Babies love to roam around freely. Softly, snugly fitting Pampers  having all-around waistband and soft cuffs is best suitable for babies. 

Babies love the softness and warmness of their mommy's touch , which is incorporated in soft, premium material of Pampers. The core of Pampers's guarantees 12 hours of dryness, which absorbs wetness and locks it away. It minimizes the leakage too. All this helps in keeping baby's skin dry and comfy.
Best of all ... these Pampers are in pants-form to enable us to change / refresh our babies easily.

Our neighbor's cute little baby, Chaitra is almost an addition to our family. I gifted her the Pampers. Chaitra's mother Mrs. Aacharya thanked me profusely for this lovely gift. 

The Aacharya family returned from a weekend vacation with glorious reviews of  Pampers. Mrs. Aacharya : " Chaitra is always cranky whenever we go out . She keeps on tugging at her diaper as it pinches her and hurdles her crawling around. Special Thanks to Pampers , this time Chaitra was roaming around freely and happily. The soft material, all-around waist-band, soft-cuff and baby lotion everything is such a pleasant surprise.  I checked her Pampers twice and when I saw the blue indicator only then I changed it. It was easier to dispose off the used Pampers in a garbage bin due to the disposable tape. The real test of Pampers happened at night when Chaitra slept soundly and allowed me too".

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This blog post is written for the Pampers  #SoftestForBabySkin activity in association with BlogAdda

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Pampers Premium Care Pants launch


Pampers Pampers everywhere, was the scene when I reached JW Marriott, Sahar for #WIN15 ( BlogAdda national blogging conference + awards ceremony )on Sunday, 2oth September. Post registration and sumptuous breakfast, we attended lots of 'Gain the Gyan about Blogging' sessions. Finally it was the time for #SoftestForBabySkin Pampers.

I am not a Mom, but I have always been the loving and caring Mawshi to my niece Aditi and nephew Aamen. Right from the Johnson baby oil for their silky hair to Pampers diapers for their soft skins , I have always bought the best for my little angles. The invite from BlogAdda to participate in Pampers #SoftestForBabySkin event was most welcome. I grabbed this opportunity with both hands and heart full of love. 

The entrance as well as the inside of JW Marriott, Sahar was lavishly decorated for this grand  Pampers #SoftestForBabySkin event. The specially appointed cameraman was clicking our pics with the baby-placards. Here I met lots of Mommy-bloggers and chatted with them happily about their children and unique blogs. 

The good news for all moms and dads as well is that I was one of the luckiest few parents to witness the unveiling of the latest Pampers premium brand #SoftestForBabySkin diaper pants on Sunday. Our tables were loaded with the samples of 'New Pampers Premium Care pants' , mysterious vertical boxes having 3 slits , remotes, trays , tissue-papers , water-bottles , candies , flower arrangements etc. 

Finally that moment arrived, which was eagerly awaited by all of us parent-bloggers. Actress and celebrity mother Tara Sharma, Actress and TV anchor Mandira Bedi, Pampers R n D expert Dr. Wei Sing Long, Child Sleep consultant Ajitha Gopal Sithepalli were heartily welcomed on the Pampers dais by the special audience. 

The eminent panel members discussed the importance of skin health in infant baby, how a soft and dry diaper can help babies have the best skin comfort and happy development. A child's interest in his environment, beginning from the crib is limitless and natural. There are many unusual sights, feelings and thoughts that each baby experiences as they discover and learn. It is the most significant time to encourage exploration. 

We loved this fun-activity the most. The panel asked us to open up the 3 slits of the boxes arranged on our tables. We then touched all 3 diapers in turn ,inside the boxes and felt their respective softness. We had absolutely no idea, which diaper was actually Pampers. Next , we were asked to press 1, 2 or 3 on the remotes provided to us. We were supposed to press the number , which was Softest according to our touch-feelings. Excitedly we took our remote-voting meters and voted for what we felt was the softest. Almost all of us pressed 2 . No prizes for guessing that no.2 was Pampers. As many as 92% of us voted  in favor of Pampers

The pretty panelists unveiled the 'New Pampers Premium Care Pants' , the softest diapers , as soft as mom's touch. New Pampers have an all-around soft waistband and great dryness that absorbs wetness and locks it away. 

This blog post is written for the Pampers  #SoftestForBabySkin activity in association with BlogAdda

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Triumphant Two for Romedy NOW

We Live Only Once and if that Life is full of Love n Laughter then we are the HappiestRomedy NOW is in that Happy phase right now, on their 2nd anniversary. They have won viewers' hearts with zesty content matching their tag line 'Love.Laugh.Live'. Romedy NOW deserves to celebrate their Triumphant Two years with elan.

Romedy NOW is celebrating its leadership in English GEC ( General Entertainment Channel ) genre in two years-run. The Happiest Place on TV commands 58% viewership share in this genre. Top 18 shows out of the top 25 shows in English GEC space are on Romedy NOW.

Romedy NOW, the No.1 English General Entertainment channel celebrated another year of its splendid journey, completing two years of bringing love and laughter into the Indian viewers families on September 22, 2015.

Since the launch on 22nd September 2013, Romedy NOW has been home to some of the most romantic movies and funniest shows. Popular shows like ‘FRIENDS’, ‘Ally Mcbeal’, ‘Witches Of East End’, ‘2 Broke Girls’, ‘Friends With Better Lives’, ‘Jane The Virgin’ have all partnered in the growth of the channel and have contributed to its success.

A proud leader, Vivek Srivastava, Senior Vice President and Head English Entertainment Cluster at Times Network said, “It is the hard work that is paying off! Comparatively a very young brand, Romedy NOW has outdone many of the older channels in the English GEC category. The channel today commands leadership with 58% share in the category, which is more than others’ put together. 18 out of top 25 shows in the English GEC Category are on Romedy NOW. It is a proud moment for all of us!  Having said that, the challenge now is tougher as we have to sustain what we have achieved so far and grow further.”

Romedy NOW has recently launched one of America’s best sitcoms, ‘Hot in Cleveland’ on 21st September and going forward plans to launch the most popular show, ‘How I Met Your Mother’ in November 2015. The two will complement the current line-up of Romedy NOW that includes shows like ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ - which is airing concurrent to its US telecast, ‘Gilmore Girls’ and ‘FRIENDS’.

Romedy NOW, India’s premium English Entertainment Channel, has ushered in ‘Love and Laughter’ together for the first time. It is an exclusive destination for urban women and men offering the best international content, to the delight of its audience.

The programming plan for Romedy Now. Right NOW , Right here for the LOVEly , LAUGHing , LIVEly audience 

1.      Addicted to Love (Romantic slot) @9pm
2.      Romedy of the month – ‘The Croods’
3.      Dusshera special - ‘Heart Rules’
1.      How I met your Mother
2.      Diwali special - Diwali Delights
3.      Romedy of the month – Imogine/Girl Most Likely

Friday, September 18, 2015

ACEF_2015 : Corporate Social Responsibility

All of us at home were studying CSR = Corporate Social Responsibility for 1 year as it was the major subject for my niece Aditi. 

Naturally I r.s.v.p.ed eagerly and instantly when I saw the ACEF_2015 event schedule at BlogAdda forum. Thanks to BlogAdda I got this golden opportunity to listen to top-notch corporate honchos as well as to meet my Facebook friend ( Shaivi Sharma ) Face 2 Face for the first time. Lots of Firsts and a feast happened at ACEF_2015 (ITC Grand Central Hotel, Mumbai) on September 12, 2015.

Today, it is important to make ‘meaningful’ profits in all sectors. We cannot be entirely driven by our capitalist instincts. Firms as well as individuals need to take some responsibility and make the lives of those around them simpler. Because they are consumers, the people for whom firms design products and services. Profits are of course important, but these profits should not come at long term damage or losses. With the help of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) we take a leap from profits to ‘meaningful’ profits. We explored all these aspects at the ACEF event on September 12, 2015.

Post the welcome address , the event kicked off with the topic : Where Marketers Need to Grow by Sanjeev Kotnala ( Founder and Head Catalyst- The Unconsult Way). The audience was all ears and fingers ( live tweeting ) for Mr. Kotnala's session : CSR is 'building a reservoir of goodwill. Marketers are evolved people - They live and love in present. Today and QSQT ( Quarter Se Quater Taq ) is their span of attention. CSR is different from Charity, Donation , Sponsorship and Philanthropy. CSR is not one time injection.

Next topic after a brief tea-break was , Creating Strong CSR Brands versus using CSR to create Strong Brands by Mr. Saurabh Uboweja ( Founder, CEO and Director, Brand Strategy - Brands of Desire ). He emphasized on : A brand is a value perception in the minds of people. Its an attribution. The world's oldest brand is God and the second oldest is Religion. Good Karma is not just a Hindu religion principle. In CSR, you have to create equity, not revenue. Create-Store-Use : CSR. There must be sincerity in CSR campaign. Look Good, Do Good, Feel Good. 

Ms. Sangeeta Robinson ( Founder and CEO , Enduring Value Advisory and Practice LLP ) hold forth on the topic : CSR; Its Correlation and Impact on the board. Five factors that define a Brand : 1. The Brand Promise 2. The Brand Perception 3. The Brand Expectations 4. The Brand Persona 5. The Brand Elements.

Mr. Vikas Singh ( AVP- Brand Marketing, Dainik Bhaskar group) shared his thoughts through a topic : Building a strong brand in cluttered and commoditized print media spaces.

" Customer Engagement Through Social Media in Emerging Markets ", this keynote was delivered by Mr. Amitha Amarasinghe ( Head of Neo@Ogilvy Sri Lanka  and Allan Rodrigues ( Vice president - Hansa PR ). This session was followed by Panel Discussion - Integrating Brand Marketing with CSR and PR. Ms. Jessie Paul ( CEO - Paul Writer ) moderated it fantastically with engaging participation from Betsy Vincent ( VP- General Carbon ) , Nilesh Jagad ( Sr. VP- Indian Centre for CSR) , Hasrath Manasinghe ( DGM Marketing - Commercial bank of Ceylon PLC - Srilanka ) , Vaishali Sharma ( Sr. VP Marketing and Communication - SONY MAX and MAX2) , Umesh N. Jhawar ( VP Strategy- Arihant Superstructures ltd. ) , Sangeeta Thakral ( Head of marketing and Communication - Charities Aid Foundation-India )

And the last as well as the most important and awaited for the event of Awards for Excellence happened. The Head of our BlogAdda Family Mr. Nirav Sanghavi won the prestigious Best Partner-Marketing award at #ACEF_2015

Corporate Social Responsibility is highly spoken about by those who work in corporate sector. We’re all passionate about doing good and making the world a better place. So when a corporate system takes social responsibility in consideration, it creates positive resonance across the community. But how much is really known about Corporate Social Responsibility? How much of our CSR initiatives are taken into account for when it comes to speaking about the bigger picture? A lot was discovered at ACEF_2015 and one of the most important discovery is how we use the social media as a platform to connect with customers. How do we make CSR a beneficial contingency for companies ? We the participants of ACEF_2015 got answers for all of these and more at the ACEF event.

This post is about Integrating Brand Marketing with CSR and PR event conducted by #ACEF_2015 in association with 

Sunday, September 13, 2015

OpenUp with Stayzilla n MakeRoomForSomethingNew

Five Thousand years old Indian tradition 'Atithi Devo Bhav' ( Sanskrit : Guest is God ) , the culture of 'Yaadhum ooray , Yaavarum kaelir' ( Tamil : Every country is my own and all the people are my kinsmen ) has flourished , gained momentum with Stayzilla's   campaign. is Indias largest hybrid managed marketplace for Stays. Owned and operated by Inasra Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is the market leader in the alternate stay segment in India, and is one of the fastest growing start-ups in the Indian travel and hospitality eco-system.  With a  niche strategy of focusing only on ‘stays, Stayzilla offers over 35,000 'Stays' across 4000+ cities in India. Stayzilla has been recognized as one of the Top 6 Internet start-ups by India's premier start-up showcase event, Proto and the ‘Hottest Top 30 Start-ups' label from Tata Nen.

On September 11, 2015 renewed its brand focus to Empower Homeowners to Open Up vacant Rooms in an exclusive launch event in Mumbai.
Stayzilla announced that it has unveiled a new brand campaign  along with the launch of their mobile app, to bring alive the concept of alternate stays in the country. The campaign which went live that day across digital media channels emphasizes the companys focus on widening the quality of stay choices for travelers in India who are looking at unique and differentiated stay experiences.

“Today, Indias stay market is large and fragmented with shortage of close to 1,000,000 rooms in the country, creating a huge opportunity for expansion and growth. Keeping this in mind, we have decided to strengthen our play in the alternate stay segment. With the launch of our new communication, we aim to encourage hosts to open up their vacant rooms with . Hosting is not new to Indians and as a country, we have been practicing it since eons, going by the 3000 year old philosophy 'Yaadham oore Yaavarum Kaelir' ( Tamil : any town is home, anyone is kin), one should feel at home in any city, town and zilla. Thus our revised brand philosophy is reflective of our company’s vision - provide a number of quality stay options to the new breed of travelers who are looking at stay options customized to their interests and preferences”, said Yogendra Vasupal, Founder and CEO, Stayzilla.

The campaign is being kicked off by a short film that highlights ’s concept of homes. The video has been produced and created in-house by Stayzilla and directed by celebrated National Award Winning director Thiagarajan Kumaraja of fame
The Creative Head of Stayzilla, Gopinath Prasanna commented on the video saying, “We have used stop motion - papier-mache for the video as it best suited to the purpose of showcasing the transition from an old world tradition towards a new concept. The vision which led us to creating such a great piece was about showcasing the essence of sharing experiences. We have tried to maintain the Indian factor in the video for our consumers to be able to relate to the idea of the company and its services. It is a great achievement for us to have completed the video in just 75 days with a nine member team while usually creating a video with such great detailing takes about 6 months and at least half a hundred team members.”

The new campaign is targeted specifically at hosts and aims to revive the culture of hosting guests at homes through the new mobile app which will cater to both homeowners and travelers alike. The app, which will enable hosts to open up their vacant rooms faster, has selective filters which will help them choose the kind of travelers they would like to host. It will  allow users to look for stays that match their own requirements such as food preferences, travel type and much more. A special ‘Build your tribe’ feature on the app will also enable one to host and befriends with  travelers basis their passion - be it a specific interest, their institution or even to explore something new, thus giving people yet another reason to travel.

Yogendra added, “Through our new campaign, Open Up   we want to tell people that to experience something new, they do not have to step outside. They can just open their doors and let the world in. Even for travelers this opens up a number of stay options right from providing frequent business travelers a home away from home to probably the alumni of an institution who would like to stay with a fellow alum while traveling.”

It's time to Open Up... To new personalities, new cultures, new stay experiences without leaving our roots - A new Stayzilla.

Yogendra Vasupal ( Founder and CEO -  started his career at the age of 19 by undertaking freelance projects to develop web-based applications and e-commerce portals. An internet and technology enthusiast from a young age. Yogi loved creating things and identified ‘online accommodation booking’ as a future trend, when e-commerce was beginning to take shape in India. His vision of the e-commerce sector in India helped him develop a one-of its-kind, revolutionary, e-commerce portal of his own. That vision grew into the inception of an online portal for hotel accommodations anywhere in India known as