Saturday, September 26, 2015

Pampers Premium Care Pants launch


Pampers Pampers everywhere, was the scene when I reached JW Marriott, Sahar for #WIN15 ( BlogAdda national blogging conference + awards ceremony )on Sunday, 2oth September. Post registration and sumptuous breakfast, we attended lots of 'Gain the Gyan about Blogging' sessions. Finally it was the time for #SoftestForBabySkin Pampers.

I am not a Mom, but I have always been the loving and caring Mawshi to my niece Aditi and nephew Aamen. Right from the Johnson baby oil for their silky hair to Pampers diapers for their soft skins , I have always bought the best for my little angles. The invite from BlogAdda to participate in Pampers #SoftestForBabySkin event was most welcome. I grabbed this opportunity with both hands and heart full of love. 

The entrance as well as the inside of JW Marriott, Sahar was lavishly decorated for this grand  Pampers #SoftestForBabySkin event. The specially appointed cameraman was clicking our pics with the baby-placards. Here I met lots of Mommy-bloggers and chatted with them happily about their children and unique blogs. 

The good news for all moms and dads as well is that I was one of the luckiest few parents to witness the unveiling of the latest Pampers premium brand #SoftestForBabySkin diaper pants on Sunday. Our tables were loaded with the samples of 'New Pampers Premium Care pants' , mysterious vertical boxes having 3 slits , remotes, trays , tissue-papers , water-bottles , candies , flower arrangements etc. 

Finally that moment arrived, which was eagerly awaited by all of us parent-bloggers. Actress and celebrity mother Tara Sharma, Actress and TV anchor Mandira Bedi, Pampers R n D expert Dr. Wei Sing Long, Child Sleep consultant Ajitha Gopal Sithepalli were heartily welcomed on the Pampers dais by the special audience. 

The eminent panel members discussed the importance of skin health in infant baby, how a soft and dry diaper can help babies have the best skin comfort and happy development. A child's interest in his environment, beginning from the crib is limitless and natural. There are many unusual sights, feelings and thoughts that each baby experiences as they discover and learn. It is the most significant time to encourage exploration. 

We loved this fun-activity the most. The panel asked us to open up the 3 slits of the boxes arranged on our tables. We then touched all 3 diapers in turn ,inside the boxes and felt their respective softness. We had absolutely no idea, which diaper was actually Pampers. Next , we were asked to press 1, 2 or 3 on the remotes provided to us. We were supposed to press the number , which was Softest according to our touch-feelings. Excitedly we took our remote-voting meters and voted for what we felt was the softest. Almost all of us pressed 2 . No prizes for guessing that no.2 was Pampers. As many as 92% of us voted  in favor of Pampers

The pretty panelists unveiled the 'New Pampers Premium Care Pants' , the softest diapers , as soft as mom's touch. New Pampers have an all-around soft waistband and great dryness that absorbs wetness and locks it away. 

This blog post is written for the Pampers  #SoftestForBabySkin activity in association with BlogAdda


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