Thursday, August 20, 2015

Why #BNLF? ... Pee 4 Purba

Oops ... I did it ! I have committed the 'Oh My God'... sin of writing a pee word in my blogpost title. It's Pee 4 Purba and much more, that's why I want to attend BNLF= Blog Now Live Forever (Over The Top ambitious project) launched by Team IndiBlogger

But then how else would I describe my fan-ship, my fascination, fanaticism for the Super-Blogger Purba Ray?. Yes the same Purba Ray who confesses on a public forum to a comment ...

Vinita Bahl
Wooooooohoooooooooooooo!!!!!! You go, girl. And you will be in Bombay.....paaaaartyyyyy. grin emoticon
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Purba Ray · 

Aiyyo, I'm nervous as hell. Of course, even as I stutter and sputter and pee in my pants, I expect you to be cheering for me in the audience.

Plus, Purba is GLAMOROUS. That is capital, whether she wears a Midi or a Saree. I would so love to go click ... click...and CLICK till the camera-battery dies. Further, add dollops of spunky attitude and her signature humor and word-power. I can go on adding still more ands but this is more than enough to convey the magnitude of my wish to listen to Purba Ray at BNLF

Purba is politically 'too' correct and BLUNT to say :

( An answer to Fuccha Interviewer by Purba Ray)

How would you define  Politics in India ? 
 If our Politicians are corrupt and we are stuck in a system that sucks, it’s because we are turning into a nation of spectators, content with critiquing the state of affairs and not doing a thing about it. We expect lofty ideals from our leaders yet happily jump red-lights, queues and use influence to get undue favours. We use our Right to expression to offend, taking cheap pot-shots at our Politicos. As if that helps! If you hate what you see around you, do something about it. Apathy will do you no good.

Now tell me, whether you too are not craving, almost dying to join me at BNLF to hang on to every word spoken by Ms. Purba Ray ?

Here's some more ammo on Purba Ray by Team IndiBlogger :

Purba Ray : Confused as hell. Longs for a change every few years. When life finally pays heed to her prayers and throws her in unfamiliar waters, she sputters, wails, almost drowns in misery before learning to swim. She didn't discover blogging. Blogging discovered her!Armed with her sharp wit and deep insights, Purba Ray moulded her blog that is a revelation to read! Her recent blog posts titled “Why a Ban on Porn is the best thing to have happened to India” and “Yoga-to Be Flexible To Salute The Sun” prove just that. Her blog posts stimulate very meaningful comments from her readers which turn into discussions of great intellectual value.

Still not sure? Then you must check out Purba Ray's literary gems First hand with your Two eyes ... Here you go ...

How much more explicit can I get than this to explain my desire of attending the BNLF 4 Purba ?

The next reason for BNLF is Sir Christoph Trappe , whom I follow to gain the Gyan about Social Media and much more. But God and POTUS ( President of the United States ) knows , why HE follows me back. Well, I am one among the 11.8k tweeps he follows, so that's not something to boast about. But I do hope he speaks in normal English , without a Twang like US-returned Madhuri Dixit and India-stationed Salman Khan.

More dope on Sir Chrisoph Trappe by IndiBlogger team to entice me to attend BNLF :

The first thing that caught our eye about Christoph was his blog - Telling an authentic story on any account, constitutes the most basic element of blogging. Among his many honours, Christoph sits on the Internet Marketing Association’s Executive International Council with representatives from brands like Oracle, Wells Fargo and Google. 
He leads an uphill battle with his ever present smile, to get people and organisations to be authentic with their story telling and with his heart of gold, he bats for various non-profit organisations.

I want to listen to the keynotes by luminaries like Anshul Tewari, Arnab Ray, Kanan Gill , Bruce Dickinson (yes, Lead singer of Iron Maiden), Preeti Shenoy (Best selling woman author in India), Jeff Bullas (World’s most admired content marketer) at #BNLF

To top it all when Anoop writes a blog-post 'BNLF is now live- part 1' and replies to a comment with :
Anoop : LOL .. well in my book there nothing called “over excited”. When the whole agenda for BNLF got sorted , I threw quite a few things around including a chair and broke a mug .. I think that’s acceptable 

Well , I want to participate in BNLF and win the coveted #BNLF Limited Edition MUG for this post , before , Anoop breaks them all in a flurry of EXCITEMENT called #BNLF.

So for me as an IndiBlogger, participating in
BNLF is all about gaining the Gyan from Social Media Masters, keeping up with Buddy-Bloggers ( more than 12,000 ) as well as  cheering for Team IndiBlogger.

As if, all this is not enough, The Team IndiBlogger is going gaga with ...The most disruptive conference on blogging. The only congregation of global speakers on blogging hosted in the Indian subcontinent. Unique combination of Bloggers, Content creators, Content marketers, Agencies, Speakers and Investors in blogging among the attendees. In-depth techniques and insights from some of the most experienced in the industry. Content that will help you build a rewarding career in blogging...where every note is a keynote.

Now My Dear readers, you tell me , can we remain idle, twiddling our thumbs and waiting for the Oscar-worthy Red Carpet-invite ? No ways!

I can write 100s of posts, on why I must attend BNLF.
I want to be the eye-witness to that Historical moment when IndiBlogger’s most ambitious plan BNLF (Blog Now, Live Forever) is launched in Mumbai. 

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Blooming TypewriterArt @GodrejArchives

Godrej Archives Plant , Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd. ,  Pirojshanagar, LBS Road,Vikhroli (w), Mumbai 400079, Maharashtra 

I am very much proud of being a Mumbaikar, still I had never visited Vikroli. Thanks to the invite by Godrej Archives, I got the opportunity to visit Godrej's Hubble nestled in Vikhroli. It was one of it's kind 'Typewriter Art Event' conceptualized by Godrej Archives on August 12, 2015.

Godrej Archives, in line with its philosophy, ‘Restore. Reflect. Reimagine’, has given a new lease of life to Godrej’s last batch of typewriters from 2009 through this collaboration and subsequently the lotus bloomed out of the spare parts of typewriters. 

Technical details of Lotus sculpture : 

1.Sixty typewriters used from Godrej and Boyce’s last production.

2. Approximately 248 man hours were used for disassembly and organization of parts. 

3. More than 1700 man hours have been used to create the Lotus.

4. Thousands of bolts and screws used in the making of the Lotus.

5. Total no. of petals in the lotus - 15.

6. Parts used in one petals - 50 different components, and 200 parts per petal.

Jeremy Mayer: Jeremy makes sculptures using typewriter parts without deploying any ‘artificial’ joining processes such as gluing, welding, etc. Jeremy lived and worked at Godrej for 5 months to create some spectacular sculptures from typewriter

#Techart , is a part of the Artist-in-Residence programme, a Godrej Archives’ outreach initiatives that encourages artists from across the globe to reinterpret 118 years of heritage so that the current and future generations are inspired to reimagine the past and build a brighter future. Godrej has always been known for being an innovative.

The Typewriter journey: Godrej was the first Indian company to manufacture typewriters. 
This occasion celebrates 50 years journey of manufacturing typewriters. 

Apart from typewriters, Godrej has been at the helm of innovation across various other industries. Godrej has been shaping the future since 1897.

Godrej: An organization led by innovation, Godrej capitalizes on technology and design to reimagine and innovate for the future. Ex: Archives, Innovation Centre, etc. Godrej touches over 600 million customers every day. Godrej Archives believes in the conservation of historical company records; restore, recreate and re imagine the past to help the current generation build a better future. This is a culmination of the organizations efforts to constantly innovate and think differently to stay relevant to the consumers.

Pheroza Godrej : The crowning glory of Pheroza Godrej’s creative career is A Zoroastrian Tapestry – Art, Religion and Culture.
She has co-written 'Scenic Splendours: India through the Printed Image' and co-edited 'A Pageant of Prints, Under the Indian Sun, and Bombay to Mumbai – Changing Perspectives'. 

In 1971, Pheroza established Cymroza Art Gallery, well-known for promoting young talent and bringing to the world stage contemporary Indian art. Further promoting the arts, Pheroza champions the cause of Western classical music in India as a member of the Mehli Mehta Music Foundation. Pheroza is the Honorary Secretary of the Museum Society of Bombay and a member of the Regional Chapter of the Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage. 

Navroze directs strategy and innovation at Godrej and Boyce, India. His belief that the innovation process can be used for identifying hidden opportunities which can ameliorate the lives of people in unforeseeable ways led him to set up the Innovation Centre at Godrej and Boyce. The centre implements Disruptive Innovation and Human-Centred Design and works with a diverse set of employees from various Godrej and Boyce businesses to imbibe a culture of innovation at a grassroots level. 

Navroze believes that strategic design should pervade every aspect of a business if it is to deliver products and services of the greatest value to the community and that is his vision for Godrej and Boyce. 
Navroze holds a Master of Design degree from the IIT Institute of Design, Chicago.

@godrejarchives -

@godrejarchives -

@GodrejArchives – 

 Godrej Archives - and


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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

BreakFast with #JaneTheVirgin

I broke my 10 year long TV-fast on Monday. Yes , you read it right. We have donated both our TV sets to an orphanage in Vikramgarh 10 years ago. Since then, I had never watched any TV program...

AdFactors invited us, select few bloggers / media-persons for a special preview screening show, Jane the Virgin #JaneOnRomedy. Jane the Virgin is  the newest American Dramedy ( romantic comedy drama series ) to be televised on Romedy Now for the first time in India from 5th August at 7 p.m

This historical TV BreakFast with #JaneTheVirgin started on a regular Selfie-mode.

This unique TV-BreakFast tasted yummilicious with assorted Lay's chips, Domino's Pizza, cans of Fanta, Coke, Pepsi and ... Sweety pie #JaneTheVirgin ... yes, you guessed it right. Special thanks to AdFactor's cheerful hospitality!

Romedy Now has the clear distinction of first-mover advantage of introducing Jane the Virgin #JaneOnRomedy  to the Indian television audience as it has never been televised in India before.

Vivek Srivastava, Sr. Vice President and Head of English Entertainment Cluster, Times Network, said, “I am happy that our endeavor to bring in the latest and best in English TV series is being successful for the viewing delight of our audiences. Romedy NOW will be premiering this hit and award winning CBS show on the 5thAugust, 2015. It is an ongoing series in the US. This will be an India TV premiere. Jane the Virgin is a 1 hour comedy-drama format.”

In this TV series, Gina Rodriguez stars in the title role of Jane Villanueva, a religious young working Latina virgin woman, who becomes pregnant after being artificially inseminated by mistake by her gynecologist.

This series is highly acclaimed and has won prestigious awards internationally, including various nominations of Golden Globe awards.

#JaneTheVirgin TV series starts with candid intro of the compact, cozy family of little Jane, her mother and grandmother. Through their perky dialogues all 3 family members evoke a familiar bond with audience within minutes.

Jane the Virgin (#JaneOnRomedy) is an American romantic comedy-drama television series which debuted in the US on 13 October 2014. The series is created by Jennie Snyder Urman and is a loose adaptation of the Venezuelan tele-novela series created by Perla Farias, originally known as Juana La Virgen. In this TV series, Gina Rodriguez stars in the title role of Jane Villanueva, a religious young working Latina virgin woman, who becomes pregnant after being artificially inseminated by mistake by her gynecologist,  an event that sends shock-waves through the lives of Jane and everyone around her.

Set in the Alpha-World city of Miami, located on the Atlantic coast of beautiful Southeastern Florida, the series details the surprising and unforeseen events that take place in the life of Jane Villanueva, whose family tradition and a vow to save her virginity until her marriage to a detective are shattered when the doctor mistakenly inseminates her artificially during a checkup. To make matters worse, the biological donor is a married man, a former playboy and cancer survivor who is not only the new owner of the hotel where Jane works, but was also her former teenage crush.

Jane the Virgin #JaneOnRomedy has received critical acclaim since its premiere. Gina Rodriguez won the award for the Best Actress in a Television series – Musical or Comedy, at the 72nd Golden Globe Awards honoring the best in American film and television industry produced during 2014 on 11th January 2015, while the show was nominated for Best Television Series – Musical or Comedy and was also nominated for the Critics’ Choice Award. The series has won the People’s choice award for the Favorite new TV comedy.

Romedy Now logo with LLL

Jane the Virgin
Watch this feel-good series with the entire family
Starting from 5th of August, 2015, 7 p.m.7pm
Only on Romedy NOW

Jane The Virgina synopsis:

FI094_Jane the Virgin_1X2-c2c-01What happens when a young, devout woman discovers she has been accidentally, artificially inseminated?! Jane is a young, sweet, simple 23-year-old Latina, working at a hotel to finance her studies and saving herself for marriage. She has a boyfriend too -- Michael, a detective in the police force – and she dreams of a good life together, powered by her college education. Things seem to be on course for young Jane, until a visit to her doctor for a routine checkup finds her life turned violently upside down -- she is artificially inseminated by her doctor by accident!

Caught between her boyfriend Michael, who has no desire to raise another man's child, and Rafael, the owner of the sperm, whose battle with cancer means this is his only chance for a biological child, Jane is in a complete quandary! Petra, Rafael's wife, also wants the baby – but only to prolong her failing marriage while the pre-nuptial agreement is still in effect, where she would be able to acquire a huge amount of money. Petra, incidentally,  is also unfaithful to Rafael.

This is the exact spot between a rock and a hard place where the sweet and lovely Jane finds herself. And perplexed as she is, she is also torn between the views of her mother Xiomara, and grandmother Alba, who have their own differing opinions about what Jane should do.

The twists and turns and the curved balls Life keep throwing at Jane and how the sweet and protected young woman, surrounded by interesting characters, deals with them, form  the  premise of this engrossing, dramatic story.

The citation at its TV Program Of the Year Award win at the AFI Awards USA 2015 puts it succinctly indeed:Jane The Virgin delivers one of the year's most delightful surprises - a modern melodrama from the telenovela mold, with lively theatrics that elevate it into a class by itself. Immaculately adapted by Jennie Snyder Urman, this romantic comedy finds humor in a tiny, beating heart - and witnesses the birth of a star with Gina Rodriguez's wide-eyed performance.