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Blooming TypewriterArt @GodrejArchives

Godrej Archives Plant , Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd. ,  Pirojshanagar, LBS Road,Vikhroli (w), Mumbai 400079, Maharashtra 

I am very much proud of being a Mumbaikar, still I had never visited Vikroli. Thanks to the invite by Godrej Archives, I got the opportunity to visit Godrej's Hubble nestled in Vikhroli. It was one of it's kind 'Typewriter Art Event' conceptualized by Godrej Archives on August 12, 2015.

Godrej Archives, in line with its philosophy, ‘Restore. Reflect. Reimagine’, has given a new lease of life to Godrej’s last batch of typewriters from 2009 through this collaboration and subsequently the lotus bloomed out of the spare parts of typewriters. 

Technical details of Lotus sculpture : 

1.Sixty typewriters used from Godrej and Boyce’s last production.

2. Approximately 248 man hours were used for disassembly and organization of parts. 

3. More than 1700 man hours have been used to create the Lotus.

4. Thousands of bolts and screws used in the making of the Lotus.

5. Total no. of petals in the lotus - 15.

6. Parts used in one petals - 50 different components, and 200 parts per petal.

Jeremy Mayer: Jeremy makes sculptures using typewriter parts without deploying any ‘artificial’ joining processes such as gluing, welding, etc. Jeremy lived and worked at Godrej for 5 months to create some spectacular sculptures from typewriter

#Techart , is a part of the Artist-in-Residence programme, a Godrej Archives’ outreach initiatives that encourages artists from across the globe to reinterpret 118 years of heritage so that the current and future generations are inspired to reimagine the past and build a brighter future. Godrej has always been known for being an innovative.

The Typewriter journey: Godrej was the first Indian company to manufacture typewriters. 
This occasion celebrates 50 years journey of manufacturing typewriters. 

Apart from typewriters, Godrej has been at the helm of innovation across various other industries. Godrej has been shaping the future since 1897.

Godrej: An organization led by innovation, Godrej capitalizes on technology and design to reimagine and innovate for the future. Ex: Archives, Innovation Centre, etc. Godrej touches over 600 million customers every day. Godrej Archives believes in the conservation of historical company records; restore, recreate and re imagine the past to help the current generation build a better future. This is a culmination of the organizations efforts to constantly innovate and think differently to stay relevant to the consumers.

Pheroza Godrej : The crowning glory of Pheroza Godrej’s creative career is A Zoroastrian Tapestry – Art, Religion and Culture.
She has co-written 'Scenic Splendours: India through the Printed Image' and co-edited 'A Pageant of Prints, Under the Indian Sun, and Bombay to Mumbai – Changing Perspectives'. 

In 1971, Pheroza established Cymroza Art Gallery, well-known for promoting young talent and bringing to the world stage contemporary Indian art. Further promoting the arts, Pheroza champions the cause of Western classical music in India as a member of the Mehli Mehta Music Foundation. Pheroza is the Honorary Secretary of the Museum Society of Bombay and a member of the Regional Chapter of the Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage. 

Navroze directs strategy and innovation at Godrej and Boyce, India. His belief that the innovation process can be used for identifying hidden opportunities which can ameliorate the lives of people in unforeseeable ways led him to set up the Innovation Centre at Godrej and Boyce. The centre implements Disruptive Innovation and Human-Centred Design and works with a diverse set of employees from various Godrej and Boyce businesses to imbibe a culture of innovation at a grassroots level. 

Navroze believes that strategic design should pervade every aspect of a business if it is to deliver products and services of the greatest value to the community and that is his vision for Godrej and Boyce. 
Navroze holds a Master of Design degree from the IIT Institute of Design, Chicago.

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Somali K Chakrabarti said...

So interesting to see sculptors created from parts of typewriters. Something unique.


Hi Somali , The Lotus as well as the other sculptures by Jeremy Mayers are all uniquely spectacular as they are totally created with Godrej typewriter spare parts. You must visit Godrej Hubble ( Vikroli ) to appreciate them first hand.

Deepa Gopal said...

This is quite unique and interesting!


Hi Deepa. You must see it to believe it , the Godrej Typewriter #TechArt sculpted by Jeremy Mayer is so captivating, that I went on click... till the battery drained

rupam sarma said...

Great post


Thanks and welcome Rupam. You will be transfixed if you watch the #TechArt by Jeremy Mayer at Godrej Hubble.

Treat and Trick said...

What a creative idea! I never seen such a thing to date...


Hi Treat and Trick. Creativity at the top of every #TechArt demonstrated at Godrej Hubble. Even for me , it was the 1st time to witness the Typewriter Art Event and listen to Jeremy Mayer.

Somali K Chakrabarti said...

Sujata, I have been to Godrej campus Vikoli, but that was many years back. Wanted to share with you a post on the brand story of Godrej.


Hi Somali , Thanks for the update. Sure , I would love to read your post and comment.

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