Thursday, August 20, 2015

Why #BNLF? ... Pee 4 Purba

Oops ... I did it ! I have committed the 'Oh My God'... sin of writing a pee word in my blogpost title. It's Pee 4 Purba and much more, that's why I want to attend BNLF= Blog Now Live Forever (Over The Top ambitious project) launched by Team IndiBlogger

But then how else would I describe my fan-ship, my fascination, fanaticism for the Super-Blogger Purba Ray?. Yes the same Purba Ray who confesses on a public forum to a comment ...

Vinita Bahl
Wooooooohoooooooooooooo!!!!!! You go, girl. And you will be in Bombay.....paaaaartyyyyy. grin emoticon
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Purba Ray · 

Aiyyo, I'm nervous as hell. Of course, even as I stutter and sputter and pee in my pants, I expect you to be cheering for me in the audience.

Plus, Purba is GLAMOROUS. That is capital, whether she wears a Midi or a Saree. I would so love to go click ... click...and CLICK till the camera-battery dies. Further, add dollops of spunky attitude and her signature humor and word-power. I can go on adding still more ands but this is more than enough to convey the magnitude of my wish to listen to Purba Ray at BNLF

Purba is politically 'too' correct and BLUNT to say :

( An answer to Fuccha Interviewer by Purba Ray)

How would you define  Politics in India ? 
 If our Politicians are corrupt and we are stuck in a system that sucks, it’s because we are turning into a nation of spectators, content with critiquing the state of affairs and not doing a thing about it. We expect lofty ideals from our leaders yet happily jump red-lights, queues and use influence to get undue favours. We use our Right to expression to offend, taking cheap pot-shots at our Politicos. As if that helps! If you hate what you see around you, do something about it. Apathy will do you no good.

Now tell me, whether you too are not craving, almost dying to join me at BNLF to hang on to every word spoken by Ms. Purba Ray ?

Here's some more ammo on Purba Ray by Team IndiBlogger :

Purba Ray : Confused as hell. Longs for a change every few years. When life finally pays heed to her prayers and throws her in unfamiliar waters, she sputters, wails, almost drowns in misery before learning to swim. She didn't discover blogging. Blogging discovered her!Armed with her sharp wit and deep insights, Purba Ray moulded her blog that is a revelation to read! Her recent blog posts titled “Why a Ban on Porn is the best thing to have happened to India” and “Yoga-to Be Flexible To Salute The Sun” prove just that. Her blog posts stimulate very meaningful comments from her readers which turn into discussions of great intellectual value.

Still not sure? Then you must check out Purba Ray's literary gems First hand with your Two eyes ... Here you go ...

How much more explicit can I get than this to explain my desire of attending the BNLF 4 Purba ?

The next reason for BNLF is Sir Christoph Trappe , whom I follow to gain the Gyan about Social Media and much more. But God and POTUS ( President of the United States ) knows , why HE follows me back. Well, I am one among the 11.8k tweeps he follows, so that's not something to boast about. But I do hope he speaks in normal English , without a Twang like US-returned Madhuri Dixit and India-stationed Salman Khan.

More dope on Sir Chrisoph Trappe by IndiBlogger team to entice me to attend BNLF :

The first thing that caught our eye about Christoph was his blog - Telling an authentic story on any account, constitutes the most basic element of blogging. Among his many honours, Christoph sits on the Internet Marketing Association’s Executive International Council with representatives from brands like Oracle, Wells Fargo and Google. 
He leads an uphill battle with his ever present smile, to get people and organisations to be authentic with their story telling and with his heart of gold, he bats for various non-profit organisations.

I want to listen to the keynotes by luminaries like Anshul Tewari, Arnab Ray, Kanan Gill , Bruce Dickinson (yes, Lead singer of Iron Maiden), Preeti Shenoy (Best selling woman author in India), Jeff Bullas (World’s most admired content marketer) at #BNLF

To top it all when Anoop writes a blog-post 'BNLF is now live- part 1' and replies to a comment with :
Anoop : LOL .. well in my book there nothing called “over excited”. When the whole agenda for BNLF got sorted , I threw quite a few things around including a chair and broke a mug .. I think that’s acceptable 

Well , I want to participate in BNLF and win the coveted #BNLF Limited Edition MUG for this post , before , Anoop breaks them all in a flurry of EXCITEMENT called #BNLF.

So for me as an IndiBlogger, participating in
BNLF is all about gaining the Gyan from Social Media Masters, keeping up with Buddy-Bloggers ( more than 12,000 ) as well as  cheering for Team IndiBlogger.

As if, all this is not enough, The Team IndiBlogger is going gaga with ...The most disruptive conference on blogging. The only congregation of global speakers on blogging hosted in the Indian subcontinent. Unique combination of Bloggers, Content creators, Content marketers, Agencies, Speakers and Investors in blogging among the attendees. In-depth techniques and insights from some of the most experienced in the industry. Content that will help you build a rewarding career in blogging...where every note is a keynote.

Now My Dear readers, you tell me , can we remain idle, twiddling our thumbs and waiting for the Oscar-worthy Red Carpet-invite ? No ways!

I can write 100s of posts, on why I must attend BNLF.
I want to be the eye-witness to that Historical moment when IndiBlogger’s most ambitious plan BNLF (Blog Now, Live Forever) is launched in Mumbai. 


Vishal Kataria said...

You'll go click-click while Purba Ray takes stage, and I will when Bruce takes stage. Nice post Sujata :)


Hi Vishal . Welcome to 'Spirit Of Mumbai'. Wish you all the best for clicking Bruce. Thank you very much for the appreciation.

Unknown said...

Haha, what a funny title Sujata.

Great blogpost and tickling the funny bone as hell.

I've just blogged about the BNLF experience and takeaways on my blog here

Do take a look and drop in your comments or add your take aways! :)


Thanks Blogging India. Welcome to "Spirit Of India". My loss that I missed you n your unique "I am a Blogger, Bitch " card.


Hi , Good Morning. You are absolutely right, your Creatively Crazy " I am a BLOGGER , Bitch! ' card has become Immortal in the history of #BNLF. Your summing up of #BNLF is so Verbatim. How did u manage ? I did take notes, but I myself can't decipher , what I wrote. So am thankful for your's. Am so sorry I could not meet you and receive the CARD.