Saturday, December 26, 2015

Oriflame The One Colour Pink Unlimited Lipstick

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" Eat Apples, your lips will become naturally Pink , then you won't need no lipstick ". All mothers keep on preaching this to their daughters. 

Since then I had visualized this combo of Apple + Lipstick. 
Is not this The One Colour Unlimited ( Pink Unlimited ) ... Appleicious ?. 

Just apply this Oriflame The One Colour PINK Unlimited Lipstick  and you will love it utterly ... appley, the way I did.

One of my most favorite cosmetics is lipstick as they add GLAMOUR ( color + flavor ) to our everyday persona.I love to try out various top-notch brands. Oriflame Lipsticks have superb pigmentation and the color remains for long time. I prefer pastel Pink shades and avoid dramatic shades like Red, Orange, Magenta etc. 

True to it's cataloged description , this Oriflame The One Colour Unlimited Lipstick ( Pink Unlimited )  is long-wearing lipstick with luminous satin finish. It is enriched with LIP-Soft Moisture Complex for feather-light texture and comfort. It's stay-true color lasts up to 8 hours.

Packaging :  The Bluish, Silvery-Gray lipstick box should be flaunted as it will add face-value to our purse / sling bag. So it's travel-friendly. The sleek, svelte packaging of this lipstick is kind of elegant. The longish slim shape of lipstick is comfy while applying.
Oriflame The One Colour Unlimited Lipstick (Pink Unlimited) Price : Rs.499 
Shelf life : appx. 3 years
It is available through Oriflame consultants all over India. We can also buy Oriflame products online, browsing through the catalog.

                                                                   Lip Application


Oriflame The One Colour Unlimited Lipstick-Pink Unlimited : The shade is PINK alright with bit hue of Magenta, that reflects in the night-light.The shade has satiny shimmer in it and thus makes the shade look pretty on our lips. This shade is generally suitable to fair as well as wheatish complexions / skin tones. It is absolutely fine for office-use as well as friends/ family gatherings etc. and jells well with western and traditional Indian dresses.

The Feel :
Oriflame The One Colour PINK Unlimited lipstick has smooth textures which adds satin glamour to our lips.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Abhishek Bachchan launches Yupp TV Bazaar

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I love Bollywood, especially the Bachchan Family Big Time. It's my dream to interview Big B, once in a lifetime. The invite to attend Yupp TV Bazaar launch ( in the presence of Abhishek the Junior Bachchan ) is sort of trailer to my Big B dream. 

December 23, 2015 , at the JW Marriott, Juhu , Mumbai, the atmosphere was regally charged with buzzing media and government officials as Honorable Governor Of  Maharashtra, Shri Vidyasagar Rao was present with Mr. Uday Reddy , Founder and CEO -Yupp TV , for the launch of Yupp TV Bazaar.

YuppTV, the world's largest Over The Top (OTT) provider for Indian content launched a marketplace, Yupp TV Bazaar which will host curated premium video content across various genres and will lure original content creators on to it's platform. YuppTV Bazaar will cater to video content creators, who often find it tough to monetise and market their premium content through traditional video-sharing portals, satellite and DTH platforms.

In his Welcome address, YuppTV founder and CEO Uday Reddy  stressed With the proliferation of unregulated video content on the digital platform, content monetization and visibility is a prime concern for premium video content creators who often find their content being lost in a deluge of casual user-generated content. Yupp TV Bazaar is being launched as a solution that will overcome the traditional roadblocks associated with free-for-all video sharing platforms. We are confident that this development will be a major success and will empower content developers with the perfect medium to share and monetize their offerings,”. 

In his keynote address, Governor of Maharashtra Vidyasagar Rao said, “In today’s digital age, with technology having changed the way many industries operate today, YuppTV’s launch of its premium video content platform YuppTV Bazaar comes as a very welcome move. By providing a medium to independent creative content creators for showcasing their works, YuppTV has taken the spirit of entrepreneurship to a new level. I support the initiative wholeheartedly and wish YuppTV and Yupp TV Bazaar all success.”
Abhishek Bachchan added, “India, at the moment, is brimming with talent looking for an outlet for their creativity. The launch of 
Yupp TV Bazaar from YuppTV is a welcome move that will provide the indie moviemakers with a trusted and curated platform for showcasing their talent.”-

Watch Yupp TV Anytime, Anywhere
YuppTV, a pioneer and one of the World’s largest online Over-the-top (OTT) entertainment solutions provider has made the consumer witness the renaissance in TV watching experience. Making the best use of technology growth and advancement, YuppTV enables its consumers to experience the convenience of virtual home entertainment anytime, anywhere. You can watch your favourite TV channel anytime, anywhere across devices on a single subscription.
YuppTV is also a renowned technical (simple and instant) launching pad for video content providers who would like to broadcast their channel in any selected geography globally. This enables the broadcasters to focus on their video content creation without worrying about the technical aspects of broadcasting the content. YuppTV also encourages companies, businessmen and people to broadcast their business meetings, live events, Tele-serials, unlimited movies, home events so on.
YuppTV has a worldwide reach of its Live TV, Catch-up TV, TV SHOWS, Movies and much more video content through a powerful engine built for propagating the video content through six screens namely - Connected TVs, Internet STBs, Smart Blu-ray Player, PCs, Smart Phones and Tablets.

Monday, December 21, 2015

#FlipkartKids IndiBlogger meet

All of us IndiBlogger #FlipkartKids attendees received an email: We have 10 Flipkart vouchers of Rs.1000 each to be won. Take a picture of the coolest/most loved/cutest/fanciest toy at your home, or from the Flipkart Kids store and tweet it to us tagging #FlipkartKids

As usual I went into Contest-frenzy mode. I twitted not just 1 but 3 of my most favorite toys , 1. Aamen ( all my dear readers know Aamen more than I ) with his laptop, 2. Aamen with his Santa 3. Nano-pen-drive . So ... did I win ?.  Please keep guessing....

BlueFrog, the most famous pub in Mumbai was decked up for Christmas and #FlipkartKids ( the launch of Flipkart Li'l Star - India's Biggest Online Kids Storeon 19 December, 2015. Post registration , we the bloggers exchanged pleasantries, enjoyed the welcome drinks, starters, lunch and homed in on the Pods (semi-circular booths). The pods are so cozy that we ended up gossiping ( our blogger buddy Riddhi Sharma clicked that and twitted it ... then and there like typically ... about what ? you wonder ?  more about that later... 

In the DISK ( Double Income Single Kid ) age, parents have more than enough money to pamper their only kid with whatever is wished for. Simultaneously the parents don't have enough time and energy to do physical ( real time ) shopping , by mall-hopping for so many different products. Kids have numerous needs ranging from Toys, books, dresses, chocolates , bags , shoes, caps, cosmetics , stationary , accessories etc. The modern-age kids are so well informed that they want only best of branded ( Disney, Mattel and Chhota Bheem )goods. Due to the advent of Internet the kids are well educated and connected to Online-App shopping. So naturally India's favorite  #FlipkartKids is Kids' buddy when it comes to online shopping , where they can choose whatever the require at reasonable price. 

With large scale global investments, growth of niche category e-commerce firms and the entry of global competitors/brands, e-commerce landscape in India looks very promising. e-commerce in India is expected to grow by almost 50% this year. it is estimated that the e-commerce market in India will reach Rs 124 thousand crore by 2015, growing at a CAGR of 37% over 2013-15.

2015 - The year of mobile commerce : The surge in the number of smartphone and internet users is adding muscle to the Indian e-commerce industry.  9 out of 10 mobile phones will be smartphones by 2018, and 7 out of 10 consumers will shop from mobile in upcoming years. Considering these figures, 2015 looks to be the year of mobile commerce. Currently, more than 50% of the entire traffic on  #Flipkart comes from mobile users, which was only 10% a year ago. The success of Flipkart’s Big App Shopping Days is a small example of what mobile phones can do. 


We the parent bloggers were eager to share our views about overall Children's perspective, compare their likes , dislikes and how to respond rightly to their crazy demands. Many of us actively participated in an all lively debate with popular mom-blogger Kalpana Behara on “Questions and debates in the mind of a parent blogger”.  #FlipkartKids Welcome and Panel discussion about ' What to buy for your kids was followed by an endearing performance from our very own IndiBand- 'Blunder In The Code'. 

'The Blunder in The Code' performance was applauded in HIGH SPIRITs ( literally, look at the image below  ) by the Spirited Mumbai Bloggers.

AdMad contest was won by our Gokuldham group's crazy skit ' Tarak Mehta Ka Ulta Chashma' , where we enacted , how today's parents cope up with children's non-stop demands through #FlipkartKids.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Please #DoYourHomework

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 Let's #DoOurHomework 

My Dear Friends , You must be wondering whether, I have been Day-dreaming about being a Child again.Well, Yes. Thanks to  Axis Mutual Fund I got this rare gem of an opportunity to visit my childhood in COLORS

It started with this invite from Axis Mutual Fund. We the bloggers were invited to #DoYourHomework . I was a bit skeptic , oh no, not again. Will they ask us to calculate Rate Of Interest on Investment ? I hate Maths, big time. 

To cut a log story short , we were assigned one row of easels , while the children were given the opposite row of easels. We were asked to draw our dreams in colors about , what we wish our children to be when they grow up i.e. their Future careers, visualized by us. At the opposite row, the children were cajoled ( literally with Cadbury Silks ) to draw what they themselves aspire / dream to be , when they grow up. What happened next is sort of Bollywood movie scenario. Just have a look and #DoYourHomework  

  In the era of MOM( Mars Orbiter Mission ), Uber smart children have various fantastic career choices. Choices are their and we the parents are the Providers. Naturally , we must be financially and mentally prepared for them. It's necessary to plan meticulously for our child's future. We must be ever-ready to fulfill children's aspirations to the hilt. 

 It is parents' responsibility to encourage children to explore fields of their choice with confidence. While we egg them on, we need to simultaneously prepare to support them through any choice they make, both emotionally and financially. With rising costs, the best way to ensure they get the education of their dreams is to start investing early. Children’s education is a longer-term goal for many parents and the ideal way to plan for it would be by investing in mutual funds through a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP).

#DoYourHomework is a novel investor education initiative from Axis Mutual Fund. Educated, responsible parents motivate their children to dream big and they are prepare economically to help their children to realize their dreams.

Parents have very interesting options of gauging children's favorite career options by playing Role-models, Drawing / Coloring ( the above activity at Axis Mutual Fund ), Story-telling , The Homework App , Solving Crossword, picnicking at KidZania etc.

Axis Mutual Fund has highlighted the importance of planning for various life goals through investment in mutual funds. From educating investors on the merits of sharing less with the taxman for the ELSS initiative to setting a date for your desires and investing for fulfilling them , the investor education campaign have been based on human insights.

about their future?

SHEROESSummit Mumbai

What's this SHEROES ? was my first reaction , when I saw SHEROES tweets for the first time. #SHEROES ( blend of She and Heroes ) are the women who stand tall confidently, self-assuredly and offer shelter ( mentoring ) as well as fruits ( career opportunities ) , just like these generous coconut trees. SHEROES is an online career destination for women from all walks of professional life. 

The SHEROES platform finds mentor-ships , career resources,  career content, career advice and various career opportunities eg. full time , part time, flexi-hours, entrepreneur , internships , projects etc. for women. It has more than 7000 companies and over half a million women professionals from 5000 location on its platform. SHEROES has grown at a rate of 300%  CAGR. 

#SHEROESSummit urged careerist women to take charge of Digital India at the second edition of Tri-city event on December 10, 2015 , in Novotel , Mumbai. Numerous women entrepreneurs shared their experiences of businesses and success-stories. Famous Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty-Kundra was one of the prominent speakers .

As a journalist, I have attended so many conferences . launch-events , felicitation ceremonies etc. and the most annoyingly common factor among them is Late-start resulting in running behind schedule, chaos and being dead tired etc. 

Pleasant surprise! Sweetly smiling Sairee Chahal( Founder and ) greeted me at #SHEROESSummit Novotel , Juhu. The warm Welcome, the hostess , the registration , the breakfast, the seating arrangement , stage-setup , the agenda, the keynote , the anchoring , the panel-discussion , the guests of honor , audience Questions-answers session, entrepreneur-networking interaction , everything was so adroitly planned and excitedly executed that all of us actually enjoyed this #SHEROESSummit  as if it was a Family-Gathering. 

Full credit to Sairee and her team for managing the #WMDI ( Women Make Digital India ) event with professional excellence and cordial elegance. In her Welcome address, Ms. Sairee Chahal, stated that, Access to Digital advance is a boon to all career-oriented Indian women, specially for those who can't engage in a 9 to 5 job and still wish to continue their careers, through #SHEROESSummit they intend to help women stay engaged in business in the burgeoning digital landscape.

Dr. N. S. Rajan ( Group Executive Council, Group Chief Human Resources Officer- Tata Sons ) delivered a very inspiring and thought provoking Keynote , which was loudly applauded by the audience.

Opportunities and Trends #WMDI ( Women Make Digital India ), an engaging panel discussion was anchored by Mr.Sid Talwar ( Co-founder, Lightbox ) with active participation from Ms. Shikha Uberoi ( Co-founder, ) , Raghav Mimani ( Founder Nishchint Technologies ) , Debadutta Upadhyaya ( Co-founder and CEO - Timessaverz ) , Ajith Karimpana ( CEO and Founder , Furlenco )

Post a very scrumptious lunch, the audience just loved to hear the stories from community-members, Ms. Rachna Chawla ( Coach, Managing Consultant-YSC ), Upasana Makati ( Founder-Whiteprint ). 

Amidst the camera flashes , gorgeous actor Shilpa Shetty-Kundra made a grand entry on the  #SHEROES dais with Ms. Sairee. The audience was visibly thrilled while listening her honest confessions about childhood memories , business novelty , her passion , her son , her husband , her acting career and her latest role as an Entrepreneur.

Networking session gave the opportunities to the women from different fields to exchange their expertise with each other and strengthen the community bonds.

The sponsors : Best Deal TV , KAARYAH , Nischint , FURLENCO and partners : Youth Ki Awaaz , giftxoxo , utpatang had set up stalls in the lobby of Novotel, which were well-received by the SHEROES-participants.

Friday, December 11, 2015

Zip Zap Zoom in Mumbai

pic courtesy : Indiblogger , Tata motors 

                                              MY MUM ... MUMBAI
                                       MY  BA ... MUMBAI
                                           MY  AI ... MUMBAI
                                                             OUR ... MUMBAI

MOTHER , World's most lovely word is epitomized in MUMBAI.
As her name depicts, MUMBAI, loves all Mumbaikars, irrespective of Region ( whether Gujarati or Maharashtrian ) and Religion ( whether Christian, Hindu or Muslim )

MOTHER = MUM for Christians
MOTHER = BA for Gujaratis
MOTHER = AI for Maharashtrians 

Bird's eye-view from a jet in June 2015

The Tolerant, Welcoming nature of Mumbai attracts all, with open arms ( read Roads, Railways, Airlines, Sea-routes ) Mumbai is the only city which drives all kind of traffic with elan. 

Mumbai, being an island has the triple advantage of having Sky ( Air ) , Earth ( Roads, Railways ) and Water ( Sea-route ) connectivity with the whole India in particular and the World in general. 

The designer architectural wonders such as Taj Mahal Palace hotel , Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus , Flora Fountain, Gateway of India , Rajabai Tower , Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai ( BMC ) , Sir J. J. school of arts, Banganga mandir, Majestic House , University of Mumbai, Bombay city hall, Mumbai High court, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj vastu sangrahalaya, Crawford Market, Afghan Church, St. Xavier's college etc. magnetize many more to our Dream city, Mumbai. 

Clicked from Rendezvous- Taj Mahal Palce hotel

The famous sea-side-route Marine Drive a.k.a. Queen's necklace shines spectacularly every night and adds glamour to tinsel town Mumbai. Initially, Mumbai had wider roads, footpaths to cater to vehicles and walkers alike , but as the population increased, the real estate rates sky-rocketed. Illegal , unauthorized constructions have congested Mumbai and still the Municipal Corporation Of Greater Mumbai is administering Mumbai adroitly. We have more than 60 optimally functioning and strategically planned flyovers all over Mumbai , state of the art Mumbai Pune Expressway, which keep Mumbai traffic flowing. The Traffic police of Mumbai are efficient to the core. They are always on duty , whether it's pouring or scorching. Most of the Mumbai drivers are disciplined they abide by the signals. They GO only when the signal is GREEN and STOP immediately when the signal turns RED. Driving in Mumbai is mostly safe due to educated and caring drivers , who are always ready to help with directions

Majority citizens of Mumbai are always driven by Dreams , Aspirations , Motivation. People from all over the World , rush to Mumbai to realize their dreams. They work hard and sincerely to achieve their goals. Many youngsters are attracted to Mumbai for Bollywood-glamour. Some of them succeed and become Shah Rukh Khan , some change the track and become directors, cinematographers, Choreographers, hoteliers etc. The passion, the Spirit Of Mumbai drives us to work smart, earn accolades and be loyal, faithful to our Home... our Mumbai. 

Being a journalist, I am always on the move like many other Mumbaikars. We prefer to travel by Mumbai local trains, which are running , always on the track , through length of Mumbai. Western Railway ( the most efficient and punctual ): from Virar to Churchgate , Central Railway and Harbor Railway keep transporting lakhs of Mumbaikars every day without a break. The Mumbai Metro and Mono rails have been the latest and hi-tech addition to luxurious modes of Mumbai transport. Throughout day BEST Buses reach out to inside location of Mumbai. BEST routes fill the gaps and connect the places, where trains are not available. 

The major tourist attractions like Global Vipassana Pagoda, Siddhivinayak Temple, Essel World, Adlabs Imagica , Shivaji Park , Haji Ali Dargah , Mahalakshmi Mandir, Borivali National Park , Kanheri Caves , Juhu Beach, Elephanta caves , Nehru science center , mount Mary Church etc. are all easily and economically reachable through Trains , BEST buses, auto-rickshaws, taxis ( including OLA , MERU , TAB ) which charge according to meters. Catamarans , Ferryboats, motorboats etc. ply on sea-routes at various beaches eg. Gateway of India, Girgaon , Juhu , Madh , Marve , Gorai etc. PavanHans flies helicopters from Juhu. Flights from Domestic and International airports at Santacruz , Andheri rule the skies throughout day and night. 

We in Mumbai Drive Safe , Love the Fast n Functioning Design of our Mumbai and Connect Fantastically with each other ... every where.

Our Mumbai is #madeofgreat Humanitarian Spirit

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Fast Forward Hotel Formule1

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Recently in November, I had picnicked at Novotel, Imagica with my friend, Engineer Manjulika. Our superlicious eye-candy picnic had left me wanting for more of the world's leading hotel operator ,Accor Hotels' properties. I was pining for a picnic at it's latest brand Hotel Formule1, which is now open in the heart of Hyderabad’s HITEC city. It is surrounded by corporate parks, shopping malls, restaurants and several leisure hot spots. It offers travelers a great sleep and shower experience and  reliable technology-driven facilities along with easy accessibility to city centers and business districts, making it a preferred choice for both business and leisure travelers.

Lo and behold the Alchemist fulfilled my dream vacation. How? Whoever you are , Whatever it is that you want , When you desire something with all your heart , the whole Universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.

I along with my sister and nephew Aamen were picnicking at the newly opened, trendiest Hotel Formule1 in Hyderabad. All of us three were first timers here in Hyderabad, one of the most culture-rich, steeped in Nawabi traditions and modern Hi-tech city of India.

My 14 year old, I mean young nephew did lots of Googling for various Indian Hotels to suit our budget. Aamen zeroed in on Hotel Formule1 , Hyderabad as it has that unique yuppie feel to it which appealed to him and room prices range from INR 2399 onward. We the sisters don't travel much outside our home-state alone , but Hyderabad's tourist friendly image mesmerized us to explore the city, with Hotel Formule1 as our base. 

Hotel Formule1 Hyderabad Hitec City features 150 stylish and compact rooms equipped with state of the art amenities such as flat screen LED televisions, comfortable beds and soundproof room.

Interior d├ęcoration of the room is trendy and colorful with the pastel shades for a rejuvenating experience. The optimum use of natural materials, fresh colors creates a new atmosphere that brings life and fun into the spaces.
The rooms are well equipped with fire safety and restricted access control. The cozy room boasts of FREE high speed Wi-Fi. It is the first and foremost necessity of my teenage nephew and myself as a professional blogger. 

Complimentary mineral bottled water is an added bonus in any Indian hotel. The rooms are ideal for both business stay as they provide all facilities and services meant to fulfill our needs for a best value stay.

All guest rooms feature flat screen television airing several national and international channels. Other inclusions are work table, open ward robe, bed side reading lights, bathing towels, soap and soap dispenser and a LED shower in rest rooms. Additional special facilities and services include Exclusive Ladies floor, round-the-clock vending machines, ample parking spaces and facilities for the disabled. One of the unique features of the hotel is its ‘green zone’, which is a part of Hotel Formule1’s commitment to Planet 21 and its endeavour to be a low carbon footprint hotel. The ‘green zone’ supplies bicycles for the hotel guests. The hotel’s strategic location in the heart of IT zone, close to the corporate parks, the Hyderabad International Convention Centre (HICC), Shilparamam- a cultural tourist hub, and shopping malls make it the most ideal and convenient choice for us travelers. 

As expected, this brand new chic hotel from World's leading hotel operator Accor Hotels' has that crispy gloss to it's interiors as well as exteriors. Two lady travelers with a teenage boy seems an excitingly adventurous combo. Our picnic was that plus much more comforting due to Hotel Formule1 signature 'Rest Assured stay experience', in the low cost segments of hotels.

Our family is early riser. We love to get up early with the lark so naturally, we believe in breakfasting as a King. The refreshing, nutritious buffet breakfast at Hotel Formule1 restaurant assured us of the luxurious stay ahead. Nestled among the verdant green atmosphere, Hotel Formule1 is an ideal and super-cool destination for nature loving citizens. My sister is brave alright but I am a bit skeptic when it comes to safety in a new environment, new city. The very first thing I always check while booking a room in any hotel, is whether it has 24/7 safety and security arrangement. Hotel Formule1 scores high on this Safety and Security feature with express check-in and check-out

The hotel is offering travellers with a special ‘always more’ launch offer of INR 2399 and by paying Rupee 1 additional can get us free buffet breakfast, free hi-speed Wi-Fi and local transfer.

You all must be praying to Alchemist to fulfill your dreams of visiting Hotel Formule1 at the earliest. 
Just Do It. Refer to this site and book it.