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GoodWorker, founded by Temasek, joins hands with Sonu Sood and Schoolnet and invests Rs. 250 Cr in technology platform for blue-collar workers

 ● Pravasi Rojgar, an initiative of Sonu Sood and Schoolnet, has already onboarded 10 lakh job seekers and thousands of employers within 4 months

● GoodWorker to expand Pravasi Rojgar’s horizon by leveraging technology to deliver job matching, upskilling, financial and other services for 10 crore blue-collar workers

Mumbai, 26 November 2020 – As India steers through the COVID-19 crisis towards self-reliance and growth, there is an urgent need to address the challenges faced by the blue-collar worker community in the areas of employment and empowerment. To bridge this gap, GoodWorker, a digital job matching platform, has come together with noted actor, Sonu Sood and Schoolnet, a leading education and vocational skills provider, to form a joint venture with an initial investment of Rs. 250 Cr (~US$ 34M).

The technology platform aims to reach 10 crore Indians by providing access to good jobs and career progression through upskilling services, followed by financial, healthcare and social security services.

The initiative will also help employers in recruiting and retaining verified blue-collar workers, which  ill result in productivity gains, improved profitability and sustainable operations.

The platform uses decentralised technology built by Affinidi, also founded by Singapore investment company Temasek, and will provide workers and their families with digital identities and verifiable credentials. They will have greater control of their data, and improved access to employment opportunities and life empowering services.

Pravasi Rojgar was launched by Sonu Sood along with Schoolnet in July 2020 as an employment portal for job-seekers, especially migrants, after millions lost jobs in the pandemic. This initiative has received an overwhelming response from all stakeholders, onboarding over 10 lakh job seekers and thousands of employers within just 4 months of its launch. Pravasi Rojgar’s scope is now being expanded beyond job matching in partnership with GoodWorker, building on the combined strengths in migrant outreach, education, skilling and technology. The strategy centres around a core digital platform supported by Schoolnet’s physical network spread across India. The joint venture will formally launch its product offerings early next year.

Ekam Advisors, an investment banking firm out of Mumbai has been instrumental in bringing all the partners together and advised on the strategy for this initiative.

Announcing the partnership, Pradyumna Agrawal, Board Member of GoodWorker, said, “The cutting-edge technology that GoodWorker brings will allow businesses in India to effectively expand their operations by finding the right talent, and also allow workers to have control over their data while widening access to digital products and services. With digital transformation accelerating against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic, GoodWorker’s investment reflects our optimism towards trends in India that are underpinned by technology and digitalisation.”

RCM Reddy & KK Iyer, Board Members of Schoolnet, said “Schoolnet, as a market leader in education and skilling services, reaching more than 1 crore students, youth and enterprises, along with its deep domain knowledge and execution track record, is uniquely positioned to realise this mission of creating a community of an empowered blue-collar workforce.”

Sonu Sood, whose philanthropic services for migrant workers have been widely recognized, said “This partnership will help in realising my dream of providing a better life and securing livelihood for  millions of youth. I am fortunate to partner with this socially relevant technology platform, as it helps institutionalise and scale Pravasi Rojgar's humanitarian efforts.”

This partnership is expected to complement the Government’s initiatives to spur economic growth, create employment opportunities and support inclusive development through the use of technology at scale.

About GoodWorker

‍GoodWorker is a job matching platform that connects blue-collar workers and potential employers in

India with one another. The platform provides blue-collar workers with a digital, verifiable profile to

empower them to more efficiently seek employment. It enables employers to have full confidence in the

authenticity of employment credentials presented by potential employees. GoodWorker is built using

Affinidi, an open and interoperable technology that enables users to have control of their verifiable

data. GoodWorker and Affinidi have been founded by Temasek, a global investment company

headquartered in Singapore. GoodWorker is based in Bengaluru, India, and Affinidi is based in Singapore

with a hub in Berlin, Germany. For more information, please and

About Pravasi Rojgar

Pravasi Rojgar is a job portal launched by Sonu Sood and Schoolnet in July 2020 to support migrant

workers, and has onboarded 10 lakh job seekers. Pravasi Rojgar's primary aim is to provide employment

opportunities to job seekers in the skill-based work sector, linking youth to companies for entry-level

jobs and providing mentor support in helping them through the entire journey. For more information,

please visit

About Schoolnet

Schoolnet India Limited (formerly IL&FS Education and Technology Services Ltd) is one of India’s largest

EdTech and skilling companies, which focuses on leveraging the demographic dividend through

initiatives related to 3Es: Education, Employability and Employment. It provides a wide range of services

and opportunities for lifelong learning and skilling of students, young adults and youth, in alignment

with UN SDG 4. Schoolnet, through its initiatives, has created significant impact at scale, leveraging its

diversified intellectual properties comprising teaching learning devices, digital platforms and content,

and multi-stakeholder partnerships. Having established its presence across 400 districts, in more than

40,000 schools, 200 Institutes of Skills and 100 industry clusters (impacting 10,000 industry units),

Schoolnet directly impacts 15 million people on a daily basis. For more information, please

For media queries, please contact:



Check out this year’s biggest Gujarati romantic song, Mahelo Ni Rani by the popular singer Rakesh Barot!

After delivering the chartbuster heartbreak track Kona Re Bharose, Rakesh Barot has come out with his latest Gujarati single ‘Mahelo Ni Rani’, which features popular model and actress Sweta Sen, along with Rakesh himself.  The video has an interesting storyline, where Rakesh is seen as a film superstar, who falls in love at first sight with a background dancer on the set of his film. Shot in a big scale, the video captures the journey of love between two unlikely people, as they find each other.


Penned by Harjit Panesar and directed by Aannu Patel, this romantic number is sure to enthrall the hearts of many!


Commenting on the same, Rakesh said, “Mahelo Ni Rani is an out and out romantic number, with beautiful and simple lyrics and a very catchy melody. The video is also shot in a big scale, giving it a grand look and feel. My fans have always loved my romantic numbers, and after the heartbreak song of Kona Re Bharose, this song is about admiring a woman’s beauty and finidng love. I hope my fans shower this song with their love.”


You can listen to Rakesh’s new Gujarati single ‘Mahelo Ni Rani’ only on Saregama Gujarati’s YouTube Page:

Link -

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Preparing India for the Covid-19 vaccine

The COVID-19 Vaccine Frenzy and the Long Journey Ahead - TheLeaflet


 COVID-19 spread will continue' - The Hindu

Dr.Krishna Reddy Nallamalla, Country Director, ACCESS Health India.


The world is eagerly awaiting a vaccine against Covid-19. Announcements from lead runners have been encouraging. And yet, unanswered questions remain. These will be known only after full results are published in peer reviewed scientific journals. Moreover, the challenge of administering the vaccine to billions of people across the world is daunting. Each country will have to plan well in advance to finance, procure, and organize population-wide vaccination.


The challenge for India, with a population of over 1.3 billion, is huge. India has, in the past, demonstrated its abilities in meeting challenges of this nature, despite its weak health system. India boasts of one of the largest vaccine manufacturing capacities in the world. India boasts of a widespread network of frontline health workers (ASHA, ANMs, and Anganwadi workers among others) that has been effective in undertaking programs at scale.


A majority of Indian states are witnessing a declining caseload, despite greater unlocking of restrictions. Multiple seroprevalence studies are pointing to a high rate of asymptomatic infections. Studies in a few slum communities have demonstrated very high seroprevalence rate ranging from 30 to 50 percent. These trends point to the phenomenon of natural herd immunity in the setting of continuing preventive measures of using face masks and practicing social distancing and hand hygiene.


The proportion of people required to be evidently immune in order to achieve herd immunity is arrived at by the formula (1-1/R0), where R0 is the reproduction rate of the virus, i.e., number of people one infected person infects. When the desired proportion of the population acquires immunity, the virus fails to spread in the population. It is well established that simple containment measures like face masking, social distancing, and hand hygiene can bring down the R0 value to <1.5 from a high of ~2.5 when no measures are in place. As per the above formula, the proportion of people needed to achieve herd immunity at R0 value of 2.5, 2.0, 1.5, and 1.2 are 60%, 50%, 33.3%, and 16.6% respectively.


Hence, the current decline in numbers should not give rise to a false sense of herd immunity and lead to lowering the guard in terms of containment measures. Until 60 to 70% of the population develops immunity either because of natural infection or because of vaccination, all the containment measures should continue. 


Additional caveats are to be kept in mind while coming up with policies and strategies for effective population level vaccination. It is not clear whether those with evidence of prior infection, that is detectable antibodies against Covid-19 virus, have robust protection against reinfection and if yes, for how long. Recent studies have demonstrated that the antibody levels decrease rapidly in those with no or mild symptoms. The decrease in antibody levels, however, may not equate with a decrease in immune protection against reinfection. This is because the body harbors memory B cells and T cells.  Memory B cells can be recruited to start antibody production at a short notice and T cells mount cell mediated immunity against the invading virus. Whether we need to test people for the presence of protective antibodies prior to vaccination is not clear yet.


Vaccination strategies will have to account for the differences in the various vaccines that are in the advanced stage of development. These are different type of vaccines, namely, mRNA, component proteins, viral vector, inactivated virus, and attenuated virus among others. This means there are differences in various factors such as temperature stability, dosage (single versus two doses), ability to induce both humoral (antibody-based) and cell-mediated immunity, the demonstrated duration for which they provide protection, safety profile, and cost among others.


Financing a massive vaccination program at a time when the country is going through great economic hardship is an important policy decision to be considered. Given the narrow fiscal space, policy makers must exercise priority setting. Any policy needs to ensure that the most vulnerable and the most essential people get equitable access to the vaccine without any financial hardships. There is a great risk of policies being influenced by the exigencies of political capital. These need to be curbed. Since health is a state subject, there should be consensus on formulating a national policy, for adoption by each and every State irrespective of their political dispensation.    


It is hoped that the government is seized of the matter and is developing robust strategies involving experts across the various spectra of health systems. It requires greatest war-like operational planning in mission mode. India has the will to do it and it can.


Dr. Krishna Reddy Nallamalla

Country Director, ACCESS Health International

President, InOrder.

ACMA inaugurates 5th edition of iAutoConnect 2020

New Delhi; November 25, 2020:  ACMA, under the aegis of the Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India inaugurated the 5th edition of iAutoConnect 2020- International Reverse Buyers Sellers Meet. The event, organised on a virtual platform, will be a seven-day extravaganza, from November 25 until December 01 2020, connecting overseas auto component distributors and buyers with exhibitors from ACMA member companies.


Vinnie Mehta, Director General, ACMA, giving an overview of the event mentioned, “The current edition of iAutoConnect 2020 has witnessed participation from over 65 Auto Component Manufacturers while over 150 buyers from 35 countries have already registered for the event; the number of buyers is expected increase significantly as the event progresses. The event is aimed at promoting aftermarket auto component exports from India.”


Since the lockdown, in wake of the pandemic, ACMA has made concerted efforts to provide its members with opportunities for business development as also platforms to showcase their capabilities. With the Nation’s drive towards Atmanirbharta (self-reliance), ACMA through its initiatives, endeavours to build a robust automotive value chain in India that offers Value-added services to its customers in India and overseas.


Sunjay Kapur, Vice-President, ACMA, while inaugurating the event commented, “There is a swift transformation in the automotive value chains globally due to impact of Covid 19.  Likewise, the industry in India was exposed to severe supply chain disruptions, however, with strong signals of revival, we are hopeful that the buoyancy of the festive season would continue in the coming months as well. It is extremely heartening that the auto component industry in India has handled the situation with great aplomb and has emerged resilient. Going forward, while there are challenges, however, I am confident that our members have the capacity and capability to become quality component suppliers to the world.”



About ACMA: The Automotive Component Manufacturers Association of India (ACMA) is the apex body representing the interest of the Indian Auto Component Industry. Its membership of over 850 manufacturers contributes more than 90% of the auto component industry’s turnover in the organized sector. ACMA is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Association.

The turnover of the Indian auto component industry stood at USD 49.3 billion in 2019-20, with exports of USD 14.5 billion.

Media, content creators should involve adjudicatory mechanisms to remain free and fair: Justice Pratibha M Singh, Delhi High Court

NEW DELHI, 25 November 2020: Justice Pratibha M Singh, Judge, Delhi High Court today said that the convergence of free to air broadcasting; pay television; DTR to OTT, shows that there is a need for the creation of an independent adjudicatory mechanism, which is not consisting of functionaries or broadcasters, in order to reign credibility, transparency and fairness. The same, she said, could be under the aegis of an independent service provider. 


Addressing the Fast Track Digital series, as a part of the FICCI Knowledge Series, on the role of the digital economy to revitalize economic growth organized by FICCI, Justice Singh said, “If media and content creators have to remain free and fair they ought to involve free and fair adjudicatory mechanisms, which are not coercive in nature.”  


Elaborating further, Justice Singh said that apart from the creation of independent regulatory mechanisms, there needs to be a method where broadcasters are a part of the adjudicatory mechanisms to ensure the code of conduct is compulsorily applicable to all broadcasters without exception. “OTT and VoD platforms and other creative content providers should also be a part of this mechanism. Such a system would also protect and preserve the rights guaranteed under the Constitution of India by effectively providing for reasonable restrictions. This would also minimize the need for legislative and judicial interference in issues relating to content,” she added


Commenting on the rise of the OTT and VoD platforms in the country, Justice Singh said that while the pandemic brought everything to a standstill, it proved to be the silver lining for the OTT and VoD platforms that have seen an exponential rise in the last six to eight months.  


The broadcasting industry in India, where creative content has had a large amount of space for itself has been able to generate a large amount of revenues for producers and content creators. The challenges, said Justice Singh, for the OTT and VoD platforms, has just begun. “While there can be no specific solution to the issues currently being faced by the broadcasters in general and digital platforms in particular, I would comment that inspiration should be taken from other self-regulatory or independent redressal mechanisms, which can be used as models for OTT and VoD and broadcaster platforms in general,” she further added. 


Ms Belinda Lui, President & Managing Director, Asia Pacific, Motion Picture Association said that the growth of the OTT and VoD sector in India highlights that audiences are responding well to the content offering. “Audiences across the globe have developed a new appreciation for Indian stories and culture. The incredible dynamic culture led by the VoD industry has helped develop a very high standard of storytelling,” she said.  


“India has been adding 8.6 million new connections on average every month. Our work to protect the copyright that protects all work through every form of distribution channel will not stop,” Ms Lui added.  


Dr Ashish Kulkarni, Founder, Punnaryug Artvision Pvt Ltd, said, “We have seen a huge growth in the digital payment segment, sports, and gaming ecosystem along with a growth in the start-up ecosystem in the space of digital and social media.” 


Mr Dilip Chenoy, Secretary General, FICCI, said, “We need a proper approach to enable the entire digital ecosystem to set in a manner that all stakeholders are satisfied.”  


Häfele’s global brand, Loox, has become the pioneering brand in furniture lighting across the world, today. In India, the brand enjoys a special position among Architects, Designers and Interior Contractors who are now increasingly using light and light concepts while designing home and interior furniture. The Loox brand is backed by years of technological know-how and expertise; and it offers the widest range of lighting solutions in the Indian Market today. Last year, Häfele launched its 5th generation of lighting solutions at the ACETECH Exhibition in Mumbai, offering customers a new level of light integration in furniture that was never seen before.

The company has recently opened its very first Loox Experience centre in the city of Ahmedabad on 31st October 2020. Located at Loox Experience Centre, 103, Shilp The Address, Shilaj Circle, Thaltej, Ahmedabad or Contact Mobile no. +91 99099 14753/ +91 98250 24753. This state-of-the-art facility has further strengthened the company’s commitment to the Loox Brand in India and offers an ideal environment for patrons, clients and customers to experience functionality and seamless technology of the Loox Furniture Lighting Solutions.

Spread across 800 square feet of floor space, the Loox Experience Centre is an exclusive Häfele showroom that has been opened in collaboration with one of the company’s biggest Lighting Distributors – Luxus Lighting Solutions – in Ahmedabad. Conceptualized to offer a practical and hands-on experience, the showroom showcases a series of product displays that have been designed as real-time application modules, executing latest trends as well as offering real functionality to customers.

Mr. Sunil Punia, Business Head of Häfele’s Lighting Vertical, says – Furniture Lighting concepts can be best understood in real-time set-ups where interior experts can touch, feel, and experience and then visualize their designs effectively. The Loox Experience Centre in Ahmedabad offers just that. Over the years, we have realized that there is a fair bit of educative convincing needed when it comes to furniture lighting concepts, here in India. Although the use of lights in furniture is gaining popularity gradually yet decisively, it is still a concept that doesn’t come organically in the process of designing furniture. We believe that with a state-of-the-art experience centre like ours, we will be able to realistically convey the many benefits (in form, function and design) that lighting offers to the constructive use of different furniture units. We plan to open 2 more experience centres like this one soon – one in Surat and one in Indore.

The Loox Experience centre at Ahmedabad, showcases all types of furniture and linear light applications including Horizontal and Vertical Wardrobe lights; drawer, cabinet and under-cabinet lights in kitchens, Pop-up boxes, TV back panel and showcase lighting in living rooms, bed-board, skirting and ceiling lighting in bedrooms; niche lighting and integrated sound & light vanity mirrors (the Aquasys range) in Bathrooms; together with a complete range of profile collections and other solutions. Customers can also enjoy a host of services at this experience centre like Light planning and designing, try-and-buy (Mock ups) services, free installation guidance or installation services at nominal charges.

So, visit Häfele’s newly opened Loox Experience Centre, located at 103, Shilp The Address, Shilaj Circle, Thaltej, Ahmedabad-380059

Sterlite Power’s Pioneering Robotics Technology Skyrob™ Wins at The Economic Times Innovation Awards 2020


New Delhi, 25th November 2020: Sterlite Power, a leading global power transmission player, has been awarded the prestigious ET Innovation Awards 2020 for Skyrob™, a pioneering semi-autonomous robotics solution which has been developed inhouse. Sterlite Power was the winner in the Process Innovation category where it competed with Tata Power, Bajaj Allianz General Insurance, Tata Capital and HSBC Software Development (India).


Skyrob ensures safe Optical Ground Wire (OPGW) stringing under live-line conditions. The technology was deployed for the first time in India in 2019 for the OPGW stringing of the 400 kV Gurgaon-Bhiwadi line. Skyrob™ assisted operations for OPGW stringing when compared with traditional practices, has the potential to reduce project timelines by ~25% while ensuring safety of workforce.


The Economic Times Innovation Awards 2020 showcases the best innovations that are driving growth in the areas of business, products, technology, social impact etc. and rewards out-of-the-box thinking and innovation. The winners were selected by a high-profile jury across nine categories from more than 1,250 nominations made by about 950 companies.


About Sterlite Power

Sterlite Power is a leading global developer of power transmission infrastructure with projects of over 13,700 circuit kms and 26,100 MVA in India and Brazil. With an industry-leading portfolio of power conductors, EHV cables and OPGW, Sterlite Power also offers solutions for upgrading, uprating and strengthening existing networks. The Company has set new benchmarks in the industry by use of cutting-edge technologies and innovative financing. Sterlite Power is the sponsor of IndiGrid, India’s first power sector Infrastructure Investment Trust (“InvIT”), listed on the BSE and NSE. Sterlite Power has been recognised amongst The Economic Times Best Brands 2020 and is a recipient of prestigious global awards from S&P Global Platts and International Project Management Association (IPMA).


Media Contacts:

Sterlite Power:

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Taiwan strengthens its business footprint in India through Taiwan Product Centre

Mumbai, November 24, 2020: Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) launched the Taiwan Product Centre (TPC) in India with the aim to strengthen its business ties and expand its market presence in India. In an effort to further enhance their offering, TPC has scaled up the State-of-the-art products and technology showcase across their Centres in Delhi, Chennai and Mumbai. Taiwan Product Centre aims to create 20cr of business over the next 5 years and largely contribute towards Trade between the two countries. 

These Product Centres display a wide array of products from reputed Taiwan companies and thus is a strategic avenue for consumers to experience the latest innovative offerings across various industrial segments, all under one roof.

At TPC Mumbai, several renowned Taiwanese companies are showcasing a wide range of products across categories, from automobile parts sector and electric wires to Skincare. Companies include, Magtech Magnetic, leading manufacturer of Permanent Ferrite Magnets and NdFeb Magnets. PUMA produces all type of Air Compressors, Air Tools, Pressure Vessels, and related accessories / spare parts worldwide, wherein their products are sold in over 136 countries and they now look at adding India too. Ta Ya Electric Wire & Cable Co., Ltd., has extensive production experience to develop magnet wires, flat wires and TILWs of different characteristics that are widely used for industrial activities, consumer products, automobiles, electromechanical equipment, and electronics. Acewell International Co, Ltd specialises in the designing and manufacturing of Speedometers for Electric 2 wheelers and 3 wheelers and motorcycles.  Advanced Connectek, a subsidiary of ACON group can help provide apt solutions in manufacturing Electric Motorcycle chargers(Plug and Receptacle) and cables for scooters and motorcycles. Formosa is a leading manufacturer of Electric Bike battery packs.  Tatung Aluminum Co Ltd. specialises in manufacturing of aluminium extrusion door and window products. Unicare Biotechnology co-operation manufactures skin care products such as Tonner, lotion, cream, facial mask and lot more for moisturizing, body care and anti-aging


Speaking about Taiwan Product Centre, <Mr. Alex Pen> <Director, Taipei World Trade Center - Mumbai> said, As industries across categories resume post the pandemic lockdown, it is imperative to align business strategies to the norms and demands of the New Normal. Smart Solutions, digital adoption and technology innovation will play a crucial role in the revival of the economy. India is one of the markets that are showing green shoots of revival and is already steadfast towards creating a Smart Nation. TPC is a channel for Taiwanese companies to offer its best Smart solutions and technology proficiency to partner with India Inc. on this transformation journey. Taiwans new southbound policy has a strong focus on India and it is providing the required impetus to both countries to develop their bilateral trade relations.”


Taiwan is one of the leading business hubs in Asia. Over the years the Island nation has carved out a reputation for being a powerhouse that caters to everything from biotechnology to artificial intelligence. TAITRA, Taiwans foremost nonprofit trade promoting organisation along with Taipei World Trade Center (TWTC) and Taiwan Trade Center (TTC), has formed a global network dedicated to promoting world trade.

Thailand’s DITP conducts “Silverline Trade from Bangkok to Bombay” Roadshow for the 66 th Bangkok Gems & Jewelry Fair in 2021

23rd  November 2020: Thailand’s Ministry of Commerce, Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP) with support from Thailand’s gem &amp; jewelry delegates and the Thai Trade Centre, Mumbai, conducted the “Silverline Trade from Bangkok to Bombay Roadshow” for the 66th Bangkok Gems &amp; Jewelry Fair (BGJF) to be held from 23-27 February 2021 in Bangkok for a very selective group of leading Indian jewellers. Thailand’s Ministry of Commerce is celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2020 and unveiled Thailand’s Magic Hands global campaign aimed at gaining international recognition for the Thai gems and jewellery industry.

The DITP presented a magnificent Thai silver jewelry fashion show “The Silverline Trade from Bangkok to Bombay” supported by Thai Silver Exporters&#39; Association (TSEA) that showcased six brands namely Marvel Jewelry, Karen Silvery Design, Nakorn Gems, J. C. Jewelry, Patanaanunwong and Pat Holding. Social distancing norms were strictly followed for the entire event.

“India is known as one of the top players in international gems and jewellery business from quality diamonds and colored stones to silver and gold jewellery. The DITP looks forward to welcoming India’s gems and jewellery players to join our BGJF platform,” Mr. Somdet Susomboon, Director General of DITP, said in a video message on this momentous occasion. He also added that the 66 th edition of the BGJF has been rescheduled to be held at Challenger Hall 1 – 3 IMPACT, Bangkok, from 23 to 27 February 2021. The DITP will provide the event with a hybrid platform for all attendees both offline and online, as well as ensuring that the highest levels of safety, security and public health precautions are in place for the benefit of attendees.

Ms. Supatra Sawaengsri, Consul (Commercial) and Director, Thai Trade Centre, Mumbai, made a presentation on the 66 th Bangkok Gems &amp; Jewelry Fair (BGJF) 2021 &amp; Thai Silver Jewellery Seminar. She highlighted that in the previous 65th BGJF, Indians were the no. 1 visitors attending our show and no.2 in trade volume. Indian buyers who are interested in joining, should contact Thai Trade Center in Mumbai at for a smooth registration process and any other assistance. We can also arrange B2B meetings for interested Indian Companies attending this Fair, she said.

The leading Indian delegates comprised Mr. Colin Shah, Chairman, The Gem &amp; Jewellery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC); Mr. Mehul Shah, Vice President - Bharat Diamond Bourse and Director Star Brillian; Mr. Saiyam Mehra, COA Member, All India Gem &amp; Jewellery Domestic Council (GJC), Convener, GJS (GJC&#39;s Gem &amp; Jewellery Show); and Director Unique Chains; and Mr. Rajesh Bajaj, Chairman, HZ International. Leading Trade Organisations of India present on the occasion were: Gem and Jewellery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC); Bharat Diamond Bourse (BDB); The Mumbai Diamond Merchants’ Associations (MDMA); Lab Grown Diamond &amp; Jewellery Promotion Council (LGDJP); All India Gem and Jewellery Domestic Council (GJC); Gem &amp; Jewellery Skill Council of India; and Jewel Maker Welfare Association amongst others. Atul Jogani Chairman of Indo-Thai Diamond Color Stone Association was also present and addressed the audience.

Mr. Colin Shah, Chairman, The Gem &amp; Jewellery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC), praised the pro-active initiative taken by Thailand’s DITP in conducting a roadshow of huge magnitude in Mumbai post COVID-19. He highlighted the numerous initiatives taken by apex body GJEPC in fostering enhanced collaboration between India and Thailand in the gem and jewellery business.

Mr. Mehul Shah, Vice President - Bharat Diamond Bourse and Director Star Brillian, said, India&#39;s Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi visited Thailand in November 2019 and celebrated the strong ties that bind India with Thailand and his government wants to bring them even closer by transforming India&#39;s Northeast region into a gateway to Southeast Asia. With the support of the Thai government, DITP is aggressively pushing export activities to India, Japan, the United States and the Middle East. BGJF exhibition promotes and enhances trade between India and Thailand and builds up great B2B relationships between Indian and Thai business people.”

Mr. Saiyam Mehra, COA Member, All India Gem &amp; Jewellery Domestic Council (GJC), Convener, GJS, said, “Silver, the ‘democratic’ metal is well within everyone’s reach, is gaining ground across the globe because of two main drivers – it’s precious yet affordable.

India and Thailand have many similarities and commonalties in their gems &amp; jewellery trade.  Indian silver jewellery exporters, like their Thai counterparts, have a strong handcrafting orientation, design database supported by quality manufacturing operations mostly by MSMEs. India and Thailand can collaborate and explore synergies to enhance their global exports.”


Bangkok Gems &amp; Jewelry Fair (BGJF) is one of the world’s most renowned and longest-celebrated gems and jewellery trade fair in the industry. Organized on a biannual basis by Thailand’s Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP) in February and September, the BGJF is regarded as a significant trading arena where all key players in the global gems and jewellery business can achieve their purposes of sourcing, trading and networking. The Bangkok Gems &amp; Jewelry Fair is a globally-trusted marketplace for a wide range of quality products, extensive resources, and innovative designs. Following the great success of its previous editions, The 66 th edition of the BGJF will be held from 23 to 27 February 2021 at Challenger Hall 1 – 3 IMPACT, Bangkok under the theme  “THAILAND&#39;S MAGIC HANDS the spirit of Jewelry Making” to showcase the skilled craftsmanship of Thailand’s manufacturers.

Meanwhile, the fair aims to provide the greatest satisfaction to exhibitors, traders and visitors with first-rate facilities and services such as complimentary shuttle transport, interpreters, business matching zone, business lounge, Wi-Fi service, as well as exciting talks and seminars.


An exhibition of contemporary silver jewellery from leading brands as well as a showcase of the history of silver jewellery in Thailand. The exhibition features the latest trends in silver jewellery that are popular among consumers in order to showcase the potential of Thailand’s silver industry, the talent of Thai designers, the intricate skills of Thai artisans, and the long history of silver jewellery manufacturing in the country. This exhibition is divided into two main zones. The first one is ‘The Past’ which presents the history of silver jewellery, silverware and neilloware in Thailand along with modern interpretations inspired by ancient techniques. The second zone ‘The Future’ portrays the future of the Thai silver jewellery industry, in which modern technologies are used to elevate the ancient know-how and to create new design solutions that match the needs of the post COVID-19 generation.

This reflects the unique adaptability in crises of Thai entrepreneurs. This exhibition also features rare silverware, silver jewellery and nielloware masterpieces from the 66th Bangkok Gems &amp; Jewelry Fair exhibitors.

For more information about Bangkok Gems &amp; Jewelry Fair, please visit: 


Facebook: bangkokgemsofficial

Instagram: bkkgemsofficial

Facilities Show India debuts with its Virtual Edition

India&#39;s Premier Expo and Conference for the Facilities Management Products and Services by Informa Markets in India In Partnership with International Facilities Management Association

MUMBAI, India, Nov. 24th, 2020: Informa Markets in India (formerly UBM India), India&#39;s leading B2B event organizer announces the virtual debut of the UK originated &#39;Facilities Show&#39; in India. Slated for 26th -27th  November 2020  for the facilities management supplier industry, the  &#39;Facilities Show India&#39; will act as a global hub for facilities and field service management professionals while  introducing thousands of visitors to innovations, solutions and ideas within the sector and connecting them with industry leaders.

Also known as FM, Facilities Management includes a range of disciplines and services to ensure the functionality, comfort, well-being, safety and productivity of a built environment - buildings and grounds, infrastructure and real estate. FM is classified into two categories - Hard Facilities Management Services and Soft Facilities Management Services. Hard FM deals with physical assets such as plumbing, heating and cooling, elevators. Soft FM focuses on tasks performed by people such as custodial services, lease accounting, catering, security, grounds keeping.

Supported by associations such as TELMA and APSA, the virtual show will bring together local and global manufacturers, suppliers, consultants, service providers and decision-makers from various facilities management verticals looking to market or procure latest products and services. It will facilitate career development, networking, and sourcing cost-effective solutions in sectors ranging from office design and maintenance to smart energy and lighting. With new technologies such as green energy management and smart buildings creating a wealth of opportunities, the show will give professionals access to education and thought leadership so they can engage with a constantly shifting landscape.

Speaking on the launch of the Facilities Show India in the virtual format, Mr. Yogesh Mudras,  Managing Director, Informa Markets in India said, &quot;The Facilities Management industry is all about maximizing returns on investments. Companies across the world are recurrently shifting their focus to maximize their assets, improve customer relations, and redefine their workspaces to be more pleasing and productive, as well as decreasing their carbon footprint. The show will bridge the knowledge gap and offer you many insights of facilities management that are yet awaited to be touched upon.&quot; Speaking on the announcement of the show and the industry, Mr. Peter Ankerstjerne, Global Lead, FM &amp; Experience Services JLL &amp; Chairman of the Board IFMA said, &quot;There has never been a better time for facility management professionals to demonstrate leadership. Our industry is playing a critical role in rebuilding our businesses and communities with an emphasis on sustainability and well-being. COVID-19 forced fundamental questions about the way we live and work. This virtual exhibition and e-conference is an effort to cater to market changes, address challenges and chalk out the strategy forward while providing a platform to connect, network and grow.&quot;

According to a recent industry report, the Facilities Management industry in India is dominated by in-house segment; however, these services are increasingly being outsourced. The growing demand for integrated facility management is also driving the industry growth. While, currently, the industry is highly fragmented and is dominated by unorganised small operators, with larger players increasingly acquiring smaller players, the industry is projected to become more organised in the coming years.

Information Classification: General Corporate offices like IT, BPO, and BFSI sectors are rapidly shifting towards outsourcing their services, thus, driving the industry growth in India. The industry is primarily concentrated in Tier 1 and metro cities. Pune and Mumbai are expected to witness significant growth within the industry. Globally, too, the industry is growing rapidly, driven by the rising outsourcing of services by companies. The industry is also being supported by the growing demand for integrated facilities management in the Asia Pacific region. The Asia Pacific region is also the fastest-growing region for the industry, driven by the growing economies like India and China. The rapidly rising population in these regions is also boosting the market growth.

To register, please click on the following - Industry speak at Facilities Show India: Raghuvinder Singh Pathania, Head of Operations, WeWork India - &quot;The pandemic has certainly affected the way companies use their workplaces. That being said, we believe that the prevailing crisis has given rise to innovative solutions and work practices, and facilities management has played an essential role in enabling the same. I look forward to partnering with IFMA and Facilities India Virtual Expo to discuss important developments in this segment that will help redefine the future of work&quot;. Mr. Gaurav Burman, APAC President - 75F - &quot;As the world slowly progresses towards reopening their facilities post-COVID, technology and collaboration has changed. A digital platform like the Facilities Virtual Expo that connects us to all the FM stakeholders gives us an opportunity to not just share knowledge and our advancements but also learn and upgrade at the same time. Looking forward to an insightful event!&quot;  Mr. Jatin Mehta - CEO, Abacus Infotech - &quot;In this pandemic situation virtual expo is very good concept.

Using this platform customers and vendors are connect on single platform. Customers can get the latest

technology update from their desk. This will save their travelling time and can focus on right

products/technologies with limited vendors. In virtual Expo there is no restriction of number of people

in booth, so vendor can dedicate marketing person for each customer, and they can attend every

customer query online. I feel everyone have to work with new technology and I am very much

confidence that this expo will be benefit to customers as well as company who are participating in this

expo. Our best wishes to everyone and looking forward to have a great success of this event.&quot;

Mr. Rana Rajvinder Singh, Director of Operations &amp; Customer Success, Helix Sense Technologies Pvt.

Ltd. - &quot;Facilities Virtual Expo has created a brilliant opportunity for the FM/PM fraternity despite COVID-

19 to connect and showcase capabilities, we are glad to be part of this event and looking forward for a

successful event.&quot;

Mr. Rana Das, Associate Vice President - Branded Sales , Mallcom India Ltd. - &quot;Mallcom, one of the

leading manufacturers, exporters and distributors of a comprehensive range of Personal Protective

Equipment is proud to be associated with IFMA Global India and participate in Facilities India Virtual

Expo as a Silver Sponsor on 26 th -27 th  Nov 2020.&quot;

Mr. Deepesh Agarwal, Co-founder &amp; CEO, MoveInSync Technology Solutions. - &quot;COVID-19 has made

Facilities Management every organisation&#39;s core focus today. We faced the same dilemma ourselves and

were pushed to find an innovative solution as well. I look forward to the Facilities Virtual Expo to share

WorkInSync, our very own solution, to manage the hybrid workplaces. We couldn&#39;t have asked for a

better stage to showcase WorkInSync.&quot;

Information Classification: General

Mr. Pawan Kumar Singh, Country Business Leader, TEBG, 3M India Ltd. - &quot;Virtual Expo is a new way to

engage industry and community in COVID-19 situation. We are glad to participate and look forward to

engaging with Facility management professionals for a successful virtual event at Facilities India Virtual

Expo | 2020&quot;.

About Informa Markets and our business in India - Informa Markets is owned by Informa PLC, a leading

B2B information services group and the largest B2B Events organiser in the world.  Informa Markets

in India (formerly UBM India) is India&#39;s leading exhibition organizer, dedicated to help specialist markets

and customer communities, domestically and around the world to trade, innovate and grow through

exhibitions, digital content &amp; services, and conferences &amp; seminars. Every year, we hosts over 25 large

scale exhibitions, 40 conferences, along with industry awards and trainings across the country; thereby

enabling trade across multiple industry verticals. In India, Informa Markets has offices

across Mumbai, New Delhi, Bangalore and Chennai. For further details, please visit -

About IFMA - IFMA India brings educational, informational and networking services, programs and

benefits to help meet the growing demand for the facility management market. IFMA has local chapter

networking groups in Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi, and Mumbai and employees Bengaluru-based staff who

liaises directly with the association&#39;s global headquarters staff in the United States. Whether you have

years of experience as a facility manager or new to the profession, you will find valuable opportunities

to grow your career and business through IFMA.

Blue Dart launches the ‘My Blue Dart App’ to mark its 37 th Anniversary

 ~ Available on Google Play and Apple Store~

~ The app enables GPS location finder, bar code scanning for AWBs, request pick-ups for registered users – all at the touch of a button~

India, 23rd November 2020: India’s leading express logistics service provider, Blue Dart has always been an innovator with a sharp focus on technology. Leveraging its expertise as a market leader in innovation and customer centricity, Blue Dart part of the Deutsche Post DHL Group (DPDHL), has launched its first ever consumer app, the ‘My Blue Dart App’. The app has been designed to provide tailored solutions and act as a one stop shop for customers ‘on-the-go’. The ‘My Blue Dart App’ is currently available on Google Play and Apple Store.

Blue Dart has successfully established itself as the leading logistics player in India since its inception in 1983. This is attributed to the brand’s strong legacy and heritage of 37 years, built by its dedication to relentless customer centricity and constant innovation. The launch of the app is another accomplishment symbolic of Blue Dart’s continuous endeavor to bring in digital innovation in business dealings and marks its journey to continue to remain a leader in the logistics and aviation industry.

Commenting on the app launch, Mr. Manoj Madhavan, CIO, Blue Dart, said “Being the market leader in technology, Blue Dart has constantly augmented customer experience while always ensuring timely and seamless deliveries across the nation. The ‘My Blue Dart App’ re-emphasizes our commitment and strengthens our value proposition. Our user-friendly, secure and reliable mobile application will now allow customers to track their shipment, locate the nearest Blue Dart store or find out the best pricing anywhere and at any time all at the click of a button, through the app. With comprehensive features and ease of use, the app will be an ideal platform for our customers to fulfill all their logistics requirements.”

Ketan Kulkarni, CMO &amp; Head – Business Development, Blue Dart, commented, “Customer centricity has always been the bedrock of our foundation. As we consistently improve systems, technology, and our people centric efforts to remain ‘India’s Most Innovative and Awarded Express Logistics Company’, the ‘My Blue Dart App’ is a step forward in leveraging the use of technology to enhance customer experience. Blue Dart has successfully steered through all testing times of business and has sustainably created value for all its stakeholders. We are extremely happy to mark this milestone, especially on the occasion of our 37 th Anniversary. Our journey through the highs of digitization has been a long one, having pioneered many an initiative. It is also a testimony of the gold standard that Blue Dart, as part of the DPDHL Group, has set for itself by aligning itself with the Group’s ‘Strategy 2025 – Delivering Excellence in a Digital World’. We are positive that the app will be welcomed by our customers and they will appreciate the unparalleled experience.”

The application gives customers the flexibility to manage all their logistics requirements with 5 simple yet effective options: 

 Track Dart - Enables the customer to track their shipment anywhere, anytime. Users can use the camera to scan the barcode instead of keying in the AWB bill manually

 Location Finder - Benefits the customer by helping them find the nearest Blue Dart store across our 14000+ locations using GPS finder

 Transit Time &amp; Price Finder - Provides the customer with a user-friendly method to find out the best rate while sending/receiving a shipment

 Schedule a Pickup - A specialized post login feature for our registered credit customers

 Contact Us - To help customers connect with our reliable, responsive, and resilient Blue Darters, eager to provide solutions to any queries

As a part of the DPDHL Group’s Strategy 2025 – Delivering Excellence in a Digital World’, Blue Dart has launched various initiatives on the digital front, particularly in the ongoing pandemic situation to reinforce customers’ trust in the brand. Adhering to the protocols of the Health Ministry, Blue Dart rolled out its Contact Less Delivery feature for its award- winning Door-to-Door Express pick-up and delivery services to allow customers to send and receive shipments without the fear of contagion. Further, the Application programming interface (API) integration-based solutions by Blue Dart is continuously enhanced for exchanging manifest at detailed levels to ensure an automated and seamless supply chain, from pre-pick up till post-delivery- 24x7. Blue Dart has also provided customers with an array of acceptable payment modes to include 14 digital wallets, Net banking, Credit &amp; Debit Cards, Bharat QR Code and UPI (BHIM).

Download the My Blue Dart application through:

 Google Play:

 Apple Store:

About Blue Dart:

Blue Dart Express Ltd., South Asia&#39;s premier express air and integrated transportation &amp; distribution

company, offers secure and reliable delivery of consignments to over 35,000 locations in India. As

part of Deutsche Post DHL Group’s DHL eCommerce Solutions division, Blue Dart accesses the largest

and most comprehensive express and logistics network worldwide, covering over 220 countries and

territories, and offers an entire spectrum of distribution services including air express, freight

forwarding, supply chain solutions, customs clearance etc.

The Blue Dart team drives market leadership through its motivated people, dedicated air and ground

capacity, cutting-edge technology, wide range of innovative, vertical specific products and value-

added services to deliver unmatched standards of service quality to its customers. Blue Dart&#39;s

market leadership is further validated by its position as the nation’s most innovative and awarded

express logistics company for exhibiting reliability, superior brand experience and sustainability

which include recognition as one of ‘India&#39;s Best Companies to Work For’ by The Great Place to

Work® Institute, India, ranked amongst ‘Best Multinational Workplaces in Asia’ by The Great Place to

Work® Institute, Asia, voted a ‘Superbrand’ and ‘Reader’s Digest Most Trusted Brand’, listed as one

of Fortune 500’s ‘India&#39;s Largest Corporations’ and Forbes ‘India&#39;s Super 50 Companies’ to name a


Under the DHL group motto of “Connecting People, Improving Lives”, we focus our corporate

responsibility under three pillars - GoTeach (Championing education), GoGreen (Protecting the

environment) and GoHelp (Structures engagement with communities &amp; Disaster management


Newgen Positioned as a Visionary in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Content Services Platforms

The report recognizes Newgen’s ECM platform for the 12th consecutive year

New Delhi (India), November 24, 2020: Newgen Software, a global provider of low code digital automation platform, announced that it has been positioned as a Visionary in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Content Services Platforms, November 16, 2020, authored by Michael Woodbridge* et al.

The report evaluates 18 different vendors offering content services platforms (CSPs) based on their ability to execute and completeness of vision. The complimentary copy of the Gartner report can be downloaded from the Newgen website.

“Content is the backbone of every organization. Empowering employees with contextual information can help organizations in informed interactions with their customers and other stakeholders. We believe this inclusion by Gartner recognizes our efforts towards enabling enterprises in streamlining their content and ensuring remote, secure access to relevant information. At Newgen, we believe in continuous innovation and making our products scalable, agile, and future-ready,” said Diwakar Nigam, MD and Chairman, Newgen Software.

Newgen OmniDocs, a fully-featured CSP, enables organizations across the globe with document management, multichannel capture and scanning, records management, and content analytics. The platform connects content and processes with context and allows for automation with agility.

*Authored by Michael Woodbridge, Marko Sillanpaa, Lane Severson

Disclaimer: Gartner does not endorse any vendor, product or service depicted in its research publications, and does not advise technology users to select only those vendors with the highest ratings or other designation. Gartner research publications consist of the opinions of Gartner’s research organization and should not be construed as statements of fact. Gartner disclaims all warranties, expressed or implied, with respect to this research, including any warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

About Newgen Software Technologies Limited:

Newgen is a leading provider of low code digital automation platform. Globally, successful financial institutions, insurance, government, and shared services organizations rely on Newgen’s industry-recognized products and applications—to manage their processes (BPM), content (ECM), and communications (CCM)—for connected operations. From customer onboarding to service requests, from loans and deposits to underwriting, and many more, Newgen’s industry applications transform business-critical operations with agility. Newgen’s cloud-based platform enables digital transformation initiatives for superior customer experience, optimized costs, and improved efficiencies.

For more details, visit

Macao Launches E-Learning program for Indian Travel Agents



Mumbai, 23rd November 2020: Macao Government Tourism Office (MGTO) India has recently launched the Macao Specialist Program for travel agents. COVID-19 pandemic has definitely brought the global economy on a standstill, with the travel and hospitality industry being hit the hardest. In such times, to continue staying connected with travel agents and keep them abreast about the developments in Macao, MGTO decided to introduce  its first E-learning destination specialist program in India

The special training program aims to educate and upskill the expertise of the travel trade agents & tour operators across the country about Macao’s offerings and points of appeal as an outbound destination. Each varied module in the program is designed to ensure that the agents are well equipped with accurate information to promote Macao as an ideal destination for Indian travelers and will be able to provide them with interesting itineraries.

Post completing and passing each module in the specialist program, the participants will be certified as the Macao Specialist. The E-Learning program is designed in a way that engages the learner in an easy, enjoyable, and educative way.

To participate in the module and become a Macao Specialist. Please click on the link below


Monday, November 23, 2020

Humanitarian Welfare and Research Foundation (HWARF) conducted a blood donation camp to aid patient treatments at government hospitals across Mumbai

Mumbai, 23 November: Due to the COVID Pandemic, there has been a huge shortage of blood in blood banks across the world and the demand for the same witnesses’ acceleration with each passing day causing healthcare facilities, especially government hospitals to face several limitations while trying to treat patients. Some hospitals have even had to postpone their scheduled surgeries due to this issue. This is impacting many patients who are in need of immediate treatment. Humanitarian Welfare and Research Foundation (HWARF) conducted a 1-day Blood Donation Camp On Sunday 22nd November 2020 at Seva Mandal Education Society (SNDT Women’s University) Matunga, Mumbai, between 9am to 4pm.


The camp witnessed turnout for participation in a good number not just from the neighborhood but from people all around the city including doctors, social workers and activists, policemen and more. The celebrity health conscious bodybuilders and trainers like Sandeep Tambe and Natasha Pradhan also joined the list of donors. While maintaining sanitation and hygiene as a priority, the camp did a proper check-up of the donors to ensure that they were healthy and did not carry any symptoms of cold, cough, fever, etc.


HWARF is involved in executing various Not-For-Profit activities in an attempt to contribute to the welfare of the society that we live in. Currently, they are focusing on organizing Blood donation camps in and around Mumbai. This particular camp was organized and executed thoroughly by HWARF, strongly supported by the team of Sir. J. J. Hospital Blood Bank. All the Blood collected will be directed towards patients coming to Sir JJ Hospital for treatment. With this event, the mission of the organization was to assimilate citizens who are willing to donate blood and truly save the lives of people that are in need. HWARF and Sir JJ Hospital Blood Bank is determined to conduct a series of such Blood Donation Drives in and around the Mumbai region spanning areas till Panvel, Palghar, Badlapur and Shahapur, the next being in Jogeshwari on 28th Nov 2020. These drives are planned to be continuous for some time to come and help the government healthcare facilities execute their surgeries on time.“


Lions Club of International District, Mumbai City Amateur Cycling Association, Mumbai, Aawaz National News, Veermata Jijabai Technology Institute, SRK Foundation, Garja Maharashtra News Channel and  Mumbai Police (Sion/ Matunga/Wadala/Antop Hill), Deva Group, Berry Blossom, 92.7 Big Fm lent their support to the event. Communication partner for the same was Bubble Communication. “This is truly the need of the hour and it is the responsibility of each one of us, as the citizens of this nation, to help individuals in need. Your support might end up saving a life and we all know how crucial that is during this time.” said Mrs. Christine Swaminathan, Trustee, HWARF. For pledging support and undertaking a formal registration, one can contact HWARF support at 9820008881 or drop in a mail at

GS Caltex India Launches BSVI product portfolio

 Mumbai, November 23, 2020: GS Caltex India, a 100% owned subsidiary of GS Caltex

Corporation of South Korea, has unveiled its range of BS VI compatible products for the

Indian motorists. Available under the brand name Kixx, the latest engine oils are equipped

to meet the stringent requirements of the new BS VI emission norms announced by the

Government of India. These superior engine oils are based on advanced additive technology

to deliver excellent protection and superior performance in BSVI vehicles – Cars and


Speaking about the new product portfolio, the Mr Rajesh Nagar, MD &amp; CEO, GS Caltex

India, said, “We at GS Caltex India, have been at the forefront in launching products which

meet the latest requirements of the market. It has been our constant endeavor to work on

improving and upgrading our product portfolio as per the latest norms to offer superior

customer experience. It gives us immense pleasure in launching the new upgraded BS-VI

lubricants along with some new products for new generation vehicles.”

These oils have an advantage of backward compatibility hence can be used in older

generation BS IV/III vehicles.

In addition, GS Caltex also introduced new warriors to its fully synthetic passenger car oil

portfolio, Kixx PAO 1 &amp; Kixx G1 Synthetic Power. Kixx PAO 1 is a PAO based fully synthetic

passenger car engine oil. It is optimized to provide ultimate performance and complete

engine protection, thus maximizing engine life and low oil consumption. Its high viscosity

index and good low-temperature fluidity help contribute to component protection across a

wide temperature range.

Kixx G1 Synthetic Power is a fully synthetic premium car engine oil with advanced additive

technology to deliver excellent performance in modern vehicles meeting BS-VI norms and

suitable for high-performance engines fitted with DOHC, EFI, VVT, and diesel engines with

CRDI. It is optimized to provide complete engine oil performance, especially fuel efficiency,

through friction reduction and enhanced durability.

The company is also launching fully synthetic motorcycle engine oil Kixx Ultra 4T Synthetic

for the passionate bikers to whom their bike is an extension of their persona. The fully

synthetic motorcycle engine oil is configured with advanced additive technology to deliver

excellent performance in modern vehicles meeting BS-VI norm. This is suitable for all

motorcycle engines, both carburetor and fuel injected where API SN or below and JASO MA

and MA 2 are recommended.

GS Caltex also revamped the packaging of its Motorcycle and Passenger car segment engine

oils thus enriching new look and feel to enhance the brands distinct visibility and set

products apart from the competition.

As part of the new launch, GS Caltex has started a campaign

since November 1 st . It is a series of notes which talks about ‘Why BS6’, and how to ‘Choose

Your Perfect Companion’ and a guide to “Whether your vehicle is BSVI or BSIV”. There are

also links generated to help people know more about the importance of the BS6 engine oils

in India.

From 22 nd Nov- 5 th Dec, GS Caltex India will ask the participants to show some love by

posting their vehicle pictures on their FB and Instagram page handles by using hashtags

#GSCaltexBS6EngineOils or #GSCaltexSteerIntoSustainability to celebrate togetherness.

About GS Caltex India.

GS Caltex India is a 100% owned subsidiary of GS Caltex Corporation, South Korea. The

company is currently doing business in high quality premium lubricants manufactured from

its own Group II plus base oils imported from its Yeosu Refinery, South Korea. The company

has also expanded into other businesses like Polymers, Polypropylene and petrochemicals.

GS Caltex India has a very impressive range of high-quality finished lubricants and supplies

to large businesses including major global OEMs.

For more information, visit:

About GS Caltex Corporation.

GS Caltex Corporation, founded in 1967, is a 50-50 joint venture of GS Energy, South Korea

&amp; Chevron Corporation, USA and. GS Caltex, headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, is a

leader in the petroleum, lubricant and petrochemical businesses. The Company is a major

exporter of petroleum products including lubricants. Through continuous R&amp;D and

investments, GS Caltex strives to become a leading global energy company.