Monday, November 2, 2020

Renowned celebrities Grace's the launch of BJ Film and Television Association

Mumbai:  On several occasions individuals like artists, media personals, technicians, creative professionals working in the film and entertainment industry find themselves in a financial and legal fix. A stable and secure income has always been a concern alongside other issues like investments, stake, delayed payments, loans, poor working conditions and more for individuals working in the industry. To help solve these problems and address these grievances, an organisation called BJ Film and Television Association (BJFTA) has been launched. This organisation will not just assist film and entertainment industry professionals through complete financial and legal procedures but also create a community wherein these individuals can obtain a sense of belonging and receive support from time to time.

The grand launch of BJFTA took place on Sunday, 1st November, 2020 at the Bandra Hindu Association in Mumbai. To grace the occasion, former education minister Hon. Ashish Shelar, Chief Whip, BJP who is currently also the MLA for Bandra West was present. Being the chief guest at the occasion Mr. Shelar inaugurated the organisation alongside an official website for BJFTA that will be a one stop portal for all members of the film and TV fraternity to seek redressal. The website aims to bring skilled and unskilled workers under one roof and make benefits available to all the workers in the entertainment industry, irrespective of their standing in the hierarchy.

 “It was important for there to be an association as such for the benefit of our friends belonging to the entertainment industry. Not just the stars but also the technicians, people behind the camera, people that do not come in the limelight and do not enjoy benefits at par with the others. Congratulations to BJFTA, my best wishes to the entire team.” Said, Mr. Ashish Shelar, Chief Whip, BJP.

 BJFTA is an association of Producers, Artists, Technicians and Workers from all crafts of Entertainment Industry. Taking the torch of justice ahead renowned names like Adv. Pradip Bhatt(Secretary), Shri. Babubhai Thiba(General Secretary), Mr. Satishbabu K. V.(Treasurer)


Mr. Ratnakar Kumar(vice president), Ms. Rashmi Shah(Vice president), Adv. Bhimani Sulaiman (Vice President), and Adv. Ajay Patil (Jt. Secretary) have joined BJFTA in the mentioned capacity.


The committee members of BJFTA includes eminent names like Mr. Manoj Agarwal, Mr. Kumar Reddy, Mr. Sanjay Melmel, Mr. Amit Khan, Mr. Sunil Kamath, Ms. Aarti Notiyal, Mr. Devendra Bhatt and  Mr. Kashyap Barbhaya. The National Advisory board includes names like Adv. Ashish Shelar (MLA, BJP, Mumbai), Adv. Ameet Mehta, Adv. Mahesh Shukla, and Ms. Divya Dholay.

About BJFTA: BJFTA is Association of Producers, Artists, Technicians and Workers of all crafts of Entertainment Industry. Its motive is welfare and solution of all and any problems/issues faced by the members. BJFTA works for the welfare and benefit of the members and to protect them with minimum wages, timely payment, hygienic working condition, medical assistance, educational scholarship for children, insurance cover, pension scheme, housing scheme, training institute and placement etc. 

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