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Land Rover launched 5th Generation Discovery

' My CAR is my First & Foremost LOVE. Nothing else matters as much as my CAR '. If that's you , then Land Rover Discovery is Above you.

' A car is a car is a car , an automobile which carries me from place a to place b '. If that's you then SORRY , Land Rover Discovery is Beyond you.

' My Car is my confidante , whenever I am sharing my adventurous lifestyle with Family & Friends alike '. If that's your Life-Line then Land Rover Discovery is your's forever .


·         A re-imagination of the classic Land Rover Discovery design for the 21st century
·          Full size seven-seat versatile premium SUV with Intelligent Seat Fold functionality
·         Ingenious use of interior space for clever stowage, uncompromised load space and full-sized spare wheel
·         Class leading capability with wading depth of 900 mm, approach angle of 34°, ramp angle of 27.5° and departure angle of 30°
·         State-of-the-art InControl Touch Pro with 25.4 cm (10) Touchscreen and 380 W Meridian audio system
·         Advanced driver aids like Terrain Response 2, Lane Keep Assist, Driver Condition Monitor and Adaptive Cruise Control with Queue Assist and Park Assist
·         Two powertrain options - 3.0 l Diesel 190 kW & 3.0 l Petrol 250 kW 

 Land Rover announced the launch of the 5th generation Discovery in India with prices starting from ₹ 71.38 Lakh (ex-showroom). Available in two powertrain options, the 3.0 l Diesel 190 kW & 3.0 l Petrol 250 kW, the All-New Discovery is Land Rover’s most versatile SUV yet, with class leading practicality and capability.  

Speaking at the launch, Mr. Rohit Suri, President and Managing Director, Jaguar Land Rover India Ltd. (JLRIL), said: “The All-New seven seat Discovery distinguishes itself from most of its competition on its design appeal, intelligent versatility, enabling technology and a host of capability related features. For example, apart from a class leading 900 mm wading depth capability to handle unexpected flood like situations or river crossings, the All-New Discovery is the only vehicle in its class to provide a full-size spare wheel, very important when it comes to those long distance holiday trips that most people like to take these days. In fact it is a perfect vehicle for people who love to explore and experience new places and terrains and enjoy an outdoor lifestyle with friends and family.

EXCEPTIONAL DESIGN APPEAL : The striking design of the All-New Discovery sets a new standard. It’s beautifully proportioned with a strong dynamic stance, while wrap-around LED lights and a fast windscreen angle help create a distinctively contemporary design and powerful character. The spacious interior is highly modern in design, delivering space for up to seven adults. Strong vertical and horizontal design lines combined with high quality materials and clever attention to detail lend the Discovery a sense of purpose. The interior feels light and airy, further enhanced by the fixed or front opening panoramic sunroof.
At the heart of the All-New Discovery is everyday ingenuity, a trait that can be found on every generation of the Discovery since the past 28 years of its existence – providing a specific functional reason for every design element and feature in the vehicle. The stepped roofline, a trademark design feature for the previous four generations, can also be found on the All-New Discovery as well. With the stepped roofline, the Discovery offers headroom for adults across all the three rows of seating. The stadium seating accommodation, with each row positioned higher than the one in front ensures that every seat is the best seat in the house.

INTELLIGENT VERSATILITY : The All-New Discovery’s intelligent versatility optimizes interior space. The world’s first Intelligent Seat Fold system enables configuring the seating arrangement from inside the vehicle, providing copious luggage space when required. Gesture Control allows opening of the main tailgate with the wave of the foot on either side of the vehicle. The dual-purpose powered Inner Tailgate retains loose items when raised and offers comfortable event seating that bears up to 300 kg when lowered. Inside, best-in-class storage solutions offer more capacity than ever before. Innovations include extra deep consoles that can store up to five mini-tablets and two-litre bottles in the arm rest storage with the chiller. There are also up to nine USB ports available, so all passengers can keep their devices charged.
Another first for Land Rover is the Activity Key. It’s a durable, waterproof wristband that locks and unlocks the vehicle allowing outdoor activities without carrying keys. Auto Access height uses the vehicle’s air suspension to help elegant entrance and exit, seamlessly lowering it ready for one to get in or out.
ENABLING TECHNOLOGY : The All-New Discovery has a range of advanced features to make every day driving easier. Park Assist makes parking easier than ever. While you control the speed, the vehicle steers itself through parallel and perpendicular parking manoeuvres and can also guide the vehicle out of the space.
The Drive Pro Pack consists of Lane Keep Assist that can detect lane drift and gently steer the vehicle back into the lane while Driver Condition Monitor detects when the driver shows signs of drowsiness, giving an early warning when one needs to take a break. Adaptive Cruise Control with Queue Assist monitors the traffic ahead adjusting speed automatically to maintain a suitable distance from the vehicle in front, resuming the pre-set speed when the road is clear, while Queue Assist keeps a suitable distance when queuing in traffic, bringing the vehicle to a halt when necessary.
The surround camera system provides as 360° exterior view via the touchscreen providing greater confidence when manoeuvring the vehicle in confined situations.
For the first time on the Discovery, Terrain Response 2 is available as an option (standard on the First Edition) that automatically selects driving modes to achieve the best possible chassis and powertrain setup for the conditions. Hill Start Assist, Hill Descent Control and Gradient Release Control are also on offer with the All-New Discovery to enhance driver control in trying conditions.
UNMATCHED CAPABILITY : The All-New Discovery is the most capable Discovery ever. Permanent four-wheel drive comes with a choice of two intelligent systems; a single speed transfer box for optimal on-road conditions or a two-speed box for challenging conditions.
The vehicle’s off-road geometry is class leading. A best-in-class approach angle (34°), ramp angle (27.5°) and departure angle (30°enable negotiation of the toughest of obstacles. All Terrain Progress Control (ATPC) which is a state-of-the-art system enhances control over challenging surfaces while launch Control enables smooth pull-away on surfaces like wet grass, ice and sand and maintains a constant speed between 1.8 km/h and 30 km/h.

Land Rover Discovery Product Portfolio in India : The Land Rover range in India includes the Discovery Sport (starting at  42.00 Lakh), Range Rover Evoque (starting at ₹ 44.44 Lakh), the All-New Discovery (starting at ₹ 71.38 Lakh), Range Rover Sport (starting at ₹ 93.82 Lakh) and Range Rover (starting at 166.42 Lakh). All prices mentioned are ex-showroom prices in India. 
Land Rover Retailer Network in India : Land Rover vehicles are available in India through 25 authorized outlets in Ahmedabad, Aurangabad, Bengaluru, Bhubaneswar, Chandigarh, Chennai, Coimbatore, Delhi, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Indore, Jaipur, Kolkata, Kochi, Karnal, Lucknow, Ludhiana, Mangalore, Mumbai, Nagpur, Pune, Raipur and Noida.


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Friday, September 21, 2018

Power packed , Nutritious Cake

                               How to Power up your kids with Iron

Aamen, my nephew loves cakes is an understatement. Aamen lives to eat cake every day. Some times I wonder and many times I am sure that he is the reincarnation of Marie Antoinette. Most of the dabbas ( Food Boxes ) in our home are choc-a-bloc with different types of cakes. Choco-Chip Cake in the morning with glassful of Complan-milk, Butter-Scotch Cake with Methi Theplas / Idlis in the school-tiffin , Cup-Cakes with coffee / Upma / Poha in the evening, Walnut brownies/ truffle pastries in between, is Aamen's Cakelicious eatinerary ( i.e. itinerary ) on any given day.

You must be wondering , so much of Junk ?. What kind of parents stuff their kids with Maida, maida and more maida through Cakes?. Yes, we understand your concern as well as our duties and responsibilities as parents and at the same time we want our bachcha to be happy. Feeding our children Nutrition through their favorite food is the Key-Mantra. 

Cake can be healthy too if Maida is substituted with Wheat flour ( rich in Vitamins and high fiber ), Sugar is substituted with Jaggery ( full of Iron, Vitamins, Minerals ), and key ingredients such as, Rajgira / Amaranth ( Iron, Calcium, Protein ), Nuts : Almonds ( Proteins, Vitamins ), Cashews ( Iron, Vitamins, Minerals ),dry fruits : Raisins ( Iron, Protein, Vitamins ), Homemade Ghee ( full of Vitamins , lowers LDL Cholesterol levels ), Milk etc. 

That day, we decided to give a Power packed , Iron full surprise to Aamen by baking a novel Nutty- Nutritious , Iron-rich cake, using Almonds, Cashews, Jaggery, Raisins, Amaranth as the main ingredients. 

You won't believe me , If I told you that Aamen's eyes twinkled Big Star and his hair spiked on it's own  ( OK the later is just a JOKE ) when he saw and tasted the Nutty-Nutritious Cake .


Power Packed, Iron full, Nutritious Cake 

Preparation Time : 30 Minutes

Ingredients :

1.    1/2 cup powdered Almonds

2.    1/2 cup powdered Cashews 
3.    1/2 cup Raisins
4.    1/2 cup Rajgira ( Amaranth )
5.    1 cup powdered Jaggery
6.    1 Tsp Baking Powder
7.    1/2 cup Cocoa powder
8.    1 cup Wheat flour
9.    1 cup Ghee ( clarified butter )
10.  1 cup Milk


  1. Mix well and Sieve together Wheat flour , Cocoa powder and Baking powder.
  2. Beat Ghee & Powdered Jaggery until light & creamy. Add Milk, beating well after each addition. Fold in sieved Wheat Flour , Cocoa powder into the above mixture. 
  3. Add the powdered nuts ( Cashews,  Almonds ) Rajgira and Raisins . Mix well. 
  4. Grease & dust the baking bowl with maida. Preheat oven to 180o C. Pour  the mixture in to the bowl. cover it with foil. 
  5. Bake 15-20 minutes. Allow to cool in tin for 5 mins. Decorate colorfully. 

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Thursday, September 20, 2018

Fresh, Fragrant, Faster Tiger for Tech savvy Indians


How we wish to feel Fresh , Fragrant and Fantastic forever like these flowers!
In this Digital, High-Tech era, every nano-second counts and how!
Zamana Hain Tez , so we have to be Faster to keep up with the World, with our Global counterparts all the while. Easier said than practiced.


Since early morning till late night and all the time in between, we constantly need to be connected , to be available on social media platforms. The laptops , TVs,  the tabs , and the mobiles are making us immobile. What an irony! 

We have become couch potatoes, sitting at a desk all day, slouching, craning our necks, peeping into our tech-gadgets. Generally perishing our postures and gaining back-pain. To ease the pain we swallow painkillers and use heating pads for temporary relief. The main culprits are our bad habits, our wrong postures and our overall lazy lifestyles . Although we are advancing intelligently, progressing brain-wise, we are regressing physically.

Enough of these depressing things, here's the good news : Tiger Balm Neck &  Shoulder Rub Ayurvedic Massage-On-the-Go for Tech-Savvy Consumers launched in India recently. Singapore based Haw Par Corporation unveiled an innovation from the Tiger Balm family - Tiger Balm Neck & Shoulder Rub. Indian Students, Tech gadget-users, working professionals, as well as elders with sedentary lifestyles won't have to suffer due to tech and posture related neck and shoulder pains. 

Tiger Balm Neck & Shoulder Rub, with a calming lavender fragrance that provides non-greasy, fast acting relief targeting neck and shoulder pains, already available in countries like the USA and Singapore was launched today by Mr. A K Han, Executive Director of Haw Par Corporation and Mr. Mukesh Tiwary, Senior VP - Mktg. & Sales - Alkem Healthcare.

According to Forrester, India’s billion plus mobile phone subscriber base is set to keep pace with the world’s mobile phone penetration of 70% by 2022. Many jobs require professionals spending long hours on their computers and mobile devices. All these factors have brought about an “epidemic” of tech-related ailments such as text neck, gamer neck and iPosture.

Just Tiger is not enough , We must discipline ourselves by 1. Keeping our heads up to look at things to avoid strain on our necks and backs. Let's bring things up to eye level. 2. Let's Straighten our shoulders 3.  Let's stop slouching , Let's pull ourselves up. Standing and sitting correctly must feel good. 4. Pull chest up. While slouching, our chest is pulled in, and our bellies stick out. This contributes to the acid reflux and breathing problems,

Tiger Balm is one of the world’s leading brands in providing quality products for external pain relief. Made with a unique Tiger Balm formulation, Tiger Balm Neck & Shoulder Rub addresses the lifestyle needs of heavy tech users, providing fast and effective relief and relaxes the muscles around the neck and shoulder area when applied. The formulation is Ayurvedic and offers an alternative herbal solution for restoring holistic balance to a hectic lifestyle.
Non-greasy cream with a lavender fragrance In handy, convenient tube: Already popular with consumers in many other countries The Tiger Balm Neck & Shoulder Rub balm is available across leading pharmacies, supermarkets and popular online portals like Net Med,Amazon, 1 Priced at Rs.99 for 30 gm & at Rs.149 for 50 gm.


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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Aprilia & Vespa India launches 5 new products including technologically advanced mobile Connectivity as brand Vespa completes 6 years & Aprilia 2yrs in India

Aprilia brand of racing DNA introduces new SR 150 Race, Aprilia SR150 Facelift & limited-edition Carbon SR 150 for Aprilia enthusiasts.• Vespa introduces facelift with new colours, new range of accessories, merchandise and limited edition all black Vespa Notte.• Innovative mobile connectivity technology with Vespa & Aprilia to empower you to operate and control features of your scooters at a click

 Piaggio India today launched the new Aprilia SR 150 Race, Aprilia SR150 Facelift, Limited edition Carbon SR 150, Vespa facelift and innovative connectivity for Vespa and Aprilia range. The new Aprilia SR 150 Race is inspired from flagship superbike RS-GP, specially designed for MotoGP.

It brings in a fresher look in line with the RS-GP theme, the scooter sports a white base with red and green body graphics along with red 14 inch alloys- first of its kind in the category, adjustable suspension, 220mm disk brake, golden caliper, digital console and tall wind screen, with specially designed race theme helmet and factory fitted mobile connectivity feature. The SR 150 Race has a 150cc- 3 valve engine, map sensor technology and is also equipped with enhanced CVT gearbox delivering an exceptional riding experience that reflects the true characters of brand Aprilia in SR range. New Aprilia SR 150 Race facelift is available at all Vespa and Aprilia showrooms at an ex-showroom price of Rs.80,211 (ex-showroom Pune).

The iconic Vespa with its classy Italian appeal has added three new attractive colours in its facelift -Matt Rosso Dragon, Matt Yellow and Azzuro Provenza with machine cut alloy periphery wheels. Embedded with factory fitted connectivity feature, the new Vespa joins the league of technologically advanced vehicles. The new Vespa inspired range of merchandise reflects the vibrancy and the true Italian style.

Vespa facelift will be available at an ex-showroom price of INR 91,140 for VXL 150cc & INR 97,276 for SXL 150cc (ex-showroom Pune). In line with Piaggio India’s strategy to reinvent mobility for future generation, it has introduced a mobile connectivity that empowers customers to connect with their Vespa & Aprilia scooter’s and control its features. This user-friendly innovation can be accessed via mobile and adds to the convenience of the customers with features such as accurate GPS information, emergency contact details and also will be able to locate nearby service centres. It is also equipped with a panic alert feature, wherein riders can reach out to the registered number configured with the current location and seek help in case of an emergency. Riders can find, navigate and follow their bikes using smart connectivity. Through its Find Me feature, user can identify and locate their scooter in ignition off mode in a busy parking area.

Through smart connectivity, riders can access the vehicle status, locate petrol pumps and connect with customer care executives. This smart app can be installed on iOS & Android phones.
The Aprilia SR 150 Facelift gets four new trendy colours – matt black, blue, glossy red and white, and is also accompanied by adjustable suspension. The new limited-edition Aprilia Carbon SR 150, inspired by carbon components in high-performance Aprilia track bikes represents the theme through Carbon design and aesthetics. It comes in all black theme, complemented with carbon graphics and new adjustable suspension. The SR 150 facelift and Carbon 150 have 14-inch large wheel, 220 mm disk brake, new digital cluster, USB option, connectivity feature in Carbon and an option to fit connectivity feature in SR 150 facelift.

Aprilia SR 150 Carbon and SR 150 Facelift are available at all Vespa & Aprilia showrooms at an ex-showroom price of INR 73,500 (ex-showroom Pune) for Aprilia SR 150 Carbon & INR 70,031 (ex-showroom Pune) for SR 150 Facelift. Additionally, the sophisticated all black limited-edition Vespa Notte with its powerful 125 CC engine is available to the Vespa enthusiasts for INR 68,829 (ex-showroom Pune).

Commenting on this occasion, Mr. Diego Graffi, Managing Director and CEO, Piaggio India said, “We will continue to explore creating premium differentiated products for the youth of the country. With the launch of the new bikes under the Aprilia and Vespa brands, we are only deepening our footprint across the country.”

Mr Ashish Yakhmi, Head of Two-wheeler business added, “It is a matter of immense pride for us to
celebrate six years of Vespa and two years of Aprilia in India. We have received great response for both our brands and the growth in our two-wheeler business is a testimony to that. We are excited to launch our new range of scooters to fulfil the needs of our customers also aligning our strategy of pursuing global innovations. By end of 2018 will also witness successful launch of 300 Motoplexes in India.”

With festivity in the air, Piaggio India has launched the ‘5X Fun Offer’ for the first time on its Vespa and Aprilia range of two-wheelers from September to October. Under the ‘5X Fun Offer’, customers can enjoy free five years mandatory insurance, five years free warranty which includes two years of standard warranty and three years of extended warranty. Additionally, the customers can avail free service for the first year, and two years of ‘On Road Assist’ clubbed with PayTM benefits worth INR 5000 or lucrative payment methods like zero cost EMI or low down-payment of INR 3,999.

Piaggio invented the Vespa in 1946. Having successfully established itself in the world-wide two-wheeler segment, Vespa was launched in India in April 2012. The Company has a state-of-the-art plant in Baramati, Maharashtra, where it manufactures the iconic Vespa alongside Aprilia SR and also manufactures a range of 3 and 4 wheeled commercial vehicles at a separate manufacturing facility in Baramati.

Aprilia was born into racing and is the real sporty flagship brand for Piaggio Group. With 294 Grand Prix races won in Road Racing World Championship, Aprilia holds the record for the most wins of any European manufacturer in the history of maximum motorcycle competitions. These are joined by an impressive 54 world titles: 38 in Road Racing World Championship, 7 in Superbike and 9 in Off Road disciplines.

Fujifilm India launches the X-T3 mirrorless digital camera - World’s First APS-C mirrorless camera capable of 4K/60P 10 bit recording

  • X Series’ evolution into the 4th generation
  • Complete upgrade with the all-new back-illuminated 26MP X-Trans CMOS 4 (*1) sensor and X-Processor 4 image processing engine
  • Superb image quality and enhanced ability to track a moving subject with substantial AF performance improvement and blackout-free burst shooting

Fujifilm India Private Limited, a pioneer in imaging technologies, is delighted to announce the launch of its latest model X-T3 in the X Series mirrorless camera range, renowned for their unique color reproduction technology to deliver outstanding image quality in both stills and video. X-T3 is available in two stunning colors Black and Silver.

(18-55 mm lens)
X-T3 Accessory
(Battery Grip)
Rs. 117,999
Rs 149,999
Rs 25,999

The X Series began with the 2011 release of X100 globally. The X-Pro1, released in 2012, became the first model to feature the X-Trans CMOS sensor, which uses a unique color filter array based on FUJIFILM’s extensive photographic expertise to achieve exceptional image-resolving performance and control of false colors at the same time, as well as the EXR Professor Pro image processing engine compatible with the sensor. For seven years, the X Series and its sensor – image processing engine combination have continued to evolve, with the company unveiling “X-Trans CMOS II” / “EXR Processor Pro II” in the X-T1, released in 2014, and “X-Trans CMOS III” / “X-Processor Pro” in the X-Pro2 and X-T2, released in 2016. The three generations of evolution have constantly advanced the X Series’ image quality and mobility.

Commenting on the occasion, Mr. Haruto Iwata, Managing Director, Fujifilm India Pvt. Ltd. said, “It is a proud moment for us to announce the much-awaited Fujifilm X-T3 mirrorless digital camera in the same year which marks our 10th anniversary in India. As we celebrate this success today, we are also gearing up for the next big leap towards new goals, one of which is to achieve 30% Market Share in the Indian Mirrorless Market in the next 3-4 Years. X-T3 is our step towards that endeavor and we at Fujifilm are confident that the new X-T3 will receive the same recognition and acceptance received by its predecessors. We strongly believe that in the next five years demand for mirrorless cameras will surpass that of DSLRs. We will continue to bring the best of technology and innovation to our consumers at the best possible price point.”

The latest model, X-T3, features the new X-Trans CMOS 4 sensor and X-Processor 4 image processing engine, ushering in a new, fourth generation of the X Series.

[New devices]
  1. X-Trans CMOS 4: This is the back-illuminated APS-C sensor with more than 4 times the number of phase detection pixels than current models (*2), distributed across the surface. It boasts a high S/N ratio and the lowest sensitivity of ISO160 despite its 26MP resolution. The low-light autofocus limit has also been extended to -3EV, enabling accurate AF even in low light conditions, e.g. scene lit only with candlelight.

  1. X Processor 4: This engine has 4 CPU units to achieve image processing speed about 3 times faster than that of current models (*2). Not only boosting AF accuracy and speed substantially, the engine is the world’s first to delivers 4K/60P 10bit output, meeting the needs of professional videographers, in a mirrorless camera equipped with a sensor in the APS-C size or larger. It is also capable of instantaneously handling complex image processing tasks such as FUJIFILM’s unique “Color Chrome Effect” and “Monochrome Adjustment” function, achieving Warm Black / Cool Black tone in digital, which is adopted as one of the way of expression for monochrome print in silver halide film.

  1. The X-T3 takes full advantage of the capability of these fourth-generation devices to enjoy significant performance improvement.
  1. Higher image quality: Highest level of 26.1MP resolution in APS-C size sensor. Also, it achieves keeps as low level of noise as current models (*2) even increasing the number of pixels.
  2. Dramatically improved AF performance: 1.5 times faster processing speed than current models (*2) to deliver faster and more accurate AF, and substantially enhanced performance in face / eye detection AF thanks to 2.16M phase detection pixels arrayed at entire frame.
  3. Significant improvement in tracking performance of fast-moving subject: Delivering blackout-free continuous shooting (*3) of up to 30 fps while using smooth Live View of 60fps to check your subject.
  4. Video performance for professionals: Supporting 4K/60P 4:2:0 10bit internal SD card recording as well as 4K/60P 4:2:2 10bit HDMI output, which can be filmed at the same time. Also, featuring the video-specialized Film Simulation mode “ETERNA,” popular with the X-H1.

*1 X-TransTM is FUJIFILM Corporation’s trademark or registered trademark. The sensor has a unique non-periodic filter array to reduce the appearance of moire patterns and false colors without the use of an optical low-pass filter.
*2 Comparison with current models “FUJIFILM X-T2” and “FUJIFILM X-H1
*3 Available only when using the electronic shutter

[Main features]

Use of the Series’ fourth-generation devices, new sensor “X-Trans CMOS 4” and new processor “X-Processor 4,” for the highest image resolving performance, color reproducibility and fastest processing in the history of the X Series
  • The X-T3 features the X Series’ fourth-generation APS-C sensor, newly developed “X-Trans CMOS 4” (26.1MP, without low-pass filter). It uses the unique color filter array synonymous to X-Trans CMOS sensors to control moire and false colors and adopts the Series’ first back-illuminated structure to improve image resolution without compromising the S/N ratio. Furthermore, the sensitivity of ISO160, previously available only as extended ISO, is now part of the normal ISO range. It is very useful in daylight outdoor shooting or when trying to achieve bokeh with a fast large-aperture lens.

  • The X-T3 uses the new “X-Processor 4” image processing engine to add the new “monochrome adjustment” function to the Film Simulation modes, which are based on FUJIFILM’s proprietary technology to deliver diverse color expressions. Warm black and cool black, conventionally achieved with a choice of specific photographic papers and developers, have been faithfully reproduced digitally to broaden the scope of monochrome expressions. This function is available in the standard “Monochrome” mode as well as the “ACROS” mode, which provides smooth halftones, deep blacks and beautiful textures.

  • The “Color Chrome Effect,” previously only available in FUJIFILM’s medium-format mirrorless digital camera “GFX50S,” is featured in the X-T3, the first in the X Series. The effect produces deeper colors and gradation in subjects with highly saturated colors, such as vivid-colored flowers with shadows, a notoriously difficult photo subject for gradation reproduction. The high-speed processing power of the X-Processor 4 means this effect can be applied not only in single shots but also in continuous shooting.

Use of the new devices and improved algorithm for significant improvement in AF performance in low light and when tracking a moving subject
  • The X-Trans CMOS 4 has 2.16M phase detection pixels, more than 4 times compared to current models (*2), increasing the phase detection AF area to entire frame (approx. 100%). Fast and accurate phase detection AF can be used even on a subject that is positioned away from the center of the frame. The low-light phase detection autofocus limit has also been extended by around 2 stops from -1EV to -3EV, making it possible to accurately focus in low light conditions, e.g. a scene lit only with candlelight, or night-time photography. Furthermore, the X-Processor 4’s high processing speed and improved phase detection algorithm means the camera refocuses (AF) and meters (AE) 1.5 times more frequently than current models (*2) to enable accurate autofocus even when shooting sports involving fast and erratic movements across the frame.

  • The performance of face-detection AF on a moving person has been doubled over current models (*2). The eye-detection AF supports the AF-C mode, maintaining accurate focus tracking even in portrait photography that involves movements. The X-T3 focuses accurately when shooting a person front-on or side-on, even in situations where the face- or eye-detection AF previously had difficulty. The face- and eye-detection AF is available also during video recording to achieve smooth filming of persons.

Enhanced viewfinder performance improving the ability to track a moving subject
  • The X-T3 features a 3.69-million-dot high resolution EVF with a high magnification ratio of 0.75x. The display time lag of just 0.005 seconds and refresh rate of approx. 100 fps ensure smooth display of motions, allowing you to precisely identify subject movements and focus positions. Unlike current models (*2), continuous shooting of 11 fps with the mechanical shutter no longer requires the optional vertical grip, enabling fast continuous shooting while keeping the camera weight low.

  • The new “Sports finder mode” makes it easy to capture a moving subject. The mode shows approx. 16.6M (1.25x crop) area marking in the LCD/viewfinder, and shoots the area within the marking. This is particularly useful for sports photography and wildlife photography, as you can check the movements of a subject just outside the shooting frame and take advantage of shorter-than-usual blackout time.

  • Increased read speed from the sensor and high-speed processing capability have made it possible to enjoy AF/AE-tracking, blackout-free continuous shooting(*3) of up to 30 fps in approx. 16.6M (1.25x crop) mode, while using smooth Live View of 60fps to check your subject. The rolling shutter distortion, a typical issue of electronic shutters, has been halved compared to current (*2) models.

  • In order to never miss a crucial shutter moment, the X-T3 has the new “Pre-Shoot” function (*3), in which the camera starts shooting as soon as the shutter button is half-pressed. You will never miss an important photo opportunity, previously caused by time lag between the moment when the shutter button is fully pressed and the moment when a photo is actually taken.

Design / operability and expandability
  • The X-T3 inherits X-T2’s popular design features such as the positioning of dials on the top panel, central viewfinder style for added sense of stability, and excellent grip design for comfort. The silver color is lineup as standard, which features more classical tone compared with graphite silver, limited edition for previous models. Its styling that reminds you of traditional film cameras is combined with outstanding practicality, making it photographic equipment that is a pleasure to own for many years to come.

  • Enhanced operability and expandability in response to user feedback
  • EVF’s diopter adjustment is lockable achieved by pulling out and rotating a diopter knob, so as to prevent unintended adjustments while carrying the camera.
  • The X-T3 uses a touchscreen panel with higher contrast, wider viewing angle and better operability than those in previous models to enable intuitive operation.
  • The X-T3 inherits X-H1’s features such as large top-panel dials / rear-panel buttons and comfortable clicking touch of front and rear command dials.
  • A headphone jack is provided on the camera body so that all accessories required for video recording, such as microphone and HDMI devices can be centrally connected to the body for added mobility in videography.
  • Terminal cover is removable, providing easy connectivity for HDMI cables, microphones, headphones. Also it will not disturb when setting up with rig for movie shooting.
  • The USB terminal supports USB Type-C (USB3.1 Gen1) specifications.

Enhanced video performance
  • This is the world’s first mirrorless digital camera capable of internal SD card recording 4K/60P 4:2:0 10bit. It is also the world’s first mirrorless digital camera with APS-C or larger sensor capable of4K/60P 4:2:2 10bit HDMI output. Supported video formats include the widely-used H.264/MPEG-4 AVC as well as H.265/HEVC for greater data compression. This enables the use of high 200Mbps bitrate in recording of 4K/60P 4:2:0 10bit, as well as simultaneous HDMI output while recording. Video compression options available are ALL-Intra (*4) and Long GOP. When using ALL-Intra, video is recorded at 400Mbps (*5).

  • The sensor’s read speed is about 50% faster than current models (*2), which enables fast 17msec reading of 4K/60P video. The rolling shutter distortion has been reduced for smooth replay of a fast-moving subject. The camera’s support for 10bit color depth boosts the amount of color information 64 times compared to 8bit. This is combined with 400% (approx. 12 stops) dynamic range for capturing materials of rich gradation, such as a sunset landscape.

  • The introduction of a new noise reduction process and new “4K interframe noise reduction” function have reduced noise by the equivalent of approx. 2 stops. The new NR process has an enhanced level of noise-identifying accuracy for appropriate denoising performance. The 4K interframe NR function (*5) uses differential data between adjacent frames to reduce noise. Furthermore, the minimum sensitivity for shooting F-Log and DR400% footage has been extended from the current models’ (*2) ISO800 to ISO640, meeting the needs of videographers.

  • In addition to the abovementioned functions, the X-T3 will, after applying a firmware update to be released by the end of 2018, support video recording in the Hybrid Log Gamma (HLG), one of the formats defined in the ITU-R BT.2100 international standards. In response to user feedback, the firmware update is also due to give the X-T3 an ability to simultaneously output Film Simulation and F-Log footage.

*4 Available at 4K/29.97P, 25P, 24P, 23.98P, and FHD/59.94P, 50P, 29.97P, 25P, 24P, 23.98P when H.265/HEVC is selected.
Not compatible with H.264.
*5 Available at 4K/29.97P, 25P, 24P or 23.98P.
Requires an SD card with the video speed class of V60 or above to record at the bitrate of 400Mbps

Optional accessories
Vertical Battery Grip VG-XT3 (designed specifically for the X-T3)
  • This grip is dust-resistant, water-resistant and capable of operating at temperatures as low as -10°C. It fits two batteries, bringing the total number of batteries to three, including the one on the camera body, to increase the maximum number of frames that can be taken per charge to approx. 1,100 (Normal mode). The camera does not need to suspend its operation to switch to a new battery, even during continuous shooting or video recording, providing a stress-free shooting experience.
  • The grip features the shutter release button, focus lever, AE-L button, AF-L button, command dials, Q button and Fn button to provide the same level of excellent operability in vertical shooting as you get in horizontal operation.
  • The VG-XT3 itself has battery-charging functionality. Using the AC adapter supplied (AC-9VS), you can fully charge two batteries at the same time in approx. 2 hours.


FUJIFILM X-T3 specification

Model name
Number of effective pixels
26.1 million pixels
Image sensor
23.5mm×15.6mm (APS-C) X-Trans CMOS 4 with primary color filter.
Sensor Cleaning system
Ultra Sonic Vibration
Storage media
SD memory card (~2GB) / SDHC memory card (~32GB) / SDXC memory card (~512GB)
UHS-I / UHS-II / Video Speed Class V90 *6
Lens mount
Standard output
AUTO1 / AUTO2 / AUTO3 (up to ISO12800) / ISO160~12800 (1/3 step)
Extended output
Continuous shooting
Approx. 30fps [Only electronic shutter, 1.25 x Crop ] (JPEG 60 frames Lossless compression RAW 35 frames Uncompressed RAW 33 frames)
Approx. 11fps (JPEG: 145 frames Lossless compression RAW: 42 frames Uncompressed RAW: 36 frames)
Approx. 5.7fps (JPEG: endless Lossless Compression RAW: 62 frames Uncompressed RAW: 43 frames)

Pre-shot: Approx. 30fps [Only electronic shutter, 1.25 x Crop ] (max. 20 frames while half press, max. 20 frames after full press, total max. 40 frames)
*Recordable frames depends on recording media
*Speed of continuous shooting depends on shooting environment and shooting frames
0.5 inch approx. 3.69 millions dots OLED Color Viewfinder
Coverage of viewing area vs. capturing area: approx. 100%
Eyepoint: approx. 23mm (from the eyepiece lens) Diopter adjustment: -4~+2m-1 (lockable)
Magnification: 0.75× with 50mm lens (35mm equivalent) at infinity and diopter set to -1m-1
Diagonal angle of view: approx. 38° (Horizontal angle of view: approx. 30° ) Built-in eye sensor
LCD monitor
3.0 inch, aspect ratio 3:2, approx. 1.04 millions dots touch screen color LCD monitor(approx. 100% coverage)
Movie recording
File format
MOV (MPEG-4 AVC/H.264, HEVC/H.265, Audio: Linear PCM / Stereo sound 24bit / 48KHz sampling)
Movie compression
All Intra/Long-GOP
* All Intra can be used with following settings. DCI4K/4K 29.97p/25p/24p/23.98p 400Mbps Full HD2048×1080/Full HD1920×108059.94p/50p/29.97p/25p/24p/23.98p 200Mbps
File size
DCI 4K4096×2160)]  59.94p/50p/29.97p/25p/24p/23.98p  400Mbps/200Mbps/100Mbps 59.94p/50p: up to approx. 20min. 29.97p/25p/24p/23.98p: up to approx. 30min
Frame rate
4K3840×2160)]       59.94p/50p/29.97p/25p/24p/23.98p  400Mbps/200Mbps/100Mbps 59.94p/50p: up to approx. 20min. 29.97p/25p/24p/23.98p: up to approx. 30min
Recording time
Full HD2048 ×1080)]  59.94p/50p/29.97p/25p/24p/23.98p  200Mbps/100Mbps/50Mbps up to approx. 30min.
Full HD1920×1080)]   59.94p/50p/29.97p/25p/24p/23.98p  200Mbps/100Mbps/50Mbps up to approx. 30min.