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U & Us Home Design studio

U & Us living in a harmony is the very essence of human life. 
How does it positively impacts our lives and how's that possible ?.

  We the lifestyle bloggers were invited by U & Us Home Design Studio and Esha Gupta. founder , Design Pataki for a discussion about 'Celebrating Craftsmanship with the use of Technology' followed by a workshop on DIY interiors 

U &Us Home Design studio celebrates Craftsmanship with Esha Gupta-Design Pataki

We were hosted at the exclusive U & Us Design Studio ( R-City Mall, Ghatkopar ) for a tete-a-tete with renowned designers, for co-creation of our space with the in-house designers.

The panel discussion consisted the following Masters of Design: Krsnaa Mehta, Founder of India Circus ,  Ronitaa Italia Dhanu, Editor of GoodHomes ,  Architect Rooshad ShroffEsha Gupta, Founder of Design Pataki
U&US Home design studio from Godrej works on the unique concept of involving customers in designing the furniture and interiors solutions for their dream homes. Today’s consumers are tech-savvy, living fast lifestyles and value the buying. The process of getting home furniture and interiors done is often tedious, cumbersome, laborious and time-consuming. Customers face a daunting task on deciding on furniture lay outing, designing, material selection etc. 

At U&US Design Studio they have eased these pains by helping customers perform all the related activities in a very simple way. The entire journey of the customer is activity based. At their recently launched studio all these activities are brought alive with the aid of various digital stations created in an innovative manner.

Inside U & Us Design studio - Rotating wheel with miniature home models are enticing.
Touch screen in the center of wheel helps play the U&Us concept film and customers can browse through previously Exploration Wheel. Mood board selection is done by customers which helps the designer understand the customers' tastes and styles.
2 D room layout is done by customer on the touch screen followed by layout with the help of miniature furniture model placement activity (customer can scan layouts/work on ideal layouts)
The layout created can be visualized in 3D.

“Color Visualizer” is a station where the color scheme selection of the home is done by the customers themselves. (It’s a unique technology which being patented by U&Us)
This fun based activity helps customer shortlist on the various colors schemes of their home interior elements like wall color, laminate, fabric, Wood polish & flooring with the help of hexagon shaped color cubes.
Customers have a choice of going ahead with a preset color scheme formulated by a color expert or can customize according to their taste and choice.
State of the art 3d visualization software helps the customers visualize their own homes, take walk through inside the rooms.
Customers can still edit things in real time (eg. Color, furniture placement etc) if they feel like before finalizing the details.

Proto typing area is a station where customers can create low fidelity models/ proto types with paper, thermocol etc to explain any concept / design which they are not able to express through Prototyping area. So unlike any buying experience, U&Us has created a unique customer-centric, playful experience for the customer to co-create his dream home. U & Uswants the consumers to play an active role in making their signature home dreams come true. With co-creating their own customized furniture enabled by innovative, experiential technology.

Design Pataki is a curated online magazine, online store & design lab. Their design sensibilities and aesthetics are resonated through their online store. They ensure each product sold has been checked to meet the high standards of quality control. They strive to give us brilliantly designed products at the best prices. Their only goal and hope is for every piece from them to somehow form a small part of our life.


Pav Dharia’s “Nahi Karna Viah” by VYRL Originals makes you rethink about the idea of getting married

VYRL Originals launches its new track Nahi Karna Viah, a foot tapping number with singer-song writer, music producer and cinematographer, Pav Dharia.

Young people today often hear from their families and elders, “Settle Ho Ja”, “Peak Age Hai”, “Kab Karoge Haath Peele” etc. etc. and in their minds, all they keep saying “NAHI KARNA VIAH”. The track is a fun and quirky reflection this very mindset of today’s young generation, who form the critical mass of music streaming population.

Pav Dharia and VYRL Originals present Nahi Karna Viah. In this quirky fun video, Pav plays the lead, who is not willing to marry but is being persuaded by his parents to see prospects through modern and traditional ways. With Punjabi vibes and catchy beats, the track is bound to make audiences groove to it. The song is composed and written by Pav Dharia and Manav Sangha

With the success of Na Ja, Pav Dharia has already created a huge fan base of music lovers and with the foot-tapping Nahi Karna Viah it is set to grow multi-fold.

Talking about the track “Pav Dharia’ shares, “Nahi Karna Viah is a story based around the inner call of today’s youth feeling compelled to get married, whilst not actually wanting to! It’s based on multiple narratives I’ve experienced from afar. My best friend Manav & I decided to make a fun track depicting the struggles that so many of our peers will be able to relate to, whilst keeping the mood light and a creating a catchy tune & hook line for everyone to sing along to. I’m extremely excited to release this project with VYRL originals as my first ever production aimed towards the mainstream Indian music industry.”

Sharing his thoughts, Vinit Thakkar, Senior Vice President of Universal Music Group India & South Asia comments “At VYRL, we craft a unique narrative around every track which connects the artist, his music and the fans. Pav Dharia multi-talented artist and Nahi Karna Viah has an instant and inbuilt connect with youngsters at large. The catchy audio and the fun video sum up the pressures of today’s commitment phobic youth in a light-hearted and relatable way. We are thrilled to collaborate with Pav who shares the same passion for story-telling to connect with his fans and I am sure this up-beat track will be loved by Pav’s and VYRL’s fans across the globe.”

VYRL Originals track ‘Nahi Karna Viah’ by Pav Dharia ft. Manav Sangha is now available on all music platforms

VYRL Originals – An EMI Records India Property:

VYRL Originals is EMI Music India’s latest music property created to promote independent non-film music. This unique property is once again led by noted film director Mohit Suri - known for his excellent taste in music. Mohit will be curating every aspect of each track that is being produced. Right from the composers, lyricists to the singers, each of them have been carefully worked on and handpicked by the director himself. The sound will be in line with contemporary Bollywood music with great production values, albeit without the canvass of a film. The tracks under VYRL Originals will be launched simultaneously across every streaming service – in India as well as Globally - and will sit amongst today’s popular Bollywood songs giving the music lover a seamless listening experience.

Scentials launches skin care brand “ARIAS” with Lara Dutta

Arias strives to help women focus on skin care and embrace their true beauty

 Foraying into the realm of skin care, Scentials Beauty care and Wellness Pvt. Ltd. has announced the launch and unveiling of the skin care range – Arias, crafted by former Miss Universe and renowned Bollywood actress, Lara Dutta. Arias is a complete skin care brand catering to the various skincare needs of women. The brand is a culmination of Lara’s rich experiences as an actress, model, mother and an entrepreneur. 
In a segment that has predominantly been ruled by fairness products, Arias comes as a welcome respite with its range of products catering to all skin types instead of conforming to the stereotypes. Driven by her rich experience spanning over two decades, the brand is Lara’s strife towards making the modern-day woman realize that they should prioritize skin care and embrace their true beauty.
Dr. Geetanjali Shetty, a renowned dermatologist who has worked with some of the top skin care brands in the world, has worked with Lara from day 1 to help create this exciting offering for the consumers.
Sharing an insight into the inception of Arias, Lara Dutta remarked, “Since my pageant days, I have been keenly following the trends of skin care that has shaped up the general attitude of women towards their own skin. Through Arias, I aspire to bring women closer to their own skin, prioritizing its care and embracing its true beauty. With Arias, I wish to drive the cause of beauty at its very essence. I hope Arias will inspire women to focus on their skin care, and celebrate their inherent beauty.”
Dr. Geetanjali Shetty, who has formulated the products, said “Arias skin care products have been created keeping in mind the various challenges towards maintaining healthy skin. Arias products are vegetarian, paraben-free, have no harmful chemicals and are cruelty-free. We have used ingredients such as Neem, Matcha green tea, Pomegranate extract which are great for your skin.”
The Arias range for women consists of 11 products including facial toners, face washes and masks, serums, and day and night creams. The brand holds a special place in Lara’s life and she envisions to strike a chord with the modern-day woman, spreading her ideology of ‘beauty at its very essence’ through her maiden collection.
Available at:  https://www.Amazon.in

Costume designer designs outfits made of Jute in the music video ‘Neel Samandar’

 Neel Samandar has been in news for all the right reasons, be it crossing millions of views or the performances by the cast and crew.
National Award winner Director “ Pradeep Sarkar” has led the team as the captain of the ship and we all know how he has an eye for even the minutest details. He is an artist who tries with all his might to make his art perfect.
 Costume designer Malvika Bajaj was given the task to design costumes that match the aesthetics and align with the subject line. The entire team made frequent trips to the Andamans to understand the feel that can be used. Dancing shadows team led by Isha.S.Kumar and Rahul Bagga wanted to maintain the perfect synergy of the reality and the fiction. And to create the same realistic magic on screen the team decided to get costumes made up of gunny bags.
Neel Samandar Inspired from a true story based on Andamans  has reputed names like Richa Chadda as the female lead, Meet Bros as the Composers and Benny Dayal and Prakriti Kakar having lend their voices. Stalwarts like Pradeep Sarkar and Swanand Kirkire have directed and written the the same respectively. The music video marks debut of Isha.S.Kumar and Rahul Bagga as producers and this is their maiden project under the banner of Dancing Shadows Productions. It is a musical drama that has a pinch of action and thrill to it and the project has already become a success with more than million views.
Coming from Journalism and Content background, Producer Isha S Kumar, says “ Being from journalism background my job was to infuse the realistic angle to the music video and wanted every minute details to be kept in mind.Malvika Bajaj understood our and Mr. Pardeep Sarkar’s idea and helped us in creating the costume”
According to Producer Rahul Bagga, “We wanted to create the entire feel of Andamans and a visual treat for our viewers and thus to give a realistic feel to the music video, we decided to go with the costumes made of gunny sacks, and Richa Chadda carried the costume with a flair”
Malvika Baja shared her experience saying “It was a difficult material to use in terms of costumes as it would lose its shape time n again because it’s a very lightly woven material. So keeping that in mind the job became a bit difficult and Mr. Pradeep Sarkar wanted the fit of the costume to be perfect. So we did couple of fitting on Richa Chadda so as to make sure the costume fits her perfectly. Different kind of beads and sea shells were used to accessories the outfit and make it look from the tribe in Andaman.”


A social initiative by Mrs. Amruta Fadnavis organized by Divyaj Foundation in association with MPower Foundation

 Mitti Ke Sitare, India’s first musical reality show for underprivileged kids between 7-15 years, is pleased to announce their top 18 semi-finalists. Shortlisted from 1187 MCGM and slum schools of Mumbai, they will now get an opportunity to introduce themselves at the Grand Finale on 22nd June, 2019. The semi-finalists, specially handpicked after extensive rounds of auditions, are immensely gifted singers in both the spheres of vocal and instrumental music.

‘Mitti Ke Sitare’ is a social initiative by renowned social activist and Vice President-Corporate Head with Axis Bank, Mrs. Amruta Fadnavis organized by Divyaj Foundation, in association with MPower Foundation, to provide a platform for the hidden talents across indigent areas of Mumbai. To conduct this social welfare project, Divyaj Foundation associated with 1187 MCGM schools to connect, identify and select children from the underprivileged sector - those who are blessed with talent but lack resources to improve themselves.

The Talent Hunt had 3 rounds of auditions, which involved scouting for the best from a massive artistry pool of 1.2 lakh BMC and Slum school children across Mumbai. For Round 1, a total of 6000 students were identified to participate and upload their recorded audios or entries on the servers provided to these respective schools. 527 students out of 6000 participants were selected for the second round.

In round two, 54 students were selected by the board of evaluators appointed by Divyaj Foundation.

These 54 students selected in round 2 were further evaluated in round 3 and subsequently the finest 18 gems have been selected to perform against each other at the grand finale which will be judged by renowned people from the musical fraternity.

These eighteen students are now undergoing 3 months special musical training and grooming session in Mumbai, under the guidance of professionals – Shankar Mahadevan Academy for vocal training, holistic fitness training by Mickey Mehta, mental health training from Mpower and other trainings to prepare them for the grand finale where they will get a chance to perform on stage with renowned artists of the music industry.

The Foundation will be honing, polishing and presenting these 18 contestants to the global audience by providing them a platform to perform and giving them an opportunity to showcase their talent to the world.

Speaking on the occasion, Mrs. Amruta Fadnavis said “These children have the talent, they have the fire in the belly, desire to excel but they lack resources which we will provide them and help them to realize their dreams”.

Divyaj Foundation is the noble dream of Mrs. Amruta Fadnavis – a banker, singer and social worker. The Foundation is registered with the Charity Commissioner, Mumbai, Maharashtra with Reg no. E32775 MUM. The Foundation's Endeavour is to reach out to the marginalized sectors of the society, engage, empower them and add quality contribution thereby enabling a positive change in the quality of their lives. Divyaj Foundation has been actively contributing towards village development projects, rehabilitation of Acid attack victims, wellness program for slum children and children of the Deceased farmers, wellness program for sweeper community, Film city labourers and other marginalized sectors of the society. Mrs. Amruta Fadnavis is the advisor to the trust along with Adv. Shri. Sunil Manohar, Ex. Attorney General, Maharashtra.



 Vigo Video, an app for original short videos, has given rise to local influencers by providing them with an opportunity to showcase their creativity through the platform. One such popular creator is Chandigarh-based popular comedian and entertainer, Rida Javed who showcases her talent by creating short funny-videos on Vigo app.'

Rida started creating videos and quickly became one of the most appreciated content creators on Vigo and the internet. She now has over 2 million followers on the platform who follow her handle to watch her latest videos.

Rida gets her inspiration from everyday moments which makes her videos and content more relatable and honest to her followers. This has also helped her expedite her popularity on the app and the digital universe. She also enhances her videos using some cool Vigo features including creative stickers, awesome filters and special effects on the app. She is now recognized by the lay man and her life has undergone a major transformation. She once said, Vigo is and will be my favorite platform, and I will entertain everyone forever.” Rida has created a wave and there are quite a few people who are following her footsteps.

Vigo Video has constantly introduced and encouraged new talent. It has served as a great platform for Rida Javed, to showcase her wit, humor and skills through her videos. She has successfully reached out to a massive audience base all over India.

Attached below are some the videos curated by her:

About Vigo Video
Vigo Video is an original short video platform that allows users to create and share compelling stories and showcase their talent. Vigo Video provides users with professional editing tools, creative stickers, awesome filters and special effects to capture the little moments that make up each day and share them with a community of users with similar interests.
Download Vigo video here: https://bre.is/tING45SA4

Monday, April 22, 2019

Wonderchef ; Culinary Enthusiasts of Mumbai Showcase their Skills to Chef Sanjeev Kapoor

 Normally chefs cook for the foodies or food lovers but this time the tables were turned around as they cooked for celebrity Chef Sanjeev Kapoor and impressed him with their culinary skills. This interesting cooking competition “Cook for Me” was organized by Wonderchef Home Appliances Pvt. Ltd., at Seawoods Grand Central Mall, Navi Mumbai on April 20th, 2019.There was N number of participants  but only 100 finalists were selected. The finalists presented unique recipes and delicious dishes prepared by them to Chef Sanjeev Kapoor, who then tasted these delights and announced the real Wonderchefs amongst these participants.

‘Cook for Me’ is one-of-its-kind competition designed to provide a platform to amateur chefs and food lovers to showcase their culinary talent. The event witnessed a huge audience on Saturday.

The event also saw the launch of a new product range of Wonderchef promoted by serial entrepreneur Ravi Saxena and Celebrity Chef Sanjeev Kapoor.

Speaking on this occasion, Mr. Ravi Saxena, Managing Director, Wonderchef said, “We are extremely happy as Wonderchef has become the most loved cookware and appliances brand in the country. With this we are motivated and focussed to strengthen this positioning with our innovative product lines which can help in cooking healthy food. We are committed towards our goal and we will leave no stone unturned to become one of the top most players in the kitchenware industry in India ”.  

Speaking at the event, Chef Sanjeev Kapoor said “I am very happy and overwhelmed to see the enthusiasm and zeal in the people of Mumbai towards Wonderchef and healthy cooking. It gives me immense pleasure to see an evolving cooking culture that promotes the usage of quality cookware. Wonderchef is committed to empowering women by enabling them to cook better with its innovative and healthy appliances.”
About Wonderchef Home Appliances (P) Ltd 

Wonderchef Kitchenware, a company born out of the ‘love of cooking’, is driven by passion of making Kitchen the Centre of wellness and goodness in homes. Brainchild of two enthusiasts, Mr. Ravi Saxena and Chef Sanjeev Kapoor, Wonderchef was founded in 2009. Both the founders believe that kitchen is ‘heart of the home’ and it inspires us to create memories with our loved ones through the food cooked for them. This is why the entire range of Wonderchef Cookware and Appliances is a perfect blend of health, taste and convenience that inspires us to 'cook with pride'. Wonderchef products are used in millions of homes in India where healthy and convenient cooking is a part of lifestyle.