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Budget 2021: Pivotal transformation for Agriculture growth in new normal

The Indian agriculture sector accounts for close to 16 percent of the country's GDP, uses nearly half the available land, consumes around 80 percent of the freshwater resources, and engages almost 50 percent of the country's workforce. Approximately 70 percent of the rural households still depend primarily on agriculture, with close to 80 percent of farmers being small and marginal. Even though the recent COVID-19 pandemic has posed challenges for most sectors of the Indian economy, agriculture and allied activities demonstrated extraordinary resilience. The available statistics amplify the potential of India’s agriculture sector to aid fiscal growth. However, adherence to a traditional approach and unscientific farming methods still loom large over the agricultural space. The forthcoming budget, thus, is a window for the policymakers to actively identify and poise volumetric targets with sustainability while moving up the value chain to enhance farmer and national income.


Improvement in agricultural productivity through micro-irrigation

As of 2020, out of the 141 million hectares of cultivated land, 51% of the land is under irrigation and within this only about 16% (11 million hectares) have access to modern irrigation technology. The government data suggest that in the year 2019-20, only 11.72 lakh hectare has been covered under micro-irrigation.  The current target is to popularize the use of micro-irrigation technology by covering additional 10 million hectares of land in 5 years. To achieve this ambitious target and contribute towards making Indian agriculture self-reliant, it becomes imperative that the government emplaces a mechanism to ensure the smooth flow of funds, thereby ensuring their adequate utilization by the end beneficiary.


Special budgetary assistance for Micro Irrigation to State Government to overcome COVID impact

The financial strain caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has left many states across the country to slash the budget for micro-irrigation. The policymakers should consider supporting the states through an additional corpus of funds either by direct special assistance program or increasing the existing Micro Irrigation Fund (MIF) set up under NABARD to facilitate the states in mobilizing resources for expanding coverage of micro-irrigation.


Process streamlining measures in irrigation subsidy

The delays in the disbursal of micro-irrigation subsidies under the PMKSY program are hampering its progress. Online portal for an end-to-end process execution and visibility, transparency in the process for fund disbursement, ensuring checkpoints at various stages and adherence to timelines would bring the efficiency in subsidy disbursal and support farmers to be debt-free in a faster way. SOPs to map the district-wise annual progress and penetration of micro-irrigation would act as an instrumental measure. Water budgeting for the entire village could be created under the model village program and executing District Irrigation Plans (DIP) to push PMKSY goals at the district level would work in advantage. The installation of micro-irrigation could be geo-tagged to get real-time data annually. All these measures would assist to ensure faster transmission of funds to the beneficiaries.


Providing infrastructure status to the Micro-irrigation industry

Infrastructure status would help the micro-irrigation manufacturer (95% of which comes under MSME) in reduced operating costs, thereby accelerating the industry growth as well as bring the equipment cost down for the farmer community.


Aligning different schemes together for exponential benefit – Solar and Micro-irrigation, Agriculture alongside Solar installations, and others

Focus on renewable energy like solar will not only ensure energy security especially in agriculture and the rural landscape but also address environmental concerns. Making farmers energy-sufficient would also reduce burden on government energy subsidy bill. Solar installation-friendly agriculture would help farmers with reduced operational costs, boost land utilization and improve overall income. Additionally, making micro-irrigation mandatory for subsidized solar installations at individual farms would lead to faster adaption of the modern farming techniques.


Diversification programs to increase productivity and value in different crops like oilseeds, oil palm and rice with a special focus

12 percent of the cropped area under Fruits & Vegetables (F&V) leads to 24 percent in value terms, in contrast to 13 percent area under oilseeds which gives only 6 percent in value terms because of lack of scalability. Addressing the domestic demand of edible oils, it is inevitable to promote domestic oilseeds and oil palm cultivation with higher productivity measures. Similarly, rice which has been the major crop both in terms of area coverage and water usage can be disrupted through drip technology intervention which can improve yield, save water and reduce carbon emissions. Drip irrigation adoption also facilitates crop diversification thus making a direct impact on farmer incomes. Incentivization of cultivation of such crops and accentuating the same with precision technology like micro-irrigation can lead to both income gains for farmers and self-sustenance for India.


Focus on creating infrastructures to support innovation and digitalization in Agriculture

Special focus and fund allocation in the upcoming budget for infrastructure in rural areas would support the digitalization of agriculture and put the agriculture sector on the fast track. Currently, India is spending less than 1% of Agri GDP in R&D. An Agri innovation fund, which supports ag-tech solutions, start-ups and digitalization at different levels of the Agri value chain, can transform the agriculture economy in the future


Interest subsidy on agriculture for long term loans

Access to credit remains one of the critical elements in a sustainable and more importantly a growing ecosystem. Interest subsidy on agriculture for long term loans to help farmers with long-term investment on farming and micro-irrigation equipment, or infrastructure creation related to farming can goes a long way in building a sustainable development model in agriculture. Credit Guarantee Fund Scheme for adopting micro irrigation similar to CGTMSE for MSMEs will be helpful where initial support can be provided by the government.

Rejoice the Grandmother and granddaughter’s bond of love, promise and protection with CBeebies this New Year!

Tuesday, January 2021: CBeebies is cherishing the unique bond between children and their grandparents  with the new season of animated series JoJo and Gran Gran. The favourite grandmother-and-granddaughter duo return for yet another set of brightly-coloured everyday escapades in JoJo and Gran Gran Set 2,, which premieres on Monday, 18 January 2021. The series, based on the books by Laura Henry-Allain, tells the story of a four-year-old girl and her fun, wise grandmother who cares for her while her parents are working.


The cartoon explores the passing of time, with topics such as life cycles, the changing seasons, growth or the sequencing involved in activities such as baking a cake or catching a bus. Even a trip to the hairdressers turns into a grand journey when Gran Gran’s around, and she always has a ready story to tell reflecting kids’ lives and inspiring real world discovery and play.

JoJo and Gran Gran Set 2 premieres on Monday, 18 January 2021, 4:05pm on CBeebies.

Catch CBeebies on the following channels: Tata Sky-DTH (Channel 687), Sun Direct-DTH (Channel 538)IMCL Cable & Hits: Channel 439 (Cable) and Channel 918 (Hits)Fastway Cable (Channel 390)SITI Networks Hyderabad (Channel 454)Aadhar Digital Vision (Channel 278)Akshaya Diginet Cable Vision (Channel 304)Kal Cable (Channel 510)UCN Network Cable (Channel 194)


JoJo and Gran Gran Set 2

Animation | Episodes: 11 x 11’




Show Summary:

A delightful and heartwarming animated series celebrating the special relationship between an inquisitive girl and her fun and active Grandmother. 

Join JoJo and Gran Gran in their bustling London neighbourhood as they find joy in the everyday – from baking a cake to catching the bus and visiting the hairdressers for the first time. JoJo adores spending time with her energetic Gran Gran, who is always ready with a ‘Gran Gran Plan’ when JoJo comes to visit. This is a series about love, family and community. In each episode, there’s a short live action segment featuring real children taking part in a practical activity that mirrors the animated story.


Fun Facts with JoJo and Gran Gran:

  • Set 2 features expeditions to the carnival, the library, learning to ride a bike, sleepovers and the hunt for a dinosaur – teaching kids how to navigate these elements of everyday life, while infusing them with a sense of wonder and storytelling.


  • Gran Gran hails from the sunny Eastern Caribbean island-country of St Lucia, and now lives in the same bustling London neighbourhood as JoJo and her parents. 


  • Each richly-animated episode focuses on themes such as the passing of time – life cycles, weather seasons, growing up, and the steps to bake a cake – and family traditions from St Lucian culture. Also featured is a live-action segment with children audiences at the end, to help talk through the learning takeaways from the show.


  • The show represents vibrant family life and the importance of strong multigenerational communities that interact with each other. Young children can learn more about St Lucian heritage, but also be inspired to explore their own family cultures through tales and games with their grandparents!


  • JoJo and Gran Gran is adapted from Laura Henry-Allain’s picture books of the same name, written based on her own vibrant relationship with her grandmother. She is vice-president of the British Association for Early Childhood Education and consults with schools, governments and companies on childcare and preschool education.

Laura Henry-Allain says of the show: “I wanted to convey the deep connection between the two, the excitement at the world around her that JoJo has and Gran Gran’s wisdom, experience and zest for life”.


About BBC Studios (India):

BBC Studios, a global content company with British creativity at its heart, is a commercial subsidiary of the BBC Group. Able to take an idea seamlessly from thought to screen, it spans content financing, development, production, sales, branded services, and ancillaries from both its own productions and programmes and formats made by high-quality UK independents. Award-winning British programmes made by the business are internationally recognised across a broad range of genres and specialisms, including factual, drama, entertainment and comedy. The company, which makes around 2,500 hours of content a year, is a champion for British creativity around the world and a committed partner for the UK’s independent sector. BBC Studios has offices in 22 countries globally, six production offices in UK the and a further six production bases and partnerships in countries outside of the UK. In India, BBC Studios has been at the forefront of content production with shows like Criminal Justice, The Office, Out of Love, Jhalakh Dikhhla Jaa, Stupid Man Smart Phone, Nach Baliye, and many more. It also distributes BBC Studios content to the market, bringing popular British programmes such as Top Gear, Doctor Who and Seven Worlds, One Planet to Indian audiences, making the CBeebies channel available to pre-school audiences, and has a number of key partnerships, including a JV with Sony Entertainment Television for Sony BBC Earth, and BBC branded blocks across linear and digital platforms.


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सिंगापूर के सबसे ऊँचे भित्त चित्र कलाकृतियों में से एक का निर्माण


सिंगापुर टूरिज़म बोर्ड और स्टार्ट (St+art) इंडिया फाउंडेशन ने सिंगापुर आर्ट वीक में सिंगापुर और भारत के दो नामचीन कलाकारों ने मिलकर बनाए हुए म्यूरल को प्रदर्शित करने के लिए मिलाए हाथ 

भारत, 22 जनवरी 2021: सिंगापुर टूरिज़म बोर्ड (एसटीबी) ने लिटिल इंडिया, सिंगापुर में एक सहयोगी कलाकृति प्रस्तुत करने के लिए स्टार्ट इंडिया फाउंडेशन (St+art) के साथ साझेदारी की है। "डांसिंग इन यूनिसन" नाम की अनोखी म्यूरल कलाकृति को भारतीय गोंड कलाकार भज्जू श्याम और सिंगापुरी कलाकार सैम लो ने मिलकर बनाया है। यह इस शहर के सबसे बड़े भित्त चित्र कलाकृतियों में से एक है।

इस म्यूरल के पीछे कई महीनों का नियोजन है जिसमें दोनों कलाकारों ने इस रचना को साकार करने के लिए एक दूसरे के साथ वर्च्युअली बातचीत की। म्यूरल के वर्णन के लिए कृपया संलग्नक ए देखें। कोविड-19 के वजह से जारी किए गए प्रतिबंधों के कारण इस पूरी रचना को केवल सैम लो ने चित्रित किया है। यह म्यूरल “आर्टवॉक 2021” के प्रमुख आकर्षणों में से एक है। अब यह म्यूरल 20 से भी ज्यादा म्यूरल्स की सीरीज़ का हिस्सा बना है जिन्हें लिटिल इंडिया में सार्वजानिक कला महोत्सव के पिछले 6 संस्करणों में निर्माण किया है और जो स्थानीय निवासियों और भारतीय पर्यटकों को आकर्षित करते हैं। अलग-अलग देशों में रहकर इन दो कलाकारों कलाकृति के निर्माण के लिए किए हुए प्रयास आर्टवॉक 2021 की संकल्पना - "इन स्पाइट ऑफ़" के अनुरूप हैं, कलाकारों ने कई मर्यादाओं और भौगोलिक सीमाओं के बावजूद साथ मिलकर अपनी रचनाओं को साकार किया, यह केवल उनके जुनून और भविष्य में सद्भाव बने रहने की उम्मीद की वजह से ही संभव हो पाया है।

सिंगापुर और भारत के निपुण कलाकारों की कलाकृतियों को प्रस्तुत करने के लिए एसटीबी और स्टार्ट (St+art) के बीच साझेदारी तीसरी बार की जा रही है। सबसे पहली साझेदारी में 2017 में भारत में मुंबई के ससून डॉक्स में एसटीबी के 'पैशन मेड पॉसिबल' ब्रांड को पेश किया गया था। हाल ही में 2019 नयी दिल्ली के लोधी आर्ट फेस्टिवल में सिंगापुर की शानदार स्ट्रीट आर्ट को दर्शाती हुई सिंगापुर गली को लोधी आर्ट डिस्ट्रिक्ट के ब्लॉक 13-16 में बनाया गया था।

एसटीबी के भारत, मध्य पूर्व और दक्षिण एशिया के रीजनल डायरेक्टर श्री जीबी श्रीथर ने कहा, "स्टार्ट इंडिया फाउंडेशन के साथ फिर एक बार साझेदारी करते हुए एसटीबी को बहुत ख़ुशी हो रही है। कोविड-19 की वजह से आयी हुई बाधाएं हमें रोक नहीं पायी और भारत सिंगापुर के बीच कला के प्रति एक समान आत्मीयता और जुनून को नए सिरे से प्रस्तुत करने में हम सफल हुए। भारतीय गोंड कला में माहिर भज्जू श्याम और समकालीन सिंगापुरी कलाकार सैम लो के बीच सहयोग के जरिए भारतीय गोंड कला सिंगापुर के कलाप्रेमियों के लिए पेश करते हुए हमें गौरव महसूस हो रहा है।  भारत और सिंगापुर में कई सांस्कृतिक समानताएं हैं और इस अवसर का उपयोग हम इन दो देशों के बीच भावनात्मक जुड़ाव को मज़बूत करने के लिए करना चाहते हैं। हम सभी 2021 की शुरूआत कर रहे हैं, इस पड़ाव पर यह अनोखी कलाकृति दो संस्कृतियों के बीच मित्रता का संदेश दे रही है और लिटिल इंडिया को भेंट देने वालों के लिए आकर्षण का विषय बनी है। इसकी बड़ी खासियत है कि यह सिंगापुर के सबसे ऊँचे म्यूरल्स में से एक है।"   

भज्जू श्याम गोंड कला पर जीवन निर्वाह करने वाले  सबसे पहले कलाकारों में से एक है। उनका जन्म और पालन-पोषण मध्य प्रदेश के पाटनगढ़ गाँव में हुआ, जो गोंड प्रधानों के घर के रूप में जाना जाता है। उन्हें 2018 में, पद्मश्री से सम्मानित किया गया, जो भारत के गणराज्य द्वारा दिया जाने वाला चौथा सर्वोच्च नागरिक पुरस्कार है। सैम लो सिंगापुर के स्वयं-शिक्षित दृश्य कलाकार है, जिनका काम अपने आस-पास के दैनिक निरीक्षणों और सामाजिक राजकीय माहौल पर आधारित है। सैम पहले लोधी आर्ट फेस्टिवल के दौरान भारत आ चुके हैं जहाँ उन्होंने एक कार्यशाला का आयोजन किया और अपने खास स्पैरो डिज़ाइन के साथ लोधी कॉलोनी में एक भित्ति चित्र बनाया। सिंगापुर के एक अन्य कलाकार सोफ ओ के साथ मिलकर उन्होंने नई दिल्ली के अर्जन गढ़ मेट्रो स्टेशन को एक कलात्मक मेकओवर दिया।

स्टार्ट इंडिया फाउंडेशन की क्यूरेटर और सह-संस्थापक गूलिया अम्ब्रोगी ने कहा, “2017 से हम जिसके लिए तैयारी कर रहे थे उसे आगे बढ़ाने के लिए अनोखे सिंगापुरी वातावरण में पहली बार सिंगापुर टूरिज़म बोर्ड के साथ सहयोग करते हुए हमें बहुत ख़ुशी हो रही है। भज्जू श्याम और सैम लो के बीच सहयोग हमें फिर एक बार याद दिलाता है कि विभिन्नताओं के बावजूद हमारे बीच आतंरिक जुड़ाव है। मिलकर रहने और सीमाओं को दूर करने में जो शक्ति होती है वो इसमें दिखाई देती है और यह नए क्षितिज खोलता है जो हमें कला की उपचार करने और मुक्त करने की शक्ति की याद दिलाता है।"   

संलग्नक ए:  "डांसिंग इन यूनिसन" भित्ति चित्र कला का वर्णन

भित्ति चित्र के डिज़ाइन में पारंपरिक और समकालीन विचारों का मिलाप है जिसमें दुनिया की सबसे प्राचीन  संस्कृतियों में से एक, भारत और दूसरी ओर आधुनिक शहर - राज्य, सिंगापुर को प्रकृति के दृश्यों में एक साथ लाया गया है, यह हम सभी को जोड़ने वाली कड़ी को दर्शाता है। लिटिल इंडिया में 7-मंजिला ब्रॉडवे होटल की दीवार पर बनाए गए इस चित्र के माध्यम से, दोनों कलाकारों ने प्रकृति और उसके साथ हमारे संबंधों के मूल्य को दर्शाया है, अपनी -अपनी सोच को एक साथ लाकर यह दिखा दिया है कि अलग-अलग इतिहास और संस्कृतियों के बावजूद, हम सभी आपस में जुड़े हुए हैं। इस आंतरिक संबंध ने भौगोलिक और प्रणालीगत विभाजनों से परे जाकर सोच को प्रेरित किया है, इसमें कला जगत के विभाजन भी शामिल हैं।

यह सहयोग भज्जू श्याम की दुनिया के पारंपरिक तत्वों और विश्वास प्रणालियों को सैम के आधुनिक जगत के साथ जोड़ता है। "डांसिंग इन यूनिसन" शीर्षक वाला यह भित्ति चित्र, इस विचार को मूर्त रूप देता है कि प्रकृति और पर्यावरण के प्रति सम्मान हमारे सह-अस्तित्व का विश्वास दिलाता है। शहरी जीवन और प्रकृति के बीच मानों कोई नृत्य हो रहा हो इस तरह के तालमेल की संकल्पना पर यह कलाकृति साकार की गयी है।  पेड़  - भज्जू द्वारा डिजाइन की गई गोंड कला का एक प्रमुख तत्व - मानवी आवास (इमारत की खिड़कियों से दर्शाया गया) के शहरी वातावरण को घेरता है, ब्रह्मांड के लिए एक रूपक बन जाता है जहां जमीन से हवा तक सब कुछ आपस में जुड़ा हुआ है। भारत और सिंगापुर में सबसे आम पक्षियों में से एक होने के नाते, इस पेड़ की शाखाओं पर रंगीन चिड़ियाँ दर्शायी गयी हैं, जो सैम के कई चित्रों में स्वतंत्रता के प्रतीक के रूप में पायी जाती हैं। सैम का हिरण, भारत में एक पसंदीदा जानवर है,  गोंड कला के प्रति सम्मान दर्शाता है। यह समकालीन परस्पर संबंध को प्रदर्शित करता है जिसमें विभिन्न संस्कृतियों के तत्वों से एक वैश्विक वातावरण बनता है। सैम इस विचार को एक लाल रिबन के रूप में और भी गहरा करते है, यह उनके चित्रों में कई बार दिखाई देने वाला और एक डिज़ाइन है, यह एक सर्वव्यापी ऊर्जा की याद दिलाता है, जो हम सभी को जोड़ती है, और जो गोंड कला के साथ उनकी मान्यताओं को भी मजबूत बनाती है।

सिंगापुर टूरिज़म बोर्ड के बारे में

सिंगापुर टूरिज़म बोर्ड (एसटीबी) सिंगापुर के प्रमुख आर्थिक क्षेत्रों में से एक है और पर्यटन विकास के लिए प्रमुख एजेंसी के रूप में काम करता है। उद्योग भागीदारों और समुदाय के साथ मिलकर, हम एक गतिशील सिंगापुर पर्यटन परिदृश्य को आकार देते हैं। हम सिंगापुर को एक अनोखे, अद्भुत डेस्टिनेशन के रूप में  प्रस्तुत करते हुए पैशन मेड पॉसिबल ब्रांड को प्रत्यक्ष सामने लाते हैं, जो लोगों को अपने जुनून को साझा करने और प्रभावशाली बनाने के लिए प्रेरित करता है। अधिक जानकारी के लिए, या पर जाएं या ट्विटर @STB_sg ( पर हमें फ़ॉलो करें।

स्टार्ट इंडिया फाउंडेशन (St+art) के बारे में

स्टार्ट इंडिया फाउंडेशन एक गैर-लाभकारी संगठन है जो सार्वजनिक स्थानों पर कला परियोजनाओं पर काम करता है।  कला को एक ज्यादा से ज्यादा लोगों तक पहुंचाने के लिए पारंपरिक गैलरी स्थान से बाहर ले जाना और हम वास्तव में जहाँ रहते हैं वहां तक कला को पहुँचाना - कला को वास्तव में लोकतांत्रिक बनाना फाउंडेशन का उद्देश्य है। 2014 में अपनी स्थापना के बाद से, स्टार्ट ने भारत भर में दिल्ली, मुंबई, बेंगलुरु, हैदराबाद, गोवा, चेन्नई, कोवई, चंडीगढ़, कलकत्ता और कई शहरों में कई स्ट्रीट आर्ट फेस्टिवल्स और सार्वजनिक कला परियोजनाओं का आयोजन किया है।

Trinity Studios launches pacy music video Tu Lakh Nu Hilade sung by Bhoomi Trivedi on Zee Music

Trinity Studios launches Tu Lakh Nu Hilade on Thursday afternoon amidst informal meet and greet with the press in Mumbai.

Present at the launch event were lead actress Soniya Singh who is Ahmedabad  based model and dancer, also present was actress Gurmeet Kaur Sidhu who does a cameo in the video, and present was Jasmeen Oza, the choreographer and Director of the Music Video

Tu Lakh Nu Hilade is a pacy club number that has all the interesting ingredients with a twist in the climax. Tu Lakh Nu Hilade is crooned by extremely talented Bhoomi Trivedi





22nd January 2021, Mumbai: Society Tea, in association with Urban Beat Project, curated by Laiq Qureshi, is all set to release Episode 6 of the live musical web series - #SoundsofSociety, Season 2 The episode features tremendously talented artists, Dub FX and Sahida Apsara, orchestrating a special acoustic rendition of Dub FX's popular tune – Flow.

Sounds of Society is a genre-free, no-rules, and an all-inclusive approach to presenting music-making and its associated performing arts. It is a great platform for musicians to showcase their grassroots approach to making music, in an entirely collaborative format. Sounds of Society – Season 2 has been shot with minimal fuss and equipment. The season will have edited as well as one-take videos to show audiences the true organic nature of each episode.


This episode of Sounds of Society, narrates a tale of love, transcending borders, race and colour, featuring the happily married musicians, Dub FX and Sahida Apsara, who create a seamless flow of energy that moves with intensity through a bit of beat box and lyrical bantering and their lyrical prowess. Presenting a special acoustic rendition of Dub FX’s popular tune – Flow, shot on a beautiful sunny afternoon in Goa.

Benjamin Stanford, better known by his stage name Dub FX, is an Australian musician and worldwide street performer. Born in St Kilda, Melbourne, Australia, Dub FX began his career singing in a local alternative rock and rapcore band initially known as Twitch, which would later change its name to N.O.N (Never or Now). In 2004, they released a debut and the only album Exeunt Omnes. His trademark is creating rich live music using only his own performance aided by live looping and effects pedals combined with his voice. He creates intricate hip hop, reggae, and drum and bass rhythms.

Sahida Apsara, an Australian poet, songwriter, rapper, dancer and arts educator, was born in Singapore, who comes from a half Indian/half Malay background. She has experienced race-based discrimination, physical and psychological violence and challenges as a newly-arrived migrant, and hence, her poems center around the themes of empowerment, migration, consciousness, domestic violence, gender, social and racial justice. Sahida travelled the world from the age of 20 before settling in Australia 7 years later.

An elated Karan Shah, Director, Society Tea said, “Music, an integral part of our lives, has the power of bringing together people across borders, just the way tea does. With Sounds of Society: Season 2, we aim at bringing soulful melodies by collaborating with versatile artists. This season has an amazing line-up and is all set to brew a flavourful experience, with the aim of etching music and tea onto the hearts of our audience. We strive towards keeping this spirit of innovation alive while spreading happiness.”


Produced by Urban Beat Project and curated by Laiq Qureshi, the collaborations in each episode represent the already existing and ever evolving synergies in the musical world. Much of what is captured is entirely spontaneous, without any concrete rehearsals. “Some of the best music is made when musicians come together without any real aim in mind, and when they are free of going anywhere particular with their music. Like in a jam. What comes out is pure and organic. This is what we want to showcase.” says Laiq Qureshi, founder of Urban Beat Project.

Sounds of Society hopes to feature what music sounds like on the street, on a terrace, in your bedroom, on the beach, or in your backyard. The only real aim is to document the social and cultural milieu in which we live, by presenting the sounds of today.

Artists featured so far are – Cian Finn, Swadesi, Naâman, Tritha Sinha, Mr. Woodnote, Ustad Dilshad Khan, Mohamad Alnuma, Raul Sengupta, DJ URI, Delhi Sultanate, Hang Massive, Delhi 2 Dublin, Vasuda Sharma, Gowri Jayakumar, Chandana Bala, Nush Lewis and more.


About Sounds of Society

Sounds of Society is a project to document and present the sounds of today. It is a step towards a genre-free, no-rules, and an all-inclusive approach to presenting music-making and its associated performing arts. It’s about the music that represents the social and cultural milieu in which you live. We are the sounds of today. We are the Sounds of Society.


About Society Tea

Society Tea today is 40% market leader in the Tea category in Mumbai, and has become a dominant force. We have a considerable presence in other states such as Goa, Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Chennai, Punjab, Rajasthan and Delhi.

Since the inception of the company, we have always aimed to keep quality at the highest possible levels for all our products; this is also one of the reasons why we cannot match the media spends of other tea brands. To ensure this consistent quality, three members of the family have dedicated their lives as full time tea tasters.

Our quest for better quality goes on for our new range of Dairy Products, One Minute Tea and Instant Tea (Premix). To manufacture high quality Tea and Dairy products, we have set up a plant in Vadodara (Gujarat). This plant is one of India’s most advanced and completely automated milk and soluble tea processing units which manufactures these products under strict hygienic standards, to meet our high levels of quality and excellence. We see this new range as the products of the future.

UltraTech Cement amongst India’s 30 Best Workplaces in Manufacturing – 2021

22nd January, 2021, Mumbai: UltraTech Cement, the largest manufacturer of grey cement, white cement and ready-mix concrete in India, has been recognized amongst ‘India’s 30 Best Workplaces in Manufacturing – 2021’ by Great Place To Work® Institute.


It is heartening to share that UltraTech won this recognition in the very first year of its participation. UltraTech was also recognized among the Top 100 'India's Best Companies to Work For 2020' by Great Place To Work® Institute.


The ‘India’s 30 Best Workplaces in Manufacturing– 2021’ recognition endorses the Company’s 'High-Trust, High-Performance' organizational culture. The Great Place To Work® Institute arrived at the ranking through an exhaustive questionnaire covering all elements of human resources and through a survey of employees in each company, chosen through random selection.


The Great Place to Work® Model is the world's most researched, accepted, and sustainable definition of a great workplace from an employee point-of-view. It is a comprehensive framework encompassing the overall employee experience ecosystem. Every year, more than 10,000 organizations from over 60 countries partner Great Place to Work® Institute for assessment, benchmarking and planning actions to strengthen their workplace culture. Great Place to Work Institute's methodology is considered as the 'Gold Standard' for defining great workplaces across businesses, academia and government organizations.


About UltraTech Cement Limited

UltraTech Cement Limited is the cement flagship company of the Aditya Birla Group. A $5.8 billion building solutions powerhouse, UltraTech is the largest manufacturer of grey cement, ready mix concrete (RMC) and white cement in India. With a consolidated grey cement capacity of 116.75 MTPA, it is the third largest cement producer in the world, excluding China, and the only one globally (outside of China) to have 100+ MTPA of cement manufacturing capacity in a single country. The Company’s business operations span UAE, Bahrain, Sri Lanka and India.

UltraTech is a founding member of Global Cement and Concrete Association (GCCA). It is a signatory to the GCCA Climate Ambition 2050, a sectoral aspiration to deliver carbon neutral concrete by 2050. UltraTech has adopted new age tools like Science Based Target Initiative (SBTi), Internal Carbon Price and Energy Productivity (#EP100) as part of its efforts to accelerate adoption of low carbon technologies and processes across its value chain and thus reduce carbon footprint over the life cycle. As part of its CSR, UltraTech reaches out to more than 1.6 million beneficiaries across India covering areas of education, healthcare, sustainable livelihoods, community infrastructure and social causes.

Now India Will Search On Its Self-Made Search Engine!

India’s first private Search Engine “QMAMU”, is ready to be launched on Indian Republic day.


The first private Search Engine has been developed in India and ready to be launched on Indian Republic day, 26th January 2021.


A proud moment for every Indian to occupy its search engine named “QMAMU”, designed and developed by Indian researchers under ATMANIRBHAR BHARAT (self-independent India).


Briefing the features of the search engine head of the research team said “the search engine is designed in such a way that every page is encoded and can be stored in a uniform encoding pattern from the huge database of the search engine. This unique feature of QMAMU”, enables the search to be performed for and from all websites”


He said “A huge team of QMAMU”, the developer has been working day and night to achieve this proud moment to develop and launch “QMAMU” on  Indian republic day and we are happy to dedicate this first private Indian search engine to the country”.


Some advance featured in a search engine is also added, the engine has morphological analysis, it can accept Indian language besides English. Once the user types for search, various forms of the same keywords are listed. The search engine is user-friendly and portable for Windows and Linux operating systems.

The search engine has been placed for running Beta testing and is going to be hosted and is claimed to be the most portable and user-friendly web search engine of India.


Some advanced features of the QMAMU”, Search Engine: The software system of “QMAMU” is developed to perform internet searches by using the high privacy featured. When every third person of world’s population is using a search engine for internet search and information there for several renowned search engines are working parallel to target the audience for advertisement and the user’s privacy is at high risk, but QMAMU”, as a private search engine save you from being online tracked.

“QMAMU”, Search engine perform your search using keyword typed and display relevant results before you by using the various sources assure you to perform your search in private. Quick Response:  QMAMU”, Search engine not only performs your search but responds to you quickly to display desired results. This search Engine repeats your search privately without having the scope of data reveal.  The strong filter system of “QMAMU”, also prevents unwanted image search to make it a useful engine for your kids.