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Madonna’s highly-anticipated 14th studio album Madame X will be released on June 14th globally from Live Nation, Interscope Records and Maverick. The first track from the album “Medellín,” with Colombian superstar Maluma, will be Zane Lowe’s World Record today on Apple Music’s Beats 1 and is available now.

Madonna will exclusively unveil the world premiere of her video and single “Medellín” with Maluma, during a globally televised MTV music event, “MTV Presents Madonna Live & Exclusive: ‘Medellín’ Video World Premiere,” on Wednesday, April 24 at 9:00 pm BST / 4:00pm ET/ 1:00pm PT/April 25th 01: 30 am India Time . Madonna will join British DJ Trevor Nelson and fans live from London for a conversation about the influences of her new album, and the creative forces behind her transcendent career.  “Medellín” collaborator and Colombian pop star Maluma will join live from Miami. Madonna will also take questions during the global event via satellite from MTV’s Sway Calloway and fans in New York City, with additional MTV-hosted events in Milan and São Paulo.

Influenced creatively by living in Lisbon, Portugal over the past several years, Madame X is a collection of 15 new songs that celebrate Madonna’s career-long affair with Latin music and culture as well as other global influences.  Singing in Portuguese, Spanish and English, highlights on the album include “Medellín,” which was co-produced by Mirwais and captures the spirit of Maluma’s hometown, the anthemic song “I Rise,” the Jamaican dancehall vibes of “Future” featuring Quavo, and co-produced by Diplo, as well as the sonically innovative Mirwais produced “Dark Ballet.” Recorded over 18 months in Portugal, London, New York and Los Angeles, Madonna collaborated on Madame X with longtime producer Mirwais, as well as with producers Mike Dean and Diplo, among others.

“Lisbon is where my record was born,” Madonna says. “I found my tribe there and a magical world of incredible musicians that reinforced my belief that music across the world is truly all connected and is the soul of the universe.”

Madame X will come in a standard and deluxe version of the album.

The full track listing for Madame X standard and deluxe versions are:
1.    Medellín with Maluma  
2.    Dark Ballet
3.    God Control
4.    Future ft. Quavo  
5.    Batuka
6.    Killers Who Are Partying
7.    Crave ft. Swae Lee  
8.    Crazy
9.    Come Alive
10.  Extreme Occident **deluxe version only
11.  Faz Gostoso ft. Anitta
12.  Bitch I’m Loca ft.  Maluma
13.  I Don’t Search I Find  
14.  Looking for Mercy **deluxe version only
15.  I Rise  

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Statewide Programs on The Occasion of Classical Vocalist Dr Vasantrao Deshpande Birth Centenary

The birth centenary year of Dr Vasantrao Deshpande, renowned Hindustani classical vocalist and Marathi stage artist, who left indelible impression on theatre and films with his immemorial compositions including “Bandish”, “Thumri” and “Natya Sangeet” and ruled the hearts of music lovers, begins from 2nd May 2019.

The work of his Vasantrao’s disciple Pandit Chandrakant Limaye and his bondage towards his “Guru”, is well known. As such it would have been surprise if Limaye was not to take initiative to organise master class programs on the occasion of Dr Deshpande’s birth anniversary.

Pandit Limaye, had set up the Vasantrao Deshpande Sangeet Sabha (VDSS) in 2000, to continue the legacy and cultural heritage of his Guru, who had command over “surs”, purity in singing and had capacity to captivate listeners with his mercurial and dramatic style of singing.To revive the memories of Vasantrao and take forward his heritage, Pandit Limaye has organised different programs.

Pandit Limaye is the chief trustee of the VDSS, which has organised inaugural program on 5 May 2019, from 5 PM to 10 PM at Ravindra Natya Mandir, Prabhadevi. A special souvenir dedicated to Vasantrao will also be released in the program. Achyut Godbole, Pandit Shankar Abhyankar, Pandit Satyasheel Deshpande, Faiyyaz, former Police Commissioner Arvind Inamdar, former Lok Sabha Speaker and Maharashtra Chief Minister Manohar Joshi and others will be present. The speakers will revive the memories of Vasantrao on the occasion. 

As part of the function, a special program titled “Vasant Bahar”, throwing light on Vasantrao’s singing, will be staged. Pandit Limaye will perform with his disciples, the immemorial compositions of Vasantrao, including “Bandish”, “Thumri”, “Natya Sangeet” and film music, in an audio visual program. The audience will also get the opportunity to enjoy the songs by Nupur Kashid-Gadgil (Gwalior gharana) and Padmbhushan Pandita Prabha Atre. This program has been kept free for the audience on the occasion of birth centenary.

The programs will be organised by VDSS also in Pune, Kolhapur, Sangli, Nashik, Solapur, Belgaon and Goa on the occasion of the birth centenary. Besides, workshops will also be organised.

Qatar Visa Center inaugurated in Mumbai

Qatar Visa Centers in 7 metros to be functional for the convenience of visa applicants from India

 Mandated by the Ministry of Interior, State of Qatar, Qatar Visa Center was inaugurated byHis Excellency Mr. Saif Bin Ali Almohanndi, Consul General, The Consulate General Of The State Of Qatar, in MumbaiHaving already launched in New Delhi and now in Mumbai, 5 other visa centers in Kochi, Hyderabad, Lucknow, Chennai and Kolkata will be operational shortly.

At the new Qatar Visa Center, work visa applicants for the State of Qatar will be able to sign on work contracts digitally, enroll their biometrics and undergo mandatory medical test all under one-roof, thus saving time and making it hassle free for the applicants. The move to get work visa applicants to complete the most essential and critical part of their visa processes in the country of origin (India in this case) is aimed at guaranteeing prospective employees their rights in a manner consistent with the best international standards.

The visa center is in sync with international standards guaranteeing greater transparency, traceability and improved anti-fraud measures and security screening mechanisms for the visa applicants. The center will operate between 08:30 am to 04:30 pm from Monday to Friday.

As part of the visa application process, the employer in Qatar will ensure all necessary procedures and make the visa payments on behalf of the applicant. The applicants will only need to book an appointment online and visit the Qatar Visa Center fifteen minutes prior to the scheduled time on a given day. Once at the center and after the identity of the visa applicant is verified and the list of required documents are checked a token gets issued. Once the token is being referred to, the respective visa applicant will be explained the contract terms and can thereby digitally sign the work contract. Biometric enrollment and the mandatory medical tests will be done at the center. Upon completion of the processes at the visa center, the visa applicant then can choose to track the status of his application online or through their employer in the State of Qatar.

H.E Mr. Saif Bin Ali Almohanndi, Consul General, The Consulate General Of The State Of Qatar, Mumbai expressed gratitude and said, “Our thanks and appreciation to the officials in the Ministry of External Affairs- Republic of India, and the Government Of the State Of Maharashtra for their continued support to achieve this goal by opening the Qatar Visa Centre (QVC) on Friday 29/03/2019 in Mumbai. This project is one of the advanced projects for the State of Qatar in the field of protection of labour rights, and would facilitate the recruitment procedures in countries where centers have been opened including the Republic of India, and would provide necessary services for obtaining visas, both for the purpose of visit and residence. For Indian expatriates who travel to Qatar for employment, can complete their medical tests and sign work contracts before their departure - and this stands confirm to the State of Qatar's keenness to ensure safety and protection for expatriates and residents.”

"As part of Qatar's willingness to facilitate the work process and protect the rights of expatriates, Qatar Visa Centers will be opened in a number of countries which include India,"said Major Abdullah Khalifa Al Mohannadi, Director of Visa Support Services Dept at the Ministry of the Interior, Doha, Qatar. "Medical examinations, biometric data enrollment and the signing process of employment contracts will be done through the Qatar Visa Centers in the expatriate country of origin at the 7 Indian centers including the one in Mumbai. All of this, reflects the extent and depth of Qatar's endeavors to ensure the protection and safety of expatriates under a simplified and effective recruitment regime upheld and facilitated by the visa center," he added.

Suhail Shaikh - Business Head said, “We are honored to launch the Qatar Visa Center in India in Mumbai on behalf of Ministry of Interior, State of Qatar. We take great pride in being able to provide transparent, standardized and streamlined visa services for Indians seeking work visas through a simple process managed by our capable colleagues.”

Qatar Visa Center maintains robust multi-lingual information services for the benefit of visa applicants across multiple touch points. Information on appointment scheduling, requirements and steps at the visa center can be found in English, Hindi, Marathi, Telugu, Bengali, Tamil and Malayalam through a dedicated website (, call center helpline (+91 44 6133 1333) and walk-in at the reception.


Rajneeti ki Pathshala conducted a workshop on awareness of Indian Politics

 Bollywood, Cricket and Politics are three favourite topics of every Indian, we want to have good leaders and parties but forget to practice what we preach.

Rajneeti ki Pathshala  is an initiative started by Mr. Ajay Pandey which is a team of people who believe that Politics should be taken seriously. He says that “It is important for all the citizens to know how the political and administrative system works. There are not many ways through which an interested candidate can obtain information about Indian politics and administration. Hence, we at RKP aim to educate the citizens about politics and bring about a revolution. We believe that educated citizens would make our society a better place to live in. We conduct workshops and sessions to educate people and explain to them the reason why politics is so important. We truly believe in this initiative and hope that it will be a successful endeavour.”
Continuing his mission of recognizing achievers from various fields, the Rajneeti Ki Paathsala team, not only felicitated various women achievers, but also held a seminar on the topic “Women in Politics”.

And when names like Advocate Abha Singh, Socialite Nisha Jamvwal and Dr. Naavnidhi.K.Wadhwa come together at the same platform. One can expect a flow of thoughts and ideas that can change enlighten anybody.
Amongst the awardees were names like “Ms. Seema Negi”, “Ms. Savita Pande” , “Ms. Aarti Notiyal” etc,
These ladies have defied all obstacles and have stood proudly against all odds and made a mark in their respective fields.
Rajneeti Ki Pathshala (School of Politics ) has been started to take the initiative for taking Indian politics at another level and empower it by putting moral and ethical values in it. The main objective of the school is to create awareness amongst the youth about the basic rights and duties given in the constitution of India. They want to make the Indian masses aware of the existing social and political state of affair. They help citizens understand and accept those noble elements of the politics, on the basis of which great leaders had created the nation and the constitution. They want to sow the seeds of knowledge and consciousness in public and fiercely support the principles of inexplicable honesty and integrity in all political activities. They are committed to recognise the system and to change the negative image of politics in the modern public opinion and make aware of the power of an honest democratic order.  They are committed to bringing awareness amongst the citizens, that they can apply these political principles based on honesty and integrity, in different aspects of their lives. They encourage active participation of the youth; focus on public welfare, bracing the elements of constitutional principles and politics, so that we can prepare future leaders for our country. The basics of observing, learning and leading are rooted in our primary efforts. They firmly believe that the political education and understanding, constitutional integrity and honesty can bring a positive change in our country.

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PreMarital Sex

              First thing first and that is sex in this post. If we believe that Sex = making Love then it's passionate true love, not just an act of lust. Every thing is fair in Love. The Question is whether it is Marital or Premarital ?  

              Umm ...uhh... hummm ...  Why ? When ? questions and answers with Different Perspectives. 

              "Premarital sex is a sexual activity practiced by persons who are unmarried." Now this wiki-definition is so ambiguous. Persons can be of opposite gender or of same gender. If persons i.e. lovers are of same gender then in many countries they are not permitted to marry. In that case, what option they have other than Premarital sex ? 

               Premarital sex , Yes or No ... both options have Pros and Cons. Almost all would agree that, Premarital sex among adults who love, trust and are loyal to each other, who are ready to shoulder the responsibility is Capital YES while Premarital sex among children ( below 18 years of age ), who are physically, mentally, economically dependent on their parents is Capital NO. 

               Premarital sex among the adult-bachelors is some-what common in metro-cities all over the World. In today's MOM-age I mean Mars Orbiter Mission-age, not Mother-age, adults are so busy with their careers that they hardly have time to think about settling down. Young generation work hard to achieve their fluorescent dreams. Naturally they want to party harder with their friends , partners , sweethearts etc. to alleviate their slogging. Music, Dance, Drinks and Dear, loving partner all make for such a heady combination. In such euphoric parties, love-making i.e. sex is common phenomena , where the partners are not yet married. Not married but love, trust and loyal to each other.

                Most of the times, marriage hurdles the ascending career-graph of the girls. The married girls have to do household daily chores , cook food , look after children well as elders. The wives from conservative families are not allowed to stay late in the office. So the girls delay the marriage, even though they have a boyfriend. In such cases, premarital sex happens. The only word of caution here will be 'Take care of yourself and your loyal, loving and trusting partner. Safe Sex is the key-word for premarital sex'

              As far as Indian boys are concerned, they have extra responsibility of buying apartments, cars, furniture, jewelry etc. for the bride. Young people find it difficult to incur heavy expenses for the big, fat Karan Johar style extravagant wedding ceremonies. After all, all bachelors are not lucky like Arpita, to have Salman Khan as a Bhai to gift them the Taj-Falaknuma-Palace -wedding. In such situations, what choice do the young people have than the premarital sex with their loyal lover? 

               Let's take an example of a girl and a boy who love each other. They love each other, but their families don't stand each other because of differences in caste, cultures, religions etc. In this scenario , what option does the couple have ? Even if their respective families agree for the match , but in the space-starved cities they don't have their own home, then where would they stay post-marriage ? In such cases premarital sex is totally acceptable as the couple will certainly marry for their eternal love, in near future. 

               Premarital sex is considered taboo in many cultures and considered a sin in almost all religions. It became more commonly accepted in developed / Western European countries like Spain, Germany, France etc. in the last few decades. It was sort of aftermath of industrial revolution. As the large scale production boosted economy, people became more materialistic. 

               " No Sex Please, We are Indians " has been the foreigners' point of view about Indians. If we look at the alarming population growth in India, it's evident that sex is happening. But it's not Premarital. You may say ' Oh how bourgeois !' My personal view is  ' Nay - No -Never , PreMarital sex is DANGER , avoid it like a Cancer ' 


VOOT’s Fuh se Fantasy will host you for #FantasyFridays

Regular life is boring, but does it have to be?~ Get on-board, VOOT’s Fuh se Fantasy will host you for #FantasyFridays ~

Watch the Fuh se Fantasy music video here:

In the VOOT original’s Fuh se Fantasy’s musical video starring popular TV faces; Karan Wahi and Gaurav Pandey have killed the mundane by making their reality fantastical.  And well, who else could’ve given wings to their fantasies other than the gorgeous ladies, Priya Banerjee and Anurpiya Goenka. Through a VR set, these actors go on a joyful ride and groove to the beats of their fantasies. Introducing you to the world of love and fancies, VOOT brings to you the #FantasyFridays like never before.

The boy meets the girl of his dreams, flirtatious desires and a fun musical comes into play and the screen is filled with some irresistible and spiced up chemistry. This way of spicing your life makes is just one of the way’s to make your fantasies come alive!
Hop on board as this ten episodic anthology, Fuh se Fantasy is all about an out of box reality and the delight in modern relationships that dare to explore their deepest, quirkiest and most exciting desires.

We say, let loose enjoy the song and experience the world of relationships, sensations, a beautiful set-up and some fantasies!

Fuh se Fantasy on VOOT awaits you and your #FantasyFridays
‘Kyunki, Reality mein, thodi fantasy bhi zaroori hai!’

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ONE VISION ONE TEAM (OVOT) Unveils AMSTRAD New Series Of Next- GEN Inverter ACs


SMART SILENT RELIABLE HEAVY DUTY COOLING at 60° temperature consuming less electricity.

Appoints 4 brand ambassadors: Sports personalities Smriti Mandhana, Heena Sidhu, Jinson Johnson, Neeraj Chopra

OVOT – One Vision One Team, a new concept by Mr. Nipun Singhal (MD & CEO, OVOT), and has emerged in the Consumer Electronics and Appliances Industry as a new force, now presents Next Generation Quality, Technology and Services (QST) to consumers under the “AMSTRAD” brand. 
OVOT unveiled a new series of Inverter AC’s – AMSTRAD – that will cool even at 60 degrees ambient temperature and can function even with voltage between 130- 270 V making this a stabilizer-free AC. This series is also WiFi enabled and can connect to a Mobile Phone/Google Home/ Alexa, work on Voice Command & through App. AMSTRAD Next Generation technology is equipped with new age compressors, motors and sleek designs ensure ‘Silent’ ‘Reliable’ ‘Heavy Duty Cooling’ through a variety of challenging climatic conditions, with less electricity consumption.
OVOT has partnered with ETRONICS GLOBAL DISTRIBUTORS LLP having a collective experience of more than 100 years for distributing its product line in Mumbai, Thane and Raigad district and with VIJAY SALES for retail sales. Mr. Nilesh Gupta (Managing Partner – VIJAY SALES and Director – OVOT Pvt. Ltd.), Mr. Nipun Singhal (MD & CEO – OVOT Pvt. Ltd.), Mr. Vivek Shukla (COO – OVOT Pvt. Ltd.), Mr. Dewang Mehta (Etronics Global Distributors LLP), Mr. Shabbir Icewala (Etronics Global Distributors LLP) and Mr. Ajay Dugar (Etronics Global Distributors LLP) were present on this momentous occasion.
Keeping the theme in mind, OVOT signed four Brand Ambassadors who are also “Inspired by Passion” and have reached the gold standard in their respective fields. The four Brand ambassadors are Heena Sidhu (Pistol Shooter), Jinson Johnson (Middle Distance Runner), Neeraj Chopra (Javelin Thrower) and the ICC Player of the year 2018 and No 1 Batswoman in the world –Smriti Mandhana (cricketer).
This unique concept is by Mr. Nipun Singhal, MD & CEO of OVOT, a senior professional in the Consumer Durable industry. His last assignment from 2008-2017 was the successful creation of Brand Lloyd from scratch to a leading brand in India. “AMSTRAD leverages
groundbreaking tomorrow’s technology today. Our next generation air conditioners incorporate significant improvements in performance and efficiency over the preceding generation’s products. AMSTRAD air conditioners are packed with features that make your life easier while providing years of value. Brought to you by the experts in the industry, choose an AMSTRAD air conditioner that meets your need and individual style. Experience Smart Heavy Duty Cooling even at an outside temperature of 60 degrees. Amstrad meets the requirements of today’s consumer,” Mr. Singhal says, adding, “Our brand ambassadors comprise Real Heroes who truly embody the brand philosophy of AMSTRAD ‘Inspired by Passion‘. Each of them has encountered hurdles and obstacles but have emerged victorious in competition with global giants.” All the brand ambassadors have won numerous accolades on many International platforms and made India proud. They have redefined the highest standards in the world of the sport just like “AMSTRAD” would redefine the standards of Quality, Service and Technology in the Consumer Durable Industry.
AMSTRAD is “Inspired by Passion” to deliver PERFECTION in Quality, Service and Technology. Its key features such as 100% Copper, Self-Cleaning, Comfort Sleep, Cooling, Eco-Mode, Metal Enclosure for PCB, Operating Voltage and Hidden Display are best-in-class in the industry. It leverages new inverter system and WiFi 2.0. The PCB Pluggable Maintain increases maintenance efficiency; has a separate terminal board cover and maintains PCB directly. The Fin Style Air Flow optimizes airflow and increases the air blow distance efficiency. The Demountable Underjaw uses less manpower and reduces installation time by half. It leverages Nano-scale base protection polyfoam (Unibody poly foam), which is moisture proof and facilitates heat preservation. The Waved Vertical Louver Airblade (Co-movement finning airblade) helps Air-out directly and a more balanced air-out; longer and more concentrated air flow. The Heavy Duty Load Bearing Frame helps compressive resistance increase by 15%; Transport spoilage decrease by 30%. It also has a Seamless Design. It is Self Cleaning: Heat exchanger starts the auto cleaning by frosting and defrosting; prevents bacterial build inside; and brings healthier air.
One Vision One Team (OVOT) is different from other Companies in the Consumer Electronics and Appliances Industry as it has consolidated most of the leading players in the Industry and is providing a Pan India Platform for thousands of dealers who want to give their customers Next Generation Products and After Sales Service. OVOT is a unique creation by channel partners and experienced industry veterans who have for the first time in India come together to give the best products, services, and prices to Indian consumers. It endeavours to redefine and create new and higher standards for product, technology, quality, and after-sales service. It is committed to upholding our most cherished values in every customer that will be a part of OVOT family.
OVOT has conducted several dealers meets across India with all trade partners – big retail chain, small retail and also sales and service network. It has elicited a great response and participation from all trade partners across the country.