Sunday, October 19, 2014

Be a Fan of Garnier BB

           My first memory of cosmetics is of the Johnson baby-powder. My mother re-bathed me with that powder after the daily bath of water. I must have crinkled my nose all those times. Still, I like Johnson baby powder's unique clinicy-soapy fragrance as it is associated with my darling niece and nephew's childhood memories. 

           Primary-school days were filled with the ever familiar Pond's Dream-flower talc. I loved it's sweet rosy aroma, especially when used by my mother and aunt. But I felt suffocated with the powder on my face, as it left me sweaty and uncomfortable within a few minutes of going out in sun.

           This is the history of my relationship with cosmetics. I loved the smell/ essence/ fragrance/ aroma of quality-cosmetics when used by my near and dear ones but hated to use them myself.

           Last month I complimented my friend Priya for her lovely glowing complexion. Priya being my BFF, shared the well-guarded secret of her lovely glowing complexion. She had recently started using Garnier BB Cream and everybody including her daughter and neighbors have noticed the positive effect.

           I decided to break my fast of Cosmetics and use Garnier BB as my skin has been throwing some major tantrums now-a-days. Before I start with my looks, let's start with Garnier BB (Beauty Benefit )'s looks.

So what exactly is Garnier BB, in short ? At the introductory offer of Rs. 99/- , What does it offer me and my skin ?

Thank God , I mean Garnier BB, for feeling so light, smooth and clear when I squeeze out a small dollop of it on my palm. The first Feel and Smell of Garnier BB are refreshingly welcome for my senses. It's love at first sight, smell as well as feel. What more can I ask for? I am already loving it even before applying and waiting for the end-result. 

How on earth Garnier BB manages to be so naturally addictive to make a fan out of someone cosmetic-skeptic like me ? 

Garnier BB is made up of active, pure, quality natural ingredients. It is dermatologically tested to ensure respect to all skin-types. 

What is the perfect way to apply Garnier BB and how to get the most out of this Miracle Skin Perfector ? 

Every day, since knowing Priya's Beauty-secret, I first wash my face thoroughly with water. Wipe it dry with soft cotton napkin. I apply tiny dots of Garnier BB on my face and neck eg. forehead , above eye-brows , tip of nose , cheekbones, chin , earlobes etc. and rub it gently in light circular motion from middle of face outwards on perfectly clean skin.

Garnier BB brightens, smooths and moisturizes my skin. It is an All-in-one daily moisturizer that instantly beautifies my skin and spreads evenly for a flawless finish. It's light and comfy texture blends perfectly into my delicate skin. It's a new generation of skin care. It combines multiple beauty routine steps in one and saves time. It is enriched with natural ingredients like essence of Cherries, Bilberry extract which helps firm skin and Ginger which boosts the natural process of skin's regeneration.

So , How do I feel like after using my Daily All-In-One Moisturizer ? Any wild guesses ?  

Since then Garnier BB is my BFF ( Best Friend Forever ) and I want to share it with you all , my lovely friends.

This post is written as a part of contest held by  IndiBlogger with Garnier / L'Oreal India PVT. LTD.