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64 YEARS- Protecting Lives, Ensuring Happiness LIFE INSURANCE CORPORATION OF INDIA

 Life Insurance Corporation of India enters 65th year of its existence on 1st September, 2020. A

premier financial institution of the country, it has immensely contributed to propagating the message

of life insurance. In its 64 years of existence. LIC has spread its wings from being the leading Life

Insurance Company into an internationally recognized financial conglomerate with the presence in

fourteen countries. It has also ventured into other financial services through its Subsidiaries and

Associates viz LIC HFL Ltd, LIC Pension Fund Ltd, LIC Mutual Fund, LIC Cards Services Ltd, IDBI

Bank Ltd , LIC HFL Care Homes Limited, LICHFL Financial Services Limited, and LICHFL Asset

Management Company Limited.

Starting with an initial capital of Rs.5 Crore in 1956, today LIC has Asset base of Rs. 31,96,214.81

Crore, with Life Fund to the tune of Rs. 31,14,496.05 Crore. LIC has always been at the forefront in

Nation Building Activities by deploying the funds to the best advantage of the policy holders as well

as the Community as a whole, true to the spirit of nationalization. National priorities and obligation of

reasonable returns to the policyholders are the main criteria of our investments. The total funds, so

invested for the benefit of the community at large are Rs 30,69,942 Crore as on 31 st March 2020.

LIC is today serving its customers through Eight Zonal Offices, 113 Divisional Offices, 74 Customer

Zones, 2048 Branch Offices, 1526 Satellite Offices , 3354 Life Plus Offices and 31556 Premium

Points. It has over one lakh employees, 12.08 Lakh agents and 28.92 crore plus policies In-force.

Today LIC offers a bouquet of 28 plans for sale under Individual Business, each catering to the

needs of various segments of the society viz Endowment, Term Assurance, Children, Pension,

Micro Insurance, Health Insurance and Unit Linked products etc. Customers are assured to be

provided with the best products as per their changing needs and changing times.

During 2019-20 Life Insurance Corporation of India has registered a growth of 25.17 % in the New

Business in terms of the First Year Premium. The Total First Year Premium amounted to

Rs 1.78 Lakh Crore at the end of 31st March, 2020 capturing 68.74% of market share. As on 31 st

March , 2020, LIC’s market share in terms of number of policies was 75.90%, garnering 2.19 Crore

new policies, highest in six years inspite of major Corona impact at year end.

Pension & Group Superannuation Business created history, crossing one Lakh Crore and collected

Rs 1,26,696 Cr as New Business Premium Income registering a growth of 39.46%.

In 2019-20 LIC has settled 215.98 lakhs claims amounting to Rs. 1,59,770.32 Crore.

LIC has been a trailblazer in embracing technology for supporting its sales and servicing functions.

The focus has now shifted to improving the online and digital presence in order to remain customer-

centric, improve pricing and create operational efficiencies. LIC has a strong online presence and

has provided digital platform for new business and servicing operations to both internal and external

customers, including channel platforms like banks and other agencies. The Customer Portal

system of LIC is designed to enhance the digital experience and provide online services to the

customers. The Customer Mobile App, which is available on both Android and iOS, has more than

34 lakh users. MPIN based access to mobile applications is in place for ease of use to the


LIC has leveraged various digital platforms for electronic premium payments to provide a seamless

experience to customers. PayTM (directly), PhonePe and GooglePay (through BillDesk) are some

We believe that the news contained in this release is of value to your readers. While we would thank you to

publish it as soon as possible, We also readily recognize that the decision to do so rests entirely with you.

of the more recent modes that are available to customers for premium payment digitally. Renewal

premium collection transactions through the Digital infrastructure have reached an all-time high of

40.23 %. LIC has launched a chatbot for the convenience of online visitors to the corporate website.

The chatbot, named LIC Mitra, is capable of answering a variety of questions on the plans available

for sale, servicing related queries and also premium payment enquiries.

LIC Golden Jubilee Foundation, established in the year 2006, caters to the Community

Development Initiative of the Corporation and works on a large variety of projects focusing on Relief

of poverty or distress, Advancement of education, Medical Relief and Advancement of any other

object of general public utility. Since inception, the Foundation has supported NGOs dedicated to

the above causes through 543 projects.

On this Anniversary We rededicate ourselves to the welfare of our customers in true spirit of our

moto “Yogakshemam Vahamyaham”, “Thy Welfare is Our Responsibility”.

Dated at Mumbai on the 31st , August, 2020

For further Information please contact :

Executive Director (CC)

LIC of India, Central Office, Mumbai .Email id : Visit us at

पीएनजी ज्वेलर्स’च्या नवीन स्टोअरचे औरंगाबादमध्ये उद्‌घाटन

औरंगाबाद मधील हे दुसरे स्टोअर, वर्षाअखेर आणखी दोन स्टोअर्स सुरू करण्याचे उद्दिष्ट 

  • लॉकडाऊननंतर ब्रँडची विस्तार योजना पुन्हा पूर्व पदावर 
औरंगाबाद, ३१ ऑगस्ट २०२० : भारतातील सर्वात विश्वासार्ह ज्वेलरी ब्रँड असलेल्या ‘पीएनजी ज्वेलर्स’ने औरंगाबादमधील आपल्या दुसर्‍या स्टोअरचे उद्‌घाटन केले आहे. या नवीन स्टोअरसह  ‘पीएनजी ज्वेलर्स’च्या जगभरातील स्टोअर्सची संख्या ३९ झाली आहे. या स्टोअरच्या उद्‌घाटन प्रसंगी ‘पीएनजी ज्वेलर्स’चे अध्यक्ष व व्यवस्थापकीय संचालक डॉ. सौरभ गाडगीळ ,  'पीएनजी ज्वेलर्स ' चे     संचालक पराग गाडगीळ ,  यांच्यासह औरंगाबादमधील प्रख्यात   सिंघवी , बोरा आणि पापडीवाल  परिवारातील  सदस्य उपस्थित होते. अद्ययावत सुविधांनी युक्त  ‘पीएनजी ज्वेलर्स’चे नवीन स्टोअर प्रशस्त अशा २६०० चौरस फूट जागेत विस्तारलेले असून  येथे सोने, चांदी आणि डायमंडच्या दागिन्यांची विस्तृत श्रेणी उपलब्ध असेल.

या प्रशस्त स्टोअरमध्ये आधुनिक काळातील स्त्रियांसाठी उत्कृष्ट समकालीन दागिने उपलब्ध आहेत. हे स्टोअर औरंगाबादच्या काल्डा कॉर्नर येथे असून, औरंगाबाद व परिसरातील ग्राहकांच्या वाढत्या गरजांची पूर्तता करेल, असा विश्वास यावेळी गाडगीळ यांनी व्यक्त केला.

या  स्टोअरची रचना इतर ‘पीएनजी ज्वेलर्स’ स्टोअर्स प्रमाणेच असून ब्रँड तर्फे प्रदान करण्यात येणारी उच्च मानकांच्या सेवेचा लाभ इथंही घेता येईल. सुरक्षित आणि चिंतामुक्त खरेदीचा अनुभव ग्राहकांना देण्यासाठी ‘पीएनजी ज्वेलर्स’ने सर्व उपाययोजना केल्या आहेत. स्टोअरच्या उद्‌घाटननिमित्त केवळ काल्डा स्टोअरमध्ये येणाऱ्या ग्राहकांसाठी डायमंड ज्वेलरीवर च्या घडणावळीवर ५०% पर्यंत सवलत आणि सोन्याच्या दागिन्यांच्या घडणावळीवर १५% पर्यंत सवलत  मिळू शकेल. ही ऑफर ३० ऑगस्ट ते ३० सप्टेंबर २०२० दरम्यान उपलब्ध असेल.

‘पीएनजी ज्वेलर्स’चे अध्यक्ष व व्यवस्थापकीय संचालक डॉ. सौरभ गाडगीळ म्हणाले की, “महामारीमुळे बाजारपेठेत सर्वत्र नकारात्मकता निर्माण झाली आहे; परंतु यात नक्कीच सुधारणा होत आहे. आमचा ठाम विश्वास आहे की आपण सकारात्मक बाजूकडे पाहणे आवश्यक आहे आणि आपले मूल्य आणि कठोर परिश्रमांच्या आधारावर दृढ विश्वास ठेवून पुढं जाणं आवश्यक आहे. औरंगाबादमधील आमच्या पहिल्या स्टोअरला आता आठ वर्षं पूर्ण झाली असून लोकांनी  आमच्यावर केलेले प्रेम आणि दाखवलेल्या विश्वासामुळे हे शक्य झाले आहे. भक्कम उद्योग व कृषी समृद्ध असे हे शहर प्रगतीची सुप्त ऊर्जा बाळगून आहे. येथे दागिन्यांसाठी चांगली मागणी आहे. महाराष्ट्रातील निमशहरी भागात आणि छोट्या शहरांमध्ये या व्यवसायासाठी सुप्त सामर्थ्य आहे. राज्यात जिथे आम्ही भक्कम पाय रोवले आहे आणि जिथे आमची सांस्कृतिक मुळे खोल रुजली आहेत, तिथे व्यवसायाच्या शक्यता उल्हसित करणाऱ्या आहेत. सणासुदीचा काळ जवळ येत असताना औरंगाबादकरांना लग्नाच्या आणि दिवाळीच्या हंगामात आमच्या दुसऱ्या स्टोअरची सुरूवात करण्याचे आश्वासन आम्ही पूर्ण करीत आहोत. ‘पीएनजी ज्वेलर्स’ने अनेक पिढ्यांपासून आपल्या ग्राहकांना त्यांचा वेळ, पैसा आणि विश्वासाला साजेसा असा खरेदी अनुभव देण्याचा प्रयत्न केला आहे आणि आम्ही हा अनुभव या नव्या स्टोअरसह येथे देण्यास उत्सुक

pTron signs Aparshakti Khurana for its Brand Campaign

 ·         The actor and famed anchor to promote audio accessories of the brand  

Mumbai, August 31, 2020: Digital Lifestyle and audio accessories brand, pTron has roped in Bollywood Actor Aparshakti Khurana for its latest campaign of its new product range. pTron is set to wield the talent’s growing fanbase and his charming online persona in this campaign. Having earned a name for himself in the Indian Film Industry, Aparshakti Khurana is now promoting pTron’s new, premium TWS (Truly Wireless Stereo) product, Bassbuds Urban and their ultra-modern Bluetooth neckbands Tangent Lite and Tangent Beats along with some upcoming disruptive products.

The Indian brand aims to reach a wide spectrum of audience through a widespread campaign. The company is working with Mr. Aparshakti Khurana on an extensive digital promotional campaign. The campaign is extended to popular OTT platforms such as Voot and Zee5 to tap the increasing surge in the viewership due to the COVID-19 lockdown and Work from Home. A separate E-Radio campaign is also underway on music streaming applications like Spotify, Jio Saavn and Gaana. 
Commenting on the association, Mr. Ameen Khwaja, Founder and CEO, pTron said, “The new line of products of pTron are carefully and stylishly designed for the youth, especially the students and those working from home. The growing market share of pTron in recent years goes in line with the increasing fanbase of Mr. Aparshakthi Khurana and we found him a perfect fit for our brand. He replicates the energy, style and refinement that resonates with the new audio accessories range of pTron. With this association, we have also jumped on the OTT bandwagon since we are trying to reach the younger demographics unwilling to compromise on style and quality.
I have always been a fan of innovation with a style quotient, so I found pTron being a brand with an impressive product design, quality and their ability to offer products with latest features to the price conscious Indian consumer. I am delighted to be a part of their growth story,” said Mr. Aparshakti Khurana, Bollywood actor. 
About pTron:
Started in 2014, pTron was conceptualized as an electronics and mobile accessories brand owned by Palred Electronics Pvt. Ltd., which is a subsidiary of Palred Technologies Ltd, a public-listed company on BSE and NSE since 2004.
pTron offers a bouquet of mobile accessories products to meet the needs of its consumers. pTron offers products like Bluetooth headsets, portable Bluetooth speakers, wired headsets, chargers and cables, smart watches, networking products and many more. pTron’s strength lies in its wide range of products whose quality is backed by warranty but offers them at competitive prices in the branded accessories category for the mid-market. pTron has sold more than 4 Million units till FY 19-20.

Sunday, August 30, 2020

Webinar on Smart Medical Product Launch from Taiwan

“A series of webinars on smart medical products will be held in Taipei, aimed at providing the world a better understanding of Taiwan’s smart medical industry as the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic continues”, the country’s trade representative said Wednesday. Over the past decade, medicine and technology have increasingly joined hands to improve people's lives. Today, worldwide medical related expenditure has reached US$8.7 trillion,making the continued integration of the two industries all the more essential. The business potential of the healthcare and medical industry in medical IOT applications is worth more than US$158 billion.

Extraordinary times come with extraordinary opportunities, and Taiwan has seized this moment to thrive and shine!Driven by both the pandemic crisis and the accelerating 5G trend, Taiwan's dynamic medical industry has shown its innovative power in smart medical technologies, surgical and medical devices. “Taiwan leads the way by excelling in telehealth technologies, the use of ECMO, laparoscopic surgery, endoscopic surgery, and robotic surgery,” said Walter Yeh, President and CEO of TAITRA, at an online product launch campaign. The one-hour webinar was part of a series of events held by TAITRA to highlight the country’s strengths in the smart medical industry and to boost economic activities amid the global standstill, according to the trade promotion body.

The product launch included Mediland's surgical tables and surgical lights,MedicalTek'sMonoStereo endoscopic visualization system, Asiatic Fiber’s PPE textiles and surgical textiles, and suction machines used in operating theatres from Doctor’s Friend Medical Instruments, all of which demonstrated smart medical solutions for hospitals and medical institutions. The event attracted over 1,700 viewers online from countries including Malaysia, India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Germany. More events focusing on medical products, including beauty products, eye care, assistance devices for the elderly, and dentistry, will be held. 

For more information on online product launches and Taiwan Excellence Smart Medical Express, please visit: .

Saturday, August 29, 2020

Punjab National Bank celebrates National Small Industry Day

Supports small scale industries by offering ‘PNB Seva’ scheme


Mumbai Punjab National Bank, India’s second-largest public sector lender celebrates small Industry Day by offering PNB Seva Scheme, to provide adequate funding to the small-scale industries enabling them to meet their working capital requirements in this unprecedented times. The scheme offers need-based financing through working capital (CC/ OD as applicable), Term Loan, and Non fund based limit to the small scale industries.


SMEs and MSMEs are value-generating engines of the economy. They contribute to the GDP, create employment opportunities, and play a vital role in exports. In these unprecedented times and due to prolonged lockdowns, this segment has been the hardest hit. As India’s 2nd largest public sector bank, PNB stands strong to ensure SMEs and MSMEs get financial support and don’t face difficulties in gaining access to affordable and timely credit. PNB Seva scheme is a major step in that direction. PNB has been serving this sector since inception, understanding their requirements, and providing customize solutions. Post the merger, PNB’s reach has widened thereby providing services to the remote areas of the country.


Under the scheme, the loan can be availed for acquiring fixed assets like land, office/workplace building, equipment & infrastructure and it can also be availed in case of existing units, expansion of existing offices/workplace and renovation/ modernization to improving the quality or reducing the service cost. The loan can be repaid up to 7 years including moratorium period of maximum up to 6 months. All Individuals / Partnership / Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) / Private Ltd. Co. / Public Ltd. Co/Trust/ Societies & Co-operative Societies (registered and incorporated under applicable law) and  enterprises are eligible to be a benefit for this scheme.


 ~ Mr. Shivam Yadav takes over as Managing Director of Aakar Wedding & Events after playing a successful role in the wedding industry ~


August, 2020, Mumbai; A leading brand in the wedding industry, Aakar Wedding & Events appoints Mr. Shivam Yadav as the Managing Director of the company. Shivam Yadav has successfully served for years in the event management and wedding business.

He started his career working with some of the renowned wedding planners from the industry.  He not only provided exceptional service and built trust with each client but he was also able to successfully train and manage associates in order to continue the company's growth and development. He comes with a vast management expertise imbued with passion in his respective role. With the in-depth understanding and knowledge of the business, he definitely adds on a holistic approach to his work.

His acute ability to develop customer relationships has helped to build a more personalized experience. His attention to detail creates end results and fulfills the demands and wants of each client. Having witnessed numerous changes in the competitive world, he surely proves to be an asset to the company.

Mr. Shivam will assume day-to-day leadership of the company and will be responsible for the overall planning and operations majorly of the company’s Mumbai division. In order to offer an end-to-end solution, Mr. Yadav will now be introducing logistics, hospitality, entertainment, among other services as he truly believes in having and offering a 360-degree approach to their end users.

On the appointment, Mr. Shivam Yadav, Managing Director (Mumbai), Aakar Wedding & Events says, “The pandemic has caused drastic change in every individual’s day-to-day living. However, as it is rightly said, every given situation has its pros and cons attached to it. The nationwide lockdown has eventually favored me to manage the affairs as a Managing Director and offer my expertise to one of the leading wedding platforms, Aakar Wedding & Events. With my in-depth knowledge in the field of wedding planning, I am glad to be associated with the brand and add to the company's design and decor portfolio, providing an avenue to our clients to fulfill their expectations. As the brand truly stands to its vision of offering a 360-degree approach, I am all set to carry the out-of-the-box ideas and target at spreading our wings to every corner of the world.”

Aakar Wedding & Events was introduced to the wedding industry in 2015 by Mr. Anoop Singh.
Mr. Singh has gained experience in the wedding décor industry by serving some of the leading wedding planners before launching his own platform. 
Their journey started with the launch in Delhi moving on to Rajasthan, Mumbai, and now they are all set to extend their services not only to other cities of India but to every corner of the world.

Lodha Group launches Casa Greenwood – Residences with decks and private gardens at Amara in Thane

~A never-before-seen dream deal to enable the customers to start living the Amara life now, with no rent till possession~


Mumbai, August 29, 2020: Lodha Group, India’s largest real estate developer, announces its premium lifestyle project - Casa Greenwood in Amara at Thane. Understanding the changing consumer needs for safe open spaces, homes in Casa Greenwood will feature facilities like decks and private gardens, bigger houses, and proximity to the 2-acre forestland developed inside the community.  The availability of more green and open spaces further accentuate the rising affinity for a healthy living. Starting at a price point of 1.08cr, every Casa Greenwood homebuyer will enjoy the comfort of living in an ecosystem with ease of access to all the essential daily services.


The gated community at Amara offers high quality facilities management that ensures the resident’s comfort and safety; and an enriching lifestyle with world-class amenities, retail shops and medical facilities within the development. This development of Lodha is also recognized for its higher air quality index and clean, green environment.


Casa Greenwood homebuyers can avail Lodha’s dream deal, which addresses the difficulties of buying an under-construction property. Along with a reduction in the booking amount and only 50% of stamp duty fee, the brand will reimburse the buyers’ rental expenses in Amara or outside up to INR 30,000/month, depending on the unit purchased, till the time of possession of their home This would ease the burden of managing concurrent expenses on EMI and as well as rent for the home buyer and also offer him the opportunity to start living in Amara immediately, rent free till the possession of their home.


Commenting on the Casa Greenwood launch, Prateek Bhattacharya, President, Middle Income & Affordable Housing, Lodha Group said, “Being a consumer-centric brand we have always adapted to the evolving consumer sentiments. The group has always looked at innovative solutions meeting consumer requirements and demands. In the last few months, we have all realised that availability of outdoor spaces are not just a luxury, rather a need. Hence, the residences at Casa Greenwood come with ample outdoor open spaces in the form of private gardens and decks, to enable the customers to enjoy the outdoors from the safety and comfort of their home. Furthermore, the dream deal offer aims to make home-buying more affordable, especially for Casa Greenwood home buyers.”


Located in Kolshet Road, the project has well-established connectivity with a 5 minutes distance to the proposed Kapurbawdi metro station as well as close to Ghodbunder Road and Eastern Express Highway. Within a 2-min. walk, the buyers will also have accessibility to the upcoming commercial spaces in Lodha Business District. The business district will house over 25 F&B brands and 3 corporates buildings with 15k employees. The property also ensures peace and comfort along with good connectivity and accessibility.


The unique inherent open spaces with decks and an integrated neighbourhood, everything being available with a lucrative launch offer, is all that a current homebuyer will seek. Casa Greenwood is yet another development of the brand that can serve as a viable solution for consumers during these changing times.

Friday, August 28, 2020

Nissan reveals the design approach for the upcoming Nissan Magnite Concept


Link for the video


New Delhi, August 28, 2020 – Nissan India today revealed the design approach taken to create its latest B-SUV, the Nissan Magnite Concept, along with the newer design elements of its interiors and exteriors. The newest offering in the Nissan family that will take its global SUV legacy into the future is designed for India and for export countries. 

interiors of the Nissan Magnite Concept are wide and spacious due to the horizontal instrument panel, followed by the air ventilators that have a distinctive shape and cliff section, which makes it look sporty and enhances the SUV feel. It also includes a sporty mono-form shape seat which enhances comfort and the rear seats offer robust pattern and rich cushioning adding to the premium-ness of the car.


Takumi Yoneyama, Design Manager, Nissan Motor Corporation, said, “The Nissan Magnite Concept embodies Nissan’s spirit in every way. Our design approach was based on the art of sculpting and not just drawing lines on paper. We sculpted a solid and dynamic feel by carving shape from a big, overhanging body. We followed the core of Japanese sense and aesthetic by extracting pure dynamism and shedding the unnecessary. We are proud to introduce our newest creation and we hope that our customers in India will love it.”


Rakesh Srivastava, Managing Director, Nissan Motor India, said, “The Nissan Magnite Concept is designed in Japan while keeping in mind the requirements and aspirations of the Indian customers. The front section and the grill frame feature a vertical motion to enhance rigidness. In contrast, very sleek and sharp LED Head lamps and L-shape Daytime running light create a strong impression. This dynamic combination gives the car a confident and bold look; special tinted red color adds further depth and makes it look solid and vibrant.”


Overall, due to its bold design and color, the Nissan Magnite Concept will be an eye-catcher and is certain to stand out in the crowd of vehicles on Indian roads. The Nissan Magnite Concept is an evolutionary leap in Nissan’s SUV history and is designed for the Indian market.



About Nissan Motor India Pvt. Ltd.

Nissan Motor India Private Ltd. (NMIPL) is a 100 percent subsidiary of Nissan Motor Co. Ltd. Japan. The company was incorporated in 2005 and offers innovative and exciting products across the hatchback, MUV, SUV and sedan segments in India. Nissan together with its global alliance partner Renault set up a manufacturing plant and a Research & Development Centre near Chennai. Nissan in India has a portfolio of two brands, Nissan and Datsun. For more information, visit

To fight Post COVID 19 scenario Apex Group of Hospitals launches Mobile app for senior citizens

Mumbai - “Senior Citizens are the only people who can truly know what is going within you without you having to speak a word. They are to be treasured forever.”  On the occasion of World Senior citizens Day (21st August) Apex group of Hospitals from Mumbai celebrated a week from 21 August to 28th August, 2020 and conducted many activities for senior citizens.  

The elderly citizens aged 60 or above are particularly susceptible to COVID-19 due to their low immunity & body reserves and co-existing illnesses. The course of COVID-19 disease in elderly tends to be severe resulting in increased fatalities than the younger population. Corona crisis is not over yet, so senior citizens at home are afraid of corona infection as regular blood pressure checks, blood sugar levels, body oxygen Recognizing the need to perform many important check-ups throughout the day, the Apex Group of Hospitals, a major contributor to the health sector in Mumbai, has launched a diabetic mobile app called "Apex Connect Care" act as a mobile caretaker for a patient.

All such individuals who are 60 years or above and have one or more chronic conditions such as chronic (long-term) respiratory disease such as asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), bronchiectasis, post tuberculosis squeal, interstitial lung disease, Chronic heart disease such as heart failure, chronic kidney disease, chronic liver disease, such as alcoholic and viral hepatitis, Chronic neurologic conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, Stroke, Diabetes Mellitus, Hypertension/ Increased Blood pressure and Cancer should strictly to be safe from Coronavirus. These mobile App are designed for chronic disease management, This app will help senior citizen patients to their daily check-ups as well as give them alarms at regular intervals to take medicines; at the same time through the app they can regularly consult a doctor as well as home medicine facility, come to their home for regular tests and take blood samples.  , Physicians and dieticians are provided advice through video chat and many other health-related facilities

The elderly population who like to travel frequently or visiting their relatives who like to travel frequently or visiting their relatives are encouraged to download "Apex Connect Care” developed by Apex Group of Hospitals.  After downloading the Apex Connect Care mobile app, the journey of patients will also be enjoyable as there will be no need to carry any medical report while travelling and all their reports will be available on this app.  The app contains emergency helpline numbers, all information about diabetes(diet plan, education, Counselling) and other details of diabetes.  For More information please Call us 9100212212. Currently this app is available on Google Play store.


Powered by Swiss HeiQ Viroblock technology. Kills 99.99% harmful viruses and bacteria within minutes. Aims to keep every Indian home safe.

National, August 28, 2020:
Health and safety are the biggest priorities for us as a nation as we fight this pandemic together. New codes of safety like masks and sanitizers have become a norm when we step outside. As we spend more and more time at home, what is it that is keeping us safe at home? As a 100% Made in India brand and the nation’s most trusted sleep solutions provider, Duroflex wanted to create a solution that would make every Indian home safe. Duroflex has launched a first-of-its-kind innovation - Duro Safe Mattress Protector, India's first Antiviral Mattress Protector powered by Swiss technology, HeiQ Viroblock which can kill 99.99% virus and bacteria within minutes keeping you and your loved ones safe and protected.

Duroflex has always pushed the boundaries of innovation by creating research-backed products that have redefined the meaning of sleep and comfort. The advanced Duro Safe Mattress Protector is the latest innovation from the brand. It is powered by the intelligent textile technology, HeiQ Viroblock which focuses on comfort and safety. The HeiQ Viroblock technology uses silver ions and vesicles to neutralize viruses on contact. It has been tested on over 94 viruses and found to deactivate them within minutes. Additionally, this protector is also 100% waterproof, anti-dust mite, hypoallergenic and safe for skin making a complete hygiene solution to keep all Indian homes safe and protected.

The Duro Safe Mattress Protector is available in four sizes to fit every mattress size - Single, Double, Queen and King. Starting at INR 2099 for a single size, the anti-viral mattress protector will be available at all Duroflex retail outlets across the country and can be shopped online on the brand website  It is also be available on leading e-commerce portals like Amazon and Flipkart. Duroflex (@duroflexworld) is the only sleep solutions brand to go beyond conventional mattress counters and portals and make their antiviral protectors available in health and medical outlets as well.

Please find below the Youtube link to the new Duro Safe Mattress Protector video:




Thursday, August 27, 2020

UNESCO and Sounds of Silence - Voices United - The Nation’s Anthem of Hope

UNESCO New Delhi and Sounds of Silence in partnership with Presenting Sponsor DUKES, Wynk Music and Magic Bus is launching Voices United on 28th August.


“UNESCO New Delhi is delighted to partner with Metalloid Productions, in this initiative. The Preamble to the Constitution of UNESCO states that ‘since wars begin in the minds of men and women, it is in the minds of men and women that the defences of peace must be constructed’. Therefore, in times of constraints and restrictions on our daily routines, we hope that this music will encourage the people to come together to face the current COVID 19 pandemic with valour. Eric Falt, Director of UNESCO New Delhi


Dukes and UNESCO are the driving force behind Voices United - a contemporary and multi-lingual version of an old classic produced by Metalloid Productions to instil a sense of community, restore hope and raise funds for our charity partner Magic Bus, towards their Crisis Recovery programme in India. Funds raised will help restore incomes of 2,00,000 families and ensure 300,000 children stay in school, complete their education, and get better employment opportunities.


Anil Srinivasan, Deepak Pandit, Haricharan, Javed Ali, Karunya, Raghu Dixit, Rasika Shekar, Sathyaprakash, Shillong Chamber Choir, Shilpa Rao, Shweta Mohan, Soham, Taanya Kalsi and Usha Uthup will be singing this track with 8 languages - Hindi, English, Bengali, Khasi, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam and Tamil.


“As we battle economic challenges, their emotional impact and the dark uncertainties of Covid 19, we want music to offer a ray of hope as well as faith in our strength as a nation that stands united cutting across all lines, all differences to fight this.” Mr. Ravinder Agarwal, Managing Director, Dukes India.


Since the past few months, Dukes has been unwavering in their solidarity with the nation. Whether it was each of their employees contributing a day’s salary to the PM Cares Fund, donating blood or distributing free biscuits to frontline healthcare workers and feeding stranded migrants, every act has been an affirmation of their mission. Of spreading joy with foods that create joy.


“Independent India hasn’t faced a challenge as big as we have in the last few months. The pandemic, the economy crashing, the migrants-crisis, the possibility of war, have left us all in a dejected place. We pro- duced Voices United to lift the nation’s mood and make it the Nation’s Anthem of Hope! We thank the artists, our sponsor Dukes India and partner UNESCO New Delhi for trusting us and playing a key role in bringing this project to life.” Pritish Kollati, Chairman Managing Director, Metalloid Productions


With the majority of world still under lockdown, content consumption has primarily shifted to digital plat- forms. More people across all geographies will be able to access Voices United for hope and to support the initiative. Music is one of the most accessible forms of stress relievers and mood boosters. It gives an oppor- tunity to listeners to collectively make a difference to lives while staying distanced and that is what this ini- tiative aims to accomplish.


Subscribe to our YouTube Channel to watch the track on 28th August!

Cyient Receives Silver Boeing Performance Excellence Award

Mumbai, August 27, 2020: Cyient, a global engineering and technology solutions company, today announced that it has received a 2019 Boeing Performance Excellence Award. The Boeing Company issues the award annually to recognize suppliers who have achieved superior performance. Cyient maintained a Silver composite performance rating for each month of the 12-month performance period, from October 2018 to September 2019.

This year, Boeing recognized suppliers who achieved either a Gold or Silver level Boeing Performance Excellence Award. Cyient received the Silver level recognition and the award is a testament to Cyient's dedication and consistent commitment to delivering value to its business partners across the A&D value chain.

Commenting on the achievement, Anand Parameswaran, Senior Vice President, Aerospace & Defense at Cyient, said, "Cyient is proud to receive the Silver Level Performance Excellence Award from Boeing. We are deeply appreciative of the long-standing relationship between Cyient and Boeing, and this award is a testament to the hard work of our engineers. We are looking forward to co-developing new ways to raise the innovation bar and deliver greater efficiencies to our customers."

About Cyient:

Cyient (Estd: 1991, NSE: CYIENT) is a global engineering and digital technology company.  As a Design, Build, and Maintain partner for leading organizations worldwide, Cyient takes solution ownership across the value chain to help customers focus on their core, innovate, and stay ahead of the curve. The company leverages digital technologies, advanced analytics capabilities, domain knowledge, and technical expertise to solve complex business problems.

Cyient partners with customers to operate as part of their extended team in ways that best suit their organization's culture and requirements. Cyient's industry focus includes aerospace and defense, healthcare, telecommunications, rail transportation, semiconductor, geospatial, industrial, and energy.

For more information, please visit

Follow news about the company at @Cyient

Media and Entertainment a sunrise sector, skill-based education to create more jobs: Amit Khare

Madhya Pradesh is a significant contributor to the skill industry: MoS for School Education (IC), Govt of Madhya Pradesh


NEW DELHI, 27 August 2020:  Mr Amit Khare, Secretary, Higher Education, Ministry of Education & Secretary, Ministry of I&B, Govt of India today said, “Media and entertainment sector is the largest driver of growth for the Indian economy. Skill-based education in this sector will open up newer avenues and create employment opportunities for the youth.”


Addressing the inaugural session of ‘FICCI FRAMES-LEAP’, Mr Khare said, the artificial distinction created between skills and education, must be converted into multidisciplinary holistic education. The National Education Policy, he said, will focus on teaching and learning and not on degrees. “Without a skilled workforce, no community will prosper, and no industry will thrive,” he added.


He further mentioned that the success of the Media and Entertainment industry lies in identifying and promoting local talents. “While the COVID-19 outbreak and the resultant lockdown plunged the sector into a crisis, it also opened opportunities for small budget movies through the OTT platforms,” Mr Khare said.


Mr Inder Singh Parmar, Minister of State for School Education (IC), Govt of Madhya Pradesh said that education and skill both go hand in hand and job-focused skilling is the need of the hour. “Madhya Pradesh is a significant contributor in the skill industry and the National Education Policy will provide newer avenues for students especially in the media and entertainment industry,” he added.


Mr Parmar said that implementing skill development at the school level will help in identifying talents at an early age. "The government schools need support from industries to adopt newer technologies which could transform learning and make them on par with private schools," he said.


Mr Atul Kumar Tiwari, Additional Secretary, Ministry of I&B, GoI said that media & entertainment industry has tremendous potential to contribute to the growth of the Indian economy. If can generate direct and indirect employment opportunities for the students. “The National Education Policy delivers equal importance to performing arts, which will provide a new thrust to the education scenario in the country and give the media and entertainment industry its due importance,” he noted.


Ms TCA Kalyani, Managing Director, NFDC, GoI said, “We are in process of approving the proposal for the champion services sector where incentives will be provided for co-produced films in India and foreign films shot in India." Speaking on skill development, she said, “NDFC has been organizing technical workshops in schools in south India and multimedia training is being provided to children with special needs as well. We are trying to explore wider opportunities for students in the media and entertainment sector.”


Mr Subhash Ghai, Founder & Chairman, Whistling Woods International, said that the National Education Policy has given a new breather to the country’s education system. The media and entertainment industry, he said provides on the job training and there's a huge demand for skilled professionals.  He further mentioned that the need of the hour is to identify local talents and promote local stories of India and thinking beyond the obvious is the key to succeed in this industry.


Dr Ashish Kulkarni, Founder, Punnaryug Artvision Pvt Ltd, said, “The new education policy will make India a global leader but there's a need for innovative courses in the rural area as the basic inputs of skills comes from rural India.”


Mr Dilip Chenoy, Secretary General FICCI, delivered the vote of thanks.


The webinar was moderated by Mr Sabbas Joseph, Co-Founder-Director, Wizcraft International.

Asian Paints launches a new service to create the home of your dreams


Called ‘Beautiful Homes Service’, this end-to-end service offers a convenient and hassle-free experience to those wanting to design their homes

Pune, August 26, 2020: The new normal of living primarily at home has people rediscovering the love for their home and personal space. The Indian consumer has always had a very emotional relationship with their home, making it not just a functional space but an expression of their personality and values. In the current context this relation has only amplified further. Asian Paints, India’s largest paint and décor company, has always aimed at being an integral part of this home-making emotion. Taking this into account, Asian Paints launches a new, convenient and hassle-free service that enables people to transform their homes the way they want. Asian Paints’ Beautiful Homes Service is an exclusive end-to-end solution that provides consumers a personalized interior design service with professional execution to create their dream home their way.

The journey to the creation of Beautiful Homes Service began several years ago when Asian Paints first segued into products other than paint, like Sleek brand of kitchens and the bath ware range. In order to better understand consumers and be part of their décor conversations, Asian Paints also launched, a content and design editorial website, almost four years ago. Today, is a community of close to a million followers and subscribers. The site’s design coverage and discussions have ensured that Asian Paints is able to communicate directly and hear their consumers. These diverse efforts to become a more intrinsic part of the Indian homemaking process culminates today in the launch of Beautiful Homes Service.

Mr. Amit Syngle, MD and CEO, Asian Paints Limited said, “While Consumers today diligently pursue the creation of their dream home, seeking out that which reflects who they are, unfortunately they are left to contend with templatized designs. Furthermore, the new normal has encouraged many consumers to engage with their homes and spaces in different ways. Homes have turned into offices, gyms, classrooms, and much more. This eclectic use of living spaces has further amplified the need for personalization in home design. At Asian Paints, it is our mission to not only empower the consumer to dream but to also bring those dreams to life. The Beautiful Homes Service will help people transform their homes in their way without worry.”

The Beautiful Homes Service has been launched in nine key cities across India to provide a personalized and professional interior design experience to consumers. Beautiful Homes Service has undertaken a top-notch safety protocol during the COVID times for consumers as well. Asian Paints has also released a campaign with two digital films for this service.

Please find below the link to Beautiful Homes Service website:

Please find below the links to the Beautiful Homes Service digital films: · Hassle-Free Execution: · Personalized Designs:


 HCL Technologies, a leading global technology company, is organizing a Virtual Mega Recruitment Drive in Nagpur on August 29 and 30, 2020. Last year, we organized a similar drive, which received an overwhelming response. This year, we are offering over 800+ Job opportunities for Experience Professionals at HCL Technologies Campus in MIHAN, Nagpur.

  • It will be a great opportunity for working professionals with the desired skills and experience to apply for the Virtual Mega Recruitment Drive and the program also seeks Key Highlights

•	Date: August 29 & 30, 2020 
•	Timings: 10:00am – 4:00 pm
•	Opportunities for IT Infrastructure Services, Application Services, Engineering & Research Services and Digital Process Outsourcing 
•	Opportunities are for people with experience 3 Years – 15 Years 
•	Online Applications can be submitted till August 26, 2020 only.
•	Candidates can submit their applications on the following URL: 
to invite those from Nagpur who are working elsewhere to return to their hometown and continue their career with the global IT company, HCL Technologies.
  • Considering this is an online drive, candidates can apply from the comfort of their homes.
  • Post receipt of applications, our recruitment team will screen the profiles, and eligible candidates will be provided details of a Virtual Drive Session that will be organized on August 29 and 30, 2020
  • During the session, an expert panel will explain the skill requirements for the profiles and provide an overview of the selection process.
  • Post-session, eligible candidates will be invited to participate in Virtual Interviews which will be a combination of both Technical as well as HR rounds.
  • Post the completion of selection process, offer letters will be released to the candidates who clear both the technical and HR interview rounds and then the selected candidates will be required to submit necessary documents to take their candidature forward.
  • Selection of candidates is subject to them meeting the eligibility criteria and clearing the selection process.
  • HCL Technologies will be separately announcing a virtual recruitment drive for Fresher candidate through the First Careers Program. 


  • For more information, aspiring candidates can register themselves  
  • Interested candidates, who cannot attend in person can send their profile to





Quote from Mr Sanjay Gupta, Corporate Vice President, HCL Technologies:


“After receiving an overwhelming response last year, we are again conducting HCL’s Mega Recruitment Drive in Nagpur to bring in global career opportunities for the experienced IT professionals of the region. However, in the present situation keeping in mind the safety and well-being of the candidates, we have chosen a virtual platform for conducting this drive. Nagpur has always been a strategic development centre for HCL Technologies and we, at HCL, have always endeavoured to reach out to the best talent across the country guided by our philosophy of ComeBackHome. Through this drive, we want to invite IT professionals, with relevant experiences to explore rewarding career opportunities

Participation in National On-line Productivity Quiz -2020 (OPQz) by NPC-Kanpur (under DPIIT, Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Govt. of India)


 National Productivity Council-Kanpur is conducting a National On-line Productivity Quiz -2020 (OPQz) in the areas of Energy, Environment and Industry Practices on 18th October 2020 (Sunday) and 24th October 2020 (Saturday).

Participant has to select only one area out of three areas- Energy, Environment, and Industry Practices for the Productivity Quiz.

Student in any year or semester of Graduation Degree in any stream may participate in “College Category” and Graduate person in any stream with age above 25 years may participate in “Open Category”.

enclosing the quiz brochure with details of participation criteria along with financial implications for your kind perusal, reference and necessary action.

You can also register by clicking the link: -