Wednesday, August 19, 2020


                                                    ~ A 5 Pointer Agenda For Threat Free India ~



August 2020, Mumbai; Doctors around the globe have been working very hard in order to contain the virus since the past 5 months. MD, Radiologist, Healthcare Entrepreneur, and the Founder of MedscapeIndia, Dr. Sunita Dube has been at the centre of several efforts to meet these challenges in India. Dr. Sunita believes that she has the ability—and an obligation—to help. In order to find the solution to the current crisis and to figure out a way forward, Dr. Dube has come up with the idea of Mission Wellness 2030.  

Mission Wellness 2030 is not just a 10-year plan, it’s a vision to make India a healthy nation and the leading country in the medical space. The aim of this movement is to Create health and wellness awareness in masses, provide easy and affordable medical support. Make India a leading nation in the Wellness and Healthcare sector with the vision of creating a Healthy Nation: Physically, Intellectually and Mentally. To bring about a change in society, has always been Dr. Dube’s motive for all these years. She wishes to contribute to our country becoming a safe, healthy and a wonderful place for people to live in and she has a plan for the same with the Mission Wellness 2030.


Talking about the possibilities for reform that have come into view Dr. Dube said, “I want India to prioritise the wellness sector which is why I have come up with Wellness Mission 2030. As someone who has been in the field for about 17 years, in my opinion this Wellness Mission 2030 will bring about a change in the way India will look at the Healthcare and Wellness sector.  Infectious diseases will continue to emerge, but a vigorous program of capacity building will prepare the world to respond better than we have so far to the pandemic.” While we are all thinking about the post pandemic world, Dr. Dube, one of the most prominent personalities in the healthcare industry, already has in place the Agenda that can help to achieve the goals towards society.


Dr. Dube’s motto for this movement is with leaders outside healthcare—employers, innovators, investors, and our broader communities—to share the mindset that good health is an investment not a cost and to want to take an active role in innovation, inclusion, and collaboration. Then a prescription for prosperity – The potential to reduce the burden of disease globally through the application of proven interventions across the human lifespan over two decades should be measured. By intervention, which means actions aimed at improving the health of an individual. Public sanitation programs to surgical procedures and adherence to medication and encompass interventions are recommended by leading institutions like the World Health Organization or national medical associations. It will help in health improvements from vaccines, antibiotics, sanitation, and nutrition, among others. It definitely has the potential to save millions of lives and be a powerful catalyst for economic growth.


Most importantly, we need to prioritise Investment in technology – We need to make smart investments in healthcare that can lead to a brighter future. The broader set of digital health technologies that can change the way we treat our long-term care population including those with chronic physical and mental health conditions—improving their safety, quality, and experience of care. Resource optimisation at National Level – Mapping and Redistribution of facilities and resources across India is an optimal way to deal with the current situation. There is a lot of appetite in the healthcare industry to share responsibility for the well-being of people within the social and private sectors—and companies are definitely part of the solution.


To make India a leading nation in the wellness and healthcare sector, Dr. Sunita Dube is looking to work hand in hand with the central government, state ministry and healthcare agency globally. With these   strategies MedscapeIndia wishes to orchestrate a society in order to develop the sense of mutually beneficial healthy coexistence.


About MedscapeIndia, a brainchild of Aryan Medical and Educational Trust is a non-profit organization working relentlessly towards community welfare since 2006. MedscapeIndia is focused to bring the entire healthcare community on one platform and work towards development in the wellness sector to create an environment for the medical community to network, share and receive wide-ranging reliable medical news and reports. With colleagues at Aryan Hospital and MedscapeIndia, Dr. Dube has helped treat a number of patients and has come up with the different initiatives to help the people. 

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