Thursday, December 17, 2015

SHEROESSummit Mumbai

What's this SHEROES ? was my first reaction , when I saw SHEROES tweets for the first time. #SHEROES ( blend of She and Heroes ) are the women who stand tall confidently, self-assuredly and offer shelter ( mentoring ) as well as fruits ( career opportunities ) , just like these generous coconut trees. SHEROES is an online career destination for women from all walks of professional life. 

The SHEROES platform finds mentor-ships , career resources,  career content, career advice and various career opportunities eg. full time , part time, flexi-hours, entrepreneur , internships , projects etc. for women. It has more than 7000 companies and over half a million women professionals from 5000 location on its platform. SHEROES has grown at a rate of 300%  CAGR. 

#SHEROESSummit urged careerist women to take charge of Digital India at the second edition of Tri-city event on December 10, 2015 , in Novotel , Mumbai. Numerous women entrepreneurs shared their experiences of businesses and success-stories. Famous Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty-Kundra was one of the prominent speakers .

As a journalist, I have attended so many conferences . launch-events , felicitation ceremonies etc. and the most annoyingly common factor among them is Late-start resulting in running behind schedule, chaos and being dead tired etc. 

Pleasant surprise! Sweetly smiling Sairee Chahal( Founder and ) greeted me at #SHEROESSummit Novotel , Juhu. The warm Welcome, the hostess , the registration , the breakfast, the seating arrangement , stage-setup , the agenda, the keynote , the anchoring , the panel-discussion , the guests of honor , audience Questions-answers session, entrepreneur-networking interaction , everything was so adroitly planned and excitedly executed that all of us actually enjoyed this #SHEROESSummit  as if it was a Family-Gathering. 

Full credit to Sairee and her team for managing the #WMDI ( Women Make Digital India ) event with professional excellence and cordial elegance. In her Welcome address, Ms. Sairee Chahal, stated that, Access to Digital advance is a boon to all career-oriented Indian women, specially for those who can't engage in a 9 to 5 job and still wish to continue their careers, through #SHEROESSummit they intend to help women stay engaged in business in the burgeoning digital landscape.

Dr. N. S. Rajan ( Group Executive Council, Group Chief Human Resources Officer- Tata Sons ) delivered a very inspiring and thought provoking Keynote , which was loudly applauded by the audience.

Opportunities and Trends #WMDI ( Women Make Digital India ), an engaging panel discussion was anchored by Mr.Sid Talwar ( Co-founder, Lightbox ) with active participation from Ms. Shikha Uberoi ( Co-founder, ) , Raghav Mimani ( Founder Nishchint Technologies ) , Debadutta Upadhyaya ( Co-founder and CEO - Timessaverz ) , Ajith Karimpana ( CEO and Founder , Furlenco )

Post a very scrumptious lunch, the audience just loved to hear the stories from community-members, Ms. Rachna Chawla ( Coach, Managing Consultant-YSC ), Upasana Makati ( Founder-Whiteprint ). 

Amidst the camera flashes , gorgeous actor Shilpa Shetty-Kundra made a grand entry on the  #SHEROES dais with Ms. Sairee. The audience was visibly thrilled while listening her honest confessions about childhood memories , business novelty , her passion , her son , her husband , her acting career and her latest role as an Entrepreneur.

Networking session gave the opportunities to the women from different fields to exchange their expertise with each other and strengthen the community bonds.

The sponsors : Best Deal TV , KAARYAH , Nischint , FURLENCO and partners : Youth Ki Awaaz , giftxoxo , utpatang had set up stalls in the lobby of Novotel, which were well-received by the SHEROES-participants.


Unknown said...

I love the name Sheroes... thanks for the info Sujata... :-)

Shaivi said...

Nice detailed account u have given. Hope to join u next time!


Hi Archana , Thanks . Please join #Sheroes network, you will love it.


Thanks. We missed you Shaivi at #Sheroes2015. We must meet for the next #Sheroes

Utpal Khot said...

Nice coverage. Thanks for sharing.. :)


Thanks UK , Welcome to ' Spirit Of Mumbai '

Shrinidhi Hande said...

nice report of the event


Hi Shrinidhi , The #SHEROESSummit was conceptualized and managed so superbly , that we gained lot of Gyan and enjoyed it too.

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