Monday, December 21, 2015

#FlipkartKids IndiBlogger meet

All of us IndiBlogger #FlipkartKids attendees received an email: We have 10 Flipkart vouchers of Rs.1000 each to be won. Take a picture of the coolest/most loved/cutest/fanciest toy at your home, or from the Flipkart Kids store and tweet it to us tagging #FlipkartKids

As usual I went into Contest-frenzy mode. I twitted not just 1 but 3 of my most favorite toys , 1. Aamen ( all my dear readers know Aamen more than I ) with his laptop, 2. Aamen with his Santa 3. Nano-pen-drive . So ... did I win ?.  Please keep guessing....

BlueFrog, the most famous pub in Mumbai was decked up for Christmas and #FlipkartKids ( the launch of Flipkart Li'l Star - India's Biggest Online Kids Storeon 19 December, 2015. Post registration , we the bloggers exchanged pleasantries, enjoyed the welcome drinks, starters, lunch and homed in on the Pods (semi-circular booths). The pods are so cozy that we ended up gossiping ( our blogger buddy Riddhi Sharma clicked that and twitted it ... then and there like typically ... about what ? you wonder ?  more about that later... 

In the DISK ( Double Income Single Kid ) age, parents have more than enough money to pamper their only kid with whatever is wished for. Simultaneously the parents don't have enough time and energy to do physical ( real time ) shopping , by mall-hopping for so many different products. Kids have numerous needs ranging from Toys, books, dresses, chocolates , bags , shoes, caps, cosmetics , stationary , accessories etc. The modern-age kids are so well informed that they want only best of branded ( Disney, Mattel and Chhota Bheem )goods. Due to the advent of Internet the kids are well educated and connected to Online-App shopping. So naturally India's favorite  #FlipkartKids is Kids' buddy when it comes to online shopping , where they can choose whatever the require at reasonable price. 

With large scale global investments, growth of niche category e-commerce firms and the entry of global competitors/brands, e-commerce landscape in India looks very promising. e-commerce in India is expected to grow by almost 50% this year. it is estimated that the e-commerce market in India will reach Rs 124 thousand crore by 2015, growing at a CAGR of 37% over 2013-15.

2015 - The year of mobile commerce : The surge in the number of smartphone and internet users is adding muscle to the Indian e-commerce industry.  9 out of 10 mobile phones will be smartphones by 2018, and 7 out of 10 consumers will shop from mobile in upcoming years. Considering these figures, 2015 looks to be the year of mobile commerce. Currently, more than 50% of the entire traffic on  #Flipkart comes from mobile users, which was only 10% a year ago. The success of Flipkart’s Big App Shopping Days is a small example of what mobile phones can do. 


We the parent bloggers were eager to share our views about overall Children's perspective, compare their likes , dislikes and how to respond rightly to their crazy demands. Many of us actively participated in an all lively debate with popular mom-blogger Kalpana Behara on “Questions and debates in the mind of a parent blogger”.  #FlipkartKids Welcome and Panel discussion about ' What to buy for your kids was followed by an endearing performance from our very own IndiBand- 'Blunder In The Code'. 

'The Blunder in The Code' performance was applauded in HIGH SPIRITs ( literally, look at the image below  ) by the Spirited Mumbai Bloggers.

AdMad contest was won by our Gokuldham group's crazy skit ' Tarak Mehta Ka Ulta Chashma' , where we enacted , how today's parents cope up with children's non-stop demands through #FlipkartKids.


Shaivi said...

Nice post! It was great to catch up with u. Looking fwd to meet again...:)


Hey Shaivi , Happy Christmas to you and your family. I always like meeting you. So see you soon.

Gauri said...

What an insightful post with facts, figures,! As always it was a pleasure to meet you again. Do check out post on the event:


Hi Gauri , it's always super-pleasure to meet blogger-friends.

riddhiculous said...

Array, I am famous. :) I see myself in the post. Clicked by none other than the iron lady Sujata. Lovely post Sujata. I love your eye for detailing and also the way you make everything look so easy when you write. :)


Hey Riddhi, Happy New Year to you and your family. Thank you so much for so many compliments in a single sentence. See you soon.

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