Thursday, December 17, 2015

Please #DoYourHomework

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 Let's #DoOurHomework 

My Dear Friends , You must be wondering whether, I have been Day-dreaming about being a Child again.Well, Yes. Thanks to  Axis Mutual Fund I got this rare gem of an opportunity to visit my childhood in COLORS

It started with this invite from Axis Mutual Fund. We the bloggers were invited to #DoYourHomework . I was a bit skeptic , oh no, not again. Will they ask us to calculate Rate Of Interest on Investment ? I hate Maths, big time. 

To cut a log story short , we were assigned one row of easels , while the children were given the opposite row of easels. We were asked to draw our dreams in colors about , what we wish our children to be when they grow up i.e. their Future careers, visualized by us. At the opposite row, the children were cajoled ( literally with Cadbury Silks ) to draw what they themselves aspire / dream to be , when they grow up. What happened next is sort of Bollywood movie scenario. Just have a look and #DoYourHomework  

  In the era of MOM( Mars Orbiter Mission ), Uber smart children have various fantastic career choices. Choices are their and we the parents are the Providers. Naturally , we must be financially and mentally prepared for them. It's necessary to plan meticulously for our child's future. We must be ever-ready to fulfill children's aspirations to the hilt. 

 It is parents' responsibility to encourage children to explore fields of their choice with confidence. While we egg them on, we need to simultaneously prepare to support them through any choice they make, both emotionally and financially. With rising costs, the best way to ensure they get the education of their dreams is to start investing early. Children’s education is a longer-term goal for many parents and the ideal way to plan for it would be by investing in mutual funds through a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP).

#DoYourHomework is a novel investor education initiative from Axis Mutual Fund. Educated, responsible parents motivate their children to dream big and they are prepare economically to help their children to realize their dreams.

Parents have very interesting options of gauging children's favorite career options by playing Role-models, Drawing / Coloring ( the above activity at Axis Mutual Fund ), Story-telling , The Homework App , Solving Crossword, picnicking at KidZania etc.

Axis Mutual Fund has highlighted the importance of planning for various life goals through investment in mutual funds. From educating investors on the merits of sharing less with the taxman for the ELSS initiative to setting a date for your desires and investing for fulfilling them , the investor education campaign have been based on human insights.

about their future?


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Unknown said...

Nice post:)


Thanks Rashmi , Welcome to ' Spirit Of Mumbai '.

Dhakkanz said...

That's a nice way to connect. I guess you really went back to your childhood. I mean sometimes I also wonder if I could get some free time when I can just do that what I love the most, without thinking about work or money or responsibilities.


Hey Dhakkanz , Thanks and Welcome to 'Spirit Of Mumbai '. All of us Bloggers Super-enjoyed this Axis Mutual Fund- bloggers meet. It's been ages that we got this colorful opportunity to sketch, draw and paint our DREAMS. Thanks again for sharing your love.

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good post thanks!

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