Sunday, September 27, 2015

Yes Pampers

'Baby, Baby ? ... Yes Papa' 
'Feeling Wet ? ... No Papa'
'Telling lie ? ... No papa'
'Show your Pampers ....  wah ...wah...wah' 

 Yesssss.... Thanks to Pampers , no more wet, uneasy, crying babies for Papa and Mamma. 

Last Sunday, September 2oth, 2015, Actress and Celebrity mother Tara Sharma Saluja , Actress and TV anchor Mandira Bedia unveiled the 'New Pampers  Premium Care Pants' , the softest as mom's touch, having an all-around soft waistband and hygienic dryness. You may read more about it here ... 

Jo apni baby se sachmooch karte pyaar wo Pampers se kaise kare inkaar ? '

Pampers Premium Care Pants offers Five Star Skin protection which is the most excellent in diaper-category 

1. Softest material / fabric : Specially used with consideration of delicate baby-bottoms .

2. All-around waistband and soft cuffs : The luxurious , cozy fit ensures least leakage.

3. Up to 12 hours of dryness : The modern technique for Pampers core to quickly absorb the pee, which keeps wetness away from skin and protects baby's health.

4. Baby lotion : A drop of lotion to protect baby precious skin.

5. Wetness indicator : It turns from yellow to blue when in contact with fluid to let parents know that it's time to change. 

My baby ... my reflection, my love, my life, my priority and my responsibility. Only the best, the perfect, the safest, the healthiest for my dearest baby ...
Babies love to roam around freely. Softly, snugly fitting Pampers  having all-around waistband and soft cuffs is best suitable for babies. 

Babies love the softness and warmness of their mommy's touch , which is incorporated in soft, premium material of Pampers. The core of Pampers's guarantees 12 hours of dryness, which absorbs wetness and locks it away. It minimizes the leakage too. All this helps in keeping baby's skin dry and comfy.
Best of all ... these Pampers are in pants-form to enable us to change / refresh our babies easily.

Our neighbor's cute little baby, Chaitra is almost an addition to our family. I gifted her the Pampers. Chaitra's mother Mrs. Aacharya thanked me profusely for this lovely gift. 

The Aacharya family returned from a weekend vacation with glorious reviews of  Pampers. Mrs. Aacharya : " Chaitra is always cranky whenever we go out . She keeps on tugging at her diaper as it pinches her and hurdles her crawling around. Special Thanks to Pampers , this time Chaitra was roaming around freely and happily. The soft material, all-around waist-band, soft-cuff and baby lotion everything is such a pleasant surprise.  I checked her Pampers twice and when I saw the blue indicator only then I changed it. It was easier to dispose off the used Pampers in a garbage bin due to the disposable tape. The real test of Pampers happened at night when Chaitra slept soundly and allowed me too".

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This blog post is written for the Pampers  #SoftestForBabySkin activity in association with BlogAdda


Arun Muthusamy said...

Nice rhyme :)


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Nice.. :)


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Nice parody Sujata.


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