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Double Edged Talvar

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Double Edged Talvar

Hit or Flop ? the Story and the Actors are the two most deciding factors of the fate of any movie. 'Talvar' has the Double Edge for Hitting the bull's eye with blood-curdling realistic story and brilliant star cast ( Irrfan Khan , Konkona Sen Sharma , Neeraj Kabi , Tabu etc. )
In the year 2008, Indian media, both print and electronics was chockablock with Noida double murder ( 14 year old girl and a family servant of a high-society couple) case. Was it an honor-killing or a revenge?. Who killed whom ? When ? Where ? How ? Find out in 'Talvar' the murder-mystery-thriller movie, directed by Meghna Gulzar. 

We, a select few bloggers were invited by Blogmint for a special preview of the movie 'Talvar'. We did a quick, snacky-photo-session with fellow Blogminters before heading to the cozy LightBox theater. 

The cutting edge direction by Meghna Gulzar, blunt cinematography by Pankaj Kumar, compact editing by A. Sreekar Prasad , Gulzar's heart-wrenching lyrics and power-packed performances by the cast of 'Talvar' grips all your senses from the opening shot itself. Basanti, the housemaid ringing the bell is wearing a sweat-stained blouse. This small nuance, highlights maid's poverty as well as the richness of Meghna Gulzar's direction. 

In the movie, the Talvar refers to the Talvar held by 'NyayDevta'. This Talvar turns out to be double-edged. How ? You must watch the movie to get the answer. 

Talvar is an edgy movie with razor-sharp performances by Irrfan Khan (Ashwin Kumar- investigation officer of CDI, Konkona Sen Sharma (Nutan Tandon-girl's mother), Neeraj Kabi (girl's father), Sohum Sharma ( ACP Mishra ), Gajraj Rao (Inspector Dhaniram), Atul Kumar ( Paul ) and Tabu (Aswin Kumar's wife-Reema) in a guest appearance. 

Vishal Bhardwaj's screenplay is praiseworthy. Dialogues, punchlines like ...  'Talvar, hum policewale hain, oospar jang lagi hain' , ' Investigation is a legal act carried out illegally', 'Ghar me 4 log the. 2 jinda hain, 1 ka murder aur 1 gayab, toh ?' , ' Har jagah yeh media , police ke pahele kaisi pahooch jati hain ?' Hindustani router hain , kabhibhi on / off ho sakata hain' , ' Yeh bachcha nahin rakshas hain ' , 'Missionary position = Dharmapracharak aasan ' , 'ooske a.m. , p.m. ki mc , bc '  ... are applauded and whistled up by the audience. 

Catharsis is the main criteria for success of any performing art. I and many other viewers / bloggers wept while watching the 'Talvar'... That's it. 'Talvar' succeeds big time in getting viewers emotional rapport and support. 

While #TalvarThisFriday was trending on Twitter, we the viewers were surreptitiously wiping our eyes in the theater for pretty Shruti and her doting parents. 

Talvar keeps see-sawing between parents and servants as the suspected murderers. But at the end , who were the real culprits ? What was the motive ? What was the background ? How exactly the two murders happened ? Who killed whom and why ?. Well ! I don't want to be the spoil-sport. Go watch it in nearest cinema-theaters with your family and friends.

P.S. We were lucky to watch the movie even before Salman Khan and family. How's that ! you may wonder. AS soon as we left LightBox from the exit, Salman Khan's family and friends including Arbaaz Khan , Helen , Aasha Parekh entered the preview theater. 


Rajeev Moothedath said...

Thank you for the review-Yes, with an excellant team of creaters associated with the project it promises to be a good film wort watching...


You are most welcome Rajeev. The story and the actors both are brilliant.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the review Sujata! I so look forward to this movie now. Liked the Salman angle :-)


Hi Leena , Welcome to 'Spirit Of Mumbai'. Thanks . So you are a Salman-fan or ?