Sunday, October 4, 2015

Say cheese with McCain

Even the Emperor, Akbar the great could not make a crying baby smile ... so goes the saga of famous Akbar-Birbal series. Well of course , McCain didn't exist then, otherwise ... Smiles are always Ready-to-savor with McCain

McCain is to French fries what Microsoft is to software. One out of every three French fries consumed anywhere in the world today is made by McCain ." says Celebrity journalist, TV anchor, Top food-critic Vir Sanghvi

Last month, my nephew Aamen didn't win Brown-belt in the Shotokan-Karate test. He refused to eat or drink anything as he was so so so unhappy with himself. I tried to tempt him with Nutella chocolate brownie , Butterscotch ice-cream, Pineapple-cream-wafers etc. but in vain. Finally his mom told me about his recent addiction and dedication to McCain. Instantly I decided on the fusion, which will delight his taste-buds. I named it McCain Karanji Smiley 

Ingredient : 2 McCain Aloo Tikki
4 Poori
Oil for frying
Cooking  Method : Fry Aloo Tikki and cut into halves. Place the halved tikki piece over the poori. Fold the poori and stick up the sides by thumb-press. Design it like a Karanji and fry. Repeat it for all the 4 pooris. Serve hot with Vegetable Raita, Kairi-chutney or Ketchup. 
Preparation time : 15 minutes. 
With every bite ... Aamen's mood changed from unhappy to HAPPY ..... how about your packet of McCain now... 

McCain Smiles are delicious, mashed potatoes, seasoned and shaped into happy faces. Best enjoyed with Tomato- Mayonnaise dip. Go for it , take a bite and keep smiling. It will sure to add face-value.

Our office-meetings are 100 and 1% more dull, boring, stressful and tiring than anything else in the whole universe. 
I know you must be saying that 'What's new? It's the same with our office meetings too.' OK, I agree but still, have a look on your l.h.s. and then decide... So this time around when I was in the organizing committee, I decided to spice up our office meeting with McCain.

We ordered the canteen to rustle up mix platters of McCain eg. platefuls of Crunchy, Vegetarian , delightful snack such as Mumbai Chaat, Aloo Tikki Wraps, Wedges Aloo Gobhi, Smiles Canape, Veggie Burger Patties, Finger Hot Dogs, Cheesy Baked fries, Schezwan Bites, Taco Fries etc. with chocolate cake. 

At last that meeting was over  and it was time for refreshments...

A picture is worth a thousand words?. No, this one is worth million McCain .

McCain has created an invisible coating that goes on the fries before they are frozen. This coating keeps the fries crisper for longer.

It was 15th August, our society was in celebrating mode. Our neighbor Mrs. Mane has gone to her office even though it was a public holiday. There was some sort of urgency and she had to attend to it immediately. Her maid Gattava was trying to pacify crying baby Sanya with sweet semolina-kheer. Sanya disapproved kheer and kept her mouth tightly shut. My tube lit up just then and I baked the McCain french fries within 3 minutes, fed it to Sanya with homemade tomato sauce. See how Sanya transformed from Oh...NO to Oh...Yeah
McCain French Fries are tantalizing. They are crispy on the outside, fluffy in the center and thoroughly delicious. 

  how about grabbing your packet of McCain now...

Picture cutesy :  McCain


Sweet said...

What glee Santa shows on her face.. Cute


Yes Shalini , She is even more cute in real. She Loves MCCain.