Monday, December 28, 2020


Ghadi detergent launches first of its kind #BachaavMeinHiSamajhdaariHai awareness campaign in India


Delhi, 28th December 2020: To encourage health and safety amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, RSPL Group, manufacturers, and marketers of Ghadi – India’s no. 1 detergent powder – today unveiled its all-new #BachaavMeinHiSamajhdaariHai campaign. Ghadi detergent is India’s first brand to create awareness through its packaging.


India’s first awareness initiative via packaging aims to reach more than 10 crore Indian households. They will be reminded of always wearing a face mask and to be more responsible and committed to public safety.


The awareness initiative will be showcased on the Ghadi detergent packet wherein the actual logo is covered with a printed mask. In addition to the messaging on the pack, Ghadi detergent is also activating a huge network of distribution channels, simultaneously asking their retail partners to join the movement to spread the message.


Ghadi has supported this initiative with a digital film that shows a small girl in a shop making her dad realise that the best way to show you care is by wearing a mask – just like the exhibit on Ghadi pack. The film also shows the importance of washing face masks regularly.


Speaking on this occasion, Mr Rahul Gyanchandani, Joint Managing Director of RSPL Group said “These are challenging times for each one of us. During this tough period, we need to stay and fight this challenge together. Everyone should take care of our near and dear ones and do our bit for the society. Under this initiative, we are also distributing one million masks. Ghadi detergent reaches millions of homes across India and we decided to do our bit to spread this important message.”


Nakul Sharma, VP and ECD, ADK Fortune said, “For us, this initiative is not limited to just a message. Thus, we wanted to put a mast on the Ghadi itself and reach it to every household. So, we dressed Ghadi with a mask to take this idea to the common people, as Ghadi reached millions of the households in India. This mask message film has already notched 65 million views during the initial few days only, which is very encouraging and is proof that this campaign is having an emotional impact and accelerating change.”


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About Ghadi Detergent:

Ghadi Detergent is manufactured by RSPL, a Kanpur based approx Rs 7,000 crore diversified conglomerate in India. The detergent brand was founded by Shri Muralidhar Gyanchandani and Shri Bimal Kumar Gyanchandani in 1987. The vision of the brand is to give superior brand experience and value for consumers’ money. The tagline “Pehle Istemaal Kare Phir Vishwaas Kare” (First use then believe) is on the tongues of millions. Ghadi detergent is India’s number one detergent.

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