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RegenOrthoSport A Regenerative Stem Cells procedure for treating injuries

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RegenOrthoSport facility will provide Regenexx, a regenerative stem cells procedure to treat orthopedic and sports injuries

Those were the days, when Stem Cells Therapy was just a Scientific fantacy. the common people were absolutely clueless about the infinite super power / medical advantage of Stem Cells procedure. One of the most revered and popular Indian God , who is a surplus of 33 crores in heaven, The Sachin Tendulkar had fans praying when he suffered from Tennis Elbow in 2004-2005. Many Indians wondered how can a cricketer ( the God at that ) be plagued by an injury that is named after a different sport altogether. the scientific fact is, even those who have never played tennis or any other sport, including you and I , can suffer from tennis elbow. It can disrupt your life miserably. In case of Sachin's Tennis Elbow ( an inflammation of tendons of the elbow caused by overuse of the forearm ) took an alarming toll on his so far stellar performance. This Tennis Elbow might have caused not just physical but mental pain to Sachin, due to the infamous headline 'Endulkar'.

On this gloomy background, the ray of hope is shining brilliantly in the form of Regenexx. Regenexx, the world’s most advanced stem cell procedures for treating orthopedic conditions and sports injuries is recently launched in Mumbai. This is the second branch in Asia. It would offer two stem cell procedures using imaging and interventional orthopaedic techniques to non-surgically repair and regenerate.The first one is a same-day procedure where stem cells are harvested, isolated and re-implanted on the same day. The second one is blood-derived plasma-rich platelet procedure. They would help athletes and non-athletes overcome early, mild, moderate ortho problems in a way that is devoid of surgery.
Regenexx® is the most advanced stem cell and platelet procedures for treating orthopedic injuries, arthritis and other degenerative conditions. These procedures offer non-surgical alternatives to commonly occurring musculoskeletal conditions. Patented Regenexx procedures use precise injections of your own stem cells or blood platelets to help your body's ability to heal damaged muscles, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, spinal disc and bone. Regenexx® Stem Cell Therapy and Platelet Procedures, avoid the need for invasive surgery, in turn eliminating any complications that are typically seen with surgeries.
Dr.Venkatesh Movva, MD, Regenexx India says, “The only option till Regenexx was total knee replacement. Now with this technology we can heal and regenerate the lost tissues like cartilage, meniscus and ligaments to reverse the arthritis and in turn avoid any major surgery. Patients return to their loved activities in no time. We could also treat conditions like lower back pain, hip arthritis, bulging discs, ankle and shoulder rotator cuff tears with stem cells orthopedics procedure. Majority of these are lifestyle related conditions,”
Regenexx procedures are image guided needle based procedures, so the downtime for recovery is minimal or none. These are truly ambulatory procedures without the need for hospitalization. The procedure process involves harvesting bone marrow stem cells, using our sophisticated lab process to separate cells and precise image guided injections into the target joints in an outpatient setting.
Dr. Apurv Mahalle, MGIMS, says, “Regenexx procedures are out-patient procedures and that patients can walk out of the treatment the same day. Physiotherapy team at Regenexx will help patients make the necessary changes to their physical movements so that the procedures are effective.”

There is no alternative for arthritis patients but to wait until the joint is bad enough for a replacement and then go through a surgery. Regenexx procedures are going to help these patients get back to the normal routine without the necessity of a replacement surgery. 

Regenexx is based out of Colarado, U.S.A is a group of doctors working towards the development of non-surgical procedures for treating orthopaedic injuries, arthritis, meniscus tears and other degenerative conditions. These procedures have been in development for over a decade and Dr.Venkatesh Movva one of the initial group of Regenexx doctor’s has been contributing to the research and development of these procedures. Over 40,000 procedures have been performed using Regenexx regenerative science since 2006.

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