Friday, July 21, 2017

Dry Baby Happy Baby : Pampers

Do you love babies ?. Pamper them.

My family gave Red Carpet ( read Pamper ) Welcome to my nephew Aamen on 23rd November 2001. My family's motto is " Jo Bachchese sachmooch karte pyaar , woh Pampers se kaise kare inkaar ". Since then Pampers is the 5th member of our family. 

Babies are so delicate, all the time safe and secure in mom's womb. But by the time they enter the outside world , it's all topsyturvy. Now-a-days, these babies' entries into the real world is so dangerous due to the pollution. The more the protection we give to babies is most welcome for their holistic health.

My nephew Aamen has always been the most happy, mischievous and people-friendly child. He loves to be cuddled but hates if any outsider tries to kiss him. We respect his likes and dislikes. We shower him with flying kisses and sometimes kiss his hands as if he is the Emperor. These small gestures make Aamen immensely happy.

Dry baby , happy baby : Aamen enjoys many things including playing with his friends , picnics , lullabies , Bollywood songs , Hollywood dances ( performed by his Aditai ) , mangoes etc. He is a very active child, who just can not stay still. he loves to crawl and jump around a lot. A full tummy and a dry , soft , comfy diaper kick starts his happy mood. Most diapers only focus on being leak proof aand ensure dryness on the outside . 

The Good , the better , the Best , the Healthiest news is that the new Pampers baby Dry Pants promises dryness for babies on the inside. 
Pamper's Magic Gel locks in moisture so that baby's skin remains dry and healthy for up to 12 hours.

Love your babies and Pamper them always.

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