Wednesday, November 12, 2014

A Healthy child makes a Happy Home

                Happy Home is not just the posh bungalow  made up of marbles, located at the beach but the Family that lives happily forever in it.

    Happiness is the result of holistic Health. Health of the whole family , especially the children is most sought after by all of us.

                We Indians respect our elders and love our children to the fullest. We care for our children's health with utmost sincerity. 

    This Big bundle of JOY arrived at home on 23rd November, 2001 and since then our home has become Heaven on Earth. Our happiness is a God's blessing, so we named him Aamen, and nick-named Moonnu.

                Our children are so precious to us that we call them Sonu , Sona , Raja , Rani etc. Naturally their well-being , their health is our first and foremost priority. As soon as the pregnancy is announced , the mother is showered with love and care in double dose. Taking care of child's health starts with the onset of pregnancy. The expectant mother is given all sorts of nutritious food , vitamins , calcium , iron supplements etc. That's when Dabur Chyawanprash comes in picture , to guarantee the overall health of mother and child. 

                 The mother-to-be is given enough rest as well as exercises .The maintenance and promotion of health is achieved through physical, mental  and social well-being. We improve their health via exercise , sleep and a healthy body weight . Clean water and air, adequate space contribute to good health, especially to the health of infants and children. Scientifically, genetics play a role in determining the health status of individuals. That's why the health of Mother and Father is an important factor contributing to the child's health .

   One more health issue is malnutrition. It mostly affects young children. We feed Milk, Fruit-juices, porridge, soups etc. to children to keep them well-nourished. Healthy food guarantees healthy body and mind to our dear children. We massage them with olive-oil and bath them with ayurvedic-ubtan made of Sandal, Turmeric powder and Besan. We Indians adorn the cheek of our lil-one's with Kajal-tikka to ward off any evil-spirit. 

          Our whole life-style changes according to the child's. We get up early in the morning, so that we can devote more time to child's daily-routine. The KadiNimb pattas are soaked into the child's bath-water for increasing his immunity. The Nilgiri / Eucalyptus oil guards the children as well as adults from common cold. Pure coconut oil is applied on the head for black , silky hair. Shikakai , Amla , Ritha mixture is boiled for washing the hair. Everything natural and pure for our precious child. The Dhoop , Camphor are burnt to make the home-atmosphere fragrant and germ-free. Our home is transformed into a Mandir ( temple ) as befitting a newly arrived celebrity-baby. The whole family dances to the tunes of baby's whims and fancies. 

   The toothless smile of baby brings infinite joy to our lives. A single tear in baby's eye throws us into despair. The one and only solution for our family's happiness lies with our baby and so we take all precautions to keep our baby healthy. 

                This post is written as a part of " A Healthy child makes a Happy Home " activity with IndiBlogger and Dabur  

                               ( Pictures of my nephew Aamen clicked by myself )


shreya said...

Yes I completely agree with this because a healthy family is always happy. If all family members mainly the kids stay healthy then automatically the house will get filled up with ample to joys...Take care of your kids....


Dear Shreya . Thank u so much for your hearty comment.

Abhijit Bangal said...

We are a family of only 4 people - two couples - my parents and me along with my wife. It needed me to spend a few years (2-3 years) after marriage to know the importance of a family. You sent me back in the memory lane. Thanks for such a beautiful article :)


Thanks a lot Abhijit , for sharing your personal feelings on my blog. You are most welcome, I will be writing many such nostalgic posts .

Angel17 said...

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