Thursday, November 20, 2014

Forever Kid

                It's the lunchtime and my office-colleagues are thumping the conference table to the beats of 'Char bottle vodka' , while I am busy rhyming ' Five Little Monkeys' to the same tune . It matches oh... so effortlessly. I am sure Honey Sing... sorry YoYo has got the inspiration from my old-mate-monkeys. 

                 We , the resident-imps of Mithanagar Colony always danced our way to glory on the beds. But alas , our mothers misinterpreted our delicate dance steps as 'Break-d-Bed-in-advance'. No wonder then, our favorite Karaoke-lyric was " Five Little Monkeys "

.... We started off with five little Pinkies ( girls ) dancing to the tune of the title song of the then famous TV serial 'Hum Paanch' . We deliberately tickled each other , to lose balance and fell off the bed. As soon as one of us fell down , we used to shout 'Four little Pinkies jumping on the bed'.

                 This game lasted till the last Pinky fell off the bed and then we used to holler 'Let those Pinkies break the bed'. All the while we made sure , none of us got injured or else...   

                 .... Now my office colleagues have changed the track and they are joking about the famous dialogues in Bollywood movies. And the crown goes to ' Aaj mere paas gadi hain , bungla hai ... Tere paas kya hain?' . One smart alec answers 'Mere paas tera CR hain'. 

                 This again takes me down memory lane ... We had this big, green-grassed Municipal Playground, which we treated as our first home. As soon as we returned from school, we used to stuff the lunch hastily so that we can rush to the garden. 

                 We had divided the ground in parts as if we were the landlords. The real game would start, once we had decided on which part, belonged to whom with which trees and animals. Just to showoff our living-stock wealth , we would mimic different animal-sounds eg. quack-quack , moo-moo, bow-wow etc. Here the nursery rhyme "Old MacDonald Had a Farm " came in handy to show of more and more animals on our farmlands. 


           Many a times we would impersonate different animals and fight among ourselves to show off our strengths. Thanks god, I mean mothers for feeding us healthy home-made food. We enjoyed out-door games and loved natural surroundings.

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Thanks Rekhaa for visiting my blog and being the 1st commentator

Rohit Gaikwad said...

Kids are the Most enthusiastic in the word..Kids are the most are most hard working to learn new are real guru to learn the basic of life


Thanks Rohit , you are absolutely right.

Harshad Mehta said...

Child within remains CHILD, for blessed one!


Thank Harshad Sir for your comment. You are absolutely right about Child ( childhood )

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i love that five monkeys kids learning song.

'for kids'