Saturday, May 6, 2023

New Era of Indo-Myanmar Friendship Association Relationship

Indo-Myanmar Friendship Association is an association for Bilateral relations and Friendship between both the Republic Nations. Indo-Myanmar Friendship Association will be working to achieve greater heights in Indo-Myanmar bilateral relationship, friendship & brotherhood.

H.E. Moe Kyaw Aung Ambassador of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar along with his spouse Ms Nilar Aung and along with First Secretary Ms May Zaw Maung were in Juhu,Mumbai to celebrate 75 years of Indo-Myanmar Bilateral Relations and Friendship and 75 years of Independence of Myanmar organized by Indo-Myanmar Friendship Association. Adv. Mr. Mohanrao Pimple – President of the association organised the celebration event in Juhu.

Adv.MohanRao Pimple and Krishna Pimple Hon Consul of The United Republic of Tanzania in Chennai for South India have initiated several initiatives and projects for Indo Myanmar friendship and bilateral relations 

India and Myanmar both have historical ties and traditional bonds of friendship & cooperation history. There is social & cultural similarity. In fact Myanmar (Earlier name Burma) was part of India till 1937 when Britishers separated Burma from India.

India is Myanmar’s 4th largest trading partner and we share a 1640 km long international border.

Jayaraman Ranganathan Hon Consul of Republic of Myanmar in chennai is also driving the Friendship Association .Direct flight from Chennai to Rangoon -Myanmar will start from 5-5-23 by Myanmar Airways and will soon fly from more cities of India thus making travel more easy and convenient for citizens of both the countries.This is a new beginning in the Bilateral and friendship between India and Myanmar and all are very enthusiastic said

Adv.MohanRao Pimple.

Almost 90% of the Burmese population practice Buddhism. India is a country of pilgrimage for the people of Myanmar.

Myanmar is a very beautiful country. The natural beauty is unparalleled and unexplored natural and cultural wonders which gives a seamless travel experience to the tourists.

There is immense potential for trade, tourism and bilateral relations between both great nations.

 Krishna Pimple is very keen that the cultural bilateral and trade and tourism relations between both the great nations should reach higher and greater levels .Krishna Pimple said that there is also so much more to share , exchange and create between the both the nations.

Buddhism teaches peace and brotherhood which is so much needed in today’s world 

Regular exchange ,travel and bilateral programs are being initiated by the Indo Myanmar Myanmar Friendship Association and the Embassy of Myanmar said Adv.MohanRao Pimple and Krishna Pimple.


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