Saturday, May 27, 2023

TISS SVE Invites Registration for Vocational Aptitude System (VAS )

VAS Empowers Students in Making Informed Career Choices in Vocational Education

Mumbai 27 May, 2023: TISS-SVE excitedly welcomes Higher Secondary Education students to engage in Vocational Aptitude System (VAS). Launched in July last year, this standardized psychometric test, developed under the guidance of Defence Institute of Psychological Research (DIPR), DRDO, offers a comprehensive platform to guide students in selecting the most suitable path within the realm of vocational education.

The Skill Education and Counselling Unit administers VAS. As the portal has launched recently, last year, only 91 students were able to participate in the test. However, this year, the unit expects a significant increase in registrations. TISS SVE's unique programs diverge from conventional offerings, necessitating guidance for students in sector and program selection. Students have the option to take multiple tests to assess their aptitude across 15 diverse sectors. The test can be undertaken prior to enrolling in TISS SVE programs or any other vocational program.

Shivranjani Kulkarni, Senior Manager of the Skill Education and Counselling Unit, emphasized the tendency of students to make career choices influenced by peer pressure, resulting in subsequent regrets. In light of this, she strongly recommends the utilization of VAS for those contemplating vocational education. Additionally, Ms. Kulkarni highlighted the lack of awareness surrounding the equivalence of a Bachelor of Vocational Education to other degree courses like B.A., B.Com, and B.Sc. Graduates of these vocational programs possess opportunities to pursue overseas studies or secure positions in renowned industries.

The test is designed to be user-friendly, offering high reliability and validity. It is administered through a software-enabled system, allowing for both individual and group administration. In VAS, students have the flexibility to select up to three sectors of their interest and take tests specifically related to those sectors. They can re-register to take up tests for additional sectors. Upon completion of the test, students will receive self-explanatory auto-generated reports. Furthermore, they can benefit from personal counseling services based on the results of their tests.

To register for VAS test, click -

In case of any issues, please call on 022-25525606/5623.

About TISS - School of Vocational Education (SVE):

School of Vocational Education (SVE) –December 2011.

The School of Vocational Education (SVE) was set up to impart skill education to millions of Indian youth through appropriately designed vocational education programs. The focus is on developing job-specific skills rather than providing only a broad knowledge-based education. The approach adopted is called the Internship Embedded Skill Training Programme during which many students may also earn a modest stipend in select skill knowledge sectors.  The aim of this ‘Earn while you learn’ model is to enable the students to learn the skill by engaging in an internship on the real shop floor of the industry/company along with theory training in the classroom. 

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