Sunday, July 29, 2018

Celebrating time at #NextGenTimezone Inorbit

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Time is Money ?. No, never for me. Time is the most important aspect and fantastic feature of life. How we spend, rather invest Time speaks volumes about the quality of our life. Our one & only life is so precious that every moment should be celebrated in the company of loved ones. But ..but .. but, the reality is not so glorious. We have our jobs, duties to perform to earn money, to live life, to maintain our lifestyles as per our wishes. Our assignments, projects, responsibilities, to-do lists occupy major portion of our life-time.  

You must be wondering, why am I being so philosophical ?. Well, we deserve some quality time, rather an entertaining #Timezone to enjoy with family. 25th July was my niece, Adi's birthday and we had planned a super-duper Birthday party for her at #NextGenTimezone ( Inorbit Mall, Malad )It’s a super-cool entertainment zone for all - family, parents, kids, couples, youth gang. 

An evening before, I received a Whatsapp message stating ' Tomorrow will be Mumbai Bandh - Strike '.  All of us Mumbaikars have immense faith in Democracy. We believe in 'Spirit Of Mumbai' which always inspires us to soar high and never let's us down. 

Guess what? We had a rollicking time starting from the word Go, as the streets were almost empty, no traffic jams to hamper our mood. We (my sister, nephew & niece) reached before time and had light brunch at the Inorbit's food-court. Thanks to our foresight of light snacks, we enjoyed all energizing games like volley ball, Table-Tennis, Bowling etc. The best of all #krazeewhirlscars 

WE have enjoyed other Dodgem, bumper cars, etc. but these #krazeewhirlscars  have dual joystick with attractive LED illumination in the base of the chassis , this further brightens the experience with enclosed glass room setup. The fun-combo for both youth and kids to have Krazee joy-ride.

The first look of #NextGenTimezone is Five star-spacious with Open party area to celebrate birthday and corporate parties. You may check out the picture bellow, where a little girl is playing the bowling without any family-member. That's the super-secure and friendly vibe, we all can experience at Timezone. 

This ever-refreshing Timezone is 14 years old, I mean NEW cause it has revamped its look and that’s why we call it #NextGenTimezone. All kinds of Refreshing & Rejuvenating, cool & funky games as well as activities welcome you in this sprawling Timezone arena.

My nephew was on-toes at stimulating games like #ultimateVR ( Virtual Rabbids ) #familybowling, Superman Hammer etc. Really #FunUnimited
Many games are at pocket friendly prices. We can win loads of merchandise and gifts to take home as lovely souvenirs. 

My niece Adi was magnetised towards the games such as Jersey Wheel, Derby Champions, Paw Patrol, Gum Drop which are presented in the arcade avatar where players also win tickets. ‘Sweetland 5’ where one can win gems and crystals which is worth luring, has been the huge draw for customers.Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory which were bursting with paper-tickets 

 Paper Ticket experience : Many kiosk-Games spout out paper tickets which gives the player a tangible factor in terms of gratification. There is one lucky winner who gets ‘Golden Ticket’. Value of 1 Golden Ticket is worth 500 power tickets. Customers redeem their tickets won at games against the merchandise at the prize shop. My niece Adi kept on chanting Timezone's mantra: #PlayMoreWinMore

​"I've shared my experience at the revamped Timezone Inorbit Malad​   in association with BlogAdda"  
'What does Timezone mean to you?' 
Check out the giveaways here . Timezone will give three cards worth Rs. 500 each for three winners to go and experience Timezone  ​Inorbit ​Malad. ​

More details about Timezone can be found at  Website , Facebook  , Instagram 


rupam sarma said...

wow amazing .

pushpendra dwivedi said...

awesome place with lots of fun keep enjoy


Thanks Rupam. Please participate in the giveaway - 'What does Timezone mean to you?'
Check out the giveaways here . BlogAdda will give three cards worth Rs. 500 each for three winners to go and experience Timezone ​Inorbit ​Malad. ​​


Thanks Pushpendra. Please participate in the giveaway - 'What does Timezone mean to you?'
Check out the giveaways here . BlogAdda will give three cards worth Rs. 500 each for three winners to go and experience Timezone ​Inorbit ​Malad. ​​


Thanaks Aditya.

MumbaiAbout said...

Inorbit is one of the oldest mall in the city and you can actually spend a complete day here. One of the best malls in mumbai.

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