Thursday, July 19, 2018


Shagun Gupta, renowned for her outstanding gemstone selection and curation unveils mesmerizing vintage jewellery pieces that pays tribute to the queen of gems. The celebrity gemologist’s penchant for the classic is reflected in the eclectic mix of colors that encompasses pearls, rubies, emeralds, cut and uncut diamonds set in yellow or white gold. Shagun Gupta’s vintage jewellery collection features custom designed Emerald bracelets, Pearl rings, Tassel Earrings, Roundel Rings, Rose cut bangles, Ruby rings, Doublet Rings, traditional Chand Bali, Jhumkas and diamond studded necklaces.

Rich green emeralds make studding style statement and timeless choice for all memorable occasions. The luxuriant Emerald bracelet set in yellow gold combines a stunning array of luminous green emeralds and fiery diamonds tailored to individualistic specifications. This gorgeous armlet invigorates in the rich glow of emeralds sprinkled throughout the spectacular piece with twinkling round diamonds artistically adorning the magnificent swirl. Another beloved classic, the Diamond Bangle is one of the contemporary fashion necessities every woman would love to have in her fancy jewellery box. The bangle crafted in white gold and bejeweled in round cut diamonds is celebrated for its majestic appeal, making it one of the most intrinsic pieces for discerning woman.

The Emerald Diamond ring is latest style addition crafted in white gold, centered with large stunning rectangular shaped Emerald stone, surrounded by Rose cut diamonds and paved in distinctive roundel disc diamonds. Shagun Gupta’s spectacular creation includes the octagonal shaped Green Doublet ring featuring white gold, beautifully chased in ornate Victorian style, accompanied by Rose cut round diamonds, centered and surrounded by green doublets. With red being the color of intense emotions, the magnificent Ruby ring embellished in yellow gold and sprinkled in rich glow of pearls makes it one of the rare stands of gems.

Chand Bali or moon earrings have adorned the ears of the privileged and have even grown more fashionable with the present generation. Though there are many distinctions the most popular include contemporary designs with bejeweled centre and pearl hangings. With a dash of sophistication the stunning earrings are not only uniquely distinctive but also a perfect accessory for an elegant occasion. Short segments frames with blend of yellow & white gold, artistic intricacies in framed uncut diamonds and splendid pearls dotted in the lower half give it the much desired vintage look. The legacy of Pearl Tassel Earring is an exceptional piece of ornamentation set in gold wire, mother of pearls and exquisite rose cut diamonds with brown diamond briolette. Swing your way to festivity with this gorgeous accessory!  

These amazing pieces are classic and fashionable, ideal for any occasions, from the simply chic to the delightfully flamboyant. Shagun Gupta's vintage inspired creations would look stunning paired with your favorite traditional clothing or will even compliment western outfits. Each design is one-of-its-kind that is available only in limited editions and custom designs.

About Shagun Gupta:
Shagun Gupta has a desire to create and share all things beautiful. The Shimla-born fashionista has influenced wardrobes of the celebrated ones with her enormous cachet in fine jewellery, bridal wear and luxury accessories. Inspired by her penchant for high life, Shagun has enjoyed unbridled success in fashion & celebrity makeover for over two decades. Her meticulous rise as trendsetter has been closely watched by stylish women, many of whom have often asked her to fashion them in her own personalized creations. She has great dress sense and believes that one could be elevated in the eternal passion of beauty.

Her flagship label ‘Shagun Classique’ specializes in creating signature looks that has always enticed and delighted a high profile clientele. Her clothing exemplifies in contemporary styles, gorgeous fabrics and avant-grand colors. As a certified GIA gemologist from London, Shagun’s love for colored stones is reflected in her creations which are splendidly embellished in exotic trinkets. Been brought up in an illustrious family of jewelers, her designs are manifestations of inspired dreams that beholds every Shagun Gupta creation. A globetrotter, her collections have been shaped by diverse culture of continents she has traveled, lived and explored.

There are many strings in Shagun’s enterprising bow from curating social events, designing jewellery, personal style consulting, red-carpet appearances and distributing wine accessories.  The glam mum-of-two is also geared up to float her production house venture. Her company Grape to Glass distributes Riedel Crystal and Vinturi Aerators, undeniably the finest wine accessory brands around the globe. A seasoned wine connoisseur, Shagun relishes the flavours of delectable vintage and has great sense of appreciation for wines from different estates, regions and countries.

Shagun is a fitness enthusiast who believes healthy living has had an undeniable influence in her eventful lifestyle. She counts Milan and Paris as the beacons of luxury and high life.

Shagun Gupta, 2nd Floor, Metro House, M G Road, Mumbai 400 020 Tel: 022 22091465/ 22091485.


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