Saturday, October 15, 2016

Be Happy #BaharBoloGoodknight


Always " Be Happy ... Don't Worry about Dengue / Malaria , Be Ready with Good Knight Fabric Roll-On , out of home, mosquito repellent ".

Lara Dutta and Mahesh Bhupathi with Godrej CPL launched India's 1st Anti Mosquito Good Knight Fabric Roll-on personal repellent ( 100% natural , Child safe ) on 29th September, So from now on ... 
#BaharBoloGoodknight . Just 4 dots of Good Knight need to be applied on clothes which protects us against mosquitoes for 8 hours , outdoors. 

 At present 95% of Indian population lives in malaria or dengue prone areas . 85% of Indians are aware that Dengue can be life threatening. 65% of Indians are worried that their child is prone to Dengue. 90% of Indians are unaware that Dengue mosquitoes bite in the day. However, they do nothing about it outdoors, where there are more mosquitoes. 

Good Knight ( Godrej CPL ) encourages kids to step outside with "Khul ke Jiyo Ghar Ke Baahar" , after launching India's first Anti-Mosquito Fabric Roll-on personal repellent. The range also includes Good knight Cool Gel and Good knight Patches.

Sunil Kataria, Business Head-India and SAARC, GCPL said, “There is an alarming rise of vector borne diseases like Dengue and Chikunguniya across the country, there is a lack of awareness that the mosquitoes that spread these diseases, usually bite during the day. Another reason for low adoption for outdoor and personal mosquito repellents has been the lack of innovative products. No product in the market can make it amenable for users to use everyday. Keeping these in mind, we have launched the new Good knight outdoor personal repellent range of products, which are not only easy and safe to use; but also give 8 hours of protection against mosquitos. With this new launch, we are confident creating a new consumer habit of using outdoor repellents everyday.”


The campaign “Khul ke jiyo ghar ke baahar” was launched with a panel discussion that had celebrity parents, Lara Dutta and Mahesh Bhupathi, Dr. Mukesh Sanklecha - Consultant Pediatrician at Bombay Hospital, and Sunil Kataria. The panelists discussed how imperative it is to safe-guard children from mosquito bites since they are the most vulnerable. The discussion highlighted the criticality and urgent need to leverage schools, educators and parents and kids to develop the good habit of using personal repellents daily, as that is the best way to protect kids outdoors.


Lara Dutta, a doting and an active mother herself reflected on how things have changed and how necessary it is for parents to encourage their children to play outside. “As a mother I am continuously worried about my child’s well-being and safety whenever she is out of the protective environment of the home. Given the present scare of Dengue and Chikunguniya, we are extra cautious and want to give our daughter the best protection every time she steps out.  Good knight’s new Fabric Roll-On ensures that she is protected for a long time in an easy to use and convenient way.”

Mahesh Bhupathi added, “Both Lara and I always ensure that our daughter leads an active and sporty life and doesn’t confine herself indoors. Honestly, this does get hard at times like these when the newspapers are filled with news on Dengue and Chikunguniya. My endeavour is to teach her to stay safe at all times whether from injuries or diseases when she’s out of home. Good knight’s new range does put our minds at ease and helps us to encourage more mobility and outdoor experience for our daughter.



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