Wednesday, March 17, 2021

RK Foundation’s JNP Vidhyalaya to encourage hybrid learning, technological advancements in education


- To impart value-based integrated learning for all subjects with special emphasis in modernising school infrastructure and upskilling teachers; School welcomes new Principal Manok Savale Uran, March 17, 2020: Rustomjee Kerawalla Foundation-Jawaharlal Nehru Port Vidhyalaya (RKF-JNPV) has chalked an elaborate mandate for the forthcoming academic year with technological intervention, value-based integrated learning and instilling developmental skills in students and staying in sync with the United Nations Sustainable Developmental Goals 4 (SDG 4).

Jawaharlal Nehru Port Vidhyalaya, Uran which is operated and managed by Rustomjee Kerawalla Foundation and Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust via Public Private Partnership also welcomed its new principal Mr. Manoj Savale by the teachers and school staff. The school has initiated the process of hybrid learning and providing life-skills to encourage holistic development of students. RKF-JNPV also plans to become a ‘Model School’ and a ‘Centre of Excellence’ with focus on ‘student-innovation’ aided by technology.

RKF-JNPV, a co-ed institution, operating Marathi and English sections is all set to have curated age-appropriate curriculum which received overwhelming support from the teachers, support-staff and parents in order to elevate the standards of education adhering to the UN SDG4 goals of equitable quality education. During lockdown, RKF-JNPV ensured continuity in education by conducting online sessions, upskilling teachers and regularly assessing the progress of all students. This intervention also resulted in a smooth transition during the resumption of the school.

Mr. Harish Rawal, Vice-President, Academic Operations, RKF-JNPV, said that the fundamental goal of the school was to ensure students not only receive quality education but also be trained to embrace the opportunities of the 21 st century. “We aim to create foundational pillars at early childhood and aide them through during the student’s lifecycle. Our intention is to skill students with relevant and vocational learning courses for heightened prospects and employability. The pandemic has brought in a new dimension of technology and that will play a huge role in achieving our desired goals.”

Mr. Manoj Savale, Principal, RKF-JNPV said, “The vision of RKF-JNPV focusses on inclusive education and development for all. This value addition in the curriculum with a futuristic approach will create a benchmark for many institutions. The focus on holistic development and hybrid learning will enable the school to create ambassadors for the future.”

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