Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Inspire Co Spaces salutes the ultimate superpowers of women

 The contribution of women in every sphere of life is massive. Inspire co-spaces recognized and felicitated every woman employee with a rose and chocolate for all their hard work and effort to maintain the work-life balance efficiently. They celebrated the day for all the women who have worked hard to achieve personal and professional goals.


"The world is moving towards achieving gender equality by breaking the stereotype of males having all privileges and women limited to household chores. This day also marks a call to drive for expediting gender equivalence. We cannot calculate their contribution to the workforce and the value they bring. Many women play a role contributing to the company's success that goes unseen. These include women who work as housekeepers, security personnel, and other support staff. We salute their spirit, bravery, and enthusiasm to keep moving ahead in their lives, surmounting all barriers", says Amit Sathe, Founder and Director– Inspire Co Spaces.


Mr. Nisshith Agarrwal, Founder and Director, shred his views on the occasion of the Women's Day celebration, saying," We should always acknowledge and the value and importance of women in our lives. Today's women are self-confident and ready to push all boundaries required to finish and excel in their jobs. Women are more responsible and accountable in every sector. Celebrating women is a sense of obligation to every woman in one's life.


Inspire Co space is one of the fastest-growing and ever-evolving co-spaces. Equipped with all business essentials, they are one of the most convenient and cost-effective co-working spaces, who can accommodate Freelancers to big MNC. It is one of the most preferred workspaces incorporating various seating arrangements and technological advancements to cater every working individual's need.


Get your Dream Home at the online expo organized by MW Group

A virtual property expo will be organized by MW Group, which will help buyers get their dream home just at the tip of their fingers. This digital expo will help buyers walk through the home of their choice from the safety and comfort of their home.

MW Group will be displaying up-to 3000 properties that they are offering on this 3D platform. Buyers can have a virtual tour of sample flats through 360- degree-view videos to feel space and surroundings. Due to the current pandemic situation of uncertainty, the developers will be offering various offers that will ease the process of buying property like free stamp duty, free registration, no GST, no brokerage, and many more.

This expo will take the buyers one step closer to owning their dream home. This would be a perfect opportunity to sightsee various projects, as the intensity of spread of the COVID-19 pandemic had forced plentiful potential buyers to postpone their plan who were looking for property and were willing to invest in the real estate industry. The benefit of this online expo is people will be devouring various property options from their homes' safety.

Commenting on the online expo, Janardhan Amin, Founder of MW Group, said, "Many developers have turned to a digital platform to showcase their property. The benefit of this expo is that we get various renowned developers under the same virtual roof, which will ease the buyers' navigation. With many of the prestigious and leading developers on board, the online expo will provide home buyers and investors to select an ideal property from one-stop-shop with attractive offers."

MW group is one of the renowned residential real estate consulting firms dealing only in primary real estate in Maharashtra and Karnataka. They have more than 300 channel partner builders and 500+ projects. They specialize in budget homes, emphasizing modern architecture, robust project implementation, and eminence construction.  

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